~ Idea 2001 ~
In the Introduction to ideas 1901 to 2000 of Volume IV, which reproduces my statement to the Cagliari Conference in May 1998 on Globalization and the Future of the Nation-state, I underlined three major periods of planetary human concerns since the end of World War II:

 I. from 1945 to 1970's, a period of unprecedented, all-encompassing Humanism;

II. from 1970 to 1980, humanity and the Environment;

III. from 1980 on, the Earth became priority number one.

Since things go so fast, less than one year later in March 1999 I had to add a fourth, new, unprecedented period in all human history:

IV. from 2000 on, our foremost concern will be the future Evolution of planet Earth and of humanity on it.

~ Idea 2002 ~
In the same Introduction I had this statement by the Earth:

"I have another major complaint, namely while there is a population explosion in the poor countries you have also triggered off a wild inventions, production, business, marketing, advertising and overconsumption explosion in the rich countries. In these countries an individual consumes 30 times more of my resources than in the poor countries. From my point of view, namely the damages you do to my body, your population statistics are wrong: while the less developed countries count 4.7 billion people, the more developed countries' 1.2 billion should be multiplied by 30, i.e. they represent in my eyes 36 billion people!"

A year later I have to add this new complaint by the Earth:

"Since I see now the poor countries being invaded by western marketing, advertisement and multinational corporations to increase their business and sales, and since the ideal of the poor countries is to attain the western levels of consumption, I see an even greater disaster coming up: if the 4.7 billion people of the poor countries ever reach the levels of consumption of the rich, your population statistics would again have to be changed: multiplied by thirty times, they would represent from my point of view 141 billion people. And since the people of the poor countries are expected to be 7.75 billion in 2050*, they would represent from my point of view a total of 232.5 billion people!

This would mean the end of my evolution, of most of my nature, of many species, including the human one, which it took me millions of years to evolve."

*The UN's latest forecasts of the world population in 2050 are: a total world population of 8.91 billion, of which 1.16 billion (a decline of 40 million) in the rich countries and 7.75 billion (an increase of 3.05 billion) in the poor countries. World population in October 1999: 6 billion people.

~ Idea 2003 ~
From the preceding excursion into the future follow three major conclusions:

1. we must absolutely accelerate and intensify our efforts to reduce the world population explosion;

2. we must raise forcefully the necessity to reduce also the consumption explosion;

3. the same way as the UN created a World Population Commission, a Population Division and a UN Population Fund, it must urgently create also a World Consumption Commission, a Consumption Division and a UN Consumption Fund. A World Population Agency and a World Consumption Agency would be even better.

~ Idea 2004 ~
A new fundamental factor in our society is that the rich countries are becoming richer and the poor countries poorer. As was reported by the UN in 1997, 100 nations have become poorer in the last 15 years. And in all countries of the world the rich people are getting richer and the poor poorer. This is due to the possession of capital by the rich and the non-possession of capital and the saving inability of the poor.

Countries: huge capital of the rich governments, of multinational corporations with seats in these countries, major scientific and technological property rights, advanced scientific research capacities, high levels of education, especially massive business education, ownership of natural resources in poor countries, military power to defend this situation, and use of foreign 'aid' to get their way and exercise pressure on the poor countries.

Individuals: inheritances, accumulated savings, properties and capital of their forebears, family fortunes, higher scientific, technological and business education, often no need to work at all, just letting their capital grow in stock markets, trust funds, mutual funds, deposits in foreign banks and actual or fictitious domicile in foreign tax havens.

In poor countries and for the poor everywhere it is just the contrary. Even immigrants in rich countries cannot make it because their salaries are barely sufficient to pay for their lodging and nourishment.

Among the rich countries and people it is the United States and its citizens who are getting ever richer. This position of the US in the world allows it to rule practically the entire planet and its outer space.

To counter this, the European countries have created a Union of fifteen countries which will be the second richest and powerful community on Earth. The union has created its own currency, the first one to escape from the USA monetary domination and money creation in the world.

I recommend that the poor countries do the same and create a World Union of Poor Countries on the pattern of the European Union, thus creating their own multinational government. They will thus rule over their own natural resources and territories which are their main capital. They will have a base for a collective bargaining power. They will be able to prevent their invasion by foreign capital, by rich dominant multinational corporations, foreign marketing and advertisement. They could create their own common currency in addition to their national ones, as Europe has done. They would be able to define their own ideals, policies, ways of life and preservation of their cultures.

I recommend that they start this process forthwith without waiting for a reform of the United Nations. They have waited for that reform in vain for more than fifty years. Nothing has happened, rather the contrary, namely a constant weakening of the United Nations by the United States, now candidate for sole world power.

~ Idea 2005 ~
In Idea 190 I said, "In order to save our Earth it is imperative to disarm and demilitarize the planet and use the 3/4 of a trillion dollars released for urgent purposes related to our environment and vital elements of life. The oxygen of our lungs has become our most important need and security. Carbon dioxide has become a greater enemy than any foreign country."

Today one now hears the military say that they will be needed to insure the defense of the waters and oxygen of their country and secure free access to the waters and oxygen of other countries, if need be to conquer them. The only answer is the creation of a proper common Earth government equipped to ensure water and oxygen to all humanity and with a central world security system beneficial to all nations.

~ Idea 2006 ~
There are still so many injustices in this world with new ones coming up constantly that I propose a new science or discipline called injustology. University departments under that name would prepare and train a new profession of injustologists. The subject of injustices should be regularly covered in newspapers and all medias.

~ Idea 2007 ~
On each floor of the United Nations, in each of its agencies and in all institutions on Earth there should be a peasant or an indigenous elder who would remind the leaders and workers of these agencies to have common sense and to think of the little people.

~ Idea 2008 ~
We do not have a single doctorate in the art of living on this planet. This is astonishing when every human being seeks to be happy, to be fulfilled and to play a useful role on Earth.

~ Idea 2009 ~
Humanity is incredibly neglecting the future. Very few people think about it, care about it. There are no Ministries of the Future in governments, no Main Committee on the Future in the United Nations. We will have to pay very dearly for this. We should also be thinking of the emergencies which we will have to face, one after the other, as a payment for this neglect.

~ Idea 2010 ~
If all humans were not smoking, not taking drugs, not drinking alcoholic and carbonated drinks, drinking only pure water and fruit juices, not consuming canned, non-natural foods tampered by biological engineering, what a different peaceful, happy, fulfilled world it would be! Try it dear reader, and you will be amazed by the results. You will feel in heaven and be down here on Earth for quite a longer time.

Governments should help in this process by at least prohibiting advertisement of harmful products.

~ Idea 2011 ~
It is astonishing that given the manifold adverse effects of advertisement, no international effort has been made as yet to control this sector of human activities, to proclaim an ethics for advertisement and to protect humans against its exaggerations, non-truths and damaging effects on human life and the Earth.

~ Idea 2012 ~
Everybody complains about violence but few dare or make the effort to obtain government control over violence in the media. We should therefore not be surprised of the kind of world we have. Peoples' peace and anti-war movements have succeeded in reducing international wars to practically zero. We need now anti-militarism, anti-armaments, anti-religious wars, anti-ethnic wars and every conceivable anti-any form of violence movements. An anti-violence in the media movement should be high on the list.

~ Idea 2013 ~
A mere re-drafting and amending of the United Nations Charter would be insufficient to respond to the new requirements and urgencies of our time. Only a new charter, rethought from scratch, can do the job or a World Union Charter like the European Union or a United States of the World.

~ Idea 2014 ~
Future historians will write that at the end of the twentieth century the United States turned from a world inspiring country into the major world domineering and destroying country. Its scientific, technological, economic, financial and business successes went up to its head, were promoted and imitated blindly by the rest of the world, impairing further evolution on this planet.

I see only one hope: that US capitalism will now disintegrate as the second obsolete nineteenth century ideology, as was communism.

~ Idea 2015 ~
From my observations of the incredible, admirable, diverse nature of Costa Rica I have concluded that the main objective of nature is ever more perfect, successful reproductions and increased diversity. Every seed is cared for and enrobed in the necessary nutrients and liquids to bring forth life. We should therefore never eat fruits which have been bio-tampered to have no seeds. Nature will not continue to make an effort and what we eat will no longer be natural or healthy.

Alas, this bio-tampering is now being practiced on massive scales by most western countries. The attempts to hold a world conference in Colombia to end the scientific tampering of seeds and agricultural products has been killed by the United States for commercial reasons arguing that it would affect fifty billion dollars of yearly exports of US farm products which are biologically 'engineered'. The United States had already rejected the convention on biological diversity drafted at the Rio de Janeiro Conference of the United Nations in 1992.

~ Idea 2016 ~
It would be very interesting to be informed on how much big, multinational business corporations on the one hand and national governments, regional and world organizations on the other hand practice futurology, i.e. the study, evaluation, forecasting of future trends, promises, opportunities, dangers and failures of our evolution.

~ Idea 2017 ~
What a pity and regret that the United States no longer merits to be the seat of the United Nations. The world of tomorrow deserves to be built around the new borderless European Union since the United States opposes any changes in an obsolete, fifty-five years old Charter of the United Nations born on US soil from the US dream at that time. The United Nations has no future if it stays in the United States unless the United States brings forth a new world vision and leadership role of the United Nations.

~ Idea 2018 ~
It would be beneficial for the United States to agree with the move of the United Nations to another country because then it can complain of the insufficiencies of the United Nations on foreign soil rather than get the blame of its inefficiency on United States soil. It would no longer want to be a member of the United Nations and would be able to continue its world-wide power dream without having to listen to anyone else. As for the remaining countries of the world, they would take cognizance of their own individuality and contribution to a better world and no longer imitate blindly the United States as the great model for modern times. The United States, unfortunately is no longer that model. Forty-five percent of the US population are of that opinion.

~ Idea 2019 ~
At the UN Medical Analysis Office where I was sent for a yearly check-up, I saw a diploma hanging on a wall saying that the lady who headed the office was a member of the Costa Rican Association of Microbiologists.
I asked her if she had ever heard of an Association of Macrobiologists. No, she had never heard of one and doubted that there existed one on this planet. I said, "Well, that is strange because science never ceases to dig into the ever smaller but seems to shy away from the whole. Macrobiology would do for the totality of life forms on this planet what you do for your individual patients and their blood and liquids. Macrobiology would deal with the respective life forms, locations, interdependencies, vegetal and animal, all over the planet. It could be one of the most essential sciences on this planet. It would be fascinating to be a macrobiologist."

~ Idea 2020 ~
What Barbara and I did with our little wooden farmhouse in Costa Rica on a sacred hill above the UN University for Peace is marvelous: we achieved good order, harmony and beauty in it with acts of intelligence, self-interest and deep love for the saintly, marvelous nature surrounding us.

Why doesn't humanity do the same for our entire home, the Earth: achieve good order, harmony, beauty and love for holy nature. This could be a new, wonderful policy for the 21st century.

It reminds me of the indigenous woman who was asked how the world should be governed. She answered, "If you know how to run a family, you will know how to run the world." Yes, the ultimate, highest task of politics is to achieve a well run human family in a well-preserved planetary home.

~ Idea 2021 ~
The World Core Curriculum in Volume I, page 18 could serve as a basic framework for a world employment policy. I could well see the curriculum reproduced on a wall at the United Nations International Labor Organization, or in the Director General's Office. Under each segment there would be actual employment and forecasts: will employment diminish or increase in that sector? For example, the environment is a recent field of concern which provides for increasing employment while militarism and armaments no longer look so good. The information could be by industries, countries and regions.

~ Idea 2022 ~
There are thousands of books published around the world as part of national literatures, often in collections of huge, complete works of national authors. But where are the collections of world authors, a true, badly needed world, global literature? There is none. My global books find only a haphazard place in certain national literatures. When I die there will never be a collection of the complete works of Robert Muller, contrary to the case of so many national authors. I care for the inspiration, thinking and action results of my works in any nation where they are published and kept in print. Alas, in the absence of a global, world literature and publishing houses, they are mere drops of water in the ocean.

