A contribution to the third millennium
Chancellor Emeritus of the UN University for Peace
Former UN Assistant Secretary General
Dr. Robert Muller
Barbara Gaughen-Muller
Jennifer Kubel
Carolyn Hawkins
Copyright (c) August, 2000
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Introduction: A Great Historic Decision 7
Ideas 2001 to 2100 8
Annex: Sample of Letter to People in High Positions 28
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Introduction: A Great New Step in Evolution 43
Ideas 2101 to 2200 44
Annex: Rashmi Mayur, famous Hindu peace activist 64
Part III
Introduction: What One Idea Can Do 69
Ideas 2201 to 2300 70
Annex: A Point in History 90
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Introduction: An Appeal for the United Nations Foundation 95
Ideas 2301 to 2400 96
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Dr. Robert Muller
Born in Belgium in 1923 and raised in the Alsace-Lorraine region in France, Robert Muller experienced constant political and cultural turmoil during his youth. His grandparents had five successive nationalities (French, German, French, German, French) without leaving their village as a result of three wars (1870-1871, 1914-1918, 1939-1945). Often as a child, Robert Muller would look out of his window at the border he could not cross and long for the day when he, like the birds, the clouds, the sun and the stars, would no longer have to observe the imaginary line. Today, thanks to the dream and effort of his compatriot Robert Schuman who similarly hated these borders, Robert Muller's passport reads, "European Union" with the sub-title France, and he is free to cross without any control the borders of fifteen European countries.
Robert Muller knew the horrors of World War II, of being a refugee, of Nazi occupation and imprisonment. During the war he was a member of the French Resistance. After the war he returned home and earned a Doctorate of Law from the University of Strasbourg. In 1948 he entered and won an essay contest on how to govern the world, the prize of which was an internship at the newly created United Nations.
Dr. Muller devoted the next 40 years of his life behind the scenes at the United Nations focusing his energies on world peace. He rose through the ranks at the UN to the official position of Assistant-Secretary-General. He has been called the "Philosopher" and "Prophet of Hope" of the United Nations. Robert Muller is a deeply spiritual person. From his vantage point of a top level global states-person he has seen a strong connection between spirituality and the political/cultural scene.
Robert Muller created a "World Core Curriculum" and is known throughout the world as the "father of global education." There are 34 Robert Muller schools around the world with more being established each year. The "World Core Curriculum" earned him the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989. Based on this curriculum and his devotion to good causes, Dr. Muller has recently drawn up a "Framework for World Media Coverage" as a public service, as well as a "Framework for Planetary and Cosmic Consciousness" and a "Framework for the Arts and Culture."
Now in active "retirement," Dr. Muller is Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace created by the United Nations in demilitarized Costa Rica. He is in great demand to make speeches to educational, environmental, spiritual and political conferences around the world. Dr. Muller concentrates his efforts on promoting greater human understanding and global awareness. He was recently the recipient of the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award.
Dr. Muller lives most of the year at his small farm overlooking the University of Peace, on a sacred indigenous hill, Mt. Rasur, from which according to indigenous prophecy, a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world. His traditional Costa Rican house is located just up the hill from the Peace Monument of the University. In addition to his duties at the University, he devotes time to his writings and is an internationally acclaimed, multi-lingual speaker and author of sixteen books published in various languages. He has published his Testament to the UN as well as his plans and dreams for a peaceful, happy world.
At the prompting of many of his friends, admirers and non-governmental organizations Robert Muller was a candidate as a global citizen in 1996 for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations.
In 1998 he was appointed co-chairman, with Dr. Karan Singh (India), of a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality.
The Global Peoples' Assembly in Samoa in April 2000 honored him as its Lifelong President.
Barbara Gaughen
Educator, author, global public relations, and public speaker, Barbara Gaughen has devoted her life to great human causes and a better world through global public relations for world organizations, world leaders, business, education and government. Her Public Relations firm is now in it's 13th year. Prior to this Ms. Gaughen was a Director of the California State Department Career Education Dissemination project, demonstration teacher, and educational consultant.
Equipped with a B.A. from San Diego State University and Masters work in Leadership and Organizational Behavior from the University of California, Santa Barbara and San Diego State University, she has taught post graduate classes for the University of California and has co-authored six books on educational theory and practice. She ran for County Superintendent of Schools and has been appointed to education and youth committees in Washington, DC.
Her radio show INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS is broadcast world-wide. She is the co-founder of Media 21 with Dr. Robert Muller, a PR counsel firm dedicated to preparing the media and organizations for the 21st century. Barbara Gaughen created National Book Blitz month to honor the world's authors and is president of the Book Publicists. Her book, Book Blitz is in its second printing.
Ms. Gaughen created World Spirituality Day on the opening day of the UN General Assembly. She is a Creative Member of the Club of Budapest and serves on the Boards of several international organizations. Her public relations firm has won numerous awards including being named Best PR Firm for five consecutive years. She is currently running her Global PR firm from Santa Barbara, CA and Costa Rica. Her dream is global peace, happiness and beauty.
Barbara Gaughen and Robert Muller were married on 27 June 1997.
An Agenda For The Future
Our absolute priorities and objectives
for the 21st century and the third millennium should be:
1. To make this planet a paradise
2. To stop destroying nature at all cost
3. To eradicate from it all the poverty, miseries and errors engendered by power, greed and egotism
4. To make out of all humans one united, cooperating family
5. To create a new social, political world order for the centuries to come
6. To attain a life of fulfillment and happiness for all humans
7. To achieve a human family in harmony with the Earth and the heavens
8. To be the ultimate cosmic success of the Universe and God.
No dream is too big
Barbara Gaughen Muller and Dr. Robert Muller
A Cosmic Couple
See the world with global eyes
Love the world with a global heart
Understand the world with a global mind
Merge with the world and the heavens through a global soul.
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"Is there a doubt whether a common government can embrace a larger sphere? Let experience solve it...It is well worth a fair and full experiment."
