~ Idea 1 ~ 11 July 1994
My Dream 2000
I dream
that on 1 January 2000
The whole world will stand still
In prayer, awe and gratitude
For our beautiful, heavenly Earth
And for the miracle of human life.
I dream
That young and old, rich and poor,
Black and white,
People from North and South,
From East and West,
From all beliefs and cultures
Will join their hands, minds and hearts
in an unprecedented, universal
Bimillennium Celebration of Life.
I dream
That during the year 2000
Innumerable celebrations and events
Will take place all over the globe
To gauge the long road covered by humanity
To study our mistakes
And to plan the feats
Still to be accomplished
For the full flowering of the human race
In peace, justice and happiness.
I dream
That the few remaining years
To the Bimillennium
Be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions
To unparalleled thinking, action,
Inspiration, elevations,
Determination and love
To solve our remaining problems
And to achieve
A peaceful, united human family on Earth.
I dream
That the year 2000
Will be declared World Year of Thanksgiving
by the United Nations.
I dream
That the third millennium
Will be declared
And made
Humanity's First Millennium of Peace

~ Idea 2 ~ 12 July 1994
I recommend that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopt a resolution asking the whole world to celebrate the year 2000 and each nation to establish a national Commission to prepare that celebration, as was the case for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UN.

~ Idea 3 ~ 13 July 1994
The human species represents an extraordinary progress of evolution on this planet. It will be even more astonishing, provided we weed out the mistakes and wrong objectives which went to our heads: enrichment, armaments, national sovereignty, militarization, overconsumption, waste on colossal scales, destruction of other species and of nature, violence, materialism, racial and sexual discrimination, overpopulation, extreme wealth side by side with extreme poverty, etc. These evils and wrong courses have been well identified by the United Nations, the planet-wide, human-wide evolutionary meta-organism. Our mistakes must be corrected not only globally, but continentally, nationally, locally and individually. I recommend that each human being consult his/her heart and select one or several of these mistakes and work hard on their correction and elimination.

~ Idea 4 ~ 14 July 1994
Being a remarkable model of a new world order, much better than the UN, the European Union should help the world and create a Commission or group of eminent thinkers to offer a plan for the transformation of the United Nations into a true World Union.
Being a remarkable model of a democratic world order, much better than the United Nations, the United States should repeat the Philadelphia miracle and offer the world a plan for the transformation of the United Nations into a United States of the World.
It took ten years to create the United States of America. It took 43 years to create the European Union. Given the experience gained from these precedents and the urgency of the global problems confronting the planet, let us set as a goal for that task at the time of our entry into the third millennium.

~ Idea 5 ~ 15 July 1994
The United Nations should urgently convene a world conference on violence, on all its causes and forms, and on ways to achieve soonest a non-violent human society at all levels, from nations to city streets and the family.

~ Idea 6 ~ 16 July 1994
I hope that by the year 2000 all Ministries of Foreign Affairs will be transformed into Ministries of Peace and World Cooperation, and all Ambassadors into Ambassadors of Peace and World Cooperation.

~ Idea 7 ~ 17 July 1994
I recommend that for the celebration of the year 2000 the United Nations, each of its specialized agencies, each nation, each religion, each institution, each firm and all peoples will draw up:
- an inventory of their achievements and successes for a peaceful and better world;
- an inventory of their failures, mistakes, sins, and neglects;
- an inventory of their hopes, dreams and intentions.

~ Idea 8 ~ 18 July 1994
I hope that Pope John Paul II during his second visit to the United Nations and address to the General Assembly of nations in 1995 will proclaim the urgency of a spiritual Renaissance of humanity.

~ Idea 9 ~ 19 July 1994
I urge that by the year 2000 all military and police forces of this planet, from the United Nations Peacekeeping "Forces" at the top, to national military "forces" and local municipal and rural police "forces," will be transformed into beloved and respected Peace Agents and Protectors.

~ Idea 10 ~ 20 July 1994
I hope that by the year 2000 all national hymns will have been rewritten in peaceful terms. I have several of them, mostly written by young people.

~ Idea 11 ~ 21 July 1994
I hope the world will soon see a woman become Secretary General of the United Nations. Not an iron woman but a most loving one. The world needs more love and femininity and less power and masculinity.

~ Idea 12 ~ 22 July 1994
I recommend that each world conference and major event of the United Nations be accompanied by a parallel youth conference or event so that youth can tell their elders and diplomats what kind of a world they want.

~ Idea 13 ~ 23 July 1994
The reform of the United Nations should provide for the creation of a World Parliamentary Assembly, with consultative powers to begin with, composed of representatives of the world's national Parliaments. This would strengthen democracy, since countries without a Parliament would not be represented. The UN can no longer be the exclusive "foreign" affairs of national executives. Parliamentarians must be more directly seized with the world's global problems and immense opportunities for more peaceful, efficient and economical world management.

~ Idea 14 ~ 24 July 1994
The following fundamental human right should be recognized world-wide:
the right not to kill and not to be killed, not even in the name of a nation.

~ Idea 15 ~ 25 July 1994
The current priorities on this planet, namely business first, government second, and spirituality last, must be reversed to:
First, spiritually towards God, the heavens and eternity, towards our Mother Earth, all humans, and all living species, and nature;
Second, loving public service to peace, justice and the well-being and happiness of the people;
Third, business and the provision of essential, needed goods and services.

~ Idea 16 ~ 26 July 1994
I hope that in the 21st century all nations of Earth will hold parliamentary elections in the same year and for the same duration of mandates.

~ Idea 17 ~ 27 July 1994
I hope that in the 21st century all national governments of planet Earth will basically have the same structure of Ministries and Departments, corresponding to the same specialized agencies or World Departments of the United Nations.

~ Idea 18 ~ 28 July 1994
I pray that by the time of our entry into the next century and millennium, all nuclear arms in the air, on the soils and in the waters of this beautiful planet will have been eliminated forever. All continents and regions should follow the example of Latin America which, by the Treaty of Tlatelolco, has banned all nuclear weapons from that region. A United Nations colleague of mine, Alfonso Garcias Robles from Mexico, started that process in the United Nations immediately after World War II, and received the Nobel Peace Prize for it. Any other candidates? Elimination is the name, not non-proliferation.

~ Idea 19 ~ 29 July 1994
I hope that soon the University for Peace created by the UN in demilitarized Costa Rica will be ratified by all governments and made the world's guiding and inspiring center for peace education.
It is a historical blemish that after twelve years only 32 governments out of 185 members of the United Nations had the decency to ratify it and only 3 have supported it financially. Military "Academies" for their part receive billions of dollars. Please check the list of ratifying countries in the footnote below, and if your government has not done so write a letter of protest to your elected representative.*
* List of countries which have ratified the UN Treaty creating the University for Peace: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Democratic Kampuchea, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Togo, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia.

~ Idea 20 ~ 30 July 1994
I hope that many countries will follow the example of Costa Rica and Panama and will demilitarize themselves by Constitution. There are already 14 of them in the world. They should create an association of demilitarized states and show others how it can be done, and what immense benefits they derive from it. Those which are members of the United Nations should create a Group of Demilitarized Countries at the UN.
To begin with, all Central American Republics should imitate Costa Rica and Panama and make Central America a demilitarized zone of peace. To reduce the impact of unemployment, a good part of the militaries should be transformed into environmental and productive forces (reforestation, road construction, rehabilitation of the inner cities, etc.) possibly with financial help from rich countries.
Here is the list of countries without armies:
Costa Rica, Dominica, Kiribati, Liechtenstein, Mauritius, Maldives, Monaco, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, San Marino, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Panama. 1996: also Haiti
12 more countries have no army but defense arrangements with another country:
Andorra (France), Cook Islands (New Zealand), Gambia (Senegal), Iceland (USA), Marshall Islands (USA), Northern Marianas (USA), Federated States of Micronesia (USA), Niue (New Zealand), Palau (USA), Tuvalu (UK), Vanuato (Papua New Guinea)

~ Idea 21 ~ 31 July 1994
I wish that, following the example of the creation of national parks by governments, many private persons and families will create private parks and forest preserves. I have bought a few hectares of land next to the University for Peace in Costa Rica and made them into a Margarita and Robert Muller Peace Park.

~ Idea 22 ~ 1 August 1994
I hope that the UN University for Peace will become the first School of Heads of States on this planet.

~ Idea 23 ~ 2 August 1994
I hope that more regional communities will be created, following the example of the European Union, so that the UN can be transformed soon into a true World Union.

~ Idea 24 ~ 3 August 1994
The United Nations and each of its 32 specialized agencies should be strengthened with an adjunct University which would permit students from around the world to acquire the most advanced global knowledge and concerns for our planetary home and human family. Thus there should be a World Health University, a World Food and Agriculture University, an International Civil Aviation University, etc.
The International Training Center of the International Labor Organization should be renamed International Labor Organization University.*
*1996: The European Union has granted to that training center the status of a European University.

~ Idea 25 ~ 4 August 1994
I recommend that during the fiftieth anniversaries of the UN agencies and world programs, meetings of all Nobel Prize winners in their fields be sponsored by the Nobel Committee at the birth places of these agencies, as will be the case of all Nobel Peace Prize winners at the 50th anniversary of the UN in San Francisco in 1995.*
Before the year 2000 a conference of all living Nobel Prize winners in all fields should be organized to tell the world where we are going and what we should do to be on the right course.
*This idea has been implemented by the Nobel Prize Committee.

~ Idea 26 ~ 5 August 1994
Henceforth the Secretary General of the United Nations should issue each year a State of the World report and each UN specialized agency and world program a state of the world report in their respective fields.
A comprehensive, unprecedented State of the World 2000 should be planned for the Bimillennium, covering our progress, failures and mistakes over the last hundred years, and outlining our dreams, plans, ideas and what God and evolution expect from us during the next century and millennium.

~ Idea 27 ~ 6 August 1994
1999, the last year of our century, or the year 2000 should be declared World Year of Forgiveness in order to ask God, the Earth, nature, the air, the oceans and our brethren the animals to forgive us the harm and suffering we have inflicted to them. It should be especially a year of forgiveness between nations and between religions.*
*See also Ideas 700 and 961 in the second volume of 500 Ideas.

~ Idea 28 ~ 7 August 1994
All nations should adopt a new flag: the flag of the nation on one side and the flag of the United Nations on the other side.

~ Idea 29 ~ 8 August 1994
Each human being should realize that he or she is first of all a child of God, a citizen of the world and a member of the human family before being a member of a nation or of any other man-made group.

~ Idea 30 ~ 9 August 1994
Each public servant, from the top of the world to the local level, should have on his or her desk a picture of the poorest, most suffering people and always ask these questions: Is my work devoted to them? Will my decision be of benefit to them?

~ Idea 31 ~ 10 August 1994
The United Nations should reconstitute its early Fiscal Committee to study systematically and report on the world's public expenditures, national budgets and taxation, and give the world a clear, yearly picture of its priorities, allocations of resources, duplications, wastes and tax burdens on the various classes of society in all countries. The world will be shocked when it will see the total of all national budgets and the incredible, unnecessary duplications existing between 185 governments.

~ Idea 32 ~ 11 August 1994
Public service is overweighted in favor of production and business. Greater attention must be given to the consumption side of humanity: insufficient consumption of many people, overconsumption and staggering waste by others, harmful consumptions unduly taxing the Earth's resources and public health. A UN World Agency on consumption must be created with corresponding Ministries of Consumption in all countries. Like the International Labor Organization, the organization should have a tripartite representation: producers, consumers and governments.

~ Idea 33 ~ 12 August 1994
In order to cope with the staggering waste and pollution which endanger this planet, a world conference on advertising, marketing, packaging and built-in obsolescence should be held to assess the magnitude of the problem and recommend appropriate policies and action.

~ Idea 34 ~ 13 August 1994
Each UN World conference on overpopulation in the poor countries should be accompanied by a world conference on overconsumption and waste in the rich countries.
While the poor countries should listen to the UN and adopt policies reducing the excessive growth of their populations, the rich countries where people use thirty times more resources than the people in the poor countries must adopt more simple and frugal lives, avoiding by all means wasteful, harmful and unnecessary consumption. Our life styles must radically change if this Earth and humanity are to survive.

~ Idea 35 ~ 14 August 1994
New Nobel Prizes should be established for the preservation of the environment, for restraint on population growth and for more simple and frugal lives.

~ Idea 36 ~ 15 August 1994
By the year 2000 every nation and world agency should have learned to do long-term planning. In 2000 all should submit their forecasts, prospective views and planning to the year 2100 in their respective geographic areas and fields.

~ Idea 37 ~ 16 August 1994
All new inventions, innovations and patents must be subject to an evaluation of their long-term effects. Humanity must adopt the Iroquois wisdom of thinking about the effects of its decisions on the seventh generation, which means in 500 years.

~ Idea 38 ~ 17 August 1994
I am glad that the Director General of UNESCO welcomes the idea of holding a world conference of long-term evolutionary scientists (physicists, biologists, climatologists, cosmologists, oceanographers, geophysicists, etc.) to tell the world what our long-term prospects of further evolution are. Thanks to the recent birth of a global consciousness, the number of optimistic scientists begins to outnumber the pessimists.

~ Idea 39 ~ 18 August 1994
There are about 60,000 UN Models (simulations of UN meetings) in schools around this planet. I recommend similar Parliamentary Models, Heads of States and Ministerial Models, Supreme Court Models, State Assembly Models and Municipal Models in all schools of the world. It would be a great learning process of democracy.

~ Idea 40 ~ 19 August 1994
Margaret Mead, the anthropologist, launched the idea of holding peoples' non-governmental conferences parallel to official United Nations world conferences. They became quickly popular and governments even like them.
Why not consider a similar peoples' General Assembly*, a peoples' Security Council, a peoples' Economic and Social Council, a peoples' International Court of Justice?
*June 1995: I was glad and honored to serve as the Chairman of the first Peoples' Assembly during the 50th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco.

~ Idea 41 ~ 20 August 1994
By and large laws and decisions of governments are made by adults and elderly persons often attached to old values and beliefs while the world is changing very rapidly. Young people, who are the new sensitive, perceptory units of humanity, are seldom heard. I suggest that youth should hold parallel Youth Parliaments in each country.

~ Idea 42 ~ 21 August 1994
The United Nations should convene urgently a world conference on unemployment, to review and remedy the tragic current situation, to evaluate further effects of population increase, scientific and technological developments, the exodus from the land to cities, the changing age structure of societies, including a redefinition of employment and unemployment. For instance, how on Earth are mothers who take care of children, our new, all-important generation, considered "unemployed"?*
* This has been done. The ILO has recommended that henceforth women taking care of a family are considered employed.

~ Idea 43 ~ 22 August 1994
Join a United Nations Association, read UN books and documents. You will learn more about the world and humanity objectively than from any newspaper. Every conceivable subject on Earth, of concern to every profession, is dealt with somewhere in the United Nations system which has become the biggest publisher on Earth.
As a first step write to the Public Inquires Unit, United Nations, Room GA-57, New York, NY 10017. Tel. (212) 963-4475

~ Idea 44 ~ 23 August 1994
Join a world federalist or world citizens' association to be in the right line, for soon there will be need for a world federal system for this planet, as surely as the North American States were transformed into the United States Federation and the European countries into a European Union. Opponents to it are bound to lose. They run against an inevitable evolution.

~ Idea 45 ~ 24 August 1994
Whenever you see the word international, replace it by global, world or planetary, and you will see immediately the correct dimension of the problem or action concerned.

~ Idea 46 ~ 25 August 1994
It is not normal that one form of energy, and not the best, namely atomic energy, should receive the attention of a UN specialized agency, namely the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). A UN World Energy Agency must be created of which atomic energy would only be a part.
The best specialists and scientists on Earth should be consulted about the advisability of continuing atomic energy. Many of them hold the view that it should be discontinued. It is only after billions of years, when the atomic radiations of this planet had dissipated that life began to develop to its current, extraordinary diversity. Atomic energy and arms are bound to reverse the entire evolution and put an end to human and other life forms on this planet.

~ Idea 47 ~ 26 August 1994
It is not normal that only one form of migrations, namely refugees, should be dealt with in the United Nations. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees should be merged with UN Habitat into a UN specialized Agency on Human Settlements and migrations, with corresponding Offices or Ministries in member governments.

~ Idea 48 ~ 27 August 1994
It is not normal that after holding two world conferences on climatic changes, the UN World Meteorological Organization should still keep its antiquated name. It should be renamed the UN World Climate Organization.

~ Idea 49 ~ 28 August 1994
The first world environment conference was in reality the Conference on the Biosphere convened by UNESCO in Paris in 1968 at the request of the government of Sweden. Its concept was right, namely to see the thin spherical membrane, or sphere of life, surrounding this planet, only a few miles into the atmosphere and a few miles into the oceans, containing all life of our solar system. The Conference had no impact and Sweden came to the UN Economic and Social Council to express its concern about the acid rain affecting their forests and the loss of life in their lakes. Sweden requested the UN to hold the first world conference on the environment in Sweden in 1972.
It would be good to return to the concept of the biosphere and to hold a new world conference on the biosphere in 1998, thirty years after the first one, to see how the thin layer of life around our planet is faring.
At the time, I asked UN cartographers to draw for me a picture of the biosphere on a globe with a diameter of one meter. The biosphere appeared on it as a mere thin line not thicker than an eggshell. To politicians visiting my office, I pointed at that line, saying to them, "This is what you are playing with."

~ Idea 50 ~ 29 August 1994
Elaborating on Idea 4, I urgently recommend that before the end of this century and millennium a Commission of Eminent World Leaders be convened to formulate proposals for the transformation of the United Nations into a United States of the World on the lines of the USA, or a World Union on the lines of the recently born European Union.

~ Idea 51 ~ 30 August 1994
One hears always of national sovereignty as if it were something infallible, sacred, untouchable, inviolable. But what about world sovereignty, the sovereignty of our planet, of its elements, of nature without which there would be no life and no nations? In the next century Earth sovereignty must have precedence over all national sovereignties.

~ Idea 52 ~ 31 August 1994
The world badly needs a World Outer Space Agency. I hope that one will be established at the United Nations before the end of this century. We cannot enter the third millennium without one if we want an orderly world organization. The proposal by the government of Austria to create one should be adopted.

~ Idea 53 ~ 1 September 1994
Children and students are graded for their performance and behavior. Why should not governments be graded too for their performance? A yearly performance report should be produced by the UN or by an outside organization similar to Amnesty International, a Performance International, showing for example the number of years a country has lived in peace with others, violence statistics, ratification of international treaties, implementation of UN recommendations on a host of subjects (human rights, labor relations, the environment, etc.), disarmament, shifting of military expenditures to peaceful, productive and social services, demilitarization, etc. Such a report would lead to a lot of good in the world.

~ Idea 54 ~ 2 September 1994
For the celebration of the year 2000, each government should submit a report on its positive contributions to a better world and to the UN since 1945. As an example, Costa Rica could report the demilitarization of the country by Constitution in 1949, the creation of the University for Peace, the Nobel Peace Prize to President Arias for his peace results in Central America, the adoption of Costa Rica's proposal to the UN General Assembly to celebrate a yearly International Day of Peace, the selection of Costa Rica as the seat of the Earth Council created by the Rio de Janeiro Conference on the Environment, the adoption of the proposal to create a post of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. This illustrates what one little country can do. Others, especially the big countries, should follow its example and compete with each other.

~ Idea 55 ~ 3 September 1994
For the year 2000 a compendium should be presented by the UN on governments' ideas regarding the achievement of a better world, a more successful United Nations and proper world government. A questionnaire for Ideas 2000 should be sent by the UN Secretary General to all governments.

~ Idea 56 ~ 4 September 1994
I dream that UNICEF or a global philanthropist will build a UNICEF Children's House on the magnificent, inspiring grounds of the University for Peace, to allow children to meet, to play, to be taught peace, to read peace books, to listen to peace songs, play with peace toys, etc. Meetings and festivals could be held at it by children from around the world.
31 August 1995: Three Costa Rican young people came to see me presenting me with a request that a children's and youth house for peace and the environment be built on the grounds of the University for Peace. They represented an organization of thousands of children and young people of Costa Rica. I congratulated them and asked them to submit their request with my full support to the Executive heads of UNICEF and the UN Environment Program.
13 February 1996: I met at the Costa Rican Embassy to the UN, with Mrs. Grethel Obando, the wife of the Ambassador, with Mr. Chowdury, a Director of UNICEF, and Ms. Brooke Newell, an NGO, to launch the idea.

~ Idea 57 ~ 5 September 1994
I recommend that the two yearly meetings between the UN Secretary-General and all heads of UN specialized agencies and world programs be televised world-wide, because they are true world cabinet meetings which review the state of the world, the future, and action being taken or considered. They would reassure the viewers that the world is not left drifting in chaos, that there is hope, deep concern, foresight, planning and action.