~ Idea 2023 ~
Perhaps the word government should be suppressed at this stage of our evolution and replaced by common services. The United Nations would become the world's common services, with ocean common services, air and atmosphere common services, world agricultural, educational, etc. common services corresponding to what are today the 32 United Nations Specialized Agencies and World Programs. Under them there would be:

common services for continents
common European services
common American services
common Asian services
common Oceanic services
common services for nations
common services for provinces
common services for cities
for all local communities
for neighborhood communities
for people living in the same building
common services for families.

Nobody would really govern or rule the world, all would be done by cooperation and common interests and services from the local to the global communities.

~ Idea 2024 ~
We must simplify, purify our western lives from the innumerable, unceasing, increasing, never ending diversity of outside incursions into our personal lives by sight, sound and consumption.

I love these words once uttered by Pablo Casals during one of his visits to the United Nations, "Life is simple. Everything must be simple in life. There are too many complicated people. They complicate themselves, they complicate life. We must fashion a simple world in which humans can be happy, not this ugly world of armaments and hatred. Here, in the United Nations, is our home. It stands for humankind. This is why I have never failed to be of help to you. The final word for life, the great secret, is love."

~ Idea 2025 ~
The forces or laws of evolution will not allow us not to succeed. They didn't take all the pains to create the extraordinary human species as the lead species of evolution to let us now destroy its achievements. Quite the contrary, they will enable, guide and almost force us, even unwillingly, to make this planet the ultimate success intended by evolution, the cosmos or God.

~ Idea 2026 ~
Or might evolution, on the contrary have decided that the human species has become an evolutionary aberration and will do everything possible to get rid of us?

In that case, what will be the main factors or means of our destruction: the disappearance of oxygen, the ultra-violet rays going through the ozonosphere, Aids, the giving up of the human immune system, the reciprocal destruction of humans in wars over territories and resources, the nuclearization of the planet, mounting waves of cancer? Only God knows.

~ Idea 2027 ~
It is not the over-population of the poor countries which is the main global menace on this planet. Disaster cause number one is the over-production and over-consumption of unnecessary, wasteful products and services and needless activities of the peoples of the western world offered as a model and ideal of 'development' to the poor countries. Half of the total production of the western countries consists already of waste.

~ Idea 2028 ~
Yes, we must start a world crusade against over-consumption, waste, unnecessary consumption and services, useless activities, unnecessary transports, tourism and travel, built-in obsolescence in manufactured products, over-packaging and all other unnecessary-Earth-destroying productions and activities invented and promoted by the so called genial western economic system which has become a disaster for the Earth, the biggest, most monumental war ever in human history. Past wars were little compared with it.

~ Idea 2029 ~
A growing number of western youth does not want to have children any more. How can they renounce this incredible happiness instead of fighting against the over-consumption, useless consumption and waste the western society has created as the ultimate ideal for humans?

If people in the west would live simple and less wasteful lives there would be ample room for more children. How sad that live, miraculous little children have to give way to excessive consumption and possessions of life-less material 'goods'.

The whole western world has become decadent considered from the Earth's point of view and soon also from the people's point of view. Nearly three quarters of Americans believe the world as we know it now will undergo radical and catastrophic changes by an act of God.

~ Idea 2030 ~
The world's Non-governmental Organizations, under the leadership of those accredited to the United Nations, should become a second United Nations. They should deal with all major problems before the United Nations and group or associate themselves accordingly. I could well see NGO World Associations on world security, disarmament, demilitarization, anti-useless development, distribution of world income, natural resources, the environment, human rights, just taxation, etc. They should do the basic re-thinking of the twenty-one human sectors listed in Ideas 527 to 547. They should appoint a Secretary General of that second United Nations and create a common secretariat for it. Later the NGWO (Non-governmental World Organization) could become the World's House of Peoples' Representatives and the UN its Senate of Government Representatives.

~ Idea 2031 ~
Dear God, allow me to be your full servant to make of this Earth a true paradise of love, peace and beauty and of your children the divine species which you have created. After thousands of years of efforts, allow us at long last to succeed and become the ultimate jewel of Your creation.

~ Idea 2032 ~
The little Robert Muller farmhouse on sacred Mount Rasur in Costa Rica and the farm of Sima Mon Amour in St. Gix Divonne-les-Bains, France, are two of my dreams come true, the two poles of irradiation of a new world, the centers of peace and happiness for which I labored all my life. All homes on Earth should be that.

Margarite Gallo and Barbara Gaughen were the two god-sent, wonderful, loving life companions who inspired me, led me and never allowed me to give up the extraordinary, almost impossible mission they saw in my life.

~ Idea 2033 ~
All humans, all professions, all institutions, all cultures, all religions, all human groups should have one supreme objective and question: is what I do or we do an action of love for all this Earth and all humanity? Is it a contribution to a better world, to an ultimate, peaceful, perfect success of the will of God and of the cosmic forces of the universe?

~ Idea 2034 ~

O divine life of mine, never let me do something which is not an act of love, a contribution to a better world and humanity, starting with my own miraculous being, with my divine life companion Barbara, with my family and with all communities of the world up to the highest, first noble universal achievement of all humanity and of this Earth, the United Nations.

~ Idea 2035 ~
How can this Earth survive when in a small health-restoring community like Divonne-les-Bains in France one hears already at four o'clock in the morning an uninterrupted flow of trucks and cars going where? Doing what? The world of business and busyness?

~ Idea 2036 ~
Why do I wake up so often in the middle of the night thinking about the capitalist system which is ruining this Earth and will soon end in disaster?

Why do I think of a new world monetary system with a new monetary unit, the Terra, replacing the US dollar, following the example of the European Euro?

Why did I meet at the second World Peace Conference in the Hague, a former high official of the International Monetary Fund who has become the head of a religious order instead of offering the world a new world monetary system?

~ Idea 2037 ~
There is an urgent need to create a group of great world lovers and thinkers to save the Earth and re-think all major forms of human activity. We should establish it with the Earth Council which will move to the UN University for Peace. I will think of its members. Elizabet Sathouris, the evolutionary biologist, Barbara my wife, Erika Erdmann, Barbara Marx-Hubbard and Donella Meadows are the first names that come to my mind, all five women.

~ Idea 2038 ~
I opened twenty-one files to record ideas for the twenty-one fundamental segments of human activities, behaviors and concerns on this planet. Two ideas came to me this morning on human employment. I am not a voice in the desert. I am a voice in a growing world mess, human bewilderment and search for answers.

~ Idea 2039 ~
The new World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality created by Dr. Karan Singh of India and myself should have its seat at the University for Peace on sacred Mount Rasur. I must make sure of it.

~ Idea 2040 ~
My Alsatian friend, Georges Schmidt, who joined the United Nations the same year as I in 1948 became the world record holder of world languages. He knew 115 of them. I probably hold the world record of the largest number of ideas for a better world: two thousand published, another 1000 in the works and innumerable ones in my speeches, journals, articles and sixteen books so far.
But I am largely beaten by the flood of ideas produced by businessmen flocking to the skyscrapers of the world to make more money and the military inventing more arms to sell them all over the world. It is an absolute scandal that in the United States the expenses on the military and armaments are equivalent to all the rest of the US budget, health, education, foreign affairs and social security combined. One wonders why the people accept that. I am glad to end my life in Costa Rica, where the military are prohibited by constitution since 1949.

~ Idea 2041 ~
When one reads global newspapers like the International Herald Tribune, one gets the impression that this is the worst managed planet in the universe. The nation-state system has become an obsolete political system. This statement by George Washington applies fully to today's world political situation: "The primary cause of all disorders lies in the different state governments and in the tenacity of that power which pervades the whole of their systems." This should be the priority issue on the world agenda.

~ Idea 2042 ~
It is as timely and urgent to convene in the year 2001 a World Conference on the Evolution of the Earth and of Humanity to the Year 3000 as it was to convene in 1972 the first World Conference on the Environment. It would create a shock as great as did the conference on the environment. Very substantial changes in human values, behavior and policies must be made and would follow.

~ Idea 2043 ~
In view of catastrophes likely to occur in the third millennium (geological, climatic, biological and manmade) I recommend the early establishment of a UN World Fund of Prevention endowed with billions of dollars or Terras to intervene quickly when catastrophes will occur.

~ Idea 2044 ~
I recommend that henceforth a new category of nation-states should be labeled: the group of Earth-irresponsible, insane nations, namely those possessing and not destroying their nuclear arms. Noone should admire them. The non-nuclear nations should pity them and tell them how happy and proud they are not to have nuclear arms.

~ Idea 2045 ~
I hope that to celebrate the year 2000 and our entry into a new century and millennium the nuclear powers will destroy at least a few nuclear arms during that year. The world would applaud and rejoice.

~ Idea 2046 ~
It is with thousands of ideas, big and small, from world/global to individual/local ones that we can save this Earth and make humanity the peaceful, happy, fulfilled miraculous species intended by God and by the mysterious evolutionary forces of the universe. Dear readers, come up with ideas, write them down, promote them and do everything you can to get them implemented.

~ Idea 2047 ~
I prayed for health and a long life to do great things and so far I have been blessed with both. I sometimes feel that God and the mysterious forces of the universe are amidst us, anxious to help but we must ask, we must open ourselves to let them in. If we are closed to them, they cannot enter. "Ask and you shall receive."

~ Idea 2048 ~
The notions of evil and bad were essential from the beginning of evolution because the first humans had to experience and communicate to their children what should be avoided. Later this was used by groups of humans: local communities, tribes, religions, language groups and finally nations. The next great step of evolution, which is in full birthing now, is to define what is good and evil for the whole of humanity and for the Earth. The only retarding elements are the former groups which want to keep their fullest possible power, even increase it.

Another new, dangerous factor is that merchants and business which globalized themselves first, have the upper hand in deciding what is good and bad for the people but not in order to achieve a better humanity and a well-governed planet. The world must challenge the claim of business that with total freedom and more money they will solve all problems of the world. It just is not so. Quite the contrary.

~ Idea 2049 ~
Historically it will be the privilege of capitalism to destroy the Earth in the 21st century unless government re-establishes its pre-eminent role and function for the people's and the Earth's fate. The communists must be glad to have given up their pretense to create a perfect, just world. Now the issue rests on the shoulders of capitalism.

~ Idea 2050 ~
Western countries, especially the United States, have their mouths full of fundamental human rights and are ready to bomb other countries who do no fulfill such rights.

But we should claim, at the beginning of the 21st century and third millennium, the basic human right not to be enlisted in an army and to kill other human beings for national or religious causes .

Killing another human being is murder, but nations give medals and honors for it. It is high time to claim that new fundamental human right. Without it the human rights chapter of humanity is incomplete. Anyone being enlisted in an army and being trained to kill should have the right to come before the International Court of Justice and claim that this is the most flagrant injustice on this planet. Conflicts must be solved by peaceful means and not with armaments, bombs, individual and wholesale murders.

~ Idea 2051 ~
The active, passionate cooperation between all people, groups, institutions, religions and nations for the survival of our Earth and of humanity must be our greatest hope and objective in the 21st century.

~ Idea 2052 ~
It would be good if the 300 million indigenous people on this planet would refuse to drive cars, to take airplanes and to go on tourism in hotels around the world. It would be a lesson to the western people and a great blessing for the Earth.

~ Idea 2053 ~
Humans are a strange race. They spend infinitely more time on building perfectly running airplanes and atomic missiles than on achieving a perfectly running human society. The latter is almost ignored except how to get taxes to build more perfectly running airplanes and atomic missiles. No wonder that our political and social management of the planet and humanity is a dismal mess of incredible duplications between 189 nations. Military expenditures alone of humanity are equal to all other expenditures by governments on this planet! What an aberration. People are sheep not to revolt against it.

~ Idea 2054 ~
To conceive great ideas keep your eyes on the stars.

To implement them, keep your feet on Earth.