George Washington
"The world no longer has a choice between force and law; if civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than are governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of their way and let them have it."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
"If the money spent on armaments was spent on education, there would be no more wars."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
"It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for you to get along in the republic of the United States."
President Harry S. Truman
"...a genuine world security system...capable of resolving disputes on the basis of law, of insuring the security of the large and the small, and of creating conditions under which arms can finally be abolished...This will require a new effort to achieve world law."
President John F. Kennedy
"No difficulty in the way of a world government can match the danger of a world without it." Carl Van Doren
"There is no salvation of civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government."
Albert Einstein
"Today the universal common good poses problems of world-wide dimensions, which cannot be adequately tackled or solved except by the efforts of public authorities endowed with a wideness of powers, structure and means of the same proportions; that is, ...on a world-wide basis."
Pope John XXIII
"Internationalism does not mean the end of individual nations. Orchestras don't mean the end of violins."
Golda Meir
"The whole future of the Earth, as of religion, seems to me to depend on the awakening of our faith in the future."
Teilhard Chardin
"Imagination rules the world"
(Yes, but he had the wrong imagination of conquering the world. Humanity must have the right imagination.)
A vision of the third millennium: "When the lion will lay down with the lamb and nations will learn war no more."
The Bible
"Blessed be the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."
Sermon on the Mount
"Science has made unrestricted national sovereignty incompatible with human survival. The only possibilities are now world government or death." Bertrand Russell
"Unless some effective world super-government for the purpose of preventing war can be set up...the prospects for peace and human progress are dark...If it is found possible to build a world organization of irresistible force and inviolable authority for the purpose of securing peace, there are no limits to the blessings which all men may enjoy and share."
Winston Churchill
"The Universe is not to be narrowed down to the limits of our understanding, which has been man's practice up to now, but the understanding must be stretched and enlarged to take in the image of the Universe as it is discovered." Francis Bacon
"If governments fail to seize the opportunity of the year 2000 to provide for a better government of planet Earth, history will not forgive them - if there is a history." Robert Muller
IDEAS 2001 TO 2100
A Great Historic Decision
The UN General Assembly 1998 has decided "to hold in the fall of 2000 a heads of states Assembly to focus on means to solve our primary global problems and to reform the means of global governance in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century."
This great historic decision is one of the timeliest and broadest decisions I have ever seen adopted by the UN General Assembly.
May the whole humanity applaud it, look up to it, pray for it and contribute to it its ideas, dreams, visions and active cooperation.
On 11 July 1994, my beloved wife Barbara drew my attention that there were 2000 days left to the year 2000 and that I should write down every day one idea for a better world to reach a total of 2000 by 31 December 1999. I happily began writing and finished them already by 20 December 1998. So many others came to my heart and mind, generated by my fifty years of world service, that I continued to write them down. I thus produced 1000 more ideas bringing the total to 3000 which I dedicate with my love and prayers to the ominous, historic world meeting of heads of states in the year 2000, to all workers of the United Nations and to all those individuals, groups, movements and institutions around the planet working for a new better world, new century and millennium.
May God and the saints in heaven descend to Earth, be actively present amongst us and help us create at long last a just, peaceful, happy human family on our beautiful, miraculous planetary home, our loving, generous Mother Earth, the only planet endowed with life discovered so far among the billions of planets circling around the billions of suns of our galaxy, among the billions of galaxies of the universe.
So help us God and the invisible forces of the universe.
Robert Muller
Sample of letters I send constantly
to people in high positions who can
do something for a better world.
23 September 1993
Dear Mr. President,
I am so happy to congratulate you on your election to the Presidency of the General Assembly. I had received your remarkable press kit and I recognized you immediately from your picture, and your assignment to the United Nations, where I served for forty years, mostly in the economic field but also as Director of U Thant's and Kurt Waldheim's Executive Office. Under Javier Perez de Cuellar I was in charge of the fortieth anniversary of the UN, extended at his request beyond retirement age. And three days before actual retirement I was appointed one-dollar-a-year Chancellor of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.
The reason why I am writing to you is that I tried to advise and help the last three Presidents of the General Assembly, but only Samir Shihabi listened to me and thanked me before leaving, saying that I had helped him play a historical role in the Assembly, in particular by getting an early decision for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations in 1995. I have asked my publisher to send you a copy of my Testament to the UN, a contribution to the fiftieth anniversary, and The Birth of a Global Civilization which has a chapter on UN celebrations, in particular the 50th anniversary and the year 2000. Herewith I am sending you also a Peace Plan 2010, several points of which have already been implemented, but there remains a lot to do. I was particularly glad that my proposal for a new Commission of Eminent Persons, after the Brundtland Commission, has been established under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ingvar Carlson, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, on the subject of Global Governance. The members have all my writings and I sent also the Peace Plan 2010 to the members of the Security Council when they met at long last at the heads of states level, something we have been clamoring for during years, with U Thant and Perez de Cuellar.
I take the liberty of suggesting to you a few avenues of possible action which would make your Presidency a historic event, leaving a mark on the history of the world at the end of this millennium.
1. As you will see from the peace Plan 2010, right at the beginning I suggest another Commission of Eminent Persons to deal with violence in all its forms in the world, or with non-violence. It is based on remarks by U Thant who often said to me that we westerners knew only how to speak about physical violence, but that there were other forms of violence preceding it, namely verbal violence and violence in the mind. My suggestion is that you may perhaps talk to the Ambassador of India and see if India would not want to call for a World Conference on Non-violence in one of the years to come. He could make the proposal on 5 October, anniversary of Gandhi. I think the world is waiting for a major move on the question of violence which is so wide-spread and rising. The world would applaud such a decision by the General Assembly.
page 2
23 September 1993
2. The fiftieth anniversary of the UN can be a great, unprecedented event. The subject is on the agenda of your Assembly. My impression from the reports of the Preparatory Committee is that things go pretty slowly. You should request that in their report they list the countries which have appointed National Committees and the composition of such committees. At a recent meeting of the First Ladies of Latin America and the Caribbean for the International year of the Family, I exhorted the ladies to get their husbands to appoint very eminent national committees for the anniversary. I hope there will be a substantive debate on what the anniversary can achieve. I remember that for the 25th anniversary, when I worked with U Thant we asked all Secretariat services to give us statistics and reports on the major changes during the last 25 years. The same could be requested of the Secretariat, namely a review of the last fifty years since World War II. Your session of the General Assembly should adopt a substantive resolution on what will be expected from the anniversary, almost an agenda for it, to help progress in history.