~ Idea 58 ~ 6 September 1994
No head of State should ever deliver a speech in the United Nations without an idea or a concrete proposal. There are too many empty speeches in the world filled with accusations against others or telling what others should do. Journalists should no longer report on such speeches.

~ Idea 59 ~ 7 September 1994
When an international conflict has remained unresolved for 30 years because the parties concerned do not want to come to agreement, the UN should close the door, refuse to continue to deal with the problem and interpose UN peace-keeping troops, and proclaim, "Enough is enough." At least, if I were the Secretary General I would not set foot in the meetings of the Security Council on such unsolved, protracted conflicts costing the world much money.

~ Idea 60 ~ 8 September 1994
My principle at the UN was, and now is at the University for Peace, that no one enters my office without leaving it with an idea, a message or a mission to accomplish. All world servants should adopt this principle. Many people want to be inspired and given an idea to work on.

~ Idea 61 ~ 9 September 1994
The UN is the most interesting house on Earth, the House of Hope and Dreams. Go, visit it, take interest in it and your life will gain immensely in knowledge, hope and commitment to a better world.

~ Idea 62 ~ 10 September 1994
World servants should never have personal or political interests. Their only interests should be the world and humanity.

~ Idea 63 ~ 11 September 1994
How many authors throughout history would be thrilled to have a life like mine or of other UN world servants today? They would write magnificent, moving works. I have written several with all my heart and soul. My dream is that many world servants will become great authors. They might help establish peace and save the planet.

~ Idea 64 ~ 12 September 1994
I wish that the French Ecole Militaire (Military School in Paris, in front of UNESCO) will be transformed into an Ecole de la Paix (Peace School) in order to train French peace-agents and French-speaking Peace-protecting servants of the United Nations. I have suggested it several times to the French government, without success. I will continue to do it, until I am heard.

~ Idea 65 ~ 13 September 1994
I pray that the US Peace Institute which is limited to research and professionals, will become what it was originally meant to be by the US Congress, namely a US Peace Academy which will train young people as peace-makers and protectors the same way as the military academies are training military personnel.
Such Peace Academies should be created in all countries.

~ Idea 66 ~ 14 September 1994
I hope that soon there will be no more Military or War Academies and Defense Ministries on the planet, all of them having been replaced by or transformed into Peace Academies and Ministries of Peace. Which one will have the historic honor to be the first?

~ Idea 67 ~ 15 September 1994
I dream that someday the Margarita and Robert Muller Peace Park with its benches of dreams on sacred Mr. Rasur, next to the University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica, will become a powerful beacon of peace and inspiration for the entire world.

~ Idea 68 ~ 16 September 1994
I hope that the one-teacher, six grades, little elementary Peace School next to the University for Peace in Costa Rica will give birth to thousands of elementary peace schools in the world.

~ Idea 69 ~ 17 September 1994
I hope that there will be growing numbers of Peace Colleges and Peace Universities around the world, under the inspiring and visionary guidance of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. Each country on Earth should create one forthwith and report it to the United Nations.

~ Idea 70 ~ 18 September 1994
I recommend that each not yet demilitarized country of this planet should channel one per thousand of its military expenses to the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica and to other peace Universities.

~ Idea 71 ~ 19 September 1994
It is high time to think of the creation of world businesses companies which would be chartered by the United Nations under legal provisions ensuring that they will be of real benefit to humanity and not harm or destroy the Earth. They would be called UN Chartered companies and would submit yearly reports to the United Nations.

~ Idea 72 ~ 20 September 1994
Each year, on the third Tuesday of September, the UN General Assembly opens its annual session to review the fate of the world and to prepare a better future. The first act of the Assembly is for all delegates to stand up and to devote a minute of silence for prayer or meditation. My dream is that all the peoples of the world would join them in that minute of communion in prayer or meditation, to encourage their delegates and to ask for the blessings of God for their awesome work. This is why the third Tuesday of September has been proclaimed International Day of Peace for the entire world. But how many people know it and have a prayer for the UN? Please do, because prayers move the mountains.

~ Idea 73 ~ 21 September 1994
I welcome this suggestion of an American citizen in a letter to the Presidents of the United States and of Russia: "Make a joint declaration calling for a UN Constitutional Convention to assume and accept the primary UN function: PEACEKEEPING on SPACESHIP EARTH. Once that document is ratified it will no longer be necessary for any nation to budget for defense spending and most military hardware can be gotten rid of." (An idea of Stanley Grovom, Santa Monica, California)

~ Idea 74 ~ 22 September 1994
I hope that a way will be found to seek the views and prophecies of the world's indigenous people concerning humanity's future on this planet. The International Decade of Indigenous People proclaimed by the UN offers a good opportunity to do that.

~ Idea 75 ~ 23 September 1994
I hope that saintly Robert Schuman, my compatriot from Alsace-Lorraine who founded the European Union will be canonized before the end of this century. The world needs badly political saints. I am glad to be a member of his canonization commission.

~ Idea 76 ~ 24 September 1994
I pray that as an outcome of the 1993 centennial Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago, a United Religions, or Permanent Religious Parliament, or Spiritual Agency of the United Nations will be created.
1996: The initiative has been taken in San Francisco to create the United Religions.

~ Idea 77 ~ 25 September 1994
I am glad that the United Nations uses now the term Peace Protecting Forces. Still the word forces should be replaced by Servants or Services. They should not be equipped with killing weapons or armaments but with appeasing or peaceful means: numbing or obscuring fumes and a host of other appeasing or protecting means, many of which have not been invented.
All military titles should be avoided. In every respect the UN peace-protecting, peace-making, and peace-building services should be an anti-thesis, a counter-model to whatever is military, aggressive, forceful, wounding, killing, and heroic.

~ Idea 78 ~ 26 September 1994
I hope that cooperating nations in the UN will consider a number of great world engineering projects which would increase the well-being of humanity, the productivity of the world economy and the harmonious functioning of nature. During my years of UN service I have collected dozens of them.

~ Idea 79 ~ 27 September 1994
I recommend that the International Standardization Organization be made a specialized agency of the UN. Standardization has become vital for the efficient and smooth functioning of our global economy and society. It can be a major source of savings and avoidance of unnecessary waste. It is in the nature of world public service and good management.

~ Idea 80 ~ 28 September 1994
I wish nations would do infinitely more in common, cooperating, pooling their resources, creating more global instruments and avoiding the colossal duplication and waste of resources which we witness today among 185, mostly unnatural cut up parts of this planet.

~ Idea 81 ~ 29 September 1994
I hope that St. Francis and St. Clare, the saints of peace, the environment and simple, frugal living, will be made the patron saints of the United Nations.

~ Idea 82 ~ 30 September 1994
I recommend that each head of state and head of a world agency follow the example of President Franklin Roosevelt and surround himself or herself with idea-men and idea-women who should be men and women of deep love and spirituality.

~ Idea 83 ~ 1 October 1994
I welcome this suggestion of an American citizen and friend, Roger Axford, in a letter to the President of the United States, namely to establish an Office of Peace Education as a new and important part of the Office of Education of the United States. All countries should do that.

~ Idea 84 ~ 2 October 1994
I applaud the decision of President Clinton to establish the new position of Under-Secretary of State for Global Affairs. Every country on Earth should have one. They should meet annually and work together for the good of humanity and of the planet.

~ Idea 85 ~ 3 October 1994
Following the example of the European Center for Nuclear Research, (CERN), there is need to create many world research centers on a host of subjects, financed by all nations to benefit humanity at minimum cost and avoid the colossal duplication of scientific work around the world.

~ Idea 86 ~ 4 October 1994
A whole new field and era of global philanthropy and gaiaphily (love for the Earth) should be opened on this planet. Many world awards should be given to international agencies; global foundations should be established for the benefit of all humanity, for the poor, the handicapped, abandoned children, etc., and the preservation of the planet. Many international awards should be given in ceremonies at the United Nations and at the headquarters of its specialized agencies and world programs. This would provide maximum visibility to philanthropists and inspire others.

~ Idea 87 ~ 5 October 1994
I recommend that all living former Presidents of the UN General Assembly should meet from time to time to express their hopes, views and ideas for a better world and UN. They should create a World Association of former Presidents of the UN General Assembly and take an active part in the formulation of visions for the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 88 ~ 6 October 1994
Perhaps what is most needed at this juncture of our history and evolution is a World Conference on the Future of Humanity and of this Planet. Our future indeed can be in serious jeopardy if we continue on the present course.

~ Idea 89 ~ 7 October 1994
I recommend that all road tolls be suppressed on this planet, because they are cause of a substantial, unnecessary pollution, since it takes a lot of gasoline to put again into motion the heavy weight of vehicles which otherwise would not be forced to stop.

~ Idea 90 ~ 8 October 1994
I am sometimes asked, "How did you enter the UN?" By winning, after World War II, a student's essay contest sponsored by the French United Nations Association on the subject, "What do you think of world government?"
Totally unknown, of very poor origin, I could have never dreamt that I would enter the UN, except for that chance offered to me. I recommend that more United Nations Associations around the world offer essay contests to students which would provide them with internships at the United Nations.
During my internship at the UN I met an intern from Chile whom I married, so that the essay contest led in reality to two love affairs and marriages: with the UN and with my beloved, alas now deceased Margarita Gallo.
She was an ardent advocate for women's rights in the UN Commission for Women's Rights where she worked with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gabriella Mistral. I wrote in her memory the novel First Lady of the World in which a woman becomes Secretary General of the UN.

~ Idea 91 ~ 9 October 1994
I recommend that for the whole month of October 1995, month of the 50th anniversary of the UN, a world-wide cease-fire and cease-violence should be proclaimed by the UN. Its implementation would be the best anniversary gift to the UN.
July 1995: The government of Costa Rica has endorsed this idea and has tabled a draft resolution in the UN proposing that the anniversary week of 24 October 1995 be declared a world week of peace, with cease-fires in every place of conflict. The proposal was adopted unanimously on 12 July 1995 by the UN General Assembly. I believe it is the first world-wide cease-fire proclaimed in human history.

~ Idea 92 ~ 10 October 1994
There are thousands of schools around this planet preparing young people for business administration, for national or local public service, but not a single one to prepare world public servants, as if the human family and the planet did not need any.
Is it normal that there are 556 soldiers, 85 doctors and only 1 world civil servant per 100,000 inhabitants of this planet?
I recommend that such schools and many more positions of world public servants be created. The University for Peace in Costa Rica could become the first school for world public servants. I would be happy to teach and train them.

~ Idea 93 ~ 11 October 1994
The amount of garbage, waste, duplication and unnecessary activities has become so colossal on this planet, endangering our entire future and survival, that I recommend the urgent convening of a World Conference on Waste and Garbage. According to the World Commission on Population and the Quality of Life, a person dying in a poor country leaves behind a total waste of 150 times his weight, while an American leaves behind a mountain of waste 4000 times his weight!

~ Idea 94 ~ 12 October 1994
I recommend that the International Bureau of Informatics in Rome and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxenburg, Austria be merged with the UN and become a Global Data and Optimum Design Agency where all data on our planet, on its environment and on humanity would be accessible, using computers to monitor our planetary home and offer optimum designs for human life and Earth preservation.

~ Idea 95 ~ 13 October 1994
It is high time to transform the United Nations Fund for Population Activities into a full UN specialized agency on Population.

~ Idea 96 ~ 14 October 1994
I recommend that the UN make a thorough study of errors made in transferring western development models and consumption habits to poor countries and to different natural environments.

~ Idea 97 ~ 15 October 1994
I recommend that economic standards and measurements be changed to take into account the deterioration, consumption and depletion of the Earth's capital.

~ Idea 98 ~ 16 October 1994
We have learned enormously about our planet, our place in the universe, the human family and the miracle of human life. But we have not yet learned to manage our planet well and to obtain the optimum fulfillment, peace and happiness of all human beings. I recommend that planetics, humanism and gaiamanagement become top sciences.

~ Idea 99 ~ 17 October 1994
Each human being should make this commitment to peace:
Decide to be peaceful
Render others peaceful
Be a model of peace
Radiate your peace
Love passionately the peace of our beautiful planet
Do not listen to the warmongers, hateseeders and powerseekers
Dream always of a peaceful, warless, disarmed world
Think always of a peaceful world
Work always for a peaceful world
Switch on and keep on, in yourself, the peaceful buttons,
those marked love,
serenity, happiness, truth,
kindness, friendliness
understanding and tolerance
Pray and thank God every day for peace
Pray for the United Nations and all peacemakers
Pray for the leaders of nations who hold the peace of the world in their hands
Pray God to let our planet at long last become the Planet of Peace
And sing in unison with all humanity:
"Let there be peace on Earth
And let it begin with me."
- Robert Muller

~ Idea 100 ~ 18 October 1994
During my youth in France I had to learn everything that was French: all the French provinces, all French rivers and their affluents, the French heroes, victors and victories, the great French writers and artists, etc. Then the Germans came and told us that what the French had taught us were all lies. So I had to learn everything that was German: the German provinces, the German rivers and their affluents, the German heroes, victors and victories, the German great writers and artists, etc. After the French came back, I studied law and become a doctor of it. When I arrived in the US I was told that I was wrong and that I should have studied economics. So I went again to University and took a degree in economics!
Today I can only praise the United Nations for having taught me the truth and the real facts: the Earth which is my home, humanity which is my family, our place in time and the dignity and miracle of individual human life. This is why I made these United Nations teachings into a world core curriculum which should bless every school and child on Earth. A different world, the true world, a more beautiful, miraculous, astonishing world and humanity, and not the dissected world created by nations emerge from it.
I urge all educators and governments to have a look at this curriculum, reproduced below. It is not the product of my mind, but of the United Nations, the recent first universal organization which thinks for the entire planet and humanity.
An educator wrote to me: "Through your world core curriculum, the world's teachers can now have access to the soul of every man, woman and child on this planet." I hope this will be the case.
For information on that education and experience in 33 schools around the world, write to the first Robert Muller School, 6005 Royaloak Drive Arlington, Texas 76016. Tel. (817) 654-1018. Fax: (654) 817-1028.
1997: The school now publishes a magazine. Please order it.
December, 1996
There exists now the possibility for tax exempt donations, bequests and legacies by US citizens to the University for Peace via the tax exempt non-profit Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas. Your check should be made out to the Robert Muller School, with indication in the lower left side corner of it (space usually provided for notes or messages) that the donation is for the University for Peace. The full amount will be transferred to the University by the Robert Muller School, a fully trustworthy Institution which has existed for more than fifteen years and has spawned the creation of 33 more such schools in the world. For bequest and legacies, please consult Mrs. Gloria Crook, the Director of the School. Donations can be made for particular purposes. Several aulas have been contributed by donors in the name of a family, or a spouse or deceased ones. Under a Trees for Peace program, a tropical tree on the campus is selected and a bronze plaque affixed at the tree or on a pole in front of it with the inscription you desire. Contributions for a tree for peace are $5,000. They are usually made to honor particular persons or deceased ones.
Donors will receive the following certificate from the Robert Muller School and our warmest thanks. Although the University for Peace was created by the United Nations (We the Peoples…) only 32 governments out of 185 member-nations of the UN have ratified it and only three have helped it financially. The United Nations is not authorized by its governments to finance the University. Military education, not peace and non-violence education seem still to be the priority of most governments of this planet. It is therefore up to the people to step in by every means, including this one.Check overleaf if your government has ratified or not the University.
Yours in peace,

Robert Muller
TEL. 817-654-1018 FAX 817-654-1028
The Robert Muller School is a non-profit, tax-exempt Corporation, 501 (c)(3). since 1977. Tax Identification Number 75-1538044. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 5 December 1980
Entry Into Force: 7 April 1981, In accordance with article 7.
Registration: 7 April 1981, NO. 19735
Text: A/RES/35/55.
Note: The agreement was adopted by resolution 35/55 (1) of the General Assembly of the United Nations dated 5 December 1980. It was opened for signature by all member states of the United Nations from 5 December 1980 on.
Bangladesh 8 Apr. 1981
Cameroon 16 Aug. 1982
Chile 2 Mar. 1981
Colombia 18 Mar. 1981
Costa Rica 5 Dec. 1980
Cuba 9 Aug. 1985
Cyprus 15 Mar. 1983
Democratic Kampuchea 10 Apr. 1981
Dominican Republic 21 Nov. 1983
Ecuador 18 Mar. 1981
El Salvador 7 Apr. 1981
Guatemala 14 Sep. 1981
Honduras 10 Apr. 1981
India 3 Dec. 1981
Italy 27 Nov. 1981
Mexico 15 May 1981
Nicaragua 3 Apr. 1981
Pakistan 30 Mar. 1981
Panama 20 Mar. 1981
Peru 9 Apr. 1981
Philippines 20 Mar. 1984
Russia 23 Dec. 1987
Saint Lucia 2 Sep. 1986
Senegal 1 Apr. 1981
Slovenia 7 Jul. 1992
Spain 21 Apr. 1981
Sri Lanka 10 Aug. 1981
Suriname 3 Jun. 1981
Togo 3 Jun. 1981
Uruguay 19 Nov. 1985
Venezuela 5 Dec. 1980
Yugoslavia 19 Jan. 1983
NOTES: (1) Official Records of the General Assembly, Thirty-fifth Session, Supplement NO. 31 (A/35/49) p. 103.

~ Idea 101 ~ 19 October 1994
I recommend that the two yearly meetings of the UN Secretary General with the heads of all UN specialized agencies and world programs, now known under the uninspiring name of ACC (Administrative Committee of Coordination) be renamed for what they really are, namely World Cabinet Meetings. They should be televised world-wide.
After each of them, a meeting should be held with the heads of the world's biggest foundations, in order to tell them what problems and areas should be given philanthropic priority.

~ Idea 102 ~ 20 October 1994
Today, for the first time in my life, I crossed without passport and customs controls the suppressed borders between Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Which will be the next countries on Earth to follow the example of the Europeans, united now in a European Union, similar to the United States? When will we at long last live in a United States of the World or in a World Union?

~ Idea 103 ~ 21 October 1994
While the exact sciences are all of a global, universal nature, the social sciences are not. There is urgent need for a global anthropology, global sociology, global psychology, global political science (planetics), global literature, global art, global culture, global philosophy, global futurology, etc. Margaret Mead was the first prophet recommending it.

~ Idea 104 ~ 22 October 1994
I recommend that all Faculties or Departments of International Affairs in Universities be renamed or replaced by Faculties or Departments of Global, World or Planetic Affairs.

~ Idea 105 ~ 23 October 1994
For the sake of this planet and humanity's future an Office of Global Education should be created in every Ministry of Education. Global education should be required in all schools of Earth, from kindergarten to University and in all professional schools, especially for journalism and the media.

~ Idea 106 ~ 24 October 1994
Out of a population of 5.6 billion humans on planet Earth, 15.3 million were born on a 24 October. They should celebrate their birthday together with the United Nations, our first universal organization, and call themselves children of the United Nations. The first person who promised me to do it was Janet Kirkpatrick of Corpus Christi in Texas during a visit of Elderhostels to the University for Peace.

~ Idea 107 ~ 25 October 1994
An idea of Barbara Gaughen is to hold before the year 2000 a World Conference on Ideas for a Peaceful and Better World in the 21st century and third millennium. It would probably be one of the most unusual and most useful conferences in human history.

~ Idea 108 ~ 26 October 1994
I highly recommend that a World Peace Service and Regional Peace Services for the various continents be created as an option and progressive replacement of national military services.

~ Idea 109 ~ 27 October 1994
The term conscientious objection should be abandoned and replaced by the fundamental right not to be enlisted in military services which teach to kill other human beings. God has not granted us the miracle of life to kill other humans but to respect and fulfill them.

~ Idea 110 ~ 28 October 1994
The only military on Earth who should be allowed to use the motto "God with us" are the United Nations Peace-protecting, Peace-keeping and Peace-building services equipped only with non-killing arms.

~ Idea 111 ~ 29 October 1994
Education means to lead out (Latin ex ducare) of ignorance. Military education and training should be abolished world-wide, because they inducate (lead) into killing other human beings. Misguided young people are even promised medals and honors for doing it!

~ Idea 112 ~ 30 October 1994
The only medals acceptable on this planet should be peace medals, not military medals.
Jesus would shudder if he knew that the highest French military honor is the Croix de Guerre, the Cross of War!

~ Idea 113 ~ 31 October 1994
We must do what the young French revolutionaries did for France at the time: establish a world "Cadastre," or world property record showing what belongs to whom, one of the most basic official documents in most countries. It would show what the world's common properties are: the seas and oceans beyond national jurisdiction (two thirds of the planet's surface), the moon, outer-space, the upper atmosphere, the inner core of the Earth; it should show national properties, state or provincial properties, municipal properties, religious properties, business properties, civic associations properties, individual properties.
We have already a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the United Nations system. It deals with authors' rights, patents, inventions and copyrights in the world. We need to make it the World Property Organization covering also the full range of real estate.