~ Idea 2055 ~
Why do groups of humans on this planet continue to believe that they have the ultimate truth? Why is that so? We had the Roman Empire, they called it the Pax Romana which they imposed with the Roman legions all over Europe. We had the Pax Britannica with the British ruling all their colonies. We have now the United States which rules the world with its money, corporations and industrial military advance. Many of the religions continue to assert that they have the ultimate truth, that there is no other truth than their own Why is it not possible for all these groups to get together and to work on what they have in common? The United Nations is a first, very modest but wonderful attempt to do it for nations. But the United States doesn't like it because it wants to rule the world. We're now going to have, thank God, the United Religions which I advocated at the 1993 World Parliament of Religions. So there is some progress but we're losing incredible time. Since 1970 we have destroyed one-third of the nature of this planet. If we continue with the same population and consumption explosions we will have only seventy years until we have destroyed all nature. Why do leaders of nations not react against this? Why do they only think of their nation, their party, their religion, their constituency? This has become a major disaster. The merchants are now ruling the world because they were intelligent enough to rapidly globalize themselves after World War II. This new global power is supported by the United States and those countries where the seats of the multinational corporations are located and bring in money. We have now a coalition of the rulers, the merchants and the military to support and strengthen this whole system. What a world! This is the situation which prevails at the beginning of a new millennium. One has really the impression that we humans are still a very primitive, underdeveloped species.

~ Idea 2056 ~
We should not speak only of 'sustainable development' but also of 'unsustainable destruction'. Indeed the Earth, which has been and could be ignored so far by humans wanting to develop, is now being destroyed by giant business in the name of economic development and growth. The new, biggest war ever on this planet is now the war against the Earth.

~ Idea 2057 ~
Communism has died. It is now the turn of capitalism to change or die. The new ideology should be Earthism, the proper management and conservation of our precious, life-nurturing and sustaining Earth. Capital should be used to save the Earth and become eco-capitalism.

~ Idea 2058 ~
Where is the new Andrew Carnegie who will hire scholars to conceive and draft the statutes of a new world organization, of a proper Earth government, of a World Constitution? He did it by bringing over to the United States, two Belgian scholars during World War I who drafted the statutes of the League of Nations, the first international organization in world history, forerunner of the United Nations which must now be replaced by something infinitely better, commensurate with the new, mind-boggling global needs and problems of the third millennium.

~ Idea 2059 ~
The 21st century will be the century of world union or there will be no 21st century. It must see the birth of a borderless world on the model of the successful borderless European Union between fifteen formerly inimical nations.

Who will create a body of eminent world thinkers and political architects to plan and give birth to a world union? Perhaps since my compatriot from Alsace Lorraine, Robert Schuman fulfilled his dream for a United Europe I must follow his example and try to fulfill my dream for a peaceful World Union. He died and never saw his dream fulfilled. I went to his tomb to report it to him. I will probably die too before I see my dream fulfilled. I hope that someone will be so kind and visit my tomb to report success to me.

~ Idea 2060 ~
The United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies and world programs should create an Earth-wide World Investments Fund in which the world civil servants, families and any people and institutions on Earth could invest their money and savings. The funds would be invested only in projects and productions beneficial to the peoples health and welfare, especially the poor and helpless, and to the preservation of the Earth. It would be the world's first global ethical investment fund aimed at world justice, the welfare of the people and the salvation of the Earth.

~ Idea 2061 ~
On a bank in San Jose, Costa Rica, I saw for the first time a big sign saying: "The world population has reached 6 billion people." I hope the whole business and advertisement world will help in solving our global problems.

~ Idea 2062 ~
When I was a child in our province of Alsace Lorraine where we still spoke a German dialect, I often heard people say, "Geld regiert die Welt, money rules the world." Today, as an elder, I would say, "Geld vernichted die Welt, money destroys the world."

~ Idea 2063 ~
UN world conferences on life and death global issues should be held much more frequently. Instead of every 20 or 10 years as was the case until now, such conferences should be held at least every five years, some even should remain in permanent session until their objectives are attained.

~ Idea 2064 ~
The rose garden adjacent to the visitors' entrance of the United Nations in New York and the vast Parc des Nations of the UN in Geneva should be transformed into Peace and Human Rights Parks open to people. Statues and busts of great peacemakers and human rights defenders should be erected on them, following our example at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. The vaster Park in Geneva could also be made into an ecological demonstration center for the public.

~ Idea 2065 ~
Given our slowness to react to many mounting global, evolutionary problems which might create untold havoc if unattended, I recommend that a Global Emergencies Unit be created in the office of the UN Secretary General and of each head of state.

~ Idea 2066 ~
André Malraux, the French atheist and famous writer said: "The third millennium will be spiritual or there will be no third millennium." I would go further and say that the next millennium must be a cosmic, spiritual millennium, or there will be no third millennium.

I am glad that I obtained the creation of a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. Being a co-chairman of it, I will try to gear its work into the larger framework of evolutionary, cosmic consciousness.

When future historians will look back at our twentieth century they will recognize in it the birth at long last, of a natural, global, celestial consciousness to humanity.

~ Idea 2067 ~
The dominant political and economic systems of planet Earth are so wrong that one could cry. If beings from outer space would visit us they would not believe their eyes.

~ Idea 2068 ~
We do not have to worry if there will be enough food on this planet to feed the increasing human population. The packaging industry alone, through its colossal waste of resources will be able to put an end to our future.

~ Idea 2069 ~
I recommend that during the General Assembly 2000 all countries which received Marshall Aid after the second World War should give back this sum to a United Nations Revolving Fund to help the poor countries. When a poor country becomes rich it will then return the same sum received to help other poorer countries. I would also like to see many restitutions of stolen works of art and antiquities as well as restitutions of assets hoarded by the Nazis abroad. The Secretary General of the UN should establish a list of specific actions, misdeeds and injustices committed by governments, religions and other institutions which should be repaired in the year 2000 or after.

~ Idea 2070 ~
I recommend that consideration be given to yearly reports by the United Nations and all its agencies and world programs on the degree of globalization in all fields of human concern.

~ Idea 2071 ~
Has there ever been, will there ever be a country where the prices go down?

No, at least there was none in the past.

So why speak of economy, economics, higher productivity, economic systems, economic progress and higher standards of living?

An answer should be given by governments and their economists to this basic, legitimate people's question.

~ Idea 2072 ~
What we call economic progress is in reality in many places and on an increasing scale an Earth regress. It is not yet called that in our century. But it will in the 21st century.

Advertisement, the media, the packaging industries, economists, marketing experts, architects and the construction industries will be accused of putting an end to life on this planet. And they in turn will put the blame on Universities and governments.

~ Idea 2073 ~
To foster a world spiritual renaissance I recommend that all religions should allow their clergies, male and female, to be married in order to increase the number of spiritual families and children raised in such families.

~ Idea 2074 ~
The 21st century must see humanity's transcendence into cosmic consciousness in space and time. Then human sciences and religions will come together. Then we will have a peaceful, harmonious, fulfilled planet and humanity, functioning according to the laws of the universe. We have already a World Natural Law Party. We must have next a World Cosmic Laws Party.

~ Idea 2075 ~
The creation of philanthropic foundations is becoming a strong movement in the world. I suggest that it should be a new, major subject in universities. A yearly report and statistics on philanthropy should be published by the United Nations (see my proposal on philanthropy in Introduction to Ideas 1701 to 1800 in Volume IV). A World Philanthropic and Gaiaphilic Organization and University should be created.

~ Idea 2076 ~
The western countries have begun to spend monstrous sums for waste disposal. The UN should publish world statistics on these expenditures. In the US it has become a 32 billion dollars a year 'industry'. And this sum is entered into the gross national product!

~ Idea 2077 ~
Humans should claim the fundamental right not to be buried in a vault of concrete or in a metal box nor to be burned but to have their body returned to Mother Earth, preferably with a tree planted on the ground above them so that they can resurrect into other life forms as the law of nature wants it. Our bodies are all Earth and must return to the Earth. The Earth cannot be deprived of the colossal biomass of dead humans, increasing year after year.

~ Idea 2078 ~
No humans should accept as gifts T-shirts or head-gears bearing the advertisement of a commercial firm or product. When offered to them, people should at least request a few hundred dollars to wear them instead of giving out free advertisement. The same with business signs on shops offered 'free' by 'soft drinks' and cigarette firms all over the world, especially in the poor countries.

~ Idea 2079 ~
The UN should be enabled to conduct world-wide public opinion polls on all major world issues. I recommend the creation of a UN World Public Opinion Bureau. What a boost to democracy and evolution that would be!

~ Idea 2080 ~
Humanity has invested enormous efforts and obtained great successes in the optical science, the knowledge and healing of our miraculous eyesight capacity.

In the third millennium we must devote as much effort in our human capacity to see with other means:

to see with our dreams (dreamsight)
to see with our mind (mindsight)
to see with our heart (heartsight)
to see with our soul (soulsight)
to see with music (musicsight)
to see with art and writing (artsight, writingsight)

Just think of the Ode to Joy of Beethoven, the Ave Maria of Gounod which bring tears to our eyes, and of the Italian popular O Sole Mio.

I cannot live without writing my visions, dreams and ideas and trying to fashion them into realities. I recommend that a World University of Visions be created on an elevated place, nearer to God and the heavens. Sacred Mt. Rasur in Costa Rica, the seat of the UN University for Peace and the Earth Council.

~ Idea 2081 ~
Henceforth, during the 21st century and 3rd millennium, the evolution of the Earth and of humanity must be our foremost priorities: all other entities and 'sovereignties' must fall into place, into service to that.

~ Idea 2082 ~
Efforts and success in demilitarization are more effective than efforts for disarmament. Why? Because the weapons manufacturers have their lobby with the military and the government. But if there is demilitarization there will be no soldiers to use the weapons. Hence, armaments will disappear.

~ Idea 2083 ~
When a child begins to walk, you encourage it and do not scold it for its weaknesses. It is the same with nations' children's steps for world peace, cooperation and union in the young United Nations, their kindergarten. Encourage them and say bravo to their first successes which prepare high school and university.

~ Idea 2084 ~
In my opinion it is humanity's dreams and ideas
that decide our fate
There is no other kind of fate.
I do not believe therefore
that we must necessarily continue
to follow the path which leads
only downwards; we may yet turn about
before we arrive at the very end.

This is an Albert Schweitzer text in which I replaced in the first line "man's temperament" by "humanity's dreams and ideas".

~ Idea 2085 ~
After a speech at Ames University, in Iowa, I was accompanied in the bus to the airport by a Professor who told me: "I am a Professor of Agricultural Mechanics and Engineering. We have reduced agricultural workers to the minimum. I have invented machines which make bales of straw and hay as big as a house. We have reduced to a minimum warehouses to stock agricultural products. We have reduced the length of the stems of corn and wheat to increase productivity. And what was the result? To enrich the cities and not the rural areas, to increase the size of the cities and to reduce the people living on the land. The Earth is 98% made of air, water and soil, and not of cities. We have invented poisons to kill the insects feeding on plants and today my children accuse me of having put such poisons into circulation. I do not know what to think anymore. My whole life appears now as a vast error."

More and more people ask themselves the same question, now that the fate of the entire Earth and of all humanity are in peril.

~ Idea 2086 ~
It would be good if an agency or institute of the United Nations would undertake a study of how world and global affairs of this planet and of humanity are being handled by the 189 national governments. At what level are they handled? At the Prime Minister's level, by a Vice President for Global Affairs (United States), by a Ministry of Foreign or External Affairs, regionally or by substance, by each ministry in its own area of substance, the role of Parliament?

Such a study would put the finger on some very fundamental questions of our time and would enlighten governments. It would be hailed as a very important document for our new century and millennium when global problems are growing in numbers and in importance and at an accelerated rate endangering or uplifting our entire future.

~ Idea 2087 ~
We absolutely need a World Agency of Philosophy to look into the meaning of life on this extraordinary, miraculous planet in the universe. It would be enlightening for all other world agencies and for governments.

~ Idea 2088 ~
The word politics should be abolished. It is an obsolete remnant of the ancient Greeks who administered at the time only a city (polis). Today it is a total Earth process, a biological, cosmic phenomenon: we must take care of the whole biology, life forms and processes on this planet. Planetics would be my preferred word. But the words are less important than the actual tasks and responsibilities now incumbent on the human species. This will mark the whole new century and millennium.

~ Idea 2089 ~
In the new world each human being should be recognized as having a specific role or message that should be read by this person. Each individual should read himself and find the reason why he or she is alive, the mission, the role, the duty expected by God, by the universe, by humanity and the Earth. This will be the foundation of a new democracy, a government by the people, by the cosmic units, a cosmocracy.