3. The celebration of the anniversary in San Francisco will be a big affair, with a majority of heads of states, like during the 40th anniversary where I underestimated the number of them who would come as I tell in my Testament. What preoccupies me is that it will be primarily a ceremonial affair, with big, lofty, philosophical speeches. I think more and more that it should be conceived as a milestone in peace-making. Why not convene in San Francisco in 1995 a world peace conference where heads of states would sit down and settle conflicts and problems as a contribution to the anniversary and to allow the world to move into the third millennium with a clean slate. This would impress the public. Perhaps such an idea would be welcomed by President Clinton who could make the proposal in a speech in the General Assembly. I am sure also that the City of San Francisco would be delighted and contribute to the costs: Rio de Janeiro attracted more than 100 heads of states and 30,000 people I just attended and spoke to the second World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, attended by 6000 people. The San Francisco Conference could be one of the greatest peace gatherings ever, thinking of the presence of so many peace groups. Maurice Strong would be the perfect man to organize it.
4. The enclosed correspondence from some media people shows the interest they may have in UN celebrations. They mention rightly the anniversary of UNICEF. A whole series of UN agencies are going to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. An assistant could perhaps give you a list of such anniversaries. They might lend themselves to some consideration and thinking by the General Assembly. In this connection you may wish to read the chapter on global celebrations in my Birth of a Global Civilization. The media will certainly do something for these anniversaries. Ted Turner, a good friend of mine, made a film The 'House of Hope' for the 40th anniversary of the UN. It was seen by fifty million people. I suggested to him already two years ago to do some planning for 1995.
page 3
23 September 1993
5. As you will see from my Peace Plan 2010, I attach great importance to the celebration of the year 2000. I have written a poem about it years ago which has circulated around the world. My latest novel First Lady of the World turns around the year 2000. In The Birth of a Global Civilization I suggest that the Preparatory Committee for the fiftieth anniversary of the UN in 1995, should transform itself into the Preparatory Committee for the year 2000. I think it would be great if you could talk around you of the question: what will we do for the year 2000? The earlier the UN thinks about that, the better. After all it is the most universal organization and it should celebrate and take advantage of what is for all practical purposes a universal date. It would be wonderful if you could get something started for the Bimillennium. You could even consider calling for your own committee of eminent persons to prepare the Bimillennium after your term as President of the General Assembly. Your position is so eminent that you should not lose the momentum of it. Very few Presidents have been able to keep that momentum and to do something very visible and historic after their term.
Please do not bother to answer this letter. I know how busy you are. I would like to have the same agreement with you as I had with various Secretaries-Generals: that I write to them, when I have an idea, and that they never have to write back to me, especially when they do what I suggest to them!
I pray God that He will bless you Presidency
with many good things for this beautiful planet and
for its genial human race.
Yours in Peace
Robert Muller
H.E.Mr. S.R. Insanally
President of the General Assembly
United Nations
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
1 April 1997
To: His Excellency, the Honorable President William Clinton,
From: Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor of the University for Peace
Dear President Clinton,
Since you are the President of the most prominent and forward-looking country in the world, may I suggest that you announce on 6 April, the date when 1000 days will be left to the Year 2000, the creation of a US Millennium Committee composed of the best thinkers and visioneers of the US, including youth, to offer the world by the year 2000 a new vision for the 21st century and the third millennium, a vision of peace, justice and well-being for all humanity.
It would be appropriate for you to be the President and Chair of that committee. Other countries would follow your example and the whole world would benefit from your history making initiative.
Peace to you
Yours Warmly
Robert Muller
Chancellor of the UN University for Peace
Former UN Assistant Secretary General
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
26 June 1998
Dear Mikhail Gorbachev,
We were sorry that due to health impediments you were unable to participate personally in the conference held under your auspices in Cagliari, Sardinia. I would have liked to talk to you and to convey to you an idea of mine. You know me indirectly from my book The Birth of a Global Civilization which Senator Alan Cranston gave you a couple of years ago. My feeling and idea is that you should announce to the world a Mikhail Gorbachev Plan for the proper government of planet Earth as we enter a new century and millennium. I am a Frenchman from Alsace-Lorraine who has lived the birth and the announcement of my compatriot Robert Schuman's Plan which led to the creation of the European Union. We need a similar bold plan for the world. If not, we will soon be in deep trouble. It is better to think and plan for a better international system of world government while there is peace than to wait for the time of trouble when emergency measures have to be quickly put together. We can no longer live in the kindergarten stage of the global age, waiting to react until we burn our fingers. In the enclosed paper submitted to your conference you will find several avenues into which we can engage. The world would not expect you to come out with a fully worked out plan. You could outline its main features, and announce that you establish a Gorbachev World Commission of Eminent Persons to work out the needed Plan and World System for proper government of our beautiful planet and the happiness and fulfillment of all humanity.
My wife Barbara, also a member of the Club of Budapest, sent you a year ago, on 26 June 1997, a similar message when you received the Planetary Consciousness Award in the City of Goethe. We reproduce it herewith.
With our warmest wishes for good health
and great happiness as well as to your wife Raissa
Barbara and Robert Muller
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506- 205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
26 June 1997
Message to Mikhail Gorbachev on his receipt of the Planetary Consciousness Prize in the City of Frankfurt
We send you our warmest love, congratulations and prayers. May you become the prophet of a united human family, and the global architect who will give the world his vision, plan and proposals how the Earth and humanity can become the ultimate cosmic success of the universe and of God. May we be privileged to see soon a Gorbachev Plan for a World Union or Proper Earth Government as we saw a Robert Schuman Plan for a United Europe, now an astonishing reality. May you, all your co-workers and guests contribute to our entry into a new phase, the cosmic age of our evolution into the 21st century and third millennium.