~ Idea 114 ~ 1 November 1994
We need to create, as the United States proposes, a UN world income information bureau, to record the incomes of all peoples of this planet, to make sure that there is no tax evasion and that there is a truly equitable tax system for humanity.
Italy followed an early recommendation of the Fiscal Committee of the United Nations, and publishes in the local newspapers the incomes and taxes paid by all citizens. That is a good feature of the new democracy.

~ Idea 115 ~ 2 November 1994
For answers to the systematic, year after year besmearing of the UN by extreme right parties and movements, accusing the UN of bureaucracy, duplication and excessive spending, please read my Testament to the UN, my contribution to the 50th anniversary of the UN after forty years of service. It shows for example that the contribution of a US citizen to the UN budget is 2 dollars a year.

~ Idea 116 ~ 3 November 1994
Humanity is not an evolutionary aberration. Humanity is an evolutionary miracle on a miraculous planet in a tremendous universe. Our 21st century and 3rd millennium agenda must therefore be:
to help the success of humanity as the most advanced form of evolution;
to ensure the fulfillment of each miraculous human life, from birth to death;
to save, preserve and enhance the miraculous nature and beauty of our biosphere and planetary home.

~ Idea 117 ~ 4 November 1994
The UN 50th General Assembly in 1995 (golden anniversary of the UN), should be a World Peace Assembly aimed at settling remaining international conflicts. All mediations, negotiations and peacekeeping efforts during 1995 should be directed to that goal. It would be a great anniversary gift to the UN.

~ Idea 118 ~ 5 November 1994
When I joined the UN as a young man after World War II, I was told that decolonization was the main problem before the UN and that it would take from 100 to 150 years to solve it. Well, it was done in forty years, changing the political map of the world. But there still remain a dozen minor colonies and trust territories. It would be wonderful to settle them too, so that in 2000 the decolonization chapter could be closed.

~ Idea 119 ~ 6 November 1994
Twenty-five years ago I got the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution asking for the restitution of stolen works of art to their country of origin. Quite a few were restituted: the crown of St. Stephen was returned by the United States to Hungary, the coronation mantel of Montezuma, made of quetzal feathers, was returned by Austria to Mexico, etc. Would it not be wonderful if during the 50th anniversaries of the UN and UNESCO and during the celebration of the year 2000, a whole series of restitutions of works of art could be made? Some of them could even be declared world properties or treasures and displayed on the supranational grounds and premises of the UN and of its agencies, which belong to all humanity. We would welcome some on the prestigious grounds of the University for Peace to inspire students and visitors from around the world.

~ Idea 120 ~ 7 November 1994
One of the most interesting places on Earth is a basement: the basement of the United Nations in New York where there are the UN Bookshop, the UN Gift shops, the UN Philatelic Office and various international exhibits. I recommend that a new building be built in the UN park to display the works, documentation, books, exhibits, gift shops and memorabilia of all 32 specialized agencies and world programs of the UN family. Doctors, peasants, teachers, scientists, workers, all professions, ages, nationalities and races would be able to see how the world works together and cares for their problems, dreams and ideals. What a great fountain of hope, what an inspiring educational institution it would be for the two million visitors to the UN, humanity's House of Hope!

~ Idea 121 ~ 8 November 1994
Peace depends foremost on direct contacts between heads of state. Many conflicts and misunderstandings could be solved promptly through direct talks between them. I recommend that a direct telecommunication and television system be established between all heads of state, so that they can talk to each other, see each other and have teleconsultations and teleactions on short notice at any time of the day or the night in their office or at home on any world problem, crisis, disaster or danger.

~ Idea 122 ~ 9 November 1994
Ever since NATO had a War Room, I have recommended that the UN should have a World Peace Room.
Since the cold war is ended and NATO has lost its utility and purpose, such a Peace Room should be built immediately on the empty 39th floor of the UN, reserved by the architects for that purpose. It would be used by the Military Staff Committee of the Security Council and by the Secretary General of the UN to gather information on potential conflicts anywhere in the world, to prevent them and to keep the peace by non-violent means and if necessary by intervention of UN peace-protecting and peace-building servants. It should be equipped with the most advanced, sophisticated telecommunications and warning equipment. It would be the cheapest investment the world could make. *
* See my novel First Lady of the World. As a beginning a Situation Room for UN Peace-keeping Operations has at long last been created at the UN. May it be rapidly extended into a World Peace Room.

~ Idea 123 ~ 10 November 1994
I recommend that a World Commission be established to devise a system of financing the United Nations, instead of the current one which is full of loopholes and incapable of fulfilling the urgent needs for peace and progress on this planet. *
1995: Such a Commission has been created. I am a member of it.

~ Idea 124 ~ 11 November 1994
I fully endorse Harold Stassen's proposal in his latest redraft of the United Nations Charter for its 50th anniversary, that the UN should convene a yearly conference of religious leaders to prevent, stop, reduce and solve religious conflicts. They should all become strong supporters and allies of the United Nations' efforts in all fields, and bring forth the need for a world spiritual Renaissance.

~ Idea 125 ~ 12 November 1994
Each year on 1 January, the Queen of England gives out more than a thousand awards, distinctions, medals and honors to British citizens. I wonder how many such awards are given out by the 185 heads of states of this planet! There must be thousands of them. And how many awards are granted by the heads of the UN and world agencies and programs? Less than a dozen. How sad this is. Artificial nations born from conquests, purchases, murders, divisions, marriages, etc., count for everything. Humanity and our planet count for nothing. I recommend a thorough study of this matter and a flowering of global awards to meritorious peace-heroes, peace-martyrs, peacemakers and world servers.

~ Idea 126 ~ 13 November 1994
If the UN is not rapidly transformed into an effective world political union and administration, I recommend that the more audacious, better structured and better financed European Union be taken as the basis for a World Union. How to do it? First, by including as fast as possible the Nordic countries and the new Eastern European countries. Next, since Russia reaches into the North of Asia, the old dream of Eurasia can be implemented. The plan of Robert Schuman who dreamt of integrating the African countries into Eurafrica can also be implemented: these countries were mostly former European colonies and have maintained close links with neighboring Europe. In the meantime, the US can organize the Americas from Alaska to the Tierra del Fuego and the two unions can be integrated into a World Union.

~ Idea 127 ~ 14 November 1994
One of the latest, historically welcome, even providential developments is to create many biodiversity centers around the world. I recommend that a Central World Biodiversity Agency be created by the UN, financed by all governments, interested firms and philanthropists, to coordinate all these efforts and to centralize, evaluate and optimize the results for the benefit of all humanity and for the preservation of our planet.

~ Idea 128 ~ 15 November 1994
The time has come when the effectiveness of international agreements and treaties as a means of world administration and legal order must be reviewed from scratch. I recommend that the UN prepare a simple, comprehensive survey of the ratification, entry into force and implementation of all existing international agreements and treaties. It would show for example that of the 117 international labor agreements worked out in the International Labor Organization, the US has ratified only 7 and that the agreement reached in the UN General Assembly to create in demilitarized Costa Rica the first University for Peace on this planet, has been ratified after 14 years by only 32 governments out of 185. I suggest that a World Commission of Eminent Persons be established on the implementation of international agreements.

~ Idea 129 ~ 16 November 1994
An increasing number of businesses should be created by young people under a label such as "Self-imposed Ethical Business" which would draw up their own code of ethics toward consumers, the environment, peace and mother Earth.

~ Idea 130 ~ 17 November 1994
Universities for Peace and Non-violence should be created on each continent, guided, inspired and coordinated by the University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica. In each national University a Department of Peace and Non-violence should be created, guided, inspired and coordinated by the regional Peace and Non-Violence Universities.
As a result we will at long last experience the instauration of peace and non-violence as the dominant, new, great civilization value on this planet.

~ Idea 131 ~ 18 November 1994
There is an urgent need to create a United Nations specialized agency for Natural Resources. President Franklin Roosevelt had the right view when he requested the UN to hold as early as in 1946 an International Conference on the Utilization and Conservation of Resources. Still, fifty years later the exploitation of natural resources is the dominant practice, not their proper use, renewal and conservation.

~ Idea 132 ~ 19 November 1994
The United Nations will be led to deal not only with international conflicts and disputes but also with internal political breakdowns and disputes.* Its peacekeeping and peacebuilding roles will progressively extend to the entire planet and human society. The UN should be prepared for such tasks. A Committee of the UN should be established to that effect.
* This happened on a large scale in 1995.

~ Idea 133 ~ 20 November 1994
The Economic and Social Council of the UN should create a Committee on World Philanthropy serviced by the UN Secretariat. It would study and report on the magnitude and potential of philanthropy from the international, world level to the local, individual level (foundations, religions, private associations, business, non-governmental organizations, families and individual voluntary services and donations). Philanthropy (love for humanity) and gaiaphily (love for the Earth) should be raised to front roles in the world community to bring about a better world and a greater world democracy.

~ Idea 134 ~ 21 November 1994
Wars should be considered as violence and should be rejected and totally outlawed as means to resolve conflicts. Humanity can no longer condemn violence in all human relations, except international relations where violence, be it aggressive or defensive, is considered a normal, accepted, even noble and heroic function of the state. The notion of war must become as repulsive as any other form of violence to resolve inter-human problems.

~ Idea 135 ~ 22 November 1994
I recommend that all international institutions, all specialized agencies and world programs of the United Nations include a permanent item on non-violence in their agendas. I do not know a single one, from the Food and Agriculture Organization to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which should be exempt from this rule.

~ Idea 136 ~ 23 November 1994
I recommend that the United Nations General Assembly receive each year a report on violence in the world, and that each regional organization such as the Organization of American States, the Organization of African Unity, the European Union, etc. receive yearly reports from the member governments on violence in their countries, and measures taken by them and by all institutions and social groups to be of assistance.

~ Idea 137 ~ 24 November 1994
I recommend that all United Nations world conferences include an item on violence and non-violence. This should be the case of the World Social Summit in Copenhagen, the fourth World Women Conference in Beijing and the World Habitat Conference in Istanbul.

~ Idea 138 ~ 25 November 1994
International criminals are better organized than nations. Now that the cold war is over, I recommend that Interpol become a United Nations Police Agency in which all national polices would actively cooperate and coordinate their efforts.

~ Idea 139 ~ 26 November 1994
The University for Peace created by the UN in Costa Rica should be financed properly and with vision to become a world strategic center for the study, planning and methodology of peace and non-violence in all human relations and fields.

~ Idea 140 ~ 27 November 1994
The United Nations Secretariat should create a Department for Peace and Non-Violence. That Department should be in charge of preparing the World Conference on Violence recommended in Idea 5.

~ Idea 141 ~ 28 November 1994
Today, when I went to pay my car insurance, the agent, Mr. Luis Alberto Guzman of Ciudad Colon, asked me for advice on an idea he had: why not invite all the winners of the Nobel Prize for Peace to meet at the University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica and ask them to proclaim that the whole world should be demilitarized?
An excellent idea which shows what an ordinary citizen can do. I told him that all Nobel Peace Prize winners have been invited to meet in San Francisco in 1995 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UN. Since Oscar Arias, the former President of Costa Rica, will be among them as one of the Peace Prize winners, he could make this proposal. Mr. Guzman promised to write to him immediately.

~ Idea 142 ~ 29 November 1994
I promised Mr. Guzman that I would try to implement the second part of his proposal by suggesting to Rodrigo Carazo, former President of Costa Rica and founder of the University for Peace, that as Chairman of the Costa Rican National Committee for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UN, he invite the Latin American Nobel Peace Prize winners (Oscar Arias, Pedro Esquivel, Rigoberta Menchu) to a meeting at the University for Peace prior to the meeting in San Francisco, to formulate their peace proposals as Latin Americans. The Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo could foresee similar regional meetings of other winners prior to the San Francisco meeting. The same could be done for the celebration of the year 2000.

~ Idea 143 ~ 30 November 1994
Mr. Guzman gave birth to my idea 143: I want to become one of the first peace ideas collectors of this planet. People collect all kinds of things: stamps, military insignia, dolls, teddy bears, etc. Why not collect also peace ideas? Dear reader, if you have one or several ideas, please send them to me. It would help me reach my goal of 2000 ideas and perhaps surpass it by the 1st of January 2000! I will give you full credit.

~ Idea 144 ~ 1 December 1994
Today, 1 December, is celebrated in Costa Rica as Demilitarization Day. All demilitarized countries should celebrate that day. The UN should proclaim it World Demilitarization Day. Costa Rica could make that suggestion.

~ Idea 145 ~ 2 December 1994
The UN Security Council should take the bull by the horns and create a Committee of its own to deal with the demilitarization of this planet.

~ Idea 146 ~ 3 December 1994
The poor countries of the world should create an organization of demilitarized and non-arms buying countries, and turn to the United Nations to ensure their security.

~ Idea 147 ~ 4 December 1994
The peace and fate of the world rests really in the hands of the heads of states and of no one else. It took the UN Security Council 45 years to meet for the first time at the heads of states level in 1992! I recommend that it should meet every year at that level and that the UN General Assembly should meet at the heads of states level at least every second or third year.
It will meet again at the heads of states level in 1995, on the 50th anniversary of the UN.

~ Idea 148 ~ 5 December 1994
International and bilateral aid should be made inversely proportional to the expenditures of the receiving countries on armaments and the military. Premium aid should be given to those who reduce their armaments and demilitarize themselves.

~ Idea 149 ~ 6 December 1994
An instantaneous, ultramodern audio-visual telecommunications system should be established between the Secretary-General of the UN and heads of states to consult on impending crises and dangers and on means to avoid and resolve conflicts. If I were Secretary General of the UN, it would be one of my first actions.

~ Idea 150~ 7 December 1994
It is absolutely imperative that the UN establish a Committee of the Future which would look at the totality of the data, views and forecasts of the future emerging from the UN's world conferences, thirty-two specialized agencies and world programs, regional commissions, international years, global commissions, etc.

~ Idea 151 ~ 8 December 1994
An idea once formulated by Glenn Olds, former US Ambassador to the UN, was that the General Assembly of the UN should become a Parliamentary Assembly. Ways towards this would be for all people to elect representatives to the UN General Assembly at the same time when they elect their representatives to national parliaments, or for all parliaments to select members who would represent them in the UN General Assembly.

~ Idea 152 ~ 9 December 1994
The UN Secretary-General should convene a group of experts to draw up the statutes of a World Foundation to which people and philanthropists from around the world would be able to contribute tax-exempt donations.

~ Idea 153 to 171 ~ 10 to 28 December 1994
On this Human Rights Day I recommend that the following fundamental human rights should be worked on for adoption:
Idea 153 -the right to a peaceful planet
Idea 154 -the right not to be enlisted in an army
Idea 155 -the right to a disarmed, demilitarized planet
Idea 156 -the right not to kill and not to be killed, not even in the name of a nation
Idea 157 -the right of adherence by governments to their international treaties and
Idea 158 -the right to a proper planning of the future for all newly born children,
by governments and world agencies
Idea 159 -the right to non-violence
Idea 160 -the right to truth
Idea 161 -the right to global education
Idea 162 -the right to objective, global information
Idea 163 -the right to protection against the misdoings of huge monopolies,
media and advertisement
Idea 164 -the right of future generations
Idea 165 -the right to a well-preserved planet
Idea 166 -the right to life of other species
Idea 167 -the rights of Mother Earth and implementation of the UN Charter of
Idea 168 -the right to a preserved past
Idea 169 -the right to world citizenship and proper world government
Idea 170 -the right to proper relations with Creation and evolution
Idea 171 -the right to fulfilled, meaningful lives during our brief years in the
eternal stream of time

~ Idea 172 ~ 29 December 1994
Former UN officials and UN military personnel who served several years in areas of conflicts which after decades are still not solved, should create associations to express their misgivings for having spent part of their lives, often separated from their families, to solve conflicts which the parties concerned stubbornly refuse to solve.

~ Idea 173 ~ 30 December 1994
In every Parliament, in every government building, in every public office, in every international organization, in every multinational corporation, there should be a Meditation or Prayer Room as there is one at the United Nations.

~ Idea 174 ~ 31 December 1994
Now that the cold war is over, thought should be given to a better world regional system: the UN Regional Economic Commissions could be merged with existing broader regional organizations, such as the Organization of American States, the Organization of African Unity, the European Union. These organizations would become regional arms of the United Nations, headed by five regional Secretaries General of the UN.

~ Idea 175 ~ 1 January 1995
The first of January should be declared by the United Nations World Day of Hope to be celebrated in every country, state, city, village and home.

~ Idea 176 ~ 2 January 1995
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UN, the Center of Practical Studies of International Negotiations has launched an essay contest with a prize of 5000 dollars to the student, faculty member or professional who would submit the best essay on "Global government and the institutions with which the international system should equip itself to serve for the next fifty years." Please sit down, write the essay and send it to that Center before 24 April 1995, at 11 Avenue de la Paix, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

~ Idea 177 ~ 3 January 1995
Before this century is over the world needs an International Year of Education to review world-wide how we should educate the new generation for the peace and good of humanity and of the planet. I am glad that UNESCO has created a World Commission on Education in the 21st century, headed by Jacques Delors, the former President of the European Union.
It submitted its report in 1996.

~ Idea 178 ~ 4 January 1995
The introduction of the electric car is a matter of utmost urgency on planet Earth. Once it is done, the petroleum era of road transportation will be remembered as a Medieval aberration.
The first electric cars were launched for sale in the US by General Motors in December 1996.

~ Idea 179 ~ 5 January 1995
Al kohol is an Arabic word which means the devil. The UN World Health Organization labels and condemns it as a drug. The damages caused by alcohol in the world are staggering, worse than military conflicts. Alcohol production and consumption should be reduced drastically and vineyards replaced by oxygen and fruit producing trees for the good of our lungs and health, the same as was done with tobacco.
As first steps alcohol advertisement should be prohibited and all alcoholic products should be severely taxed and the proceeds allocated to social security and health care. What was done against tobacco must now be started against alcohol. The UN should produce a yearly report on the subject.

~ Idea 180 ~ 6 January 1995
After the World Commission on Global Governance has submitted its report, the UN General Assembly should establish a standing committee on how this world should be governed or inscribe this subject as a new, permanent item on its agenda. The world is in such a political chaos at the end of this millennium that this must become the priority item on the agenda of world affairs. The political organization of this planet must be rethought from scratch, faced as we are with the potential destruction of all life on it.

~ Idea 181 ~ 7 January 1995
We need a world agency and regional arrangements for the management of the world's great rivers.

~ Idea 182 ~ 8 January 1995
We need a world agency and regional arrangements for the management of the world's great lakes.

~ Idea 183 ~ 9 January 1995
We need a world agency and regional arrangements for the management of the Earth's underground water resources.

~ Idea 184 ~ 10 January 1995
At least the UN must establish a World Water Agency to deal with the above subjects. The world will be confronted in a few decades with colossal water problems likely to lead to international conflicts.

~ Idea 185 ~ 11 January 1995
This century cannot end without seeing the birth of a Parliamentary Assembly of the UN. It is inconceivable that world affairs should remain the monopoly of the executive branch of national governments. This major flaw in democracy and remnant from the past must be corrected. At least to begin with, a UN Consultative Parliamentary Assembly should be created, consisting of representatives of existing national parliaments.

~ Idea 186 ~ 12 January 1995
There is need for the creation of a post of World Ombudsman or Ombudswoman or Ombudscouple at the United Nations.

~ Idea 187 ~ 13 January 1995
By 1995 there will have been three world population conferences, four world women's conferences, two world aging conferences, a permanent institution for children (UNICEF), an International Year of the Handicapped. But there has been only one brief world youth conference in 1970 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the UN. Governments seem to be afraid of youth. And yet, youth is the most interested party, the most dynamic biological element of our evolution. There should be a world youth conference at least every 5 years to hear the young peoples' views and proposals for the world they want. A World Youth Agency should be created.

~ Idea 188 ~ 14 January 1995
UNICEF should be transformed into UNICMO, the United Nations International Children's and Mother's Organization, which would be concerned with the two thirds of humanity who need most of the world's care and protection: children and mothers. It would greatly expand UNICEF's capacity to do wonders.

~ Idea 189 ~ 15 January 1995
The time has come for the UN to create a major Office for Mediation and Conflict-Resolution to help governments and all social groups to solve their internal conflicts and disputes. The UN should become the world's principal expert in peace, non-violence and conflict resolution.

~ Idea 190 ~ 16 January 1995
Biology means the science of life (bios, life, logos - knowledge). We need more: we need an Earthology, a science of the functioning of the Earth, including its small surrounding membrane of life, the biosphere, and within it the role and impact of the human species. The UN should be renamed and transformed into the Earth Organization. And beyond that we must begin to think and to understand our cosmic meaning and evolution, and transform the UN into the Metaglobal Cosmic Organization of this planet. In it scientists, the religions and the indigenous people would help us to understand the right human behavior and to create the right means and institutions.

