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Excerpts from acceptance speech by Robert Muller, as the Laureate of the UNESCO Prize 1989 for Peace Education  (Full Text, PDF)


- that all schools of this Earth will teach about the United Nations, which is the young people's greatest hope and will be their instrument of global action when they are grown up;

- that all schools and universities of this Earth will teach peace and non-violence and will become schools and universities of peace;

- that many philanthropists will ... help global and peace education at the world level and continental, national and local levels;

- that the media who have a major role as educators will inform, teach, illustrate and make audiences participate in the building of a better world. In particular, it is imperative that they inform the public of the world information, achievements and constructive work of the United Nations;

- that the film industry will produce noble inspiring films devoted to the great visionaries, prophets and artisans of peace, past and present. I dream of great films similar to that on Gandhi, devoted to the lives of Dag Hammarskjöld and U Thant; and Robert Schuman.

- I dream of growing numbers of international schools and international universities in the specialized fields of the United Nations agencies and world programs, following the example of the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, of the United Nations University in Tokyo, and of the University for Peace in Costa Rica;

- I dream that all universities in the world will require that students should take a course on international organizations laboring in their fields;

- I dream that Unesco will study and recommend by the year 2000 a world core curriculum for adoption by all nations;

- I hope that all books, manuals and history teachings will include a chapter on the United Nations, which is rarely the case today;

- I hope that all social and political sciences will follow the example of the exact sciences and become global. We need most urgently a global anthropology, a global sociology, a global psychology and a global political and administrative science (planetics and gaiamanagement);

- I dream that all religious education will teach peace and non-violence, proclaiming as the first cosmic and divine law on Earth: Thou shalt not kill, not even in the name of a nation or a religion;

- I dream that each country shall create a Ministry of Peace and an academy or institute for peace, with local branches, in order to guide and co-ordinate the efforts of citizens, schools, and local institutions and associations working for peace, non-violence, and a better world. The University for Peace could from time to time organize international conferences of such new peace departments.

- I dream of the creation of a World Peace Service which would allow young people from all countries to work together for peace and humanitarian causes instead of military service;

- I dream of the birth of a true world literature whose best-sellers would be works of peace and non-violence;

- I hope [there will be established] a global peace strategy which would reach from outer-space to the atom, encompassing all aspects of our planetary home, the atmosphere, the seas and oceans, the polar caps, the continents, nations, regions, cities and villages; and from the whole human family to the individual, encompassing races, peoples, cultures, religions, generations, professions, institutions, firms, the family and all groups and associations created by the human race to attain a greater level of happiness and fulfillment;

- I pray that all human beings of this Earth become instruments of peace, thus fulfilling the cosmic function deeply engraved in each of us and for which we were born and allowed to live temporarily on this beautiful planet in the vast universe and eternal stream of time. The peace of the world is the sum-total of the peace of all individuals.

- I dream that the United Nations flag and United Nations hymn composed by Pablo Casals will spread world wide and that 24 October, anniversary of the birth of the United Nations, will be celebrated in all countries as is recommended by the General Assembly.

Robert Muller
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