Let us all heed the advice of the great Goethe, the honor of the City of Frankfurt in which you receive the Planetary Consciousness Prize:
"Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it,
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
Barbara and Robert Muller
6 March 1999
Dear Mr. Secretary General,
With the year 2000 you are becoming the most important person on Earth in the entire human history. How can you face this overwhelming challenge in one of the most complex and "messy" (your words used in the latest World Diplomatic Bulletin) human, Earth and evolutionary situations this planet has ever known?
Here are a few advices from a life-time world public servant and direct aide to three former Secretaries General:
1. You cannot count on anyone else but yourself. Every morning you must say to yourself when you wake up: I am the only one who can give the inspiration and ideas to the world regarding our future. You can be helped, but your final proposals and recommendations are yours. Pray God and the invisible forces of the universe to help you.
2. Place heads of national governments squarely before their responsibilities. Advise, inspire and elevate them in your personal Note Verbale to all heads of state as is usual before every General Assembly. This is an extremely important document. Tell them what you expect from them as actions between now and the Millennium General Assembly which they are expected to attend. Issue that Note Verbale as early as possible. Do not wait until we are closer to this year's General Assembly.
3. Mobilize the Administrative Committee of Coordination (your twice yearly World Cabinet Meeting), all substantive Secretariat services (headquarters and regional), and all specialized agencies and world programs to come up with states of the world reports in each of their fields and segments of the human and Earth condition. As part of their input, ask for the following:
- an inventory of achievements since the creation of that agency (in the case of the UN it already exists for the last fifty years)
- an inventory of major world problems and issues to be solved according to urgency (immediate, medium-term, long-term)
- an inventory of hopes
- an inventory of proposals, ideas and recommendations
a. regarding the need for changes in human values
b. regarding the need for changes in institutions and the creation of new ones
c. regarding necessary change in laws and implementation
4. The preceding will provide you with the basic materials for your personal report to the heads of states at the Millennium Assembly and make it the most comprehensive, courageous, epoch-making, forward-looking message in modern human history. It must serve as a guide and be quoted during the decades to come.
I have done my personal duty in producing 2000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World based on my fifty years of world experience. They are finished, the last volume IV having just come out. I am sending it to you as I did the preceding three volumes. Since they are published well ahead of the year 2000, I will devote the rest of the current year to their dissemination and implementation. Being an advisory member of the newly created Foundation for the Future in Bellevue, State of Washington, which looks as far as the year 3000, I will continue to write a thousand more ideas. The Foundation will hold a conference of the world's 100 best futurologists and evolutionary scientists in Seattle in the summer of 2000 in time to issue their report for the Millennium General Assembly.
5. Please appoint one of your officials to read the four volumes and draw your attention to those ideas which you could use in your speeches and recommendations to the Millennium Assembly. He or she can count on my full cooperation.
6. From the 2000 ideas many ideas regarding special fields can be excerpted by computer. I am sending you herewith an excerpt dealing with the Future. In the copy I have marked the ideas which could be of interest to you. For example in idea 500 which lists all the World Commissions held over the years to help the United Nations, I suggest that you ask an official to make a list of all the specific recommendations made by them. The result would be a very remarkable document of interest to governments and to many people. With Dr. Karan Singh of India we have just created a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality to promote a much needed spiritual Renaissance. I am sending the other members an excerpt of 50 pages of ideas regarding religion and spirituality, similar to the one on the Future.
Last but not least, ask Mrs. Annan to keep the four volumes on her nighttable and to peruse them, drawing your attention to ideas she would like you to make yours. My life's work has been incredibly helped and enhanced by my alas deceased wife Margarita Gallo from Chile, the President of the UN Women's Guild, succeeded now by Mrs. Annan. I have written a novel in her memory First Lady of the World and donated a bust of Eleanor Roosevelt with whom she worked as a delegate of Chile to the Commission on Women's Rights. It was inaugurated last 10th of December at the University for Peace on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Her remains will be transferred next month to a hill, called Mt. Margarita, of the property Mt. Rasur I have acquired on a sacred mountain, adjacent to the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. God has sent me since then another wonderful life companion who inspires me and helps me enormously. It is she who asked me to write 2000 ideas for the year 2000, which I did.
She joins me in wishing you and Mrs. Annan a great historical role in the fate of humanity and of planet Earth.
Yours in Peace,
Barbara and Robert Muller
H.E. Dr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General of the UN
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506- 205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
30 November 1999
His Excellency, The Honorable Theo-Ben Gurirab (UN Interne 1963)
President of the UN General Assembly
New York
Dear Mr. President,
From one former UN Interne (1948) to another, may I suggest that you make a recommendation in this General Assembly that the Secretary General of the UN should submit to the General Assembly 2000 his vision of the world and humanity in the next century.
The only great new idea in this century was the creation of the European Union when France and Germany became friends and the borders between 15 European countries were suppressed.
I suggest that in your General Assembly speech next year you propose a World Union or Alliance to eradicate poverty from this planet. No details needed in your speech.
What is needed most in the United Nations is the audacity of great, memorable ideas. So far not a single President of the General Assembly is remembered for a great, new idea or initiative.
As a famous French revolutionary proclaimed: De l'audace, de l'audace et toujours de l'audace. Audacity, audacity and still audacity. We have remembered that appeal when after World War II we got tired of the wars between France and Germany: three wars which made my grandparents change nationality five times without leaving their village. I am proud, as an Alsace-Lorrainer who suffered from this situation to be a member of the canonization committee of Robert Schuman, an Alsace-Lorrainer, who had the audacity to found the European Union. We will make him the first political saint of our time.
I pray God that He inspire you
to listen to my appeal,
Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus
Former UN Assistant Secretary General
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
20 December 1999
Mr. Ted Turner
President, CNN
Atlanta, GA 30348
Dearest Ted,
Herewith a status of nuclear weapons in the world. In your world appeal of 1 January, ask that the year 2000 should be celebrated and remembered in human history as the year of destruction of nuclear weapons. (See my Idea 2153)
I also pray that you will take the initiative to launch and chair a World Commission on the Media. See Idea 2157 which gives you an idea of the World Commissions and their usefulness. No rush, but please keep it in mind.