~ Idea 191 ~ 17 January 1995
Young men and women who want to work for peace, justice and a better world: you do not have to join the UN or to go to the poor countries. There is a lot to do right at home, in your city, in your community. I beg you: join or invade the police and transform it into the most peaceful, most peace-loving, justice-loving, poor-loving, handicapped-helping, elderly-helping, homeless-helping, down-trodden helping, non-violent peace service on Earth.

~ Idea 192 ~ 18 January 1995
All polices and militaries in the world must be transformed into peace-agents, from the top of the world to the local community. All such services should be part of a United Nations World Peace Agency wearing the UN blue colors and insignia. It would be the greatest service organization in the entire human history, united for peace and service to all peoples in all societal groups and in all areas.

~ Idea 193 ~ 19 January 1995
Panama has recently adopted a constitution which abolishes the army. For the first time in history there will be two countries, Costa Rica and Panama, bordering each other which have no army. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

~ Idea 194 ~ 20 January 1995
The UN should create at the University for Peace in Costa Rica an Institute for the study of non-armed defense and security of demilitarized countries. For example, the protection by the Organization of American States of demilitarized countries in its area could serve as a model for the protection of other demilitarized countries in other regions by their regional organizations or even world-wide by the United Nations. We need bold new ideas for world security, for world insurance against aggression and war.
The World Commission to Fund the United Nations has before it a proposal by Hazel Henderson, the founder and chairwoman of the Commission, and by Alan Kays for the creation of UN Security Insurance Agency, as a partnership of the public, private and civil sectors, especially insurance companies. Under such a system, many countries could afford to demilitarize themselves.

~ Idea 195 ~ 21 January 1995
In the 19th century and early twentieth, one of the main forms of violence was workers' violence. It led to several revolutions and to communism. Today, of all forms of violence, labor violence is minimal, even non-existent in most countries. Why? Because in order to cope with the problem, in 1919 the International Labor Organization was created in which governments, employers and labor unions are represented and have developed a host of agreements, conventions, legislations, recourses, rights and methods to resolve labor conflicts and disputes in a peaceful, non-violent way. This example speaks highly for similar arrangements in the UN and in all its specialized agencies, namely a peoples' representation at the UN and professional representatives in all agencies.
Thanks to the UN, international conflicts have also been reduced to a minimum and could have been eliminated if it had not been for the cold war between the US and the USSR. The UN did a similar, remarkable job in decolonization and in reducing racial violence, especially apartheid.
Thanks to the UN Security Council which took up the question of aircraft highjacking, that form of violence has considerably diminished in the world while airtransport and airtravel have mushroomed to unprecedented levels.
Today, most violence is among ethnic groups, religions, youth, in cities and in the family. Would it not be beneficial to create an International Ethnic Organization, an International Religious Organization, an International Youth Organization and an International Family Organization on the pattern of the ILO? The cost would be minimal compared with the huge benefits gained. The miracles produced by the UN and the ILO should be repeated in other fields.
During my four decades at the UN I have noticed that when humans decide to do something, they can do it. From a pessimist I have become an optimist and a believer in the human species. I thank the UN for it.

~ Idea 196 ~ 22 January 1995
An idea to which the peoples of this world must get accustomed and which they should love and promote despite the opposition and campaigns of those who hold power, money and the media, is that the UN always was, is and will become a better form of global government of this planet. This government should be strongly democratized and accelerated. The main issue of UN reform is a reform of the attitude, support and vision of the people and of governments.

~ Idea 197 ~ 23 January 1995
The military are the profession on Earth which have done the most killing and most dismal destructions on this planet over the millennia. The number of their victims reaches into the billions and their destructions must be the equivalent or surpass the total world capital of today. It is high time to abolish all armies, as former President Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize winner, proposes and to transform them into useful, peaceful professions.

~ Idea 198 ~ 24 January 1995
The United Nations should no longer be in the hands of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, because the fate of the world is no longer a foreign affair of anyone. The UN should be the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister or President of the country.

~ Idea 199 ~ 25 January 1995
A World Environmental Court should be created with jurisdiction over damages done to the environment and empowered to inflict charges, reparations and fines.

~ Idea 200 ~ 26 January 1995
I have designed the following framework for world coverage of news and information by the media. I would like to see it on the wall or desk of every TV, radio and newspaper journalist on Earth. As a result a better informed, more hopeful and more helpful humanity would evolve.

~ Idea 201 ~ 27 January 1995
It is totally irresponsible not to create a UN Population Agency with vast resources to cope with the most preoccupying problem on Earth. The UN Population Division has done a tremendous pioneering job. It was the first to warn the world of the population explosion. But the work must be urgently intensified, accelerated, and world aid increased to avoid a global catastrophe. What are governments waiting for? Similarly a UN Agency on Consumption, dealing with the tragic underconsumption in the poor countries and staggering overconsumption in the rich ones should be created. The population explosion in the poor countries and the consumption explosion in the rich countries are the two biggest menaces to this planet.

~ Idea 202 ~ 28 January 1995
We must study the wholeness of the universe, of our planet, of life and of our being at least as much as we study their components and dissection down to the atom.

~ Idea 203 ~ 29 January 1995
Migrations, pressures for migrations, opposition and obstacles to migrations have acquired such magnitude and will further grow that it is high time to convene a world conference on the subject.

~ Idea 204 ~ 30 January 1995
"Until modern times young people could anticipate a future rather like that of their parents. Social change was that slow. Now young people face futures for which their parents' culture cannot prepare them. The young must create the future themselves."
Margaret Mead
A good idea would be for the UN to convene a World Youth Conference before the Year 2000 and ask youth what kind of a new century and millennium they see and want.

~ Idea 205 ~ 31 January 1995
One UN Agency which should be abolished or have its mandate changed is the International Atomic Energy Agency. It should be mandated to eliminate all nuclear arms and nuclear plants on this planet. If not, in the long run, atomic radiation will finish us as well as all life on this planet.

~ Idea 206 ~ 1 February 1995
A fulfilled idea: I rejoice that at long last a World Trade Organization has been created. Thirty years ago, under the leadership of a great man, don Raul Prebish of Argentina, we had conceived such an idea in the United Nations. I spent two years of my life fighting for it. But it was strongly and stubbornly opposed by the western countries. After having lost thirty precious years, they saw finally that it was the right thing to do. Thanks be to God. How many more years will it take until they finally recognize the need for an infinitely stronger second generation United Nations, supported by their cooperation and proper intellectual and financial contributions?

~ Idea 207 ~ 2 February 1995
All international days proclaimed by the United Nations should be renamed World Days, as some of them already are. Some day the adjective international will seem as strange as interstate and interprovincial is today. The 4th and the 14th of July are the national holidays of the United States and of France, not their interstate or interprovincial holidays.

~ Idea 208 ~ 3 February 1995
A World Compliance Council should be created by the United Nations. It would submit each year to heads of states and to the people a report on the implementation or not of UN agreements, decisions, resolutions, commitments, judgments, etc. The first of these reports would create a world shock.

~ Idea 209 ~ 4 February 1995
There should be no increase in the number of countries having the veto power. Instead, an all-out effort should be made to reduce and eliminate them. It would be incomprehensible if in the United States five states, say New York, California, Texas, Florida and Alaska, would have the veto power. It is as incomprehensible for the world. As a compromise I recommend that existing veto powers be given a maximum number of vetoes (say 10), after which they would lose that privilege.

~ Idea 210 ~ 5 February 1995
More Nobel Prizes and international prizes should be given to governments, institutions, associations and firms which deserve special recognition for their contributions to a better world and happier humanity.

~ Idea 211 ~ 6 February 1995
I predict that in the next century the word military will disappear from human language for all times to come.

~ Idea 212 ~ 7 February 1995
Businesses invest risk capital in many fields. Governments do the same, particularly in science, technology and higher education. Why are not the UN and its specialized agencies also allowed to invest risk capital to achieve a better world? It would be the best capital investment with highest returns in the world.

~ Idea 213 ~ 8 February 1995
A World Commission of Eminent Persons should be established to bring about a spiritual renaissance on this planet.

~ Idea 214 ~ 9 February 1995
A World Commission of Eminent Persons on Justice should be created to reexamine the entire question of justice at the end of this century and on the eve of a new millennium.

~ Idea 215 ~ 10 February 1995
I have recommended to Elizabeth Mann-Borghese, a famous defender of the seas and oceans, to obtain the creation of a World Commission of Eminent Persons on the Oceans, which have been declared common heritage of humanity. The seas and oceans provide two-thirds of this planet's oxygen. If the diatoms and plankton do not survive the ultra violet rays going through the ozone holes in the atmosphere, we will be in deep trouble.
May 1995: To my great joy the Commission has been created under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mario Soares, the President of Portugal.

~ Idea 216 ~ 11 February 1995
I endorse enthusiastically the recommendation by the World Commission of Eminent Persons on Global Governance that a World Fund for Demilitarization be established by the UN.

~ Idea 217 ~ 12 February 1995
The United Nations should create a World Agency for Demilitarization and Disarmament.

~ Idea 218 ~ 13 February 1995
The United Nations should be taught in every school on Earth.

~ Idea 219 ~ 14 February 1995
A thesis or a book should be written on the phenomenon of world commissions of eminent persons which has appeared and expanded in recent years.

~ Idea 220 ~ 15 February 1995
Someone should write a thesis or book on the phenomenon of world celebrations (international days, years, decades, anniversaries) which have appeared in contemporary history.

~ Idea 221 ~ 16 February 1995
I would highly recommend to a government or to a philanthropist to create on this planet the first University of Earth Government, or World Management or World Federation. The time is largely overdue to do that. The Faculties of International Relations of all national Universities should be reformed into Faculties of Earth Government and Management.

~ Idea 222 ~ 17 February 1995
After the success and historic breakthrough of the US federal system of government and balance of power, and the emergence of a similar system in the European Union, the time has come to give serious consideration to federal systems or unions on other continents and of such a system for the world as a whole. This should be one of our main priorities on the eve of the 21st century and 3rd millennium. Not to do it would be a grave irresponsibility towards the Earth and future generations. The present mess and colossal duplications between nation-states cannot be endured, neither by the Earth nor by the people.

~ Idea 223 ~ 18 February 1995
The General Assembly of the United Nations should create a new, seventh main Commission: a Commission on the Future or long term evolution of humanity and of the Earth.

~ Idea 224 ~ 19 February 1995
World Universities should be created to study and teach the great concepts which have helped humanity over eons of time to live with the mysteries of life and death in the unfathomable universe and eternity: world universities of hope, of faith, of ethics, of love, of optimism, of happiness, of altruism, of justice, of thanksgiving, of forgiveness, etc.

~ Idea 225 ~ 20 February 1995
It is high time to create in Universities new Chairs and courses on planetary administration and management, better called planetics and gaiamanagement.

~ Idea 226 ~ 21 February 1995
I hope that at the World Social Summit convened by the UN in Copenhagen, or as a follow-up to it, a World Party of the Poor will be created. We need world parties and elections in the same year and for the same duration at all political levels.

~ Idea 227 ~ 22 February 1995
An idea which I like very much is the proposal by a Costa Rican citizen, Jesus Maria Salas Araya, that the whole country of Costa Rica be declared by the United Nations an Ecological Heritage or Patrimony of Humanity. He points out that thirty percent of the country's area are protected under the categories National Parks, Biological Reserves, National Monuments, Forest Reserves, Protected Zones, Refuges for Forest Life and National Forests, all these areas being administered, controlled or inspected by the State. In addition there are thousands of hectares protected and reforested by private persons.

~ Idea 228 ~ 23 February 1995
It is my prophecy that the United Nations will become the mind, the heart and the soul of humanity. It will be the quintessence, the epicenter of all human thinking and efforts.

~ Idea 229 ~ 24 February 1995
The United Nations is already the global brain of humanity. It is also the greatest school of love on this planet: love for all humans, love for our Mother Earth, love for the preservation of nature, love for the children, women, the handicapped, the aged, love for peace, etc. Still is missing love for God and the mysterious forces of the universe. This will come too when the United Nations will understand its right place in the universe and in time.

~ Idea 230 ~ 25 February 1995
The word "politics" and "politician" (from the Greek "polis", the administration of the city) should be replaced by "planetics" and "planetician". Even better, the role of politicians should be transformed into love for humans (philanthropists, from the Greek phil, love, and anthropos, man) and love for our planet (gaiaphilists, from Greek GAIA, the goddess Earth and phil, love).

~ Idea 231 ~ 26 February 1995
All nations of Earth should create academies of peace linked with the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 232 ~ 27 February 1995
Preferential world aid, bilateral and philanthropic aid should be given to countries which have no nuclear arms and no nuclear energy plants. They should be thanked for not contributing to the atomic radiation of the Earth and of the human species.

~ Idea 233 ~ 28 February 1995
There exists only one ministerial Council in the United Nations system: the World Food Council of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. There should be ministerial councils for every global subject dealt with in the United Nations. The Ministers of all nations should know each other and work closely together in their respective fields. A first, most important one would be a World Council of Ministers of Defense.

~ Idea 234 ~ 1 March 1995
After a visit to Chinese Premier Chou En Lai who complained to the Secretary General that all world agencies were located in the West and that most meetings were held there too, I obtained that the Security Council met in Panama and in Addis Ababa. Panama credited that meeting for having helped the conclusion of the Panama Canal Treaty, and the Addis Ababa meeting contributed to the solution of the problem of apartheid and the independence of Mozambique and Angola. It should be the policy of the Security Council to meet nearer the people and places of conflicts.

~ Idea 235 ~ 2 March 1995
Former heads of states, former Commanders of United Nations Peace-protecting forces have formed associations to help solve conflicts around the world. Their example should be followed by many others who were active in leading positions: former Presidents of Parliaments, former Ministers in all fields, former Presidents of foundations, former heads of health services, etc.

~ Idea 236 ~ 3 March 1995
All associations, movements and institutes working on non-violence, e.g. the Gandhians, the Tolstoi Institute, the Martin Luther King Institutes, the Albert Schweitzer Institute, the Quakers, the Jains, should associate in a World Alliance or Federation for Non-Violence and request the United Nations to hold earliest the World Conference on Non-Violence recommended in Idea 5. They should establish a headquarters at the University for Peace and a liaison office at UN Headquarters, or vice versa.

~ Idea 237 ~ 4 March 1995
Certain United Nations documents should be real World Documents summarized or reproduced by all journalists, radio, television stations as being the most basic information needed by all humans. I have one such document before me: document E/CN.9/1995/2 (meaning document of the Economic and Social Council, Population Commission 17 January 1995) giving the population trends, policies and programs in the world. It is an incredible document projecting the world population to the year 2050 and providing a host of other important information. A dramatic quantum progress is vitally needed to bring the crucial information of the United Nations and of its agencies to the peoples of the world. I strongly propose that a World Agency for Public Information and Public Relations be created by the UN to disseminate the work of all its services, specialized agencies, world programs and world conferences.

~ Idea 238 ~ 5 March 1995
The United Nations is the first world-wide universal organization, where all human dreams, thoughts and efforts converge, our only real hope to achieve peace and human fulfillment on Earth and to save the Earth itself. Please, dear brothers and sisters, do not forget it. Help, support and love this feeble but incredibly important progress in human cooperation.

~ Idea 239 ~ 6 March 1995
I love the idea of peace activist Sandy Hinden and of the peace Center of the French town of Verdun where 500,000 men were killed in World War I, to create peace museums in many countries and a World Network of Peace Museums. We will plan one in Costa Rica on sacred Mount Rasur, wherefrom, according to indigenous legend, a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world.
There exist already fifty peace museums in the world. Since there are 185 UN member nations there should be at least 185. It would be interesting to know how many war museums there are in the world. Several hundreds I am sure.

~ Idea 240 ~ 7 March 1995
I recommend that every human being on Earth will become what Sandy Hinden calls me: a spokesperson for the wonder of life, the beauty of our planet and the magnificence of the universe.

~ Idea 241 ~ 8 March 1995
There is need for a world conference on garbage and all wastes and remains from human activities and consumption on this planet. The industrial revolution must now be followed by an anti-garbage revolution. In all countries this has become a major problem. International exchanges of experience on prevention and disposal is needed. Every country should create a Ministry of Garbage and Waste Reduction.
This also is to be taken into account: at the end of his or her life, the average person in a developing country leaves behind 150 times his or her weight in solid waste. The average American leaves behind a mountain of waste 4,000 times his own weight.

~ Idea 242 ~ 9 March 1995
Global consciousness is the new biological phenomenon which will help avoid the destruction of the planet and of the human species. I am glad that an International Institute for the Study of Consciousness has been created in England and that I have been asked to serve as an adviser to it. I am glad also that the Club of Budapest on Planetary Consciousness has been created. I and Barbara Gaughen, my new life companion, are members of it.

~ Idea 243 ~ 10 March 1995
I am glad to have received the first thesis on "The Spirit of Cooperation: Consciousness and the Development of Cooperation". The student found little in social literature on cooperation, and what she discovered was flimsy. We need urgently from social scientists a theory, a strategy and a methodology of cooperation. The United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies and world programs are a goldmine of theses on this vital subject for our future. Biologists are far ahead of social scientists. We need to study a new major biosocial phenomenon: the birth of a global brain, global nervous system, global heart and global soul to the human species.

~ Idea 244 ~ 11 March 1995
my 72nd birthday
I cannot repeat it often enough: we must abolish all militaries on this planet. What we need is a police, renamed peace service at the various levels of society, from the top of the world (United Nations peace protectors) down to the city and neighborhoods. All big weapons used by the military must be destroyed world-wide and only light weapons used or new temporarily maiming or incapacitating weapons. That is my birthday wish, the overriding one. And since I am living on a hill of prophecies, I want to say that it is not a utopia: it will inexorably happen. If I no longer live at that time, please remember my prophecy.

~ Idea 245 ~ 12 March 1995
I wish with all my heart that a great world personality, like Mr. Gorbachev will create an Independent World Commission for the total Denuclearization of our planet.

~ Idea 246 ~ 13 March 1995
I have proposed to Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to establish an Independent World Commission for the Demilitarization of the planet.

~ Idea 247 ~ 14 March 1995
I propose that during the International Decade of the Indigenous People, the United Nations create a World Fund for the Study of Indigenous Wisdom and Customs from which the modern world would benefit. They have kept a wise relation with nature which we have lost. We also need Indigenous schools, colleges and universities on this planet.

~ Idea 248 ~ 15 March 1995
True democracy means frequent peoples' consultations through public opinion polls and referenda. The world is now so interdependent and the people are so worried about the future that it is high time to organize world referenda. The United Nations should create an Office of World Polls and Referenda. The first world referendum should ask the people if they want to get rid or not of all atomic weapons. And all governments should abide by their decision. Another poll would be whether people want to see electric cars replace the petroleum cars which are destroying our atmosphere. Another would be on the demilitarization of the planet and the creation of a proper world security system and peace protection at all levels of society. And there are many others.

~ Idea 249 ~ 16 March 1995
There is a lot of talk of United Nations reform. But what about national governments reform? I recommend a World Commission of Eminent Personalities on National Government Reform. It should bring about more unity in the way governments are organized, more responsive to the needs of the people and of the planet, and more coordinated with the United Nations and its agencies. It should look into the colossal waste of national military and other staggering unnecessary expenditures. The fiscal situation of nation-states is a scandal. There is no real, world economy. There is enormous world waste and duplication.

~ Idea 250 ~ 17 March 1995
We now have at long last a World Trade Organization. Needed as much, if not more, is a World Engineering Agency that would conceive and implement major world engineering projects which would improve the overall productivity of the planet and the well-being of the people. For example, several major unexploited hydro-electrical sites in the world could provide enough electricity for humanity's needs, transported intercontinentally through high power transmission lines, in a world energy grid which would take advantage of the night and day rotation of the planet. As a result, atomic energy could be dispensed with and our future saved from annihilation through atomic radiation.
Buckminster Fuller was a goldmine of such ideas. They should be carefully studied. There exists in Santa Monica, California, an institute, GENI, which has studied and advocates a world energy grid. It should receive top attention and be supported.

~ Idea 251 ~ 18 March 1995
No one should ever forget that the United Nations is the first world-wide institution ever created by humanity in all history. In it all dreams, thoughts and efforts of humanity are coming together, are examined, discussed and sooner or later implemented. It is our greatest chance to achieve peace and human fulfillment on this planet and to save the planet itself. This requires a complete change of attitude from the people and from national governments towards it, a real quantum leap of understanding, knowledge, love, support and expectations. Please people of the world, contribute to it.

~ Idea 252 ~ 19 March 1995
A Ministry or Central Office should be created in every government dealing with corruption, racketeering and massive frauds. The United Nations should create an Office dealing with international corruption, fraud and racketeering. Yearly national reports and world reports should be published and widely publicized.