~ Idea 2090 ~
There are on our planet innumerable scientists, doctors, institutions and firms whose main objective is to prolong human longevity, the miracle of human life, and to postpone death, the end of human life.

And yet on the same planet the biggest expenditures of nations are on the creation of instruments of death: armaments, bombs of all kinds, and the training and maintenance of millions of militaries prepared to kill other humans, to end lives at any moment on massive scales, hundreds of millions in our civilized twentieth century alone.

I recommend that all doctors, scientists, institutes and firms working for life prolongation should request the disarmament and demilitarization of our planet. They should create a world movement to that effect and menace to go on strike.

~ Idea 2091 ~
My first deceased Chilean wife, Margarita often accused me and modern men to be restless dreamers never at real peace, always seeking new problems, new inventions, new markets, new products, new challenges. She said, "I never dream. We Latin Americans seldom dream. This unrest is a characteristic of northern people living in cold, hostile climates."

Well, in the Foundation for the Future an Australian anthropologist, Dr. Philip Tobias specializing in the world's long-term future came to the conclusion that only Africans and indigenous people will retain their basic humaneness while the western societies will lose theirs (order the video tape Tobias from the Foundation for the Future, 123 105th Ave. SE, Bellevue, Washington USA 98004, Telephone (425) 451-1333. Also ask for more information on the important work of that foundation which has as its time framework the year 3000.)

~ Idea 2092 ~
There might soon come a day when the distinction between developed and underdeveloped countries will be replaced by northern unlivable countries and southern, still livable countries.

~ Idea 2093 ~
God was very kind to me when he decided that I should leave the northern, western world and live in demilitarized, nature-rich Costa Rica, an 'island of sanity in the world', 'a remnant of paradise', except San Jose.

~ Idea 2094 ~
We absolutely need on this planet a new fundamental field of knowledge, investigations and concern at all levels of the human society, from the personal, local to the global level, namely the field of waste. We need:

a science of waste and anti-waste
a strategy of anti-waste
a methodology of anti-waste

In universities there should be a faculty of anti-waste, in governments a ministry of anti-waste and in the United Nations a Department of Anti-waste. Fifty percent of the whole production of the western countries are already waste! Where will it stop?

~ Idea 2095 ~
The United Nations should move out of the United States which persistently refuses to pay its dues to the world organization and cashes in most of the expenses of the UN and of the 189 delegations of member countries in New York City.

For the same reason the UN European Office located in Geneva should move out of Switzerland which is not even a member of the United Nations. All specialized agencies of the UN located in Geneva should reconsider their location and make in particular a move to Asia, the most populated continent in the world where practically no United Nations offices are located except one each in overpopulated Tokyo and Bangkok. There should be a more equitable and intelligent distribution of world agencies over this round planet.

~ Idea 2096 ~
We need a new age on this planet, an age of wanting less, buying less and accumulating less in order not to devastate our Earth and to regain our freedom and personality. The US can save itself and become a new source of inspiration to the world. It has the best thinkers, scientists and good-hearted people to do it. What a great new page of history, nay of evolution this would open! The US should prepare and offer a tremendous, unprecedented plan for our tomorrows everywhere in the world, in response to the agenda of the Heads of States General Assembly 2000. (see Introduction)

I have done my duty in my 2000 ideas and dreams especially in my statement at the Cagliari meeting in Sardinia on "The Absolute Urgent Need for Proper Government" (see Volume IV, Introduction to Part II). I pray that many other people and institutions will follow my example. Assailed by plans, ideas, peoples' movements, governments might finally give in and take up seriously the subject.

~ Idea 2097 ~
Due to wrong human thinking, wrong education, wrong powers, wrong values, wrong institutions, wrong laws and a very confused, checkered past, planet Earth is probably the worst run, most uneconomical and wasteful planet in the universe. May the advent of a new century and millennium engage our best minds to change very fundamentally our ways and political and economic systems and make this beautiful planet a cosmic success instead of a planet of waste.

~ Idea 2098 ~
Henceforth, anything that goes against the further evolution of the Earth and of humanity must be considered unethical, sometimes even criminal.

~ Idea 2099 ~
I was told that on the advice of two consultants in the field of philanthropy a US company decided to ask its stockholders to which causes its philanthropy should go. The answers were eighty percent in favor of spiritual causes and institutions. All companies should follow this good example. It would help the practice of democracy and bring about a better world.

~ Idea 2100 ~
In the European Union there are countries like Sweden which are much more advanced in the protection of the people than the United States. For example, there is an agreement between the government and Swedish toy manufacturers that they will not produce any war-type or violent toys for children. This example should be followed by many countries in the world. Also Sweden prohibits advertisements addressed to children less than twelve years old, another good example to follow.


Sample of letters I send constantly
to people in high positions who can
do something for a better world.

23 September 1993
Dear Mr. President,

I am so happy to congratulate you on your election to the Presidency of the General Assembly. I had received your remarkable press kit and I recognized you immediately from your picture, and your assignment to the United Nations, where I served for forty years, mostly in the economic field but also as Director of U Thant's and Kurt Waldheim's Executive Office. Under Javier Perez de Cuellar I was in charge of the fortieth anniversary of the UN, extended at his request beyond retirement age. And three days before actual retirement I was appointed one-dollar-a-year Chancellor of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.
The reason why I am writing to you is that I tried to advise and help the last three Presidents of the General Assembly, but only Samir Shihabi listened to me and thanked me before leaving, saying that I had helped him play a historical role in the Assembly, in particular by getting an early decision for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations in 1995. I have asked my publisher to send you a copy of my Testament to the UN, a contribution to the fiftieth anniversary, and The Birth of a Global Civilization which has a chapter on UN celebrations, in particular the 50th anniversary and the year 2000. Herewith I am sending you also a Peace Plan 2010, several points of which have already been implemented, but there remains a lot to do. I was particularly glad that my proposal for a new Commission of Eminent Persons, after the Brundtland Commission, has been established under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ingvar Carlson, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, on the subject of Global Governance. The members have all my writings and I sent also the Peace Plan 2010 to the members of the Security Council when they met at long last at the heads of states level, something we have been clamoring for during years, with U Thant and Perez de Cuellar.
I take the liberty of suggesting to you a few avenues of possible action which would make your Presidency a historic event, leaving a mark on the history of the world at the end of this millennium.

1. As you will see from the peace Plan 2010, right at the beginning I suggest another Commission of Eminent Persons to deal with violence in all its forms in the world, or with non-violence. It is based on remarks by U Thant who often said to me that we westerners knew only how to speak about physical violence, but that there were other forms of violence preceding it, namely verbal violence and violence in the mind. My suggestion is that you may perhaps talk to the Ambassador of India and see if India would not want to call for a World Conference on Non-violence in one of the years to come. He could make the proposal on 5 October, anniversary of Gandhi. I think the world is waiting for a major move on the question of violence which is so wide-spread and rising. The world would applaud such a decision by the General Assembly.

page 2
23 September 1993

2. The fiftieth anniversary of the UN can be a great, unprecedented event. The subject is on the agenda of your Assembly. My impression from the reports of the Preparatory Committee is that things go pretty slowly. You should request that in their report they list the countries which have appointed National Committees and the composition of such committees. At a recent meeting of the First Ladies of Latin America and the Caribbean for the International year of the Family, I exhorted the ladies to get their husbands to appoint very eminent national committees for the anniversary. I hope there will be a substantive debate on what the anniversary can achieve. I remember that for the 25th anniversary, when I worked with U Thant we asked all Secretariat services to give us statistics and reports on the major changes during the last 25 years. The same could be requested of the Secretariat, namely a review of the last fifty years since World War II. Your session of the General Assembly should adopt a substantive resolution on what will be expected from the anniversary, almost an agenda for it, to help progress in history.

3. The celebration of the anniversary in San Francisco will be a big affair, with a majority of heads of states, like during the 40th anniversary where I underestimated the number of them who would come as I tell in my Testament. What preoccupies me is that it will be primarily a ceremonial affair, with big, lofty, philosophical speeches. I think more and more that it should be conceived as a milestone in peace-making. Why not convene in San Francisco in 1995 a world peace conference where heads of states would sit down and settle conflicts and problems as a contribution to the anniversary and to allow the world to move into the third millennium with a clean slate. This would impress the public. Perhaps such an idea would be welcomed by President Clinton who could make the proposal in a speech in the General Assembly. I am sure also that the City of San Francisco would be delighted and contribute to the costs: Rio de Janeiro attracted more than 100 heads of states and 30,000 people I just attended and spoke to the second World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, attended by 6000 people. The San Francisco Conference could be one of the greatest peace gatherings ever, thinking of the presence of so many peace groups. Maurice Strong would be the perfect man to organize it.

4. The enclosed correspondence from some media people shows the interest they may have in UN celebrations. They mention rightly the anniversary of UNICEF. A whole series of UN agencies are going to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. An assistant could perhaps give you a list of such anniversaries. They might lend themselves to some consideration and thinking by the General Assembly. In this connection you may wish to read the chapter on global celebrations in my Birth of a Global Civilization. The media will certainly do something for these anniversaries. Ted Turner, a good friend of mine, made a film The 'House of Hope' for the 40th anniversary of the UN. It was seen by fifty million people. I suggested to him already two years ago to do some planning for 1995.

page 3
23 September 1993

5. As you will see from my Peace Plan 2010, I attach great importance to the celebration of the year 2000. I have written a poem about it years ago which has circulated around the world. My latest novel First Lady of the World turns around the year 2000. In The Birth of a Global Civilization I suggest that the Preparatory Committee for the fiftieth anniversary of the UN in 1995, should transform itself into the Preparatory Committee for the year 2000. I think it would be great if you could talk around you of the question: what will we do for the year 2000? The earlier the UN thinks about that, the better. After all it is the most universal organization and it should celebrate and take advantage of what is for all practical purposes a universal date. It would be wonderful if you could get something started for the Bimillennium. You could even consider calling for your own committee of eminent persons to prepare the Bimillennium after your term as President of the General Assembly. Your position is so eminent that you should not lose the momentum of it. Very few Presidents have been able to keep that momentum and to do something very visible and historic after their term.

Please do not bother to answer this letter. I know how busy you are. I would like to have the same agreement with you as I had with various Secretaries-Generals: that I write to them, when I have an idea, and that they never have to write back to me, especially when they do what I suggest to them!

I pray God that He will bless you Presidency
with many good things for this beautiful planet and
for its genial human race.
Yours in Peace

Robert Muller

H.E.Mr. S.R. Insanally
President of the General Assembly
United Nations

"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
e-mail: upaznego@sol.racsa.co.cr 

1 April 1997

To: His Excellency, the Honorable President William Clinton,
From: Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor of the University for Peace

Dear President Clinton,

Since you are the President of the most prominent and forward-looking country in the world, may I suggest that you announce on 6 April, the date when 1000 days will be left to the Year 2000, the creation of a US Millennium Committee composed of the best thinkers and visioneers of the US, including youth, to offer the world by the year 2000 a new vision for the 21st century and the third millennium, a vision of peace, justice and well-being for all humanity.

It would be appropriate for you to be the President and Chair of that committee. Other countries would follow your example and the whole world would benefit from your history making initiative.

Peace to you
Yours Warmly

Robert Muller
Chancellor of the UN University for Peace
Former UN Assistant Secretary General

"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
e-mail: upaznego@sol.racsa.co.cr 

26 June 1998
Dear Mikhail Gorbachev,

We were sorry that due to health impediments you were unable to participate personally in the conference held under your auspices in Cagliari, Sardinia. I would have liked to talk to you and to convey to you an idea of mine. You know me indirectly from my book The Birth of a Global Civilization which Senator Alan Cranston gave you a couple of years ago. My feeling and idea is that you should announce to the world a Mikhail Gorbachev Plan for the proper government of planet Earth as we enter a new century and millennium. I am a Frenchman from Alsace-Lorraine who has lived the birth and the announcement of my compatriot Robert Schuman's Plan which led to the creation of the European Union. We need a similar bold plan for the world. If not, we will soon be in deep trouble. It is better to think and plan for a better international system of world government while there is peace than to wait for the time of trouble when emergency measures have to be quickly put together. We can no longer live in the kindergarten stage of the global age, waiting to react until we burn our fingers. In the enclosed paper submitted to your conference you will find several avenues into which we can engage. The world would not expect you to come out with a fully worked out plan. You could outline its main features, and announce that you establish a Gorbachev World Commission of Eminent Persons to work out the needed Plan and World System for proper government of our beautiful planet and the happiness and fulfillment of all humanity.
My wife Barbara, also a member of the Club of Budapest, sent you a year ago, on 26 June 1997, a similar message when you received the Planetary Consciousness Award in the City of Goethe. We reproduce it herewith.