With all my love, admiration and heartiest wishes to you.
May 2000 be the greatest and happiest in your life,
Robert Muller
PS. We must now open our eyes, minds and views to the year 3000 and become the Third Millennium Makers. Someone wrote and sent me a 17 pages paper on Robert Muller: the Millennium Maker, Early Herald of the Bimillennium. I must now start becoming the Third Millennium Maker. One of your TV programs could interview me to launch the wave. The fate of the Earth depends on our vision 3000.
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad ColÛn, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
Nuclear Weapons at a Glance
from Project Plougsharers, Canada, 1998
ï Eight countries are known to possess nuclear weapons: the five acknowledged nuclear weapon states - Russia, the United States, France, China and the United Kingdom - and three countries - India, Pakistan and Israel - that are not nuclear weapon states under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty but nonetheless are known to have developed and stockpiled the components for nuclear weapons. A ninth country, North Korea, also may have produced a small number of nuclear weapons. In May 1998 India and Pakistan conducted 5 or 6 nuclear tests respectively, demonstrating extensive nuclear capabilities and beginning what could become an intense nuclear arms race in South Asia.
ï South Africa is the only country to have acquired nuclear weapons and subsequently eliminated its nuclear arsenal.
ï The total number of nuclear weapons in the world is estimated to be as many as 35,000.
ï At its peak in 1986, the total number of nuclear weapons in the world was about 70,000.
ï The explosive power of the world's arsenal is equivalent to approximately 500,000 bombs of the size that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
ï There are currently five major international Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones. These zones include all the countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
Nuclear Arsenals of the Nuclear Weapon States (1998)
United States
United Kingdom
American and Russian figures include thousands of weapons held in reserve or retired but not yet dismantled. The US strategic nuclear arsenal is estimated to contain about 7,250 operationally deployed warheads. The Russian strategic nuclear arsenal is estimated to contain about 6,240 operationally deployed nuclear warheads. Israeli, Indian and Pakistani figures represent the potential number of weapons, based on estimates of the amount of fissile material those countries have produced.
IDEAS 2101 TO 2200
A Great New Step in Evolution
Let me report an enlightenment I had during the night of Friday 13 August 1999. I was wide awake in bed. Barbara also awoke. I briefly said to her how important it was to have the visions of Eric Chaisson, the astro-physicist and Christian De Duve, the Dutch Nobel Prize Winner for biology, namely that we have arrived as a species on this planet at an advanced stage of evolution when we know our planetary home inside out and have a knowledge of the universe from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Once any species on any planet has reached that stage, then the future evolution of that planet rests in the hands of that species. If that species does not change its values and continues on the lines of the preceding values which led it to that success, then evolution will be ended by that species.
What is needed are new human values geared to the future evolution of life on planet Earth. De Duve calls it the need for wisdom and Chaisson says that we must abandon the Darwinian theory of competition and replace it by cooperation.
This was not new to Barbara. She had heard it before. It was rather a summary to myself in order to draw further conclusions from it. I remembered a paper in which I wrote down the needs for a new global education, global anthropology, global economy, global communications, global business, global governance. That stuck in my mind. I said to myself: look at the complexity of a human being; there are trillions and trillions of cells with their subdivisions, each infinitely smaller. And all these organs function together marvelously and make a whole human being what it is, an incredible living unit of the universe for a number of years then returning into the Earth from which it came.
If this has happened to the evolution of the individual, do we not now witness something similar happening to humanity as a whole, evolving into one body, infinitely more complex than the individual, with a global brain, a global nervous system, a global heart and a global soul? We have global values, global ideas and we seek now global instruments, policies and behaviors within a newborn concept and reality, namely the unity of the human species forming one body with this planet. Progressively that global consciousness and self-organizing will win against the oppositions of those who stick to the values of the past. This is a new phase in evolution of this planet, a very, very important one.
And when we look at the total map of the world, we can see it either from a natural or from a historical, cultural point of view. At the UN University for Peace we have a big map called an ecomap of the word, the natural regions of the world. We begin to understand that we must live within those natural regions and not destroy them. These are fundamental phenomena of the nature of this planet.
For the first time in the entire human history and evolution the total Earth comes first. We recognize that we are born from her and will return to her. Each human being is a living, conscious cell of the Earth, an active part of her life and further evolution. Hence, we must now speak of global evolutionary responsibilities of individuals and of all groups in the immense climatic and ecological diversity of this planet. My God, what momentous new evolutionary thinking and behaviors are required!
The globalization of nature and of humanity must now be the foremost rule. The requirements of the Earth are fundamental to preserve the future of humanity. I am tempted to coin a new word, namely Earthcracy, the rule of the Earth. What is needed is a cooperation of all humans in this incredible globalization of the Earth on top of the incredible diversity of her nature, her species', her human beings and groups.
What an enlightenment and new hope that was!
Rashmi Mayur,
famous Hindu peace activist
Rashmi Mayur and I have met many times and have been involved in many common efforts to bring about more peace, justice, well-being, happiness and spirituality on our miraculous planet Earth.
Thinking about his life and efforts, it occurred to me that he is the perfect example of a new kind of human being as well as of an old one.
A new kind of human being:
He is what I would call a One-person World Organization by himself with the following characteristics:
- he creates his own vision, ideology and objectives of what needs to be done on this planet, constantly revising his views from what he learns;
- he uses every capacity of his to get it done: meditation, thought, speech, writing, preaching, inspiring, passionately elevating everyone he meets or any audience he addresses;
- he uses every opportunity to get others to contribute: proposing and attending conferences, creating thinking groups, new associations and movements, being part of every effort by world institutions like the United Nations and its specialized agencies and world programs, and closely associating himself with many non-governmental organizations;
- he contributes as many articles as he can to books written by others on world subjects and writing his own;
- he is always ready for media interviews, radio and television programs;
- he writes innumerable letters to persons in high positions and answers letters from the poorest and humblest ones;
- he has constantly new ideas, concerns and dreams;
- he leads a simple, frugal life to be in the best physical condition to do his considerable work and live longer;
- he has no staff, no organization of his own, he is a one-man operation;
- he turns always to the heavens and God for help and guidance.