~ Idea 253 ~ 20 March 1995
The current admired so-called world economic system leaves in misery 2/3rds of humanity which it exploits; it does not provide full employment; it destroys the environment; it creates the most colossal waste and unnecessary "needs" in all evolution; it does not increase human happiness. And we call it an economic system!
A World Commission of Eminent Persons on a New World Economy should urgently be convened.

~ Idea 254 ~ 21 March 1995
Nobel Prizes or new world prizes should be given to countries which have no atomic weapons and no nuclear energy plants, or which abolish them.

~ Idea 255 ~ 22 March 1995
Since at least 80 percent of effective action on this planet is taken by people at the local level, I recommend that a World Conference on Decentralization and Local Concerns and Action be convened.

~ Idea 256 ~ 23 March 1995
The United Nations should publish a major annual report on the state of the environment to be made widely available and publicized world-wide.

~ Idea 257 ~ 24 March 1995
The United Nations should widely advertise its yearly report on nuclear radiation, together with an assessment of all existing and anticipated nuclear hazards.

~ Idea 258 ~ 25 March 1995
The United Nations should declare a moratorium, a total prohibition of all new nuclear power plants and request the destruction of all existing ones.

~ Idea 259 ~ 26 March 1995
The United Nations should publish an annual report comparing each country's expenditures on arms and the military and the amount spent on efforts to preserve, restore and improve the environment and save the world.

~ Idea 260 ~ 27 March 1995
The United Nations should make a survey of destruction and damages caused to the environment by the military around the world. These damages should be repaired by the belligerents and appropriate deductions made from military budgets to pay for the repairs.

~ Idea 261 ~ 28 March 1995
I repeat emphatically my recommendation that all nations should hold their elections in the same year and for the same duration. Why? Because how many times have I heard at the UN: one cannot do anything in the Middle East, or in Cyprus because Israel or the Arab countries, or Greece or Turkey, or the United States have elections.

~ Idea 262 ~ 29 March 1995
All mothers on Earth should claim the fundamental human right not to have their sons, the flesh of their flesh, forced by anyone, not even a nation, to kill another human being or to be killed.

~ Idea 263 ~ 30 March 1995
All mothers on Earth should claim the fundamental human right not to see their sons, the flesh of their flesh, trained in military "academies" to kill other human beings. It is high time for them to raise their voice. Governments should solve their problems by non-violent means. Young men should be sent to academies of peace or schools of peace.

~ Idea 264 ~ 31 March 1995
All young people in the world should be given the fundamental human right to refuse military incorporation to be trained to kill other human beings.

~ Idea 265 ~ 1 April 1995
Only consumers can save this planet. Producers will destroy it. A world-wide consumers movement is urgently needed.

~ Idea 266 ~ 2 April 1995
In each government a Ministry of Happiness should be created as well as a World Commission or Department of Happiness at the United Nations to deal with this fundamental pursuit and rightful expectation of human beings. The US Constitution includes the pursuit of happiness as the objective of government.

~ Idea 267 ~ 3 April 1995
International tourism has reached such proportions, creating both benefits and damages, occupying such a big share in the international transfer of resources, that the World Tourism Organization linked with a loose agreement with the United Nations Economic and Social Council should be upgraded to a full UN specialized agency.

~ Idea 268 ~ 4 April 1995
Former Secretary General U Thant once said to me after returning from a trip abroad: "Robert, in each capitol I visit they take me to a monument to the unknown soldier to light a flame, but I have never been taken to a monument to the unknown peacemaker." I remembered his comment when I became Chancellor of the University for Peace. There we have now the first monument on Earth to unknown peacemakers. I recommend that such monuments be erected in each capitol of the world. It is high time. (See Idea 321.)

~ Idea 269 ~ 5 April 1995
Napoleon did not send his military trainees to Universities. He created military academies where they were taught a total science of war, a total strategy of war and a total methodology of war. The German General Clausewitz perfected that system in the 19th century by proclaiming that there was no limit to the use of violence. Since then we have hundreds of military "academies" in the world teaching this, with the recent amendment that the objective is no longer war but "defense". There exists nothing similar for peace. After my forty years of UN service I thought that academia had done its job and developed a science, a strategy and a methodology of peace. There exists nothing of the sort. I have therefore decided to throw all my weight behind the first University for Peace on the planet, in demilitarized Costa Rica, and to develop a total science, a total strategy and total methodology of peace. Wherever the military are the peacemakers will be, from outer-space and star-wars to atomic and genetic warfare, which will be replaced with star-peace and atomic and genetic peace. You have your monuments, and medals to warriors, we will have them for peacemakers. This is why governments are so scared of this University: only 32 of 185 have ratified its statute and only three have provided it with minimal help.

~ Idea 270 ~ 6 April 1995
A next great task for the United Nations will be to draft a Universal Declaration of Ethics for the third millennium. The subject will be taken up during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the signing of the UN Charter in San Francisco.

~ Idea 271 ~ 7 April 1995
Since the UN Trusteeship Council has completed its work, it should be reconstituted as the Council for World or Earth Government.

~ Idea 272 ~ 8 April 1995
The United Nations must absolutely prepare a comprehensive plan for a watertight world security system by the year 2000. All existing proposals should be collected and considered, in particular the ideas and first plans of the Military Staff Committee of the Security Council, the McCloy-Zorin plan for world security, the report of the Olof Palme world commission on security and disarmament, the proposals for world security of the Gorbachev Foundation, and there are certainly others. This is one of the foremost priorities at the end of this century, given the opportunities offered by the end of the cold war. Michael Gorbachev is so right when he says that we have not used the tremendous opportunities opened by that event.

~ Idea 273 ~ 9 April 1995
A UN world-wide TV station should be created to give around the clock and in various languages world information on peace, the environment, population, Earth resources, world cooperation and any efforts to improve the human fate and the planet's conditions. It should be named the World Station of Hope.

~ Idea 274 ~ 10 April 1995
The UN and its agencies and universities must be considerably developed and strengthened in order to become the global eyes, the global senses, the global brain, the global nervous system, the global heart and the global soul of humanity.

~ Idea 275 ~ 11 April 1995
I cannot repeat it often enough: after 50 years, on the eve of a new century and millennium, an audacious, visionary quantum strengthening of the United Nations must take place, so that it can become the rational planetary organization so urgently needed at this stage of our evolution. If not it will soon be overtaken by the rapidly expanding European Union which is already extending its feelers and cooperative arrangements with other continents of the planet. The United States would miss its historic chance to be the birthplace, cradle and seat of the first, true world organization. US, wake up.

~ Idea 276 ~ 12 April 1995
There are 500 million disabled, handicapped people on this planet, due to a variety of causes, mainly malnutrition in the poor countries and accidents in the rich countries. I consider it a scandal that a World Agency for the Disabled has not yet been established on this planet. I recommend that a percentage of the reduction in military budgets be devoted to the creation of such an agency to help the handicapped and the prevention of disability, as one of our first and foremost priorities. Instead of building stockpiles of armaments it will be better to manufacture prostheses and facilities for the handicapped. Workers would certainly be happier to work for that instead of deadly, disabling weapons.

~ Idea 277 ~ 13 April 1995
The same way as the military have developed a science of war (now called defense), a strategy of war and a methodology of war to an incredible extent, the University for Peace, in cooperation with other peace universities, institutes, movements and associations in the world is developing a science of non-violence to the fullest, all encompassing degree.

~ Idea 278 ~ 14 April 1995
Highjacking has been considerably reduced thanks to the action of the UN Security Council getting an international convention on highjacking adopted; labour violence which was number one at the beginning of this century is now last on the list, thanks to the cooperation and joint action of governments, labour and employers in the International Labour Organization; conflict between nations have been considerably reduced thanks to the Untied Nations, to the point that of 47 conflicts on this planet only three are international (Middle-East, Kashmir and Cyprus) and all three are contained. All other conflicts are ethnic, religious, political and cultural conflicts within nations. The UN has now been called to solve them in 16 countries and will gain experience and be successful in solving those conflicts too; the same international cooperation should be considered and organized for all other conflictual areas of the human society.

~ Idea 279 ~ 15 April 1995
The European Union should create one of the most generous and famous world prizes: the Robert Schuman prize, in honor of the founder and father of the European borderless Union. It should be granted yearly to the head of state who has done most for the creation of other regional unions in the world and suppression of borders.

~ Idea 280 ~ 16 April 1995
While there are nowadays national disintegration movements in Yugoslavia, in the former USSR and in African countries there are also no less than twenty integration movements around the world, the most successful being the European Union.
I recommend that the General Assembly of the UN place on its yearly agenda an item on existing regional communities and new ones in formation, because they are a great hope for peace and building blocks for the World Community or Union. The European Union should also report annually on these developments and be a guiding light and inspiration to others.

~ Idea 281 ~ 17 April 1995
The United Nations and world organizations should be the direct responsibility of heads of states and no longer be treated as "foreign affairs". Ministries of Foreign Affairs should deal with relations with other nations.

~ Idea 282 ~ 18 April 1995
Without the UN this world would be in total disarray. In terms of cost-benefits it is probably the cheapest organization on Earth. And it has further vast, unexplored potentialities. Many of my ideas are illustrations. Please, dear reader, dream what the UN or a better world organization or an Earth government could do. Write it down and send your ideas to your country's representative to the UN and to me.

~ Idea 283 ~ 19 April 1995
A World or United Nations Academy should be created where prominent people, world leaders, global thinkers, wise philosophers, and ethical, religious leaders would meet and help the world and humanity find a better course.

~ Idea 284 ~ 20 April 1995
Two more World Commissions of Eminent Personalities need to be created before the end of this century: a World Commission on the Media and Communications and a World Commission on Democracy.

~ Idea 285 ~ 21 April 1995
In addition to the transport commissions of the UN regional Commissions for Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, a Transport Commission should also be created for North America and a strong World Transport Agency be created to complement the UN International Civil Aviation Organization and the UN International Maritime Organization. As a result world transport would be planned and coordinated with maximum efficiency and safety.

~ Idea 286 ~ 22 April 1995
In US airlines they announce federal laws prohibiting smoking and several other regulations. These laws should become world laws or United Nations laws applying to all air transport.

~ Idea 287 ~ 23 April 1995
One of the key instruments in the UN Charter is the Military Staff Committee of the Security Council. It met immediately after the war at the chiefs of armies level and had two tasks: (1) to devise a world security system; (2) thereafter to disarm the planet. These tasks were cut short by the cold war between the US and the USSR. Today, the cold war having ended, this organ of the UN Charter should be revived to its original and central role for world peace. It should meet, again at the chiefs of armies level and propose an imaginative and daring world security system and then proceed seriously with the task of disarming the planet.

~ Idea 288 ~ 24 April 1995
We must create on this Earth human peaceful, cooperating communities around common natural, geographic features: for example an Arctic Community, and Antarctic community, a North Atlantic Community, a Pacific Community, a Mediterranean Community, an Andean Community, a Middle East Community, etc.
The military should not have the monopoly of a NATO and a SEATO.

~ Idea 289 ~ 25 April 1995
Why not try in the Middle East what we have achieved successfully against all odds in Europe: to make countries which were warring for centuries cooperate on common interests, e.g. coal and steel, then their entire economies, followed by a political and tomorrow spiritual union.
I was told that the French and Germans will always have wars and that the contrary was unthinkable. Well, why not try to prove the contrary also in the Middle East. Nothing is impossible on Earth, if humans really want it.

~ Idea 290 ~ 26 April 1995
I dream that an Office or Department for Violence Prevention will be created at the UN to study and promote a science, a strategy and a methodology of violence prevention in all fields, from international violence to internal national violence, ethnic violence, religious violence, street violence, family violence. We must formulate the ideal of a non-violent human society in the next century and millennium on this planet. The UN is the natural, ideal place to do that.

~ Idea 291 ~ 27 April 1995
Between now and the year 2000, the United Nations, its world agencies and conferences, together with World Commissions of Eminent Persons and world thinkers should chart a new course for humanity and the Earth, a global Renaissance, an Era of Peace, a Planetary Deal. A World Conference should be held on the subject by the UN in 1999, on the eve of the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 292 ~ 28 April 1995
In the United States each State must grant two scholarships to young men from that State to be trained in the military academy of West Point, 2 scholarships for training in the naval academy of Annapolis and 2 scholarships in the aviation academy of Granville Fields. Why not require that each nation-member of the United Nations (there are 185 of them) must offer two scholarships each year to young men or women to study and be trained as peacemakers at the UN University for Peace? This would mean a jump in the enrollment of students at that University from 60 in 1994, 20 in 1995 to 370 in future years. A resolution to that effect should be adopted by the UN General Assembly.

~ Idea 293 ~ 29 April 1995
United Nations reform has to be seen from a logical point of view, namely the supreme interest of humanity, of the Earth and of evolution, not of nations nor of any other limited interest groups.
Thus, we have an International Civil Aviation Organization and an International Maritime Organization, but we do not have a World Transport Organization covering all means of transportation.
Thus we have an International Atomic Energy Agency, but we do not have a World Energy Agency which should cover all forms of energy, especially better ones than radiating atomic energy.

~ Idea 294 ~ 30 April 1995
The seas and oceans, outer space, the moon and other planets, the stars, the universe, should be declared absolutely off-limits to all military dreams, plans, occupations and scientific and other weapon testing. What do they have to do there?

~ Idea 295 ~ 1 May 1995
A World conference on Simple and Frugal Living should be convened by the United Nations in order to save the Earth's resources from over-consumption, non-replacement and depletion as a result of unnecessary human greed, monumental waste, marketing, advertisement, built-in obsolescence and excessive packaging.
It is about time that we publish not only population statistics but also consumption statistics. Thus the population of the poor countries stands at 4.5 billion people and that of the rich countries at 1.2. But the latter consume per person thirty times more Earth resources than the former. As a result, in terms of pressure on resources, the rich population amounts in reality to 36 billion people. Which part of the world then must be considered overpopulated?

~ Idea 296 ~ 2 May 1995
The UN Economic and Social Council should undertake a study and publish a comprehensive report on the mistakes made by the developed and the developing countries in so-called economic development. An entirely new economics must be formulated for this planet.

~ Idea 297 ~ 3 May 1995
The UN Food and Agricultural Organization has such a vast task and the forests of this planet have such a priority that a UN World Forestry Agency should be created.

~ Idea 298 ~ 4 May 1995
Similarly each UN agency and world program should examine its situation in a vastly changing world and determine if some of its subjects do not warrant the creation of a new world agency.

~ Idea 299 ~ 5 May 1995
After the successful birth of the political European Union and the suppression of the borders between its members, a World Commission of Eminent Persons should be created to study and promote other regional communities and lead in the third millennium to the birth, at long last after thousands of years, of a true World Union of all people.

~ Idea 300 ~ 6 May 1995
It is with human groups as it is with individuals: we become what we want to become. As a result we must make an effort to define what we want to become as a human family or species on this planet:
What ideal human society do we want to be in the next century?
What kind of Earth do we want to see around us?
What kind of ideal Earth and human government do we want?
What kind of ideal medias and newspapers do we want?
What kind of ideal education do we want?
and so on and so forth.

~ Idea 301 ~ 7 May 1995
The United Nations has done a great work for human rights. But the time has also come to raise the question of human duties and responsibilities. I am glad that an International Council of Human Duties has been created in Trieste, Italy, under the chairwomanship of Professora Rita Levi Montalcini. The Declaration will be submitted to a youth conference in San Francisco on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. I signed the Declaration with delight. I recommend that the UN celebrate in 1998 the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and begin work on the adoption of a Universal Declaration of Human Duties and Responsibilities.
a code of Ethics and Shared Responsibilities
(The Trieste Declaration)
1. respect human dignity as well as ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.
2. work against racial injustice and all discrimination of women, and the abuse and exploitation of children.
3. work for the improvement in the quality of life of aged and disabled persons.
4. respect human life and condemn the sale of human beings or parts of the living human body.
5. support efforts to improve the life of people suffering from hunger, misery, disease or unemployment.
6. promote effective voluntary family planning in order to regulate world population growth.
7. support actions for an equitable distribution of world resources.
8. avoid energy waste and work for reduction of the use of fossil fuels. Promote the use of inexhaustible energy sources, representing a minimum of environmental and health risks.
9. protect nature from pollution and abuse, promote conservation of natural resources and the restoration of degraded environments.
10. respect and preserve the genetic diversity of living organisms and promote constant scrutiny of the application of genetic technologies.
11. promote improvement of urban and rural regions and support endeavors to eliminate the causes of environmental destruction and impoverishment which can lead to massive migrations of people and overpopulation in urban areas.
12. work for maintenance of world peace, condemn war, terrorism and all other hostile activities by calling for decreased military spending in all countries and of the proliferation and dissemination of arms, in particular, weapons of mass destruction.
signed on 7 May 1995

Robert Muller
University for Peace

~ Ideas 302 to 310 ~ 8 to 16 May 1995
Ours has become a world into which a lot of unethics have crept in behind our backs. There is an urgent need for the upholding of ethics, side by side with human rights and human duties and responsibilities in all realms of human activities. I therefore recommend:
Idea 302 -the creation of an Independent World Commission of Eminent Personalities on Ethics or
Idea 303 -that the UN convene a World Conference on Ethics, Human Duties and Responsibilities
Idea 304 -the UN collect and publish codes and statements of ethics in all human realms
Idea 305 -a UN Commission for Ethics, like the Human Rights Commission, and a High Commissioner and staff serving it be created
Idea 306 -all specialized agencies and world programs of the UN should develop human ethics in their respective fields
Idea 307 -a World Court of Ethics should be established
Idea 308 -an International Year of Ethics should be held
Idea 309 -the next millennium should be declared World Millennium of Ethics
Idea 310 -Ministries of Ethics should be created in all governments and ethical units in all businesses.
(See also Idea 270)

~ Idea 311 ~ 17 May 1995
The time has come to go beyond globalism and to transform the UN into the first Metaglobal Cosmic Organization of the Earth and nature-conscious human species.

~ Idea 312 ~ 18 May 1995
There is much pressure from the rich countries for free world trade, because they have a distinct historic, economic, scientific and technological advantage to invade the poor countries with their products and advanced marketing and advertisement, often changing the traditional, more healthy, natural, better habits of these countries, where moreover advertisement is very cheap. The poor countries should raise the issue of free migrations, of the freedom of people to settle anywhere on our planet. People should claim this as a fundamental human right. Why only world free movement of goods, and no free movement of people? The United Nations must hold a world conference on the free movement, migration and settlement of all humans on this planet. It will have to be raised sooner or later. The sooner we do, the better.

~ Idea 313 ~ 19 May 1995
The world should enter the next millennium with the consolidation of all economic and social activities and organs of the UN (Economic and Social Council, regional economic commissions, the United Nations Development Program, the World Food Program, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the recently created World Trade Organization), etc. into an Economic and Social United Nations, headed by a second Secretary General.

~ Idea 314 ~ 20 May 1995
I have never understood why the United Nations should only have economic regional commissions for each continent. They should become Political, Economic, Social and Environmental Commissions each headed by a regional Secretary General. Perhaps the big powers never liked the idea of a grouping of countries of the same continent into political, regional United Nations.

~ Idea 315 ~ 21 May 1995
Hand in hand with my recommendation that all militaries of this planet should be suppressed or reconverted, there is also need for a conversion of the police of the world. The whole security-peace structure of the planet should be rethought and reformed from scratch. Militaries and polices should become peace-protectors and security agents. In every country there should be a central Peace and Security Agency incorporating the former militaries and polices. The Agency should be under the authority of the Prime Minister or of the Ministry of Peace which I recommend for each country. At the world level, a World Peace and Security Agency with regional agencies should be created to guide, support and help coordinate the worldwide system.

~ Idea 316 ~ 22 May 1995
Walking today at sunrise on a wonderful beach in Malibu, California where I was to speak to the Wallenberg Peace Conference on the emergence of a global community, I suddenly fell in love with the vast Pacific Ocean and all humans living on its shores. Out of this love an idea was born; I will propose in my speech the creation of PACOM, of the Pacific Community of all riparian nations of that Ocean of Peace.

~ Idea 317 ~ 23 May 1995
Since an idea often gives birth to another, it was quite natural that in the same speech I proposed the transformation of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, into NACOM, the North Atlantic Community, according to the new paradigm that the military "culture" of this planet must be replaced by a culture of peace. Similarly SEATO should be replaced by SEACOM.

~ Idea 318 ~ 24 May 1995
A world center should be created to study all regional communities recently created or in formation on this planet. They are growing in numbers, impact and importance. The European Union is the most important one, but there are several others like the Arctic Forum created by Governor Walter Hickel, which can serve as a model for other vital bioregions of this planet. Such a Center would collect systematic information on these nascent communities and submit a yearly report to the United Nations, since this is a major, very hopeful innovation in the global government of our planet.