With our warmest wishes for good health
and great happiness as well as to your wife Raissa

Barbara and Robert Muller

"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506- 205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
e-mail: upaznego@sol.racsa.co.cr 

26 June 1997

Message to Mikhail Gorbachev on his receipt of the Planetary Consciousness Prize in the City of Frankfurt

We send you our warmest love, congratulations and prayers. May you become the prophet of a united human family, and the global architect who will give the world his vision, plan and proposals how the Earth and humanity can become the ultimate cosmic success of the universe and of God. May we be privileged to see soon a Gorbachev Plan for a World Union or Proper Earth Government as we saw a Robert Schuman Plan for a United Europe, now an astonishing reality. May you, all your co-workers and guests contribute to our entry into a new phase, the cosmic age of our evolution into the 21st century and third millennium.

Let us all heed the advice of the great Goethe, the honor of the City of Frankfurt in which you receive the Planetary Consciousness Prize:

"Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it,
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Barbara and Robert Muller

6 March 1999
Dear Mr. Secretary General,

With the year 2000 you are becoming the most important person on Earth in the entire human history. How can you face this overwhelming challenge in one of the most complex and "messy" (your words used in the latest World Diplomatic Bulletin) human, Earth and evolutionary situations this planet has ever known?

Here are a few advices from a life-time world public servant and direct aide to three former Secretaries General:

1. You cannot count on anyone else but yourself. Every morning you must say to yourself when you wake up: I am the only one who can give the inspiration and ideas to the world regarding our future. You can be helped, but your final proposals and recommendations are yours. Pray God and the invisible forces of the universe to help you.

2. Place heads of national governments squarely before their responsibilities. Advise, inspire and elevate them in your personal Note Verbale to all heads of state as is usual before every General Assembly. This is an extremely important document. Tell them what you expect from them as actions between now and the Millennium General Assembly which they are expected to attend. Issue that Note Verbale as early as possible. Do not wait until we are closer to this year's General Assembly.

3. Mobilize the Administrative Committee of Coordination (your twice yearly World Cabinet Meeting), all substantive Secretariat services (headquarters and regional), and all specialized agencies and world programs to come up with states of the world reports in each of their fields and segments of the human and Earth condition. As part of their input, ask for the following:

- an inventory of achievements since the creation of that agency (in the case of the UN it already exists for the last fifty years)
- an inventory of major world problems and issues to be solved according to urgency (immediate, medium-term, long-term)
- an inventory of hopes
- an inventory of proposals, ideas and recommendations
a. regarding the need for changes in human values
b. regarding the need for changes in institutions and the creation of new ones
c. regarding necessary change in laws and implementation

4. The preceding will provide you with the basic materials for your personal report to the heads of states at the Millennium Assembly and make it the most comprehensive, courageous, epoch-making, forward-looking message in modern human history. It must serve as a guide and be quoted during the decades to come.
I have done my personal duty in producing 2000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World based on my fifty years of world experience. They are finished, the last volume IV having just come out. I am sending it to you as I did the preceding three volumes. Since they are published well ahead of the year 2000, I will devote the rest of the current year to their dissemination and implementation. Being an advisory member of the newly created Foundation for the Future in Bellevue, State of Washington, which looks as far as the year 3000, I will continue to write a thousand more ideas. The Foundation will hold a conference of the world's 100 best futurologists and evolutionary scientists in Seattle in the summer of 2000 in time to issue their report for the Millennium General Assembly.

5. Please appoint one of your officials to read the four volumes and draw your attention to those ideas which you could use in your speeches and recommendations to the Millennium Assembly. He or she can count on my full cooperation.

6. From the 2000 ideas many ideas regarding special fields can be excerpted by computer. I am sending you herewith an excerpt dealing with the Future. In the copy I have marked the ideas which could be of interest to you. For example in idea 500 which lists all the World Commissions held over the years to help the United Nations, I suggest that you ask an official to make a list of all the specific recommendations made by them. The result would be a very remarkable document of interest to governments and to many people. With Dr. Karan Singh of India we have just created a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality to promote a much needed spiritual Renaissance. I am sending the other members an excerpt of 50 pages of ideas regarding religion and spirituality, similar to the one on the Future.

Last but not least, ask Mrs. Annan to keep the four volumes on her nighttable and to peruse them, drawing your attention to ideas she would like you to make yours. My life's work has been incredibly helped and enhanced by my alas deceased wife Margarita Gallo from Chile, the President of the UN Women's Guild, succeeded now by Mrs. Annan. I have written a novel in her memory First Lady of the World and donated a bust of Eleanor Roosevelt with whom she worked as a delegate of Chile to the Commission on Women's Rights. It was inaugurated last 10th of December at the University for Peace on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Her remains will be transferred next month to a hill, called Mt. Margarita, of the property Mt. Rasur I have acquired on a sacred mountain, adjacent to the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. God has sent me since then another wonderful life companion who inspires me and helps me enormously. It is she who asked me to write 2000 ideas for the year 2000, which I did.

She joins me in wishing you and Mrs. Annan a great historical role in the fate of humanity and of planet Earth.
Yours in Peace,

Barbara and Robert Muller
H.E. Dr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General of the UN
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506- 205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
e-mail: upaznego@sol.racsa.co.cr 

30 November 1999
His Excellency, The Honorable Theo-Ben Gurirab (UN Interne 1963)
President of the UN General Assembly
New York

Dear Mr. President,

From one former UN Interne (1948) to another, may I suggest that you make a recommendation in this General Assembly that the Secretary General of the UN should submit to the General Assembly 2000 his vision of the world and humanity in the next century.

The only great new idea in this century was the creation of the European Union when France and Germany became friends and the borders between 15 European countries were suppressed.

I suggest that in your General Assembly speech next year you propose a World Union or Alliance to eradicate poverty from this planet. No details needed in your speech.

What is needed most in the United Nations is the audacity of great, memorable ideas. So far not a single President of the General Assembly is remembered for a great, new idea or initiative.

As a famous French revolutionary proclaimed: De l'audace, de l'audace et toujours de l'audace. Audacity, audacity and still audacity. We have remembered that appeal when after World War II we got tired of the wars between France and Germany: three wars which made my grandparents change nationality five times without leaving their village. I am proud, as an Alsace-Lorrainer who suffered from this situation to be a member of the canonization committee of Robert Schuman, an Alsace-Lorrainer, who had the audacity to found the European Union. We will make him the first political saint of our time.

I pray God that He inspire you
to listen to my appeal,

Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus
Former UN Assistant Secretary General
"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
Tels: 506-205-9000. Apartado 138-6100 Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica, C.A. Fax: 249-1929
e-mail: upaznego@sol.racsa.co.cr 

20 December 1999

Mr. Ted Turner
President, CNN
Atlanta, GA 30348

Dearest Ted,

Herewith a status of nuclear weapons in the world. In your world appeal of 1 January, ask that the year 2000 should be celebrated and remembered in human history as the year of destruction of nuclear weapons. (See my Idea 2153)

I also pray that you will take the initiative to launch and chair a World Commission on the Media. See Idea 2157 which gives you an idea of the World Commissions and their usefulness. No rush, but please keep it in mind.

With all my love, admiration and heartiest wishes to you.
May 2000 be the greatest and happiest in your life,

Robert Muller

PS. We must now open our eyes, minds and views to the year 3000 and become the Third Millennium Makers. Someone wrote and sent me a 17 pages paper on Robert Muller: the Millennium Maker, Early Herald of the Bimillennium. I must now start becoming the Third Millennium Maker. One of your TV programs could interview me to launch the wave. The fate of the Earth depends on our vision 3000.

"Si vis pacem, para pacem"
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Nuclear Weapons at a Glance
from Project Plougsharers, Canada, 1998

Eight countries are known to possess nuclear weapons: the five acknowledged nuclear weapon states - Russia, the United States, France, China and the United Kingdom - and three countries - India, Pakistan and Israel - that are not nuclear weapon states under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty but nonetheless are known to have developed and stockpiled the components for nuclear weapons. A ninth country, North Korea, also may have produced a small number of nuclear weapons. In May 1998 India and Pakistan conducted 5 or 6 nuclear tests respectively, demonstrating extensive nuclear capabilities and beginning what could become an intense nuclear arms race in South Asia.
South Africa is the only country to have acquired nuclear weapons and subsequently eliminated its nuclear arsenal.
The total number of nuclear weapons in the world is estimated to be as many as 35,000.
At its peak in 1986, the total number of nuclear weapons in the world was about 70,000.
The explosive power of the world's arsenal is equivalent to approximately 500,000 bombs of the size that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
There are currently five major international Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones. These zones include all the countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Nuclear Arsenals of the Nuclear Weapon States (1998)


United States
United Kingdom



American and Russian figures include thousands of weapons held in reserve or retired but not yet dismantled. The US strategic nuclear arsenal is estimated to contain about 7,250 operationally deployed warheads. The Russian strategic nuclear arsenal is estimated to contain about 6,240 operationally deployed nuclear warheads. Israeli, Indian and Pakistani figures represent the potential number of weapons, based on estimates of the amount of fissile material those countries have produced.


IDEAS 2101 TO 2200

A Great New Step in Evolution

Let me report an enlightenment I had during the night of Friday 13 August 1999. I was wide awake in bed. Barbara also awoke. I briefly said to her how important it was to have the visions of Eric Chaisson, the astro-physicist and Christian De Duve, the Dutch Nobel Prize Winner for biology, namely that we have arrived as a species on this planet at an advanced stage of evolution when we know our planetary home inside out and have a knowledge of the universe from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Once any species on any planet has reached that stage, then the future evolution of that planet rests in the hands of that species. If that species does not change its values and continues on the lines of the preceding values which led it to that success, then evolution will be ended by that species.

What is needed are new human values geared to the future evolution of life on planet Earth. De Duve calls it the need for wisdom and Chaisson says that we must abandon the Darwinian theory of competition and replace it by cooperation.

This was not new to Barbara. She had heard it before. It was rather a summary to myself in order to draw further conclusions from it. I remembered a paper in which I wrote down the needs for a new global education, global anthropology, global economy, global communications, global business, global governance. That stuck in my mind. I said to myself: look at the complexity of a human being; there are trillions and trillions of cells with their subdivisions, each infinitely smaller. And all these organs function together marvelously and make a whole human being what it is, an incredible living unit of the universe for a number of years then returning into the Earth from which it came.

If this has happened to the evolution of the individual, do we not now witness something similar happening to humanity as a whole, evolving into one body, infinitely more complex than the individual, with a global brain, a global nervous system, a global heart and a global soul? We have global values, global ideas and we seek now global instruments, policies and behaviors within a newborn concept and reality, namely the unity of the human species forming one body with this planet. Progressively that global consciousness and self-organizing will win against the oppositions of those who stick to the values of the past. This is a new phase in evolution of this planet, a very, very important one.

And when we look at the total map of the world, we can see it either from a natural or from a historical, cultural point of view. At the UN University for Peace we have a big map called an ecomap of the word, the natural regions of the world. We begin to understand that we must live within those natural regions and not destroy them. These are fundamental phenomena of the nature of this planet.

For the first time in the entire human history and evolution the total Earth comes first. We recognize that we are born from her and will return to her. Each human being is a living, conscious cell of the Earth, an active part of her life and further evolution. Hence, we must now speak of global evolutionary responsibilities of individuals and of all groups in the immense climatic and ecological diversity of this planet. My God, what momentous new evolutionary thinking and behaviors are required!

The globalization of nature and of humanity must now be the foremost rule. The requirements of the Earth are fundamental to preserve the future of humanity. I am tempted to coin a new word, namely Earthcracy, the rule of the Earth. What is needed is a cooperation of all humans in this incredible globalization of the Earth on top of the incredible diversity of her nature, her species', her human beings and groups.