A member of an old invisible nation of world servers:
"For generations an invisible nation of world servers has been slowly forming all over the planet, an invisible web of individuals who share distinctive traits and attitudes, the dominant one being a sense of service toward their neighbor, their community and the world at large. This self-constituting 'nation without any territory' is an expression of the progressive opening up of humanity to a more holistic and unified view of reality."
"One meets these people of goodwill all over the planet. They have existed since time immemorial. Although they have never heard of 'a serving nation' they belong to it by their spirit of disinterested service and by their way of life. They have pledged themselves to a certain quality of beingness and living. They have made a commitment to human rights, not always verbally, but by the integrity of their thoughts, actions and existence. They strive to 'walk their talk'."
These words are textually from a proposal to create a Serving Nation Without Territory, by a wonderful couple of such servers in Geneva, Switzerland, Elly and Pierre Pradervand. The idea was launched at The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in May 1999. It is open to a public dialogue for one year and then meetings to elaborate further developments will be held at the NGO Millennium Forum in New York, end of May 2000, and in Geneva end of June of the same year.
I hope that Rashmi Mayur will join in this effort and be a major force in the recognition and growth of this vast invisible community of world servers.
I would like to conclude by making two proposals to him:
- Write down all your specific ideas and dreams for a better world, derived from your many years of action, observation and dreaming. I am doing it in my Three Thousand Ideas and Dreams for a Better World. It is a great rewarding experience and a potential path-breaking contribution to a better world.
- please place yourself in the shoes of a head of state who wants to become a great world leader and describe in your words the world and humanity you would like to see flourish in the next century and millennium. It could be a great document for the UN General Assembly of heads of states in the fall of 2000 whose task it will be "to focus on means to solve our primary global problems and to reform the means of global governance in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century."
I wish Rashmi Mayur a very long life in order to bless humanity and the Earth with many more good undertakings and actions on his part. I beg many people in the world to follow his inspiring example and to be like him.
Robert Muller
IDEAS 2201 TO 2300
What One Idea Can Do
In 1996 during an airtrip over the US a stewardess had a chat with me. She said that she had a very strong desire to do something for world peace. During our talk an idea arose, the results of which are reported in the following letter.
Caring and Sharing for
Each Other and the Earth
19 March 1999
Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for your note of February 2 and the inspiring articles and comments you sent. Do you know you are one of the first individuals to inspire me with a vision of the travel industry playing a more fundamental role in building a better world - and really the "Grandfather of Airline Ambassadors"!
Since 1996 our accomplishments are as follows:
ï Provided over 400 travel escorts for Third World disadvantaged orphans and children in need of medical life changing medical care.
ï Coordinated the donation and delivery of over $3.7 million worth of humanitarian aid to disaster areas, orphanages and medical clinics in need.
ï Assisted regularly at shelters for the homeless, schools for disadvantaged children and homes for battered women in 10 US cities.
ï Presented or assisted at over 50 events or conferences focused on global issues including 14 United Nations' official meetings.
ï Involved over 62,000 children in 54 countries in youth education projects and humanitarian outreach programs.
Flight attendants are just ordinary people. Our goal is to focus attention on the worldwide need for humanitarian aid. We want to inspire thousands of others with opportunities to volunteer their own skills in the alleviation of human suffering.
I opened my Executive Council meeting last week with a quote from the article you sent on a Global Peace Service. We also decided we would like to have some day our Executive Council Meeting in Costa Rica at the UN University for Peace! Is there a nearby place to stay and what would be the costs involved? Also, we would love for you and Barbara to be there and share with us the inspiration of your experience and breadth of vision and perspective.
Again Robert thank you so much for your note of encouragement. Congratulations on your new book - 2000 Ideas for Peace. I'm sure it will be an inspiration to thousands.
Love, Light and a Big Hug,
Nancy Rivard
Founder and President
P.O. Box 117321
Burlingame, CA 94011-7321
Encouragement from a Young Man
The following poem which I received in 1979 from a young admirer Sanford Hinden, living in Long Island, New York has helped me for the rest of my UN career and life to never lose hope. Whenever I am depressed and ready to give up I read it and I am reminded of the expectations and hopes of youth when they look up to adults in positions where they can do something for a better world and happier humanity. Thank you dear Sandy Hinden from the innermost of my heart. (see also Ideas 239, 240 and 1391)
Man of Optimism - Man of Grace - Man of Service
Man of optimism,
Man of grace
Man of service,
Unifier of All-Time and All-Space
He speaks of Love,
In social and economic terms.
Glimpsing the not too distant peace dove,
His vision-heart so yearns...
Seeking and questing,
He finds his night's peace,
In dreams and hopes,
Of Universal release.
This man of optimism,
This man of grace.
This man of world service,
Unifier of the human race.
Blessed is
The road this server treads,
And by the food of Love's substance
His soul's hunger is eternally fed.
Deeply behold, this man of inspiration,
This man of God's graces,
This man of natural service,
This man for all-seasons and all-places.
Learn by his daily truths,
Made known to him through his day.
Learn from this teacher of karmic wisdom,
Through the action of his deeds and whole-souled worldly-way.
Students of Life,
From all the world around,
Hear in his secular benedictions,
A keynote of Godly interrelatedness
Therein to be found.
With them he leaves
A resonating new-start.
An attunement to
Mankind's new Planetary-Heart.
Therein they all do find,
His heavenly Story of Life:
"The Ending, Forever,
Of Bitterness, and Strife".
Great being of hopefulness,
Great man of the Lord's grace,
Great being of our United Nations Organization,
Great manifestor of this Holy-Planet-Place.
With you our hopes
Are rekindled each time,
As we listen to you weave your tale
Of the Radiant-God message, so fine:
"God of our fathers and mothers,
God of Divine,
God of all nations
And peoples throughout time...