~ Idea 319 ~ 25 May 1995
We must not forget the important historical role played by the nation-state to get us out of the tribal situation and warfares in which humanity lived so long. But nations must have no illusions: they cannot survive if they cling to their obsolete belief in national sovereignty which is contrary to our henceforth global and planetary requirements. If they want to survive, they must create new communities and forms of world cooperation, and strengthen immensely the universal United Nations. A true quantum leap is needed at this point of our evolution. If not we will see much more disasters, waste, crises and human despair on this planet. May God inspire leaders of nations to make the drastic necessary quantum leaps into the third millennium, eliminating incredible errors, wastes and dangers to this planet.
From the nation-state we must now move to regional unions on the model of the European Union and to a well-conceived, well organized World Union.

~ Idea 320 ~ 26 May 1995
I seldom hear a speech in the United Nations or in the political world speaking of love. This is a major blemish of our time, for love is a major factor of peace, goodness, generosity and forgiveness. I recommend that no speech on this planet be delivered without the word and motivation of love. It should be a rule for all speech writers of Presidents and other political personalities. They could follow the good example of our indigenous brethren who place a talking stick in front of them to remind them that they must speak from the heart. I use one.

~ Idea 321 ~ 27 May 1995
The Mayor of the city of Hamilton, Canada, has informed me that after the University for Peace, his city will erect this year the second monument to the unknown peace-makers on this planet. Which city or institution will be the third? (See Idea 268.)

~ Idea 322 ~ 28 May 1995
Since the political world, including the positions of heads of states are overwhelmingly occupied by males, not only do I recommend that a woman be elected Secretary-General of the UN but also that the few women heads of states and the wives of male heads of states create a world association of first ladies to work together on a large variety of issues and tell the world their vision of the future.

~ Idea 323 ~ 29 May 1995
A decade ago, during a visit in Kansas City, I learned that the city considered itself to be the heart of America. They wondered how this could be better known. I suggested that they plant a forest of trees in the form of a big heart near the airport, visible from the sky.
Ten years later when I returned to the city, I was shown the Heartforest which expands each year thanks to additional rows of trees planted by children on each Earth Day.
My dream is that many heart forests will be grown in many places of the world, thereby expressing our love for trees and for our beautiful planet.

~ Idea 324 ~ 30 May 1995
In my Peace Park on Mt. Rasur, overlooking the University for Peace I have a bench of dreams where I ask visitors to sit, close their eyes and formulate a dream. Following a rite which was taught to me by a girl from Holland, Mara van der Lugt, one takes a pebble or stone in each hand, presses the two hands together, closes one's eyes and dreams intensely. When opening the eyes one throws one stone on the Earth, so that the sacred earth will remember the dream, and the other stone one takes home to be reminded of the dream. I wish that benches of dreams be built in many places on Earth.
Humanity and the Earth badly need our dreams. (See Ideas 729 and 749.)
By 1997 about two dozen have been built around the world.

~ Idea 325 ~ 31 May 1995
Not only should elections in all countries take place in the same year in all countries, but there should be basically the same electoral laws everywhere. It would be fascinating to look into this.

~ Idea 326 ~ 1 June 1995
Who on Earth will publish the first newspaper which will have only good news, or good news in the first pages, neutral, factual news and information in the middle, and bad news in the last? Could not all the media of the world adopt such presentation and thus contribute to a better, happier, more peaceful, hopeful human society? Does a family wake up and speak only about bad news? Why should the entire human family do it and start every morning with depressing news?

~ Idea 327 ~ 2 June 1995
I think that Idea 227 proposed by Prof. Jesus Maria Salas Araya should be considered seriously by the world community: the entire country of Costa Rica should be made a world park, a unique natural preserve, a jewel and heritage of humanity. The Earth Council established in Costa Rica by the UN Rio de Janeiro Conference on the Environment could take up the subject and create a group of thinkers and ecologists who would come up with a concrete plan and proposals. Costa Rica could become a model for other well preserved natural areas of our Earth. In an orderly, well-conceived world government, such achievements for the future of the Earth and of humanity would be easy matters.

~ Idea 328 ~ 3 June 1995
Foreigners visiting Costa Rica are astonished by the natural beauty which has been miraculously retained in this country. Thirty percent of the territory are now protected against depredation. The dream has occurred to me that there should be a world Marshall Plan to preserve this blessed, demilitarized country as a remaining paradise on Earth. Such a plan would prevent the migration of the population from the beautiful rural areas to an overcrowded capitol. It could be a model of a country living in harmony with nature, inspired by eco-communities such as Findhorn in Scotland. Industrialized countries, instead of trying to industrialize Costa Rica, would help it to become a model of a new, more human and natural development, avoiding the errors made in most other developing and developed countries.
As a matter of fact, now that there is peace, the whole of Central America should be made a model of ecology and preserved nature, a world park.

~ Idea 329 ~ 4 June 1995
Military comes from the Latin miles, the foot soldier. This antiquated word should be replaced by a new concept, such as peace-protectors, peace-insurers or peace servants. This should also apply to the polices of the world (police: from the Greek word polis, the city). Police and military should be merged into a vast system of peace insurance and security from the top of the world to states, the local communities and the streets. Why not have a try at it on the eve of a new millennium? There are many obsolete concepts and institutions on this planet which should be changed.

~ Idea 330 ~ 5 June 1995
The phenomenon of megacities growing ceaselessly in the world accompanied by the human depletion of rural areas is of such frightening magnitude and negative effects on human progress that the UN Office of Human Settlements (Habitat) should be made a full UN specialized agency with a tripartite representation like the International Labour Organization, namely governments, business (builders, architects, etc.) and habitants.

~ Idea 331 ~ 6 June 1995
A world Marshall Plan is needed for rural rehabilitation, resettlement and the deconcentration of big cities. The new "miniloans" of the World Bank should be directed massively to rural areas where peasants have great difficulties to obtain loans at reasonable conditions.

~ Idea 332 ~ 7 June 1995
The greatest service the military could render the world would be to devise a water-tight world security system and then to dissolve or transform themselves into the world's and humanity's security, peace and environment servants.

~ Idea 333 ~ 8 June 1995
There are a lot of debate, confusion, disagreement and contrary views these days among politicians, diplomats and the military concerning the UN's military role in Yugoslavia and in Africa. Should it be conflict prevention, peace-keeping, innocent people protection, peace-making, peace-building, peace enforcement, light or massive intervention? Well, if I were the military I would press my government to ratify the University for Peace created by the UN in Costa Rica, to support it, strengthen it and make it the think-tank to study and clarify such roles and come forth with a novel vision of the role of the military in the world today. It is a place of extraordinary beauty of God's nature which elevates the human spirit. It is the place which inspired President Jose Figueres to demilitarize Costa Rica in 1949, the place where Rasur, the indigenous God of children, appeared to them and made the prophecy that out of these hills a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world.

~ Idea 334 to 342 ~ 9 to 17 June 1995
In an unprecedented preparation for the 21st century and third millennium, a good series of more world conferences and Independent World Commissions of eminent personalities should be held during the last years of this century. I would recommend that the following be considered:
Idea 334 -A World Commission on World Priorities and Allocation of Resources
Idea 335 -A World Commission on the Media and Advertisement
Idea 336 -A World Commission on Corruption
Idea 337 -A World Commission on Visions of the Planet and of Humanity in the 21st century and third millennium
Idea 338 -A World conference on Small and Medium-size Enterprises
Idea 339 -A World Commission on Regional Unions
Idea 340 -A World Commission on the Nation-state and National Government Reform
Idea 341 -A World Conference on Global Education and Global Citizenship
Idea 342 -A World Conference on Small Peasantry and Small Business

~ Idea 343 ~ 18 June 1995
The world of today is in the same state as were the American States when great leaders stood up and declared that the warrings and divisions between the states could not continue, that America was in a chaos, with utter waste and duplication between the states. A Constitutional Assembly was held in Philadelphia which met for ten years of bitter debates until it finally produced and adopted the US Constitution with its wise system of balance of powers.
The world needs today pressingly a similar initiative. There is need for great leaders of this planet to decide that a world constitutional Assembly be held to draft a constitution for proper Earth government.
Perhaps it might take longer since the world is much more complicated than were the American states. But it is also more urgent because this time the whole Earth is in jeopardy and danger of terminal illness.

~ Idea 344 ~ 19 June 1995
All Nobel Prizes for Peace should be announced, celebrated and handed to the laureates in the vast General Assembly Hall of the United Nations in presence of all UN delegates, UN staff, Non-Governmental Organizations and the media. The soul of Alfred Nobel would rejoice.

~ Idea 345 ~ 20 June 1995
The United Nations should publish a yearly report on arms sales in the world, on the countries of origin of the arms, on the manufacturers and on the so-called foreign "aid" given by rich to poor countries to purchase them.

~ Idea 346 ~ 21 June 1995
The UN should publish a yearly comprehensive, well-structured report on military budgets and armed forces in the world. Comparisons should be made with other main items in the budgets of nations.
For example, very few people in the world, including US citizens, know that even after the cold war US military expenditures in 1995 are equal to the total of all other US government expenditures for transport, education, housing, health, natural resources, international affairs, veterans, outer-space, justice, social services, government in general, salary insurance, economic development, energy, agriculture and trade. There must be something staggeringly wrong with that.

~ Idea 347 ~ 22 June 1995
When I was briefly the Director of the UN Budget in the late sixties, I published a report to the General Assembly giving comparisons of UN budgets with national budgets, especially military budgets. The UN budget was indeed "petty cash" as it is called in the US State Department. But the UN budget is more criticized than any national budget on Earth. Needless to say, I did not last long in that position.
When I was transferred to another post, my former colleagues in the Budget said that it was the end of the "Spring of Prague" and Secretary General U Thant welcomed me as his new assistant with these worlds: "I am sure you will be happier here than in the Budget."

~ Idea 348 ~ 23 June 1995
We have at the UN an Office dealing with natural disasters in the world. It helps to obtain and coordinate international aid in the case of natural disasters. I recommend, that it should be extended to all disasters, including human disasters, for example those produced by the military, and that it should become a full specialized agency of the UN.

~ Idea 349 ~ 24 June 1995
Right here and now, huge global problems are developing on this planet which will deeply affect humanity's future, including our possible extinction. And yet, most national governments, business, local governments and the people are only interested in the immediate or the short-term. To heal this situation I recommend that the UN should create a new position of High Commissioner for the World's Future and that each government create a Ministry of the Future or for Future Generations. Margaret Mead similarly recommended that Universitites should have Departments of the Future.

~ Idea 350 ~ 25 June 1995
Don't be surprised that there is still so much violence in the world. Think that there are hundreds of military academies in the world and practically no Universities for peace, except the lonely, unsupported University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica.

~ Idea 351 ~ 26 June 1995
We have a multitude of national Universities on this planet and almost no world and regional Universities. UNESCO should create a committee of first-class thinkers or convene a conference on the creation of world and regional Universities. It would mark a great progress in our evolution. We cannot remain forever unpunished in dissected, narrow national straight-jackets.

~ Idea 352 ~ 27 June 1995
In addition to world, continental and regional Universities, we need also natural, bioregional Universities dealing with self-contained natural regions of this planet, for example a Pacific University, an Atlantic University, a Mediterranean University concerned with these seas and oceans and with all the riparian countries.
Others would be an Andean University, a Himalayan University, a Saharan University, an Arctic University, an Antarctic University, a World Atmospheric University, a Mekong University, a Ganges University, etc.

~ Idea 353 ~ 28 June 1995
I recommend that humanity should adopt happiness and not consumption as the objective and ideal of life and of our efforts.
Peace, education, beauty, love, welfare, security, etc. are only instruments to achieve happiness. If we tried, we would obtain wonderful results at incredible low cost. The first step would be to create a World University of Happiness and to place the subject on the agenda of the United Nations. The drafters of the US Constitution did not shy from the word: the main purpose of the Constitution was "the pursuit of happiness." The World Constitution we desperately need should have the same goal plus the preservation of the Earth.

~ Idea 354 ~ 29 June 1995
Relevant to the preceding would be the decision of people around the world who are not affected by miseries to adopt and practice the following advice:
Decide to be happy
render others happy
proclaim you joy
love passionately your miraculous life
do not listen to promises
do not wait for a better world
be grateful for every moment of life
switch on and keep on
the positive buttons
in yourself, those marked optimism,
serenity, confidence,
positive thinking, love
pray and thank God every day
look with fascination at everything
fill your lungs and heart with liberty
be yourself fully and immensely
act like a king or queen unto Death
feel God in your body, mind,
heart, and soul
and be convinced of eternal life
and resurrection
Robert Muller

~ Idea 355 ~ 30 June 1995
To achieve the goal of human happiness it is high time that a Disarmament and Demilitarization Agency be created by the UN. Any savings from disarmament and demilitarization &endash;they would be huge&endash; would be used to reduce poverty and misery around the world and thus increase human happiness. I just cannot understand that the word happiness never appears in political and United Nations language and documents when it is a basic purpose of all our efforts.

~ Idea 356 ~ 1 July 1995
In 1974, when he created World Magazine, Norman Cousins asked me to write an Inventory of Hopes. It would be difficult for me to find the text 21 years later. But the idea should be revived: the UN should write an Inventory of Hopes for the 21st century and third millennium. All nations and social groups and entities should do the same. What an enlightenment, what an elevation of the human journey it would be!

~ Ideas 357 to 370 ~ 2 to 15 July 1995
In my Testament to the UN in 1992 I recommended the creation of the following new agencies. Only one, the World Agency for the Seas and Oceans has come into existence in 1995. My consolation is that it covers 71% of the planet's surface.
Idea 357 -A World Disarmament Agency
Idea 358 -A World Agency for the Handicapped
Idea 359 -A World Agency for the Elderly
Idea 360 -A World Women's Agency
Idea 361 -A World Youth Agency
Idea 362 -A World Energy Agency
Idea 363 -A World Transportation Agency
Idea 364 -A World Ocean and Seabed Agency
Idea 365 -A World Consumer Agency
Idea 366 -A World Migration and Refugee Agency
Idea 367 -A World Global Data Agency
Idea 368 -A World Outer Space Agency
Idea 369 -A World Agency for the Environment
Idea 370 -A World Climate Agency (a transformed World Meteorological Organization)

~ Idea 371 ~ 16 July 1995
In 1946, at the request of the United States, the UN convened a Conference on the Use and Conservation of Natural Resources.
It was a personal idea of President Franklin Roosevelt who could thus be considered as the first head of state with ecological concerns. The title use and conservation of natural-resources is so appropriate that a World Agency on the Use and Conservation of Natural Resources should be created.

~ Idea 372 ~ 17 July 1995
The people can play a very constructive role against the madness and waste of armaments: they could refrain from buying shares and products of companies which are part of the armaments establishment. The UN or a new international people's movement, Disarmament International, like Amnesty International should publish information and reports on such companies.

~ Idea 373 ~ 18 July 1995
In line with the preceding, the numerous peace and disarmament groups and associations around the world should join their minds and efforts and produce a compendium of ideas, like these 2000 ideas, on what people can do against the Armaments Madness.

~ Idea 374 ~ 19 July 1995
In the early seventies, UNESCO published a report that the expenditures of Universities around the world to teach international relations (more than a billion dollars) surpassed the total of the budgets of the UN and of all its specialized agencies (800 million dollars). It would be interesting to get an updated report from UNESCO on the situation today.

~ Idea 375 ~ 20 July 1995
I dream that next to the University for Peace in Costa Rica, a World Center for Robert Muller schools and the world core curriculum will be created to fulfill the prophecy of Gloria Crook, the founder of the first Robert Muller school in Arlington, Texas, that someday there will be thousands of such schools in the world. Since the land includes sacred Mr. Rasur, what a fulfillment of the prophecy of the indigenous God of children that would be!

~ Idea 376 ~ 21 July 1995
I recommend that the Secretary General of the UN or a member government request the inscription on the agenda of the UN General Assembly of an item: Creation and plans for the creation of regional trade, economic, ecological and political communities and unions in the world. It is definitely one of the items to be included in an Inventory of Hopes at the end of this century.

~ Idea 377 ~ 22 July 1995
I hope that some day the International Radio for Peace of the University for Peace in Costa Rica will be considered for the Nobel Prize for Peace. Their founders, workers and volunteers and supporting friends would amply deserve it.
Note: I recommended it early in 1997 for the Prize.

~ Idea 378 ~ 23 July 1995
I hope that the government of Italy which has financed the Video-production Center for Peace at the University for Peace in memory of Gandhi will take the further step to finance a first International Television for Peace on this planet. Other countries should join in such a great project.

~ Idea 379 ~ 24 July 1995
I have recommended to my friends in Alsace-Lorraine, France, to create in Metz a Robert Schuman University of Regional Communities where students from around the world could learn and be trained in this new, very promising field of appropriate government of our planet. It could prepare the ground for the creation of a World Union or Earth government.

~ Idea 380 ~ 25 July 1995
In ancient Greece, all wars were stopped to allow the people to attend the Olympic Peace Games. The UN General Assembly remembered it and decided in 1994 that the 17 days of the commemoration of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 should be celebrated with a world cease-fire. The General Assembly also adopted the Costa Rican proposal that the week of 24 October 1995, 50th anniversary of the United Nations, should be a world week of peace. I would recommend the further decision that the year 2000 be declared a world year of cease fire and peace.

~ Idea 381 ~ 26 July 1995
There exist already a few global flags for our planet: the UN flag, the Earth flag, the New Allegiance flag. I recommend that more global flags be designed and used in the world: A Universe flag, a World flag, a Seas and Oceans flag, an Atmosphere flag, a Biosphere flag, a Mountains flag, a World Water flag, a Forests flag, an Arctic flag, an Antarctic flag, etc. There exists also a European flag. Flags for all continents should be adopted: an Asian flag, an All-American flag, an African flag, a Middle-East flag. And why not local, family and personal flags?
An idea of Carolyn Hawkins:
The US Postal Services held a contest several years ago. They asked school age children to design stamps. At the end of the contest the Postal Service selected five designs and had them reproduced on the most charming series of postage stamps.
A similar contest could be run by the UN. School age children around the world could submit their design for flags for the Universe, Seas and Oceans, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Mountains, etc. At the end of the contest the UN could select the winning designs and have them reproduced as actual flags or UN stamps.

~ Idea 382 ~ 27 July 1995
Before or during the year 2000, all winners of the UNESCO Peace Education Prize should meet in Paris and tell the world what peace education should be on this planet. As winner of the 1989 Prize I would be amongst them. I opened these two thousand ideas with my 24 dreams for peace education.

~ Idea 383 ~ 28 July 1995
The science of economic capital (valuation, interest income, depreciation, etc.) should be replaced by a science of ecological capital (valuation of nature, its returns, its depreciation and depredation, etc.). We should never forget that from now on the Earth and human fulfillment, no longer economic development come first.

~ Idea 384 ~ 29 July 1995
I dream that somewhere a World Center devoted to the birth, history and growth of the Global World Community will be created as a contribution to the year 2000 and our entry into the 21st century and third millennium. I offer my peace park next to the University for Peace as its seat.

~ Idea 385 ~ 30 July 1995
For each square foot of floors in a skyscraper, the builders should be required to plant a tree somewhere in the world.

~ Idea 386 ~ 31 July 1995
There exist already today a few world hymns: Pablo Casals' hymn of the United Nations, the hymn of Europe (Beethoven's Ode to Joy). More hymns should be composed and adopted for all continents and global areas, for natural regions, global entities, universal human values, global marvels and heritages, global celebrations. UNESCO should keep a record of such hymns, give prizes for them and promote them.

~ Idea 387 ~ 1 August 1995
This planet cannot go on with the present political and economic systems. It would go to its total ruin. The best minds and political leaders must address this fundamental question of our time. All the rest is secondary. We should not accept that humans will be the grave-diggers of this beautiful planet and of humanity. We must sit down like the states did in Philadelphia 200 years ago and write a proper constitution for the Earth and humanity.

~ Idea 388 ~ 2 August 1995
Most citizens of this Earth are programmed into small geographic segments of the world, into harmful values and narrow ideals and interests of which they remain prisoners for the rest of their lives. Only the Robert Muller schools introduce the children into the total planetary home, the total human family, the total stream of time and the fundamental values, ideals and interests common to all humans. Their world core curriculum should be adopted by all schools on Earth (see table at end of the first 100 ideas), and some day it will.

~ Idea 389 ~ 3 August 1995
There is a United Nations. There is a United States. There is a United Europe. There is a United Airlines. There is a United Express. Why should there not be a United Religions *, a United Jews and Arabs? What reconciliations, what models of peace and cooperation these would be! Please religions of the world do it. Please all conflictual parties do it. The world will be astonished and relieved. And you will be elated by the results. Find something you have in common and work on it. Follow the example of the French and Germans who began working together on coal and steel and ended up in a borderless European Union. Please. I beg you.
* It is on the way of being created by the United Religions Initiative adopted in June 1996 in San Francisco.