What an enlightenment and new hope that was!

~ Idea 2101 ~
The same way as my compatriot Robert Schuman's prayer to God to obtain the creation of a European Union was fulfilled, I pray God to help us obtain the creation of a Union of all states of the world. The following historic decision could do it:

"The heads of states of the peoples' of the world, assembled in the Year 2000 United Nations General Assembly, inspired by the great precedents of the United States of America and of the European Union, request the Secretary General of the UN to prepare proposals for the creation of a Union of all States of the World to be submitted to us meeting again in the General Assembly at the heads of states level in the year 2002. That Assembly shall remain in session until the draft statutes of a Union of all States of the World (USW) are ready for submission to our peoples. "So help us God."

This might be the most important of all my 3000 ideas, dreams and proposals.

~ Idea 2102 ~
The questions of philanthropy and gaiaphily (love for people and love for the Earth) should become major items on the agenda of world affairs. I repeat my recommendation that the United Nations should publish yearly world statistics, both national and international, on these subjects. I am sure that such statistics would reveal that international private philanthropy is bigger than governmental aid.

~ Idea 2103 ~
Humans have developed an endless imagination to change the Earth and nature for our benefit and not yet any real concern to preserve the Earth and her nature for our benefit. If this relation is not rapidly reversed it might mean the end of our and of all evolution on this planet.

~ Idea 2104 ~
If in the future outer space beings discover our Earth and undertake research why life disappeared on it, they will discover that it could have been avoided if the views and recommendations of a strengthened UN and of its visionaries had been adopted and implemented.

If they find a successful planet with a healthy, happy, peaceful humanity living in harmony with the Earth, the past, the present and the future they will discover that it was primarily thanks to the United Nations.

~ Idea 2105 ~
We might not even care any longer whether NATO, SEATO or a UN World Security System should ensure the security of the world. Why? Because the United States and its wealth, power, armaments, militaries and endless so called economic 'progress' are now likely to lead us to the end of the world. The US is now the new Roman Empire likely to ruin the Earth and put an end to its evolution.

~ Idea 2106 ~
Only a world movement for a drastic reduction of purchases and consumption of unnecessary products and services will be able to save the Earth, added to a much more rapid world population containment.

~ Idea 2107 ~
Communism was unable to defeat capitalism. Consumerism will.

~ Idea 2108 ~
On a road in the United States I saw a sign: End of Construction.

Placing myself in the position of the Earth the opposite sign came to my mind: End of Destruction.

~ Idea 2109 ~
The poor countries of the world should:

1. stop very rapidly their population increase
2. stop imitating the western countries

The rich countries should:

1. stop their overproduction
2. stop their overconsumption
3. stop their Earth destruction
4. stop their frantic, wild marketing and advertisement at home and abroad
5. stop re-atomizing planet Earth

~ Idea 2110 ~
During my youth I heard the slogan:

Deutchland über Alles (Germany above everything).

During my adulthood I heard the slogan:

US über Alles (USA above everything).

At long last I now hear:

Planet Earth and humanity über Alles.

~ Idea 2111 ~
Buddha in his cosmology held that man would never be able to leave our small solar system. Whenever U Thant was visited by astronauts or astrophysicists, he asked them whether Buddha was right and they always agreed: the star closest to us, Proxima Centauri, is 24 trillion miles away from Earth and at the present maximum speed of Apollo (25,400 miles per hour), it would take many centuries for a spaceship to reach it. In order to realize how small we are in the universe, we must remember that there are billions of galaxies, each consisting of trillions of stars and suns, burning or extinguished, with their barren non-life-supporting planets. The farthest galaxies now visible with giant telescopes are about five billion light-years away! The largest of the visible specks in Berenice's Hair is believed to be a giant galaxy of a trillion stars, ten times bigger than our Milky Way - in which Proxima Centauri is our closest neighbor!

I wrote this more than twenty years ago. Today the US launches space vehicles like Cassini, fueled with plutonium, which return to the Earth' atmosphere to whirl around it to accelerate their speed of 45,000 miles per hour and go farther into the universe. If an accident should occurred to them during that whirling millions of humans would die!

My view is this:

We need urgently more poverty explorations and Earth saving explorations than space explorations.

A proper Earth government would decree that all costly space explorations be stopped until our urgent human and environmental problems are resolved on Earth.

We should be more concerned and devote more resources to how life might vanish from Earth than why it disappeared from Mars.

~ Idea 2112 ~
Humans can do wonders if they are inspired or determined to do so.

Here is an example: When I visited for the first time the land donated by Costa Rica to the United Nations to create on it a University for Peace, I saw such a wild jungle in the hills inhabited by a few very poor people that I exclaimed: we must have our heads examined to consider building a university in such a wild, forlorn place without an access road, electricity and a water system.

Today when I see the beauty, the paradise, the garden of Eden made of this area, I can hardly believe it. It shows what humans can do when they are determined to live in full harmony with nature and to create highest beauty.

We should do the same everywhere on Earth.

~ Idea 2113 ~
People who migrated from the land to big cities should not brag about it and induce their families and friends from home to follow their example. They should tell them about the hard life and troubles in those cities and say that life on the land is much better.

~ Idea 2114 ~
At the end of each air trip the passengers should be informed of the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted by the airplane into the atmosphere. The International Civil Aviation Organization should decree and implement that rule.

~ Idea 2115 ~
We should thank God for countries like Guatemala which has still vast surfaces of untouched forests and not call them underdeveloped. We should call the western countries wrongly developed, half-destroyed countries and countries like Guatemala natural, undestroyed countries. Their people should be asked to stay on the land and be given by the rich countries subsidies to do so. It would be in the interest of the Earth and of everybody.

~ Idea 2116 ~
I propose a World Marshall Plan to save the Earth. Stay-on-the-Land help and subsidies should be an important part of it.

~ Idea 2117 ~
We might be coming to the end of the scientific age. Science and scientists have become too complicated. They are lost in their theories. No clarity emerges from their research anymore. They complicate the world, use excessive resources, teach too many students and cost the world too much money. Science should confess its limitations, review itself and better help the world's continued evolution.

~ Idea 2118 ~
The statement by a UK pilot in Idea 1986 should be amended. Arriving near the Miami coast already miles away the Earth is covered by a blanket of yellow, brown pollution. That is the model, successful United States which seeks the admiration and emulation by the rest of the world.

~ Idea 2119 ~
Heads of big corporations which cause a good deal of pollution and destruction of the Earth should not be allowed after their retirement to go and live in unpolluted areas on sea shores or on mountain tops. They should be compelled to stay in the places they polluted.

~ Idea 2120 ~
I am really astonished how heads of states are so little concerned with their future reputation, with the mark they will leave on history, even their fame. They believe that to have become a head of state is the top. It is no longer so when there are 189 nation states. You can become famous only if you did or proposed something that changed the world for the better. The world stage is the biggest stage, no longer the national one, not even that of the biggest countries.

~ Idea 2121 ~
Perhaps it is not even overpopulation and overconsumption which are the culprits of the destruction of the Earth. The real culprits are big corporations and business. At least they should be added to the first two.

~ Idea 2122 ~
The whole western gift habit should be reviewed in favor of nature conserving and embellishing gifts: flowers with roots instead of cut flowers, seeds and bulbs, little fruit trees to be planted by children, books on nature preservation, membership in environmental movements or clubs, peace toys. Avoid violence toys, horror books and unnecessary objects which required Earth resources to be made. World-wide this could have a substantial effect.

~ Idea 2123 ~
For the cost of two fighter aircraft, (45 million dollars), we could install 300,000 hand pumps and give access to poor people to safe drinking water in third world countries.

~ Idea 2124 ~
Nature and humans are the true capital of planet Earth, not money, not stock markets, not bank accounts. If we do not change our values the Earth and humanity are doomed.

~ Idea 2125 ~
For each year and decade of the 3rd millennium we should establish:

inventories of achievements
inventories of hope
inventories of errors
inventories of injustices
inventories of wrong beliefs
inventories of wrong-doings

~ Idea 2126 ~
In the Hudson Valley, near New York City there are a good dozen big, solid, brick built abandoned business buildings along the railroad track. Why doesn't the US Government or New York state transform them into low cost homes or homes for the homeless!

~ Idea 2127 ~
Each of us is a cosmic unit which can grasp the incredible divine meaning of life and of the miraculous planet on which we live. We need to seek harmony with the heavens and with our beautiful Earth. We need to obey the laws of the cosmos. The messages from the universe given to us by heavenly messengers like Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha and others should be heard.

~ Idea 2128 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, I cherish and admire your efforts but to tell you the truth I often wish that the human species, the most intelligent one I have produced, would vanish from this planet, permitting innumerable other species to continue to live and to develop."

This is what my daughter, an ocean biologist often says to me, "Don't worry Dad, the earlier the human species will disappear from this planet the better it will be for all other life forms and for evolution."

That is the conclusion she has drawn from seeing the destruction by humans of life in the seas and oceans.

~ Idea 2129 ~
The accumulation of wrongnesses on this planet is so much bigger than goodnesses that it seems almost impossible for humanity to succeed.

No government on Earth wants to recognize this. It is business as usual which means power, business, national prestige and sovereignty while an entirely new factor has come up in our destiny, namely the fate of the entire Earth.

How to cope with this? How to create a new political and life order on this planet? That is the crucial, overwhelming challenge facing us in the 21st century. We must do it or perish.

~ Idea 2130 ~
If there existed no cigarettes on this planet it would not occur to anyone to smoke. Millions of premature deaths, incredible sufferings and huge sums of health care money would be saved. Human longevity would be prolonged. The soil needed for tobacco production would be used for food production. So why not prohibit the production of cigarettes on this planet? Do we not prohibit already the production, smuggling and sale of narcotic drugs?

~ Idea 2131 ~
In the elevator of an apartment building in New York I saw a sign, No Smoking, under which someone wrote: anywhere in the world. I congratulate the unknown person who wrote it. More people should imitate that person. It would be a new form of democracy, a health democracy. Why not launch a people's advertising movement for what is good and against what is bad for humans and for the Earth.

~ Idea 2132 ~
It is with alcohol as it is with cigarettes. If no beer, wines and alcoholic liquids existed on this planet it would not occur to anyone to drink. The benefits would be even greater than those from non-smoking considering the accidents, violence and miseries caused by alcohol.

Alcohol is a drug, so why not prohibit it and use the released land for the production of food? Why not follow the laws of the Muslim countries where the production, transport, advertisement, sale and consuming of alcohol are prohibited? The word alcohol comes from the Arabic, Al kohol which means the devil. Please remember it.

~ Idea 2133 ~
On a new fruit juice bottle advertised as a real fruit juice I had the curiosity to read the minuscule text of the ingredients as required by law. I read that it contained thirteen percent real fruit juice and the rest was water, cane sugar and various chemicals. How wonderful it is to live in Costa Rica where when you ask for a fruit juice you will get the choice between several of them all squeezed out in front of you from fruits. Unfortunately these are diminishing too, soon to be wiped out by the advertisement and marketing of Coca Cola and other 'soft drink' manufacturers. I recommend that the label 'soft drink' should no longer be allowed and that all these beverages should be labeled artificial, unnatural.

~ Idea 2134 ~
The people who oppose any idea of world government have been very badly defeated: now we have world government by multinational corporations which have been given almost total world freedom to act as they want and where they want and often have governments as their obedient servants while governments should be the servants of the people, of justice, of the downtrodden, of the helpless and more recently of nature and of the Earth.

Moreover most corporations do not give a damn about the Earth and its nature which have become priority number one of our survival.

When I wrote to a multi-millionaire that he and his kind were destroying the Earth he answered, "Well the Earth and our solar system will explode anyway in a few million years into the universe so we might as well have fun making money in the meantime."

We need very urgently a proper Earth government in order to control these non-elected masters of the world chosen and kept in power by people who have money to buy shares in stock markets and by banks.

~ Idea 2135 ~
There is an absolute, urgent need for a World Public Opinion Agency which must be a public inter-governmental agency not a private one. It would be a key instrument to stop the decline of democracy in the world.

~ Idea 2136 ~
There is an absolute, urgent need to hold a world conference on overconsumption in the rich countries and underconsumption in the poor countries.