God of Wisdom's light,
And God of Love,
God in All-Forms,
And God as the Holy-Aspiration-Dove...
God by all man-made names,
And God of all earthly natures,
God of all eternally infinite
And infinitesimally small life-producing creatures...
God beyond all words,
And God beyond all boundaries and war,
God of all good(s)
In the vast Universal Store...
God of the co-evolving
Holy realization,
Of the God inside
Our mundane-human situation...
God of our actions,
And God of all nations,
God of our complete
And wholly Integration...
God of our structures,
And social organization,
God of fulfillment
Through the harmonization of all nations...
God of Service,
In the form of Dedication
To the Holy-Manifestation,
Of the eternally evolving Plan of God's Creation..."
This is the story,
His weaving of words thus tells,
For those who seek to quench their aspiration-thirst,
To drink from this wise man's well.
He mends their hearts
With the miracle of creation,
And works to heal
The painful cleavages between nations.
This is the man optimistic about global-love,
He is the man in the State of Godly Grace,
The holy man uniting nation-hearts,
The weaver of the new social and economic lace.
He is the builder of hope,
In the House of Creation,
Wherein can be found
The room of infinite, and eternal, emanation.
Man of optimism,
Man of grace.
Man of service,
Unifier of All-Time and All-Space.
Sanford Hinden
October 1979
IDEAS 2401 TO 2500
Never Give Up
In Idea 1924 I told how the United Nations Development Program, one of the biggest if not the biggest world aid program was created in 1959. I reproduce hereafter forty year old documents which I found in a file followed by more recent letters to successive heads of the United Nations Development Program.
Now that as a result of very rapid technological developments enormous quantities of equipment and machinery are being abandoned or discarded in the western world, I recommend that a new UN World Fund be created similar to the World Food Program entitled World Equipment and Machinery Aid Fund (WEMAF). The UNDP which has representative offices in practically all poor countries could take care of such a fund, transferring to these countries abandoned western equipment and machinery which would still be a blessed, highly welcomed gift to them.
24 January 1991
I gave the scribbled diagram attached to the following letter in 1959 to Paul Hoffman, former administrator of the Marshall Plan and Managing Director of the newly established Special Fund of the UN. I asked him why the US had not conceived the Marshall Plan as a revolving fund: the countries receiving the huge sums of money from the US would have to reimburse that money without interest after several years, once they would be recovered, to an international revolving fund, which then would continue to give it to poor countries with the same provision, etc. He answered me that when he was Administrator of the Marshall Plan a crazy Frenchman was running after him trying to sell him the same idea. He regretted that he did not accept it at the time.
I dug out this paper in January 1991 when asked to speak to the 30th anniversary ceremony of the creation of the UNDP and donated a bust of Paul Hoffman.
31 March 1996
Dear Mr. Speth,
I read recently an excellent speech or paper in which you underline that the resources given by the UNDP match those given by the IMF and World Bank. What remembrances this brought back to me as I remembered the several years long battle we had to wage to get finally as a compromise the Special Fund, later the UNDP, created. With Hans Singer I was one of the two first officials of Paul Hoffman. I said good-bye to him after a few weeks, because I never like to stay with something I helped to create, looking always towards new avenues, as I am still today. Going through some old papers I found the enclosed which I gave at the time to Paul Hoffman, regretting that the Marshall Plan had not been conceived as a permanent revolving fund. I see in the lower note that it was not too late to do so at the time, and consider some bilateral aid as reimbursable in time, without any interest payments. Why not revive that idea today? It could be additional to the international and bilateral aid given today. It is never too late to do good.
When you were appointed, I believe I wrote to you about that and told you about two seemingly crazy ideas I had in the early times of the UN. One was that we always spoke of capital aid in terms of finance but in reality capital is savings, i.e. non-consumption of goods. Why not propose to the rich countries to channel the surplus foods they were burning to the poor countries? Well, this led to the creation of the World Food Program, which is even bigger than the UNDP. The only condition of the rich countries was that the food would go to the hungry and to children, in order not to interfere with the holy rules of the market. This was done. On another occasion, when Raymond Scheyven, a Belgian, was appointed on the Committee trying to create a UN Revolving Development Fund (SUNFED), before he paid his first visit to the Bank, I said to him: Tell the Bank that the time will come when they will be in bad need for concessional aid to go along with their normal loans, especially to construct roads and infrastructure projects. Well that was the birth of the International Development Association (IDA). Why not have some novel ideas today? Is it normal to let pass decades without new ideas? For example, if one is capable of transferring surplus foods, why not consider transferring also second hand machinery instead of scrapping it? Also, if one would calculate all the aid, voluntary and private, by religions, goodwill associations from the rich countries, one would probably come to staggering figures. Why not have a new look at the whole field. Even if nothing comes out of it, it would nevertheless be worthwhile. I have decided myself to come out with 2000 ideas as my contribution to the year 2000. Some of them are already being implemented.
With my warmest greetings,
Robert Muller
Mr. James Gustave Speth
Head of United Nations Development Program
Common Sense from a Famous US President, Dwight D. Eisenhower,
a general who had the humaneness and courage
to create the first Ministry of Peace on planet Earth*
"When I was a boy, we put blinders on horses so they would not shy in fright of a scarecrow, a shadow, a rabbit. But today we human beings deliberately put blinders on ourselves, not to avoid the sight of frightful things, but to ignore a central fact of human existence.