~ Idea 390 ~ 4 August 1995
I dream to hold yearly composers' and song-writers' festivals at the University for Peace on sacred Mr. Rasur to sing to world peace, demilitarization, hope, forgiveness and a tremendous love for our beautiful planetary home and human family, united in peace and happiness to enjoy the incredible miracle of life.

~ Idea 391 ~ 5 August 1995
I dream that numerous peace chairs in memory of the world's greatest peacemakers will be endowed at the University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica. The heavens must have heard me, because the first proposal we received is for a Peace Chair in the name of St. Francis, the ideal patron of peace, the environment and simple and frugal living.

~ Idea 392 ~ 6 August 1995
There should be more work, more scientific research, more world associations and peoples' movements for the great philosophical, moral concepts which have always helped humanity to survive and to progress in the fathomless mysteries of the universe.
Such movements are now mushrooming on peace, human rights, racial and gender equality, the environment, etc. More are needed on the concepts and practices of hope, love, forgiveness, compassion, thanksgiving, altruism, philanthropy, gaiaphily, cooperation, etc., I am glad that an Institute for the Science of Hope has been created in New York and an Institute for Forgiveness in Lawrence, Kansas. These should be accompanied by world associations or people's movements for hope, for forgiveness, etc., similar to those existing already for peace, the environment, etc. There should be world days of hope, love , compassion, etc. The US Thanksgiving Day should become a world day. We also badly need A World Day of Love.

~ Idea 393 ~ 7 August 1995
A lady asked me to explain to her the word gaiaphily. It comes from Gaia, the Greek name of the goddess Earth (hence gaiagraphy, gaialogy, gaiametry, gaiaphysics, etc. distorted later by male scientists into geography, geology, geometry, geophysics, etc.) meaning the description, the science, the measurement and the physical aspects of the Earth, words all derived from Greek. Phily is also a Greek word which means love. Thus philanthropy means the love of anthropos (man or humanity). I coined the word gaiaphily because in our time we must also love Gaia, our precious Mother Earth.

~ Idea 394 ~ 8 August 1995
The UN should not be called an organization but a metabiological organism: it constantly adapts and transforms itself to reflect truthfully the overall evolution of the planet and of humanity, highlighting our errors and damages to our home, correcting our evolutionary course and giving us new vistas of a great new future.

~ Idea 395 ~ 9 August 1995
After visiting my peace park and its bench of dreams, Barbara Gaughen the public relations genius for good causes, proposed that there should be benches and gazebos of dreams in many places of the world. She got the second one inaugurated at the Casa De Maria conference center in Santa Barbara, California. May there be many more.

~ Idea 396 ~ 10 August 1995
An audacious woman should establish a World Women'sCommission for the drafting of a World Constitution for our Mother Earth, Gaia, and for humanity since the present political system of the world dominated by males will inevitably lead to her destruction and still continues to lead to the killing of their sons, the flesh of their flesh.

~ Idea 397 ~ 11 August 1995
Future generations will never forgive us if at this end of a century and millennium we do not design a new political system for the planet Earth, reflecting its interdependence and the fragility of its biosphere. We owe it to this beautiful, miraculous, Creation of God.

~ Idea 398 ~ 12 August 1995
US isolationists should not be underestimated and considered harmless. It is US isolationists who after World War I prevented the United States from joining the League of Nations. The effects were tragic for the world: Non-US participation opened the way to Hitlerism and to Italian fascism which finally led to World War II. Historians should not neglect this dismal page of human history.

~ Idea 399 ~ 13 August 1995
There is a House of Freedom in the United States which surveys and ranks all nations according to the freedoms they uphold or deny. I recommend that an International House of Justice be similarly created to survey and rank all nations according to the justice they provide or deny.

~ Idea 400 ~ 14 August 1995
When one looks closely at the multitude of institutions, social groups and entities created by humans, one discovers that they were all created for providing or increasing human fulfillment and happiness. The trouble is that most of them become fundamentalists: my nation, my religion, my company, my institution, my philosophy, my ideology will do it all for you. As a result they compete, diminish and fight each other, use huge resources and all kinds of means to keep and increase their customers, some are even ready to go to war.
Honest, shouldn't they all sit down in the United Nations and see how all institutions and entities can join forces and ensure the happiness of all humanity while preserving our beautiful planet Earth? None of them, anyway, will ever gain hold over the entire human race.
And shouldn't every human being
Decide to be a global citizen
a good inhabitant of the planet Earth
A member of the great human family
Pray, think, act, feel and love globally
And you will aggrandize yourself
to the outer limits of being
Know this planet
Love this planet
Care for this planet
For you come from Mother Earth
You are made of her elements
You are the Earth become conscious
of herself
You are her eyes, her ears, her voice,
her mind and her heart
Save your mother Earth
from her matricidal children
who destroy her
who divide her
who spike her with Nuclear arms
who hold their territories to be
greater than the globe
and their groups
greater than humanity
Unite, global citizens, to save and heal
planet Earth
And to make our Mother bloom again
As the most beautiful planet
in the universe.
Robert Muller

~ Idea 401 ~ 15 August 1995
There exist in the world many rural, municipal, provincial, state and national parks and reserves. I recommend that there should also be continental or regional parks. Thus the Alps in Europe could be declared a European park or natural reserve. Even beyond that the time has come to create world parks and reserves. The thousands of acres of primeval land and forests donated to the University for Peace in Costa Rica are the first World Peace Park. It could become a model leading to many others. It would be part of the global philanthropy and gaiaphily I have been advocating for years. Such philanthropic gestures would be announced solemnly in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Who will be the first world philanthropist to create a world park at his or her name?

~ Idea 402 ~ 16 August 1995
The French and the Germans had three major wars during the lifetime of my grandparents. But finally the two nations, under the leadership of an Alsace-Lorrainer, Robert Schuman, buried their hatchets, cooperated intensively and finally in 1992 abolished their borders and are now brothers in a European Union.
I recommend that the same be done everywhere and that a World Union should be created in the 21st century. A yearly Robert Schuman Prize should be given to countries which have created a union and have abolished their borders.

~ Idea 403 ~ 17 August 1995
It is good that there was an International Tribunal to judge the war crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II. It is good that a UN International Tribunal has been established to judge the criminals in the Yugoslav conflict. I recommend that a World Tribunal for the Environment should also be established to judge international crimes against nature. Countries possessing nuclear weapons and making atomic tests should be the first to be indicted.

~ Idea 404 ~ 18 August 1995
I hope that a World Wide Movement of Concerned Citizens for the 21st century and third millennium will be created.
A World Peace Party 2000 has been announced on INTERNET and has appointed me its provisional President. I am delighted.

~ Idea 405 ~ 19 August 1995
The time will come when even before having agreed on a world government for humanity, we will require an Earth Government in which the air, the waters, the oceans, the forests, the land, the animal world and plants will be represented and considered to be of top importance to the planet's future. World agencies and ministries dealing with these components of the Earth will be their representatives. The statutes of a new organization to be called United Earth should be drafted.

~ Idea 406 ~ 20 August 1995
The World Commission of Eminent Persons headed by Mr. Ingvar Carlsson, Prime Minister of Sweden, was wrong to coin the word global governance instead of global government. Governance reflects the need for adaptation to evolution and change, but government must have the power of decision, law and means of implementation.

~ Idea 407 ~ 21 August 1995
Considered as the Global Biological Metaorganism of the Earth and Humanity's Evolution, the UN should have not only representatives of governments, but also of peoples' associations, parliamentarians, religions, scientists, artists and business.

~ Idea 408 ~ 22 August 1995
Small countries like the Central American ones should consider placing themselves under United Nations protection and guidance. The United Nations and its agencies (World Health Organization, the UN Environment Program, the International Labour Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, Habitat, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.) would cooperate to make them ideal countries serving as models for the rest of the world. Such countries would be demilitarized and secured by the United Nations. Massive help would be given to rural and natural areas in order to avoid the overpopulation and pollution of their capitals.

~ Idea 409 ~ 23 August 1995
There should be more eradication plans on the world level. For example small-pox has been totally eradicated from this planet, thanks to a plan by the World Health Organization, saving many people and huge medical expenses. Why not establish a list of other sicknesses and evils on this planet for which total eradication plans would be drawn up? I would definitely place on such an agenda, the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

~ Idea 410 ~ 24 August 1995
Further to my idea 119 on the international restitution of stolen works of art, I recommend that countries which do not return such works should pay their value to the robbed country. Law suits for restitutions or indemnization should be receivable by the International Court of Justice. One of the very first cases should be the freezes of the Parthenon stolen by Lord Elgin and kept in a somber basement of the British Museum. One could also envisage the creation of world or global museums for the conservation and display of such works, if the robbed country prefers. The great works of art of the human journey belong to all humanity. UNESCO should create a network of world museums which would be the common heritage of humanity.

~ Idea 411 ~ 25 August 1995
The world would be better off if instead of reading, hearing and watching bad news, horror stories and lots of violence served by so many newspapers, radio and TV stations, the children and people would hear and see programs of the United Nations and of their world agencies, educating them and enlisting them in the healing of the world and of humanity. I propose the creation of a United Nations World Media Network to inform objectively and educate all world inhabitants, giving them hope and enlisting their help to achieve a better, happier world. The International Radio for Peace of the University for Peace is a great first example to follow.

~ Idea 412 ~ 26 August 1995
I wish that someone would publish a collection of all proposals, ideas and draft constitutions for a world government and better management of planet Earth, for it will soon become item number one on the agenda of world affairs and of a new chapter in human history.

~ Idea 413 ~ 27 August 1995
All national secret services and spying agencies should become part of a world network cooperating with each other and hooked into a World Police Headquarters. Enormous duplications between nations and huge governmental expenses could thus be avoided, and better anti-crime and anti-terrorist actions innovated. International criminals are better organized than police cooperation. The whole concept of a proper world police should be considered on the eve of the 21st century and 3rd millennium.

~ Idea 414 ~ 28 August 1995
I have proposed to Dr. Rodrigo Carazo, Founder of the University for Peace and former President of Costa Rica to propose to President Carter and other former heads of States, such as Michael Gorbachev to work together on a new water-tight world security system and to offer it to the world before the year 2000.

~ Idea 415 ~ 29 August 1995
When I think of so many retired colleagues from the United Nations and from world agencies who have fascinating memoirs to write and wonderful stories to tell which cannot be published "because the UN is not popular and there is no market", my heart is bleeding. What precious testimonies of a new era in world history we are losing! I suggest that the Association of former International Civil Servants create its own publishing house.

~ Idea 416 ~ 30 August 1995
When I read the list of prominent world personalities and thinkers who will take part in the State of the World Forum convened by the US Gorbachev Foundation in San Francisco, I think that we are witnessing the birth of a new profession: that of world diagnosticians. My view is therefore that the University for Peace should not only become the first world school for heads of states but also the first school for world diagnosticians trained in global, world, and planetary affairs.

~ Idea 417 ~ 31 August 1995
I read also that Mr. Gorbachev would deliver an opening speech to that event, entitled: The Birth of the First Global Civilization. It reminded me that I had written a book entitled The Birth of a Global Civilization in 1991 of which I gave him a copy. Future history is likely to prove that Mr. Gorbachev and I were correct world diagnosticians and prophets.

~ Idea 418 ~ 1 September 1995
In a book published by UNESCO on "Simon Bolivar, the Hope of the Universe", I read that he proposed the creation of a fourth branch of Government, concerned with Morality and Education. This is now coming strongly to the fore under the name of Ethics.

~ Idea 419 ~ 2 September 1995
Today, as part of the Great Millennium Campaign of the City of Toronto in Canada, a lady, Mrs. Julia Morton-Marr informed me that she will start an association to create children's peace gardens in as many schools as possible around the world, and that in each such garden she wants to see a bench of dreams built.
Well, this will give a new dimension to the number of benches of dreams built so far: in my peace park in Costa Rica, at the Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California, and at the St. Francis University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

~ Idea 420 ~ 3 September 1995
There is need for a World Commission to look at the overall efficiency of the world's political system, the incredible duplications which exist between 185 nations, and propose common world services which would reduce waste and alleviate the burdens on the taxpayers. Common services in world health, world statistical services of the UN and of its agencies are already good examples. But infinitely more massive savings could be achieved if similar arrangements were made for world security, national military expenses being the biggest of all.

~ Idea 421 ~ 4 September 1995
Of all Central American countries, Costa Rica is the most peaceful and most prosperous, and has been so for years. Why? Every Costa Rican will tell you that it is because they abolished the army in 1949 by Constitution and placed themselves under the protection of the security system of the Organization of American States. Why not conceive that more countries, even the rest of the world would demilitarize and place themselves under a world-wide UN Security System?

~ Idea 422 ~ 5 September 1995
Sometimes when I read the resolutions adopted by Model United Nations of children or youth, especially their Model Security Council, I am tempted to place these texts on the desks of the members of the Security Council as if they were official UN documents. Delegates would probably get a heart attack when reading them! But they would be great lessons, because children are the voice of truth, of common sense, while adults have acquired distorted minds, due to national interests and professional difformation. See therefore my ideas 39, 40 and 41. Perhaps all UN draft resolutions should be shown to children and youth for their comments and advice before being adopted. Moreover when a world constitution will be drafted, provision should be made for the voice of mothers, children and youth to be heard. After all, it is their future which is at stake, and so far throughout history adult males have been doing a pretty poor political job for humanity and for the planet.

~ Idea 423 ~ 6 September 1995
I would like to return to Idea 84 and reinforce it, namely that every country should create a Vice-President or an Under-Secretary or Minister for Global Affairs, and that the United Nations should create a Ministerial Council of Ministers of Global Affairs which would meet once or several times a year at one of the seats of the UN in the world.

~ Idea 424 ~ 7 September 1995
Before the year 2000 the UN must convene a world conference on the meaning of life. All religions should be invited to it.

~ Idea 425 ~ 8 September 1995
Henceforth in all future history the supreme reason will no longer be the reason of State but the reason of the Earth.

~ Idea 426 ~ 9 September 1995
With all the billionaires mushrooming on this planet asking themselves at one point, especially towards the end, if their lives had any real meaning, I would recommend that one of them start a World Commission on Philanthropy to review the question on a planetary scale and provide a new look at philanthropy in the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 427 ~ 10 September 1995
After World War II there were numerous thinkers, people and young people, including myself, who were hoping that a world federation of all nations was in sight. Their dreams were shattered by the cold war which rendered the idea inapplicable. But today the cold war is over. Why not renew the dream, all the more in view of the fact that the present nation-state system has become a chaos and that we need new serious thinking on the eve of the 21st century and a new millennium. I would recommend that under the leadership of Peter Ustinov, the President of the World Federalist Association, all the numerous groups around the world advocating Earth federalism, world citizenship, global citizenship, planetary citizenship, etc., create an alliance, a world federation of associations for a new political world order. The UN should convene a world conference to hear the views and proposals of these groups.

~ Idea 428 ~ 11 September 1995
For the first time I have met a US businessman who has come to Costa Rica to buy land so that his children can have a livelihood, raising cows, chickens and having some agriculture when the western economic system will collapse. A better idea would be for governments to look into the viability of the monstrous economic system which creates more poverty than well-being and destroys the environment, endangering the entire future of humanity and of our Earth.

~ Idea 429 ~ 12 September 1995
I recommend that the whole system of national Embassies around the world be thoroughly reviewed. In my many years with the United Nations I have all too often noticed that due to their over-eagerness to defend the "interests" of their nations, as they understand them, they are unnecessarily complicating world affairs. The cost of all the Embassies of 185 nations with each other around the world must be staggering and could be saved by more modern, new means of rapid communications between nations, especially directly between heads of states and with the Secretary General of the UN.

~ Idea 430 ~ 13 September 1995
In billions of ways humans are programmed by business and advertisement to want and endlessly consume more. For the sake of the Earth's health and survival, humans must be asked and taught to want less and to consume less. Sustainable consumption is as important as the new concept of sustainable development. Ministries of Sustainable Consumption should be created in all countries and the United Nations should create a World Sustainable Consumption Commission or Agency.

~ Idea 431 ~ 14 September 1995
Since governments have become all too often the servants of big business, the people should resort to a new form of democracy by boycotting the products of countries whose policies they do not approve. Thus, the countries which suffer from atomic tests should boycott all the products of the testing nation. Producers would press their governments to change policy. The 5.6 billion consumers of this planet, have an incredible unused power, offered by the colossal magnitude of international trade.

~ Idea 432 ~ 15 September 1995
A Conference or World Commission should be organized to bring together all living Nobel Prize winners in all fields in order to offer their views and proposals for progress towards a preserved, better Earth and a happier, just humanity in the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 433 ~ 16 September 1995
I wish that all nations would adopt these titles for the passports of their citizens:
Name of the country
The European countries issue already the following passports:
Name of the country

~ Idea 434 ~ 17 September 1995
I wish that all demilitarized countries (see idea 20) would adopt this title for the passports of their citizens:
Demilitarized Costa Rica

~ Idea 435 ~ 18 September 1995
The post-world-war II Marshall Plan was a unique milestone in world reconstruction, the work of global geniuses. It should be taken as a model for similar massive, deep impact efforts on a planetary scale.
The only mistake was that the aid should have been made reimbursable sooner or later by the recipient countries at no rate of interest and in local currencies. As a result, we would have today a permanent massive world revolving fund of aid.
It is not too late: "Thank you, Marshall Plan" contributions could be made by countries helped at the time (Germany, France, England, Italy, and others). These countries are now rich enough to do for others what was done for them by the US. Please, let us establish that World or United Nations Revolving Marshall Fund of Aid.

~ Idea 436 ~ 19 September 1995
Not only the Marshall Plan but any other brilliant, audacious ideas and plans throughout human history should be studied to inspire us for the next century and millennium. The examples of the Suez Canal, of the Panama Canal and of the world-wide eradication of smallpox come immediately to mind, but there are others.
The UN Secretary General should commission such a study which would cover the world engineering projects mentioned in idea 78. I would be happy to give him my files.

~ Idea 437 ~ 20 September 1995
We spend immense resources to learn how to guide safely outer-space satellites and airplanes, but we spend almost nothing on how to guide safely our planet and humanity. Isn't it high time to do that?

~ Idea 438 ~ 21 September 1995
All sciences and technologies are extensions of our human brain and being. They are part of evolution and now force us to properly manage, love and save our planetary home.

~ Idea 439 ~ 22 September 1995
The planet deserves a sound world budget and not exclusively the numerous cut-up budgets of 185 nations, with their astronomic duplications, colossal waste and painful burdens on the taxpayer and on the Earth.
When, at long last, will there be a long overdue world budget? A World Commission of Eminent Independent Persons should be established to take up that subject. We need a standing world budget commission in the United Nations.

~ Idea 440 ~ 23 September 1995
On the occasion of the World Habitat II, (human settlements) Conference convened by the UN in 1996 we need an audacious, long overdue Plan for help by the world community to Small Agriculturists, Artisans and Shopkeepers in villages in order to help humans to remain close to the land and cease migrating to monstrous cities. No other single measure could be of greater importance for a more human settlement and distribution of the human population on this planet. An overall policy of human settlements is long overdue. The Habitat Office of the UN should be transformed into a full specialized agency, the Human Settlements and Migrations Agency.

~ Idea 441 ~ 24 September 1995
In the early days of the United Nations we dreamt that there would be a whole series of World Ministerial Councils in which national ministers dealing with the same subjects would meet, exchange experiences and formulate global policies in their fields. The World Food Council, composed of Ministers of Agriculture, is the only one which was created. I hope that this idea will be revived on the eve of the next century and millennium. A World Council of Ministers of Defense would be able to prevent many conflicts and could work out an appropriate, much needed world security system.

~ Idea 442 ~ 25 September 1995
Many islands of this planet could declare themselves no-growth islands.
Many indigenous lands could declare themselves no-growth lands.
The two groups could coalesce into no-development, no-growth areas of the world.
Added to world commons, national parks, state parks, biological reserves, protected areas, etc. it would represent a substantial surface of the planet.

~ Idea 443 ~ 26 September 1995
The words development and economic progress should be substantially revised and perhaps abandoned.
Sustainable development is a first good step. Perhaps further development should be severely limited and even prohibited in many areas of the planet which will increase in value for remaining in the natural state.

~ Idea 444 ~ 27 September 1995
We have now the report by the World Commission on Global Governance in the 21st century. Two further steps are needed: we should get the opinions and proposals of the world's religions and of the indigenous peoples on how they think the planet should be best governed. We should also hear the opinions of mothers, children and youth who are the primary interested parties in the world of tomorrow.

~ Idea 445 ~ 28 September 1995
In the middle of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt created a Post War Program Committee which outlined the first plans for the United Nations.
I recommend:
• that each government should establish a 21st century&endash;3rd millennium Program Committee as part of the world-wide preparation and celebration of the year 2000.• that a 21st century&endash;3rd millennium Program Committee be established by the General Assembly of the UN.~ Idea 446 ~ 29 September 1995
I dream that the University for Peace will become the new Athens, the new Acropolis of the world, the birthplace of a planetary philosophy and vision, a school for heads of states and global leaders in all main fields of human endeavor and of all entities making up the human family.