The Secretary General of the United Nations should create a department or office on consumption. World statistics are as much needed in this field as they are on economic development and population. The concepts of gross and net national consumption and world Earth consumption should be urgently introduced by the United Nations.

~ Idea 2137 ~
When I called an ecologist today I asked him, "How are you?" He answered, "I am fine, but every hour the Earth is getting worse." What a sad comment.

~ Idea 2138 ~
After its tribal age,

After its national age,

After its global age, humanity is now entering its next most evolutionary age,

the cosmic age.

The first manifestations are:

- the worries of humans for the fate of nature, of all life forms on Earth and for the Earth herself.

- the birth of a Natural Law Party in many countries (100 in October 1999) which recommends a government of the Earth according to the laws of nature. And since nature, humans and all life forms and the Earth herself are solid or flowing forms of cosmic energy, it is now natural that the further evolution of this planet should be the main concern of humanity.

What an incredible new age of human history we are entering!

~ Idea 2139 ~
After the recent birth of global education still sparsely implemented around the world we must now give our children a cosmic evolutionary education as most religions have done already for a long time.

~ Idea 2140 ~
The day might come when all humans on Earth will be businessmen and businesswomen. The cars, the trains, the airplanes, the skyscrapers, the hotels will be filled with them. Everyone will be busy being a business person, each others customer. Then there will be no unemployment. Everybody will be busy except nature and the Earth which will be destroyed bringing in the wake the end of the human race.

~ Idea 2141 ~
When one sees the admirable, historic cultural work done by UNESCO on world art such as the saving of the Abu Simbel Monuments one remains really flabbergasted that a great country like the United States is the only country on Earth that has walked out of that organization. The United Kingdom, out of friendship with the United States, walked out of it too, but returned to it soon thereafter. The United States art museums, art associations, foundations of art and art loving people should make the United States Government ashamed of itself.

There might of course, be an advantage in the absence of the United States Government from UNESCO. Quite a number of people say that UNESCO functions much better since the US has left it. Perhaps the same would be true of the United Nations.

~ Idea 2142 ~
In US airplanes they announce that under federal law it is prohibited to smoke. I wonder if there will ever be a time when the announcement will be in the name of a world law. There are millions and millions of national and local laws on planet Earth but not a single world law at the crucial time when the whole Earth and humanity are at stake. Outer space visitors to planet Earth would be totally aghast to learn that!

Thank God we could tell them that there are now European laws which apply to all fifteen borderless nations of western Europe. My compatriot, Robert Schuman has succeeded doing that for Europe. My generation has not yet succeeded doing it for the world. Hopefully it will come. We are waiting for the Robert Schuman of the world.

~ Idea 2143 ~
The Secretary General of the United Nations should submit to the Heads of States UN General Assembly 2000 well worked out proposals for an intelligent, rational, inspirational and evolutionary world political system for the proper government of planet Earth and humanity and they should work on it. If not, he and they will leave no mark on human history.

~ Idea 2144 ~
During a conference on Teilhard de Chardin's views of the future of humankind and the Earth at the famous World War II Memorial of the city of Caen, Normandy, France I made the following proposals to the mayor and to the president of the Memorial:

1. that the name of Teilhard de Chardin should be added to the roster of great world philosophers and peacemakers engraved on the wall of the Memorial.

The idea was implemented.
2. to invite the Secretary General of the United Nations to visit the Memorial on the occasion of one of his visits to Europe. The mayor and president of the memorial will send to him an invitation.

3. to invite all Nobel Peace Prize winners to the Memorial where there is a Nobel Peace Prize Gallery and express their views, recommendations and ideas for a peaceful world in the 21st century, to be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly 2000 at the Heads of State Level.

4. to create a world association of war and peace memorials around the world such as the Verdun Memorial, the Wall of Berlin Memorial, the Hiroshima Memorial and others, to draw lessons from past wars and help build a warless, peaceful, non-violent world. The association should be accredited to the United Nations and help the UN in its peace efforts as well as those of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 2145 ~
It is such a marvelous feeling to travel in French trains, the best in the world, devoid of all advertisements. This example should be followed by all other public transportation means in the world and on all public roads and lands.

~ Idea 2146 ~
In France two families have introduced lawsuits against the national cigarettes and tobacco manufacturing company. They thus follow in the footsteps of the American government which is waging lawsuits against private cigarette companies because its public health system has to pay for the treatment of cancers produced by smoking.

I suggest that families should also introduce lawsuits against governments which allow advertisements of smoking and alcoholic drinks in order to derive revenues from such products and advertisements. This should be considered totally immoral and contrary to public health interests.

~ Idea 2147 ~
I recommend that a country like Costa Rica should wage a national campaign for the consumption of natural fruit juices and against artificial carbonated drinks. Costa Rica should also have a systematic policy of exports of natural fruit juices in order to derive income from such exports and help local producers of its large variety of wonderful fruits to survive and not be forced to abandon such cultivation as had a neighbor of ours.

~ Idea 2148 ~
Advertisement is a one-way programmed communication from business and big corporations to which the people cannot respond. It is a new form of domination of the rich over the poor. I recommend that governments urgently look into this problem and come up with proper legislation. A World Conference on Advertisement and the Media should be urgently held. I cannot repeat it enough. Please dear people, request it from your legislators.

~ Idea 2149 ~
It is good that France is following the example of Italy and is determined to put an end to obligatory military service. It wants to build a professional army by the year 2000. In the meantime any young people who have a labor or employment contract for at least six months are exempted from military service.

The United Nations should publish a yearly report on the status of military service and its progressive elimination from the world. What a beautiful progress of humanity this would be. Such a progress report should be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly 2000 at the Heads of States Level.

~ Idea 2150 ~
The European countries should move out of NATO and create a common European security system of their own. They should return to the proposals to create a European army by Robert Schuman and Winston Churchill when they met in Paris in 1951. Where are the Robert Schumans and Winston Churchills of today?

~ Idea 2151 ~

In discussions on the evolution of human life on planet Earth there is a lot of talk about 'polar couples', of husbands and wives, of males and females being 'poles of Earth evolution'. I would prefer the words 'cosmic couples', a concept already coined by the Mayan cosmologists and adopted by me and my wife (see Idea 759 in Vol. II). One could speak of cosmic couples as poles of Earth evolution.

~ Idea 2152 ~
I consider it a major historical irresponsibility to let this century pass without convening the United Nations Security Council's Military Staff Committee at the Chiefs of Armies level, an organ created by the UN Charter to design a common world security system and after that disarm the world. Even if it should not succeed, it is a sacred obligation of the Security Council toward the world's people to convene it. If I were the UN Secretary General I would request it most emphatically from the Security Council and if not accepted I would submit my resignation.

~ Idea 2153 ~
The UN should proclaim the year 2000 World Anti-nuclear Missiles Year. Announcements of the reduction of nuclear missiles should be made solemnly by nuclear powers during that year and televised world-wide from the United Nations. A large map of nuclear missiles in the world and their progressive elimination should be displayed at the United Nations on the pathway of delegates and visitors. Ted Turner should give a prize to the country that destroys most of them.

~ Idea 2154 ~
In any enclosed place where a number of people gather for a duration of time, for example movie houses, restaurants, gambling places, conference halls, theaters, airplanes, etc. the law should require that architects calculate the volume of oxygen needed by the people, the carbon dioxide emitted by their lungs and make sure that a necessary ventilation system exists for proper respiration by all. The certificate that this has been done should be displayed by law in all these places. There are already a number of them in the world who do it, but there should be many more. It is a means to increase the health, welfare and longevity of people.

~ Idea 2155 ~
The greatest support to internationalism will be 'internetism'. To my poem Decide to Network I must now add another, Decide to Internetwork.

~ Idea 2156 ~
When most people and institutions have become money crazy the word democracy should be replaced by moneycracy (moneycrazy?) or plutocracy from the Latin god Pluto, the god of wealth.

~ Idea 2157 ~
In the last two or three decades we had nine World Commissions of Eminent Personalities usually headed by a current or former head of state and dealing with major world subjects. These commissions complement and often outdistance usefully the work of the United Nations. The list of these commissions contained in Idea 500 of my 2000 Ideas is reproduced below. I have proposed myself several more world commissions (see item World Commissions in Volume V, the Index of the first 2000 Ideas).

I think it would be very useful if these heads of states and personalities would create a common world office to follow the fate of their recommendations, to republish their reports when they are out of print, to look for ways to have their recommendations implemented, to plan reconvenings and to get more world commissions created on vital global human issues.

A summary of all the concrete proposals made by these commissions would be a remarkable, very useful document for the UN General Assembly at the Heads of States Level in fall of 2000, more eminent and useful than these personal ideas of mine.

List of World Commissions of Eminent Personalities held in recent years:

The World Commission on North-South Relations headed by former Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany,

The World Commission on Disarmament headed by Mr. Olof Palme, former Prime Minister of Sweden.

The World Commission on the Environment headed by Mrs. Gro Harlan Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway.

The World Commission on Global Governance, headed by Mr. Ingvàr Carlsson, former Prime Minister of Sweden.

The World Commission on Funding of the United Nations, headed by Ms. Hazel Henderson, US economist,

The World Commission on Population and the Quality of Life, headed by Mrs. Maria de Lourdes Pintalsigo, former Prime Minister of Portugal,

The World Commission on Art and Culture, headed by former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuellar,

The World Commission on Education in the 21st century, headed by Jacques Delors, former President of the European Economic Community,

The World Commission on the Oceans, headed by Mario Soares, Prime Minister of Portugal.

The recently created World Commission on Consciousness and Spirituality co-chaired by Dr. Karan Singh (India), and Robert Muller (France).

~ Idea 2158 ~
Similarly, there are several former heads of states who individually or in groups mediate conflicts behind the scenes or launch new ideas, for example the InterAction Council of 27 former heads of states headed by Dr. Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, which drafted a remarkable Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities.

Why not create a common office for former heads of states similar to the one proposed for the World Commissions of Eminent Personalities?

Again, it would be very remarkable if former heads of states individually or in groups could submit their concrete proposals and ideas to the General Assembly 2000 of the UN at the heads of states level which is "to focus on means of solving our global problems and to reform the means of global governance in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century" (resolution of the 1998 UN General Assembly).

~ Idea 2159 ~
And why not consider several similar common offices for former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and any other former Ministers? The world would be greatly enriched by their exchanges of visions, experience, ideas, contributions and by their friendships.

~ Idea 2160 ~
I have suggested to the President of the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) to ask all retired and active UN journalists and press correspondents to write down their ideas concerning a better UN and a better 21st century and 3rd millennium. I am sure that many of them have ideas which are dear to them. The answers received could be submitted to the Secretary General of the UN, to the heads of states of the General Assembly 2000 and to the Peoples' Assembly 2000. Given the importance of the press, especially the international press, in world affairs and with the Permanent Missions to the UN, it is quite possible that at least some if not many good suggestions submitted might be implemented and have a deep influence on the future of the world.

~ Idea 2161 ~

The US better wake up and begin to think what kind of Earth government or world federal system they want and discuss it with other nations. If not, I predict that they will wake up some day with a new world government system developed progressively by the European Union behind their back. Remember my words. It will be the same situation as when the United States never believed that the European Union would be created and would succeed.

~ Idea 2162 ~
I repeat that it is absolutely essential and urgent to create a World Public Opinion Agency of the United Nations to give world democracy a real chance by ascertaining the views and wishes of the people. Such an agency would keep track of all public opinion polls in nations and would organize world public opinion polls of its own on the global issues besetting this planet.

~ Idea 2163 ~
I would like to see the birth of people's movements against advertisement. For example, how much more beautiful a railroad station along the magnificent Hudson River would be if it did not display often ugly, stupid advertisements which are real insults to God's nature and to human intelligence. To the law of freedom of enterprise we must oppose the law of the people's opinions, good taste and true democracy.

~ Idea 2164 ~
A new idea is the Miami's TOP, Tourist Oriented Police, a police helping the tourists. Why not also a PHP, a Peoples' Helping Police, an EHP, an Elderly Helping Police, a CHP, a Children's Helping Police, a YHP, a Youth Helping Police? Why not transform all the polices of the world into Peace Loving and Protecting Agencies or Services?