"I mean that mankind too often blinds itself to the common lot, to the common purposes, to the common aspirations of humanity everywhere. I mean that all of us too much live in ignorance of our neighbors; or, when we take off our blinders, view them through the contortionist spectacles of propaganda." (1960)
"We do not seek a world divided into co-existing camps locked in a struggle for supremacy. We hope for and work for a single world community which recognizes and respects a code of international law governing the relations between diverse peoples." (1960)
"Peace is the right of every human being. It is hungered for by all of the peoples of the Earth." (1955)
"Men everywhere want to disarm. They want their wealth and labor to be spent not for war, but for food, for clothing, for shelter, for medicines, for schools." (1960)
"That common desire for peace is something that is a terrific force in this world and to which I believe all political leaders in the world are beginning to respond. They must recognize it." (1955)
"The advent of missiles, with ever shorter reaction times, makes measures to curtail the danger of war by miscalculation increasingly necessary. States must be able quickly to assure each other that they are not preparing aggressive moves - particularly in international crises... In an age of rapidly developing technology, secrecy is not only an anachronism - it is downright dangerous." (1960)
"I propose that the nations producing nuclear weapons immediately convene experts to design a system for terminating, under verification procedures, all production of fissionable materials for weapons purposes." (1960)
"Time and again, the American people have voiced this yearning - to join with men of good will everywhere in building a better world. We always stand ready to consider any feasible proposal to this end. And as I have said so many times, the United States is always ready to negotiate with any country which in integrity and sincerity shows itself ready to talk about any of these problems. We ask only this - that such a program not give military advantage to any nation and that it permit men to inspect the disarmament of other nations." (1960)
"The international control of atomic energy and general and complete disarmament can no more be accomplished by rhetoric than can the economic development of newly independent countries. Both of these immense tasks facing mankind call for serious, painstaking, costly, laborious and non-propaganda approaches." (1960)
"If effective measures of disarmament could be agreed upon, think how the world could be transformed!" (1956)
*The incumbent of the US Department of Peace was Harold Stassen, last living signer of the UN Charter and recently the author of a revised UN Charter which should be read by all heads of states and delegates to the Year 2000 UN General Assembly (copies obtainable from the UN Bookshop, tel. 800-553-3210).
Epithets Given to Robert Muller
in the first half of 1999
A dream leader of the world
The visionary of visionaries
A world treasure
A man fully aware of the uniqueness of his life
A planetary elder
A walking university by himself
The builder of a new world
An ambassador of the impossible
An incorrigible optimist
An man of contagious optimism
A divine miracle
A disciple of Teilhard de Chardin
A Thanksgiving angel
A peacemaker child of God
The Confucius of modern times
An emerald
The dreamer of Mt. Rasur
An evolutionary philosopher
A specialist in impossibilities
The grandfather of Airline Ambassadors
A pioneer of peace
The founder of a world-wide science of peace
The best informed man in the world
The first 21st century man
The millennium man
A man of hope and vision
An emissary of God and advocate of humanity
The most incredible man on Earth
Another Benjamin Franklin
The sage of Mt. Rasur
A world statesman
A mountain mover
A truly noble man
A true gentleman
A man well-planted in the Earth
The quintessence of peacemaker and prophet
A man who belongs to the saints
Listening to him is electrifying
A man with a contagious dynamism
Retired? No, refired
One our greatest global visionaries
An unforgettable speaker
One of the great people of our era
A man whose writings are almost like scripture
A universal apostle
Greatest world worrier (from worrying not warring)
A prophetic voice in today's world
A man of creative, fearless mind and unshakable commitment
A paradiser who tries to make the whole Earth a paradise
A happinizer who tries to make the whole humanity a happy family
The unmatched, most eloquent voice for humanity and the planet
The man who makes vibrate the soul, the heart and the intelligence of life
A man whose presence and influence will go far for the renewal of the world
A man in an organization who both epitomize the new humanity to which we belong
A tireless crusader for world peace through his great efforts, books and speeches
A visionary, a prophet to the world from the United Nations
A man whose insight and wisdom have done much for word peace
There are few men on Earth who have done as much for peace as Robert Muller has done
A man whose words reach down and touch the soul of each reader
A man who is overshadowed by the Christ when he speaks and writes on behalf of the cosmos
A man with a breathtaking output whose importance cannot be overestimated
A planetizer who planetizes everything that comes close to him
The sage of the United Nations and of its University for Peace
One of the persons of the United Nations whom I have admired most. When I was a young delegate of my country to the UN I read all his books
A man who reminds us of a deep truth, namely that human progress requires creative, fearless minds and an unshakable commitment
A man who has been given the powerful gift to inspire us to dream great dreams and hope for great hopes
An inspiration for innumerable persons to work and struggle and make life on this planet what divinity intends it to be
One man through whose life writings, words and deeds, a torrent of goodness has flooded our planet
A man whose presence on this planet means a lot to millions of people. How lucky the world is that he exists
Probably together with Hammarskjˆld the only UN official who will survive in the memory of humankind
in Ideas 2001-2500
For earlier ones see pages 185 to 187 of Volume IV
Advertised Human Beings 2250
Artsight 2080
Bads 2369
Beautycracy 2330
Biotampering 2015
Businesscism 2201
Cosmocracy 2089
Deciticization 2236
Decitizise 2236
Decultured 2258
Decumulation 2348
Degrassification 2353
Dehumanization 2379
Dematerialize 2411
Demo-ideology 2298
Demonitize 2410
Denaturing 2379
Denaturize 2236
Dis-economies 2424
Dislearn 2440
Dispiring 2396
Dreamsight 2080
Earth-communism 2230
Earthcracy 2226
Earthologist 2427
Earthology 2427
Earth Preservation Index 2390
Eco-capitalism 2230
Ecocracy 2226
Eco-indigenous Communities 2010
Ecologize 2410
Economic Apartheid 2489
Empireship 2201
Enmechanizing 2453
Feminization 2281
Futurism, Futuration, to Futurize 2176
Gaietics 2088
Happinesscracy 2330
Heartsight 2080
Humanization 2379
Humanologist 2427
Humanology 2427
Injustology 2006
Institutionology 2499
Internetism, Internetional, to internet 2155
Jubillennium 2385
Lovenization 2381
Macrobiology 2019
Matriotism 2292
Memorializing 2359
Mindsight 2080
Moderationism 2405
Musicsight 2080
Planet Garbagia 2296
Prejudiceology 2624
Renaturization 2236
Renaturize 2236
Soulsight 2080
Sovereignize 2234
Unethics 2350
Worldilization 2379
Writingsight 2080