~ Idea 447 ~ 30 September 1995
I dream that the wonderful land of legendary Mount Rasur above the University for Peace will become some day an inspiring sacred place for the entire world. It can provide forthwith the universalism I acquired the hard way through a youth in war and during four decades of service in the United Nations.

~ Idea 448 ~ 1 October 1995
Nation states have made internal rationality and values supreme while denying any rationality and values to the Earth and to the human family.
This must be corrected urgently. The rationality and values of our globe and of humanity must have precedence over the self-proclaimed rationality, and values and sovereignty of 185 nations.

~ Idea 449 ~ 2 October 1995
I recommend that all Costa Rican citizens, when writing to people abroad, should put under the date the words: Demilitarized Costa Rica. All official stationary should bear this mention.

~ Idea 450 ~ 3 October 1995
I also recommend that all airplanes of the Costa Rican airline LACSA should bear the words "Demilitarized Costa Rica" on their fuselage. All Costa Rican business and exporters should do the same for their products and stationary.

~ Idea 451 ~ 4 October 1995
Each celebration of an anniversary of the United Nations or of one of its specialized agencies and world programs, each celebration of a World Day, Week, Month, Decade, or Year proclaimed by the UN, each decennial or centennial of a world conference or other major world event should be the occasion of a special world public relations effort, engaging all nations, non-governmental organizations, social groups and peoples to take part in these global, consciousness raising celebrations.

~ Idea 452 ~ 5 October 1995
Due to the cold war which stifled political thinking on this planet, there exist few, if any ideas on new political world systems for tomorrow. Overwhelming nationalism and economic, political and military power are numbing the minds of most thinkers. We must shake off this straight-jacket and have the great new ideas required by the new global conditions in which we live. We need bold, new ideas regarding the way this planet should be properly governed and preserved, for we are faced by challenges which have never existed before in all human history and evolution. Who has such ideas? The same way as the United Nations faced well the unprecedented ecological ideal, we need also to face a new unprecedented political ideal. Who has it? I have tried to outline some elements of it in these 2000 ideas. Please send me your ideas.

~ Idea 453 ~ 6 October 1995
The time will soon come when very hard world laws will have to be adopted for implementation by all nations, institutions and business, if we want to survive and see this planet saved with its immensely rich endowment of life. It is becoming imperative.

~ Idea 454 ~ 7 October 1995
By the year 2000 a report and beautiful publication with illustrations should be issued by the UN and UNESCO on all works of art which were returned to their country of origin by nations, museums and private persons. Numerous restitutions should take place during the bimillennium year.

~ Idea 455 ~ 8 October 1995
I dream that someday the Robert Muller schools will be architecturally and ecologically designed as precursors of a new cosmic, ecological architecture showing our miraculous lives as cosmic entities unfolding in our universal and planetary home, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the infinite past to the infinite future.
The new International School in Amsterdam, Holland, has been designed by a famous architect, Tom Alberts, in accordance with my dream. I was given the honor to inaugurate the school in 1996.

~ Idea 456 ~ 9 October 1995
I recommend that all nations agree at least on a UN or world tax levied on billionaires.

~ Idea 457 ~ 10 October 1995
Every world agency, government, firm and institution on Earth should have a small group of outer-limits thinkers and visionaries to probe constantly ways of achieving humanity's fulfillment and happiness on a well preserved, miraculous, ever more beautiful and life endowed planet in the universe.

~ Idea 458 ~ 11 October 1995
The world needs a Universal Declaration on Non-Violence. It should be ready for proclamation in the year 2000, our entry into the first millennium of peace and non-violence.

~ Idea 459 ~ 12 October 1995
I claim the fundamental human right to be returned to my Mother Earth when I am dead and not be locked up in a coffin or in a vault of concrete. I want to be resurrected and recycled by her into other life forms, preferably a tree which will live for hundreds of years, a fruit tree from which grandchildren, squirrels and birds will pick fruits. The innumerable people who die each year on this planet represent a considerable biomass which the Earth is entitled to receive back. The Earth has its fundamental rights too.

~ Idea 460 ~ 13 October 1995
I think that after 50 years, it is time for the United Nations General Assembly to redefine its Main Committees in the light of major world changes. Thus it should create Main Committees on Global Government, on the Environment, on Peace-building and Non-Violence, on the Future, on Women, Children and Youth, on International and Peoples' Volunteer Associations.

~ Idea 461 ~ 14 October 1995
After the first International Year of the Family in human history, the UN should create a Department of the Family to serve a new Commission on the Family, possibly even a UN specialized agency for the family, the only natural, basic social group of humanity.

~ Idea 462 ~ 15 October 1995
The word non-governmental organizations accredited to the UN is no longer appropriate. In the first place governments are not called non-private organizations. I recommend that the new word should be peoples, civic and volunteer organizations. The first category of them recognized by the UN should be those concerned with the great philosophical, spiritual and political concerns of the people. It is their help that the UN needs most.

~ Idea 463 ~ 16 October 1995
Having worked with three Secretaries General of the UN and being now the Chancellor of the first peace University of this planet has given me the opportunity to meet many heads of states. Whenever possible, I ask them the question: "Do you think you could become famous by winning a war?" They look at me as if I was an idiot. Then I ask them: "Would you like to become famous by being a peace-maker and win the Nobel Peace Prize?" And they smile back at me.
This is an immense progress in human history and explains the recent decline in wars between nations. Wars and territorial conquests are no longer an ideal. The military seeing this, to survive, have transformed themselves from Ministries of War to Ministries of Defense or Security and have come up with a whole series of new scares of external dangers: population pressures, illegal immigrations, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, possible revivals of inimical alliances, economic security, cutting off foreign supplies, wars over natural resources, etc.
Well, why not try to solve these new problems in common and create a world security system, regional security systems and give new positive uses to the military: to cope with internal violence rising in many countries and social sectors, transform the military and police forces into peace protectors and builders, make them cooperate with each other, learn from each other in regional organizations and in a world UN Peace Protecting and Building Agency.
The result would be marvelous, astonishing and a gigantic step forward in human evolution.

~ Idea 464 ~ 17 October 1995
An idea of Barbara Gaughen: there are more and more peace prizes in the world: the Nobel Peace Prize, the UNESCO Peace Education Prize, the Prince Asturias Peace Prize, the War and Peace Foundation Prize, etc. to mention but a few. Once the winners have received their prize, they go home and are left to themselves. She proposes that they should work together. Their common efforts could be of great benefit to the Earth and humanity.

~ Idea 465 ~ 18 October 1995
I fully agree with Barbara Gaughen and would also propose the following:
• that the UN General Assembly request the Secretary General to publish a list and information on all peace prizes being given in the world, to widely disseminate it to the public, and address it especially to heads of states and to the leaders of belligerent groups;• that a World Association of Peace Prizes Winners be created to work together and promote their ideas;• that a Peace Prizes unit be created at the UN to deal with this promising topic (information, dissemination, visibility, public relations, ideas, proposals and cooperation between the winners, etc.)• that the same be done in all fields covered by the 32 specialized agencies and world programs of the UN.~ Idea 466 ~ 19 October 1995
I think that the time is long overdue to create a UN or World Organization of Philanthropy and World Prizes.

~ Idea 467 ~ 20 October 1995
It is high time to create in Universities new Chairs, courses or entire Faculties in global government, gaiamanagment and planetary administration.

~ Idea 468 ~ 21 October 1995
I suggest that the whole field of sociology become a science of social health. Like physical health, it would deal with holistic social health, prevention of social diseases, and social healing, medicine and the pursuit and attainment of happiness.

~ Idea 469 ~ 22 October 1995
In textbooks on international and world affairs, it is high time to include chapters on international and world civic associations and movements. There are thousands of these* and they are increasing phenomenally. 13,000 of them are accredited with the United Nations.
· See the Yearbook of International Associations published by the Union of International Associations in Brussels, Belgium In 1996 there were 22,000 registered international associations.

~ Idea 470 ~ 23 October 1995
The General Assembly of the UN should urgently decide to call for a world conference on a new United Nations of the second generation, geared to the pressing needs of the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 471 ~ 24 October 1995
On 24 October each year, the UN Secretary General should address happy birthday wishes to all persons on Earth born on a 24 October, birthday of the United Nations. This year's anniversary would be very special to those who celebrate their 50th anniversary like the United Nations.

~ Idea 472 ~ 25 October 1995
Today, the major forces influencing the fate of humanity and of the Earth are:
1. business which has globalized itself tremendously and affects all life and the entire Earth;
2. governments which have globalized themselves insufficiently and have adopted as their priority the support of business and of multinational corporations operating from their soil;
3. religions which have not joined in a global alliance for spirituality.
The world needs to redress its priorities.
1. spirituality which gives us confidence in our place and meaning in the universe and in time should be Number 1;
2. government as the protection and democratic recourse of the poor, the helpless and the downtrodden and now also the defender of the environment and of the Earth should be Number 2;
3. business as the producers of goods and services for the satisfaction of basic human needs should be Number 3.
On the urgency of the globalization of government I have recommended many ideas. On the globalization of religions, in addition to the Initiative to create a United Religions in process, I recommend the urgent establishment of a World Commission of Eminent Personalities on World Spirituality to meet before the year 2000 and make its contribution to a change in human priorities as we enter the 21st century and third millennium.

~ Idea 473 ~ 26 October 1995
During the next years I will deliver a series of major speeches on fundamental subjects in my mind and heart, namely the absolute need for a new political system for our Earth, for a new education, for global leadership training, for new global media, for a new economics, for a global spirituality, for better ways of human settlements on the planet, for ensuring a minimum well-being for all humans, for preserving our planet, its nature, its seas, oceans and climate for future generations, for enhancing human happiness and the overall beauty of our paradise Earth, unique in the immense universe.

~ Idea 474 ~ 27 October 1995
Privatization as an all-out ideology conducive to human well-being and happiness is as fallacious and dangerous as was communism. There must always be public services defending the defenseless and helping the poor. Suppose all education is privatized. What will your children be taught? What the owners of the schools have decided. In, medio stat virtus, said the Latins. Virtue is a middle course. We need both private initiative and public protection. We must be free people driving private cars on public roads under public safety regulations and laws, and flying airplanes under world safety regulations and laws.

~ Idea 475 ~ 28 October 1995
Scientists, engineers and businessmen constantly come up with a myriad of discoveries, new ideas, innovations, technologies, products and marketing techniques. Why aren't there also a myriad of ideas to improve the human society, justice and politics? Many people should write 2000 ideas and innovations for a better world.

~ Idea 476 ~ 29 October 1995
As we move towards the next century and millennium I wish that UNESCO would make a comparative study of all cosmologies formulated over the ages, extract from them what they have in common and formulate together with modern scientists the new cosmology which should guide our future evolution on this planet.

~ Idea 477 ~ 30 October 1995
The Inkas predicted that the next human solar race will be a spiritual race. This is also predicted by a growing number of scientists. The subject should be seriously studied on this eve of a new century and millennium. This is why I advocate a world commission on spirituality.

~ Idea 478 ~ 31 October 1995
The minimum UN reform I would expect before the end of this century is the addition of a UN Consultative Parliamentary Assembly composed of delegates from all national Parliaments. They would directly become familiar with, and discuss the subjects and major challenges before the UN, and issue reports to their Parliaments and to the UN with their ideas, comments and recommendations. As a result there would be a better popular representation at the global level, the monopoly of the executive branch of national governments over world affairs would be reduced, and the work of national Parliaments would be more cognizant and attentive to global needs, problems and opportunities.

~ Idea 479 ~ 1 November 1995
Another method would be that all national delegations to the UN and to its agencies should include a number of Parliamentarians who would report back to their Parliaments. In the early days one could find Parliamentarians in some delegations to the UN, but this has almost disappeared.

~ Idea 480 ~ 2 November 1995
As another minimum I would expect the UN General Assembly to include a new item on its agenda, namely: Consideration of a new political world order and system. The reasons for it are:
the existence of the report of the World Commission on Global Governance under the chairmanship of Mr. Ingvar Carlsson;
the proximity of a new century and millennium;
the many requests for the reform of the UN and its considerable strengthening to be able to face mounting global problems;
the existence henceforth of the vastly better conceived, structured and financed European Union which could serve as a model for the progressive transformation of the United Nations into a World Union.

~ Idea 481 ~ 3 November 1995
The new fashionable words sustainable development should be replaced by Earth respecting, Earth preserving development.

~ Idea 482 ~ 4 November 1995
Since arms manufacturers and the military do not want to see our planet at peace except at their conditions, price and profit, the United Nations should study the immense benefits of total peace and publish a report with reconversion plans for these two sectors.

~ Idea 483 ~ 5 November 1995
Mrs. Eirween Harbottle, wife of General Michael Harbottle, president of the International Association of retired Generals and Admirals has produced a wonderful plan to transform ministries of War or Defense into Ministries of Peace by the year 2000.
My dream is that Costa Rica will be the first country on Earth to create such a Ministry. It will be easier for Costa Rica to do so since they have no militaries, only a police force which would be transformed into a peace protecting and peace building service under the new Ministry. I will propose it to the government. Other governments should try it too. Incidentally there existed a Secretary of Peace (Harold Stassen, one of the signers of the UN Charter) under President Eisenhower, a former military man.

~ Idea 484 ~ 6 November 1995
Since the United States and the European Union are the result of two of the most daring political initiatives taken in human history, namely the convening of the Philadelphia Congress to unite the confederate states, and the European Union plans of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, I propose that the President of the United States and the President of the European Union appoint a group of eminent experts to design for the next century and 3rd millennium plans for a United States of the World, or World Union, or a vastly strengthened United Nations of the second generation.

~ Idea 485 ~ 7 November 1995
Hopefully some day all mothers on Earth, when giving birth to a son, will be able to say these words engraved on the Monument of Peace at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica:
"Happy the Costa Rican mother who, when giving birth to a son, knows that he will never be a soldier."

~ Idea 486 ~ 8 November 1995
The UN Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People provides that no indigenous people can be drafted into military service and that their lands cannot be used for armaments and warfare. The result will be that about 300 million people on this planet will remain disarmed and demilitarized, a good step forward.

~ Idea 487 ~ 9 November 1995
The Departments of Public Information of the UN and of all specialized agencies and world programs should be transformed into Departments of Public Relations. Mere information through documents and some radio and visual aids, is no longer sufficient. The world agencies must develop deeply human, inspiring, hope-engendering personal relations with all humans for whose well-being, peace and happiness they were created and whose understanding, support and love they badly need.

~ Idea 488 ~ 10 November 1995
Humanity rejoices at the creation of the University for Peace in Berlin, a sister University of the University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica. I hope that more Universities for Peace will be created and will replace someday all military schools in the world.

~ Idea 489 ~ 11 November 1995
On this day, when in several countries, flames are being lit at the tombs of unknown soldiers, we light a flame at the first monument to unknown peace-makers at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. We need the proclamation by the UN of a yearly International Day of Known and Unknown Peacemakers.

~ Idea 490 ~ 12 November 1995
If all the peoples of this planet would dream of peace, believe in peace, work for peace and be peaceful themselves, we would have a wonderful peace on this planet. Please, I beg all of you who are reading this: do it.

~ Idea 491 ~ 13 November 1995
I wish that on 17 September 1996, day of anniversary of the adoption of the US Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, day of opening of the UN General Assembly and International Day of Peace, the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Council of World Affairs could plan a convention of eminent experts to draft for the year 2000 a Constitution of the United States of the World. During the opening of that convention, a minute of silence for prayer or meditation should be observed, simultaneously with all delegates to the UN General Assembly, to pray for the achievement of a second Philadelphia miracle.
Note: Since it was not done, I repeat the proposal for 1997, 1998, 1999.

~ Idea 492 ~ 14 November 1995
Ms. Avon Mattison of Pathways for Peace proposes that the United Peoples Assembly held for the first time in San Francisco on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, should also prepare for the year 2000 a draft constitution for the Earth and the United Peoples.

~ Idea 493 ~ 15 November 1995
We need urgently a world ecological Marshall Plan for the seas and oceans, the 71% of the surface of our planet which provide much of our oxygen. If the diatoms and plankton of the ocean surface do not survive the effects of the ultra-violet rays going through the holes of the ozonosphere, we risk losing two thirds of our oxygen supply. We must speak not only of deforestation but also of the deplanktonization of the oceans, which might asphyxiate us.

~ Idea 494 ~ 16 November 1995
I owe my extraordinary career at the UN to the fact of having won an essay contest of the French United Nations Association in 1947 which earned me an internship at the United Nations and my recruitment as a permanent UN official in 1948.
This is so important to youth that I recommend the creation of an Internship Office at the United Nations which would promote internships in the UN and in all its specialized agencies and world programs.

~ Idea 495 ~ 17 November 1995
Given the opposition and reluctance of some governments, especially the big ones to strengthen the United Nations, the novel, more innovative, far superior and stably well financed European Union should now become the foundation, cradle or model of a true, sorely needed World Union. I pray our Father in heaven and the saintly soul of Robert Schuman, the founder of the European Union, to fulfill this most important dream at the end of our century and millennium. The European Union should take an early decision to engage in this process.

~ Idea 496 ~ 18 November 1995
No human being should accept to be a walking advertisement for any product or firm by wearing apparel, caps or shoes with commercial advertisements.
To advertise and proclaim peace, love, the environment, hope or any other great dreams for a better world, and charitable or public services, such as the United Nations or the first University for Peace on this planet, would be infinitely more helpful, satisfying and beautiful.

~ Idea 497 ~ 19 November 1995
I hope that between now and the year 2000 all great magazines and other media in the world will make a review of humanity's successes, failures and errors during the last thousand years and more particularly hundred years, and give us an outlook of our hopes and fears for the next century and millennium.

~ Idea 498 ~ 20 November 1995
In a hundred years humanity will ask itself how, thanks to the United Nations, its agencies and world conferences, we were able to overcome colossal old and new problems and challenges in our evolution on the eve of a new century and millennium. Researchers and historians will then look into the archives of the world agencies and private papers of its officials. They will be dismayed to see how little interest and vastly insufficient resources were devoted to these archives. The challenge offered by the preservation of the world's and humanity's global archives should be taken much more seriously by the General Assembly of the UN. The perennial argument: there is no money for that, should be rejected. Philanthropists should also take a vivid interest in that subject and follow the example of the Rockefeller Brothers who financed the infinitely better archives of the first League of Nations in Geneva.

~ Idea 499 ~ 21 November 1995
I really pray and hope that the military alliance of NATO which no longer makes sense now that the cold war is over will be transformed, together with SEATO, into the world United Nations peacekeeping agency for which the world has been waiting since 1945. The new agency would assure the security of the planet and of all nations. The dreams of the drafters of the UN Charter and the hopes of the people for world peace would at long last be fulfilled and nations would save astronomical sums on military personnel and armaments. It would be the greatest feat of humanity at the end of this century and millennium.

~ Idea 500 ~ 22 November 1995
The United Nations has done a tremendous job in paving the way to our entry into a new century and millennium. It has done it with its vast statistical global services covering practically every aspect of humanity and of the Earth, with its several world conferences on fundamental global issues, its stock-takings in yearly reports on the state of the world in many sectors, its stock-takings during the 50th anniversaries of the UN and of several of its agencies, and the holding of world celebrations on global issues, values and achievements. (see Introduction to the Third One Hundred Ideas.)
In addition, the UN has received the invaluable help and pioneering work of a number of Independent World Commissions of Eminent Personalities, on important world issues requiring attention. Here is the list of these commissions:
The World Commission on North-South Relations headed by former Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany,
The World Commission on Disarmament headed by Mr. Olof Palme, former Prime Minister of Sweden.
The World Commission on the Environment headed by Mrs. Gro Harlan Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway.
The World Commission on Global Governance, headed by Mr. Ingvàr Carlsson, former Prime Minister of Sweden.
The World Commission on Funding of the United Nations, headed by Ms. Hazel Henderson, US economist,
The World Commission on Population and the Quality of Life, headed by Mrs. Maria de Lourdes Pintalsigo, former Prime Minister of Portugal,
The World Commission on Art and Culture, headed by former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuellar,.
The World Commission on Education in the 21st century, headed by Jacques Delors, former President of the European Economic Community,
The World Commission on the Oceans, headed by Mario Soares, the Prime Minister of Portugal*.
I recommend that in 1999 or 2000, the UN General Assembly should hold a special session or convene a World Conference on our entry into a new century and millennium, to review the conclusions and recommendations of all the above preparatory work, unprecedented in human history and design a core vision of what our Earth and humanity should aim at and look like in the future.
*For further subjects on which I recommend the establishment of new world commissions, see Index "World Commissions New Proposals". Former heads of states, former heads of UN agencies and philanthropists may wish to create such commissions.