~ Idea 2165 ~
Love? You want a definition of love?

Just look at a mother and her child.

Regarding Mother Earth, she loves us as her children, but we have not yet learned to love her as our mother. It must come. It will come. It is written all over the Earth.

~ Idea 2166 ~
Do not watch TV. Do not listen to noisy radio programs. Do not read newspapers and magazines. They are almost irrelevant and have only superficial coverage of the main trends and needs of humanity and of the Earth. Read instead magazines of World Peoples' Associations, the so called Non-governmental Organizations. There you will find the real conditions, needs and ideas to obtain a better world. Listen only to the International Radio of Peace of the United Nations University for Peace and you will get an astonishing daily briefing on the deeper conditions, preoccupations and hopes of our world and of innumerable citizen's efforts. You will be recompensed with untold happiness instead of the frustrations, pessimism and depressions created by national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. None of them has implemented my Framework for World Media Coverage published in Volume I, page 59.

~ Idea 2167 ~
The time will soon come when plain, drinkable water will be sold with the indication of the year. Stores will offer assortments of water from the French Alps or other mountains in the world of a given year accompanied by advertisements regarding purity and health factors.

And God in heaven will shake once more his head at what humans are doing on Earth.

The day will also come when government will prohibit cows because they drink too much water when more city dwellers need more of it for toilet uses, washing machines, etc.

~ Idea 2168 ~
When John McDonnell, the President of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft died, he requested that I should be the first speaker in his memorial lectures. If he were alive today he would request it again, I am sure.

Years ago, in a speech to the US Caterpillar Company, I recommended that they should slow down the production of earth-moving equipment. They would be making enough profit anyway with the normal progressive development in the world. They should not advertise the sale of this equipment.

I note with satisfaction, many years later, that I have never seen an advertisement by Caterpillar even on locations where there are new constructions and the need for much earth-moving equipment. I am sure that the Earth must rejoice at such restraint contrary to what most businesses do around the world.

~ Idea 2169 ~
How can humans with insufficient global education give the right leadership to government, business, news, TV programs, education and today's humanity? They cannot. They are unprepared for it. This is why we have the current confusion in this world. Humans would be better, more hopeful, more inspired, more exalted about life if they received the right global education on this planet, the one I propose in my World Core Curriculum (see the table of its program in Volume I) used only in thirty-four of the millions of schools in the world.

~ Idea 2170 ~
I pray that a great university will re-think from scratch the twenty-one major human segments listed in Ideas 527 to 547. Indeed ideas and proposals for a new political world order, for a new economics, for a new social order, for a new education, for a new world spirituality etc. are scattered all over the world in numerous institutions, associations, thinkers and books. Since time is of the essence it would be of utmost benefit to humanity and to the Earth if a concentrated, coordinated effort were made to re-think fundamentally our human and Earth administration.

~ Idea 2171 ~
There is much debate these days about the phenomenon of globalism: globalism of business, of US power, of the media, of marketing, of advertisement, etc. But the most urgent globalism of all is being ignored: the need for a proper global government and administration of the Earth and of the human society. For the sake of the Earth, the well-being and justice of all humans, and the fate of future generations this crucial problem must receive first, absolute priority.

~ Idea 2172 ~
There are growing criticisms against globalism. Rightly so because business globalism, the most gigantic one, fostered by rich countries which have an enormous advance in science, technology, patents and capital accumulations, etc. started its conquest and domination of the world with a global materialistic culture, consumption promotion, marketing, advertising, literature and media. As a result globalism has essentially become business globalism, business gigantism fostered by US and rich countries' world expansionism and power.

There are other globalisms which should have precedence: global institutions like the UN, spiritual globalism of all religions, ecological globalism, great world engineering and public service projects, etc. This is now powerfully coming to the fore thanks be to God.

~ Idea 2173 ~
I think I am one of the few persons on Earth who thinks and worries day and night about the future of the world and humanity. I am well prepared to do it by my many years in the United Nations exclusive of any other service such as national and business service. There should be many more people like me in the world. I am alone for each 100,000 inhabitants of the world, while there are 85 doctors and 556 militaries.

~ Idea 2174 ~
One great avenue for capitalism to survive would be to propose and obtain the creation of a United Earth Government with a World Stock Exchange in which all peoples of the world could participate and invest for the good of humanity and of the Earth.

~ Idea 2175 ~
There is need for much more scientific and academic work on the concept, problem and practice of cooperation. For example, in a meeting or conference, hearing other people one has suddenly an idea or is reminded of an idea one had forgotten. It should be a vast field of study from cooperation between cells, and all organs of the human body, to cooperation between big entities like nations and corporations to cooperation between humanity and the Earth, and humanity, the Earth and the heavens. What a wonderful era this would open. It would give us the answers to most of our current problems.

~ Idea 2176 ~
We need more words dealing with the future. We have an infinity of words dealing with the past and the present but not for the future. We have futurology, the science of the future. That is fine. I would suggest to introduce also the words 'futurism', 'futuration', to 'futurize' i.e. to give a future input in what we are doing or planning today. Many other words need to be coined for the most gigantic and longest period of time evolving out of our past and present, namely the future. How extraordinary, how exciting to be part of an infinite universe and infinite stream of time!

~ Idea 2177 ~
More money and intellectual resources are spent on the future of our solar system, on the explosion of the sun in five billion years, on possible collisions with asteroids, on the return of an ice age in seventy thousand years than on the effects of current human behavior, beliefs and values on the next one hundred years and third millennium. As my son Francois, who works at the United Nations says, "Humanity should get a triple D for its performance: dumb, disastrous and dangerous. Instead it should try to earn a triple C: courageous, creative and cooperative."

~ Idea 2178 ~
Whenever I destroy something which has not been fully used

Whenever I buy something which is not absolutely necessary

I hear the Earth cry.

~ Idea 2179 ~
The building industry now destroys a lot of nature all around the world to build luxury dwellings principally for rich people who want to return to nature after having enriched themselves by destroying it. It is just one more injustice to be denounced on this planet.

~ Idea 2180 ~
It is likely that when the Latinos and other immigrants to the United States will be the majority of the US population then the legislators elected by that majority will effect a redistribution of wealth in the USA. It might be the first ever in human history.

~ Idea 2181 ~
Do not admire the rich people. Most of them are evolutionary failures or aberrations who have, through their work and lifestyles, damaged a great deal of the Earth and increased human inequality. Pity them. Try to help them by giving them good ideas and examples so that they will be forgiven.

~ Idea 2182 ~
Which will be the first airport on Earth which will rejoice at a decline of its air traffic? It will happen some day. Perhaps sooner than we think.

~ Idea 2183 ~
There will come a day when people will first be advised and later compelled to travel less and to buy less in order to save the Earth. People in the western countries have already started to reduce the number of their children. The western population will decline by forty million inhabitants between now and the year 2050. Western people are also beginning to live more simple and frugal lives (see Ideas 34 and 295 in Volume I). This trend is irresistible. The US will then launch a vast Marshall Plan of financial aid to poor countries so that western business will have new outlets and sales in these countries not caring much about their destruction. But this too will have effects on the Earth and the environment and restrictions will have to be imposed there too sooner or later or most probably too late.

~ Idea 2184 ~
Outer space visitors to planet Earth would be happy to learn that we have an International Maritime Organization (IMO) and an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). But they would be astonished that we do not have a World Road Transport Organization neither for other means of transportation (railroads, canals, etc.). They would ask:

"Why don't you have a comprehensive World Transport Organization which would include the IMCO and ICAO and cover all other forms of transportation? Would it not be more logical and world efficient?"

Yes, why, why, why? I would answer: "Why don't you ask this question to the heads of national governments who think they are so intelligent and efficient?"

~ Idea 2185 ~
Until recently the 'progress' of humanity was not wrong but with overpopulation and overconsumption it became destructive of the Earth and from right it became wrong. If we continue on the same course and make it world-wide as we are now doing it will mean the end of evolution and of most life forms on Earth.

What species and vegetations will survive and will start a new process of evolution? We will not be alive to see it.

~ Idea 2186 ~
'Sustainable economic development'? No.

Economic development in the poor countries and areas? Yes.

Earth-preserving, and only indispensable human development in the rich countries and rich areas? Yes.

~ Idea 2187 ~
For each person working for a better environment and Earth there are at least one thousand working often unknowingly for its destruction. This is a basic, fundamental, built-in fault in the economic capitalistic system which will be acknowledged only when the first big crises will occur.

~ Idea 2188 ~
Why don't governments give a credit card to each individual or family and let them buy what they need up to a certain limit and pay the credit card instead of the United States giving in one year five hundred billion dollars to Japan to restore the banks, sixty billion dollars to the International Monetary Fund to inject money into national economies in trouble and twenty billion dollars overnight to South Korea for their stock exchange? And then all these stock exchanges and banks will lend that money again to industries to continue to produce increasingly unnecessary products and investments, buildings, roads and so on which destroy the Earth. Why does the money always go in the same direction, to big benefiting intermediaries and not directly to the people who need it? How wrong the world economic "system" has become!

And how pitiful that a country considers itself great while disbursing almost overnight the colossal sum of 580 billion dollars to save stock exchanges and refuses to pay a mere yearly 1.3 billion dollars contribution to a second infant world organization in human history, the United Nations, after having killed the first one, namely the League of Nations.

~ Idea 2189 ~
It is the constant injection of new money into society by governments mainly the United States, directly or indirectly through the International Monetary Fund, which keeps what is called the world economy going but at the same time creates inflation as well as ecological and Earth disaster.

Although I was trained as an economist at Columbia University I have not yet gone into the fundamental task of re-thinking the economic system of this planet because my first priority is the political system. I am glad that there are so many economists who send me books with their proposals for a reform of the world's economic system. All I can do is to indicate certain very fundamental wrongnesses and the absolute need to have a concerted world effort to review from scratch our planet's economic system. It is one of the twenty-one basic segments which require urgent, complete re-thinking as we enter the 21st century and 3rd millennium (Ideas 527 to 547).

~ Idea 2190 ~
Why in Paris, New York and other capitals and big cities are the banks always located in the most luxurious buildings which they mostly own? Is that the way the money has to go and you have to plead with them, give them all kinds of guarantees to get a loan and pay interest for an apartment in an almost unlivable suburb high-rise, standardized, soulless building and compete with millions of other people for a job polluting the atmosphere? Is that a human economy? Is that a way of life? Are not indigenous people in their forests and on their lakes living better lives? Or is there not a possibility to find an intermediary way of life where people do not lose the fundamental happiness and peace of living in nature?

~ Idea 2191 ~
It is interesting that President Clinton has announced that the United States will no longer act when a stock exchange crisis appears in the world. He doesn't want these crises to scare the public and therefore has established a preventive system of giving all these billions of dollars to stock exchanges on the eve of trouble so that the trouble will not break out and appear in the press and scare the public. That is the preventive system of 'free enterprise' capitalism! They might prevent the collapse of capitalism, but not the collapse of the Earth. One consolation is that the western population will diminish by forty million until the year 2050, and a good part of the new US population will be immigrants who, it is to be hoped, have more common sense. Also more and more rich Americans are emigrating to natural, still livable countries of the southern hemisphere, such as Costa Rica. Perhaps this is how equilibrium will be restored.

~ Idea 2192 ~
Flying over the magnificent Rocky Mountains and then over disastrously overpopulated, polluted Los Angeles I thought that the big building companies, who for years have already planned the future abandonment of big cities, must now have detailed plans for building human settlements on those high mountains for people to move there and be saved from deadly pollution. Mark my prophecy.

~ Idea 2193 ~
Governments should close all stock exchanges and create national stock exchanges or a new institution to receive the savings of the people and to invest the money into businesses and projects which will not be Earth destroying and detrimental to the well-being and health of the population. The investment decisions should be guided by a national Earth council of eminent, ethical personalities in each country and at the world level by the UN Earth Council created by the Rio de Janeiro Conference in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 2194 ~
All Ministries of National Education in the world should be transformed and renamed Ministries of Human Education. All systems of education on this planet must be rethought from scratch as I have recommended several times in these 3000 ideas. On that aspect of human activities I have done my duty by recommending the World Core Curriculum published in Volume I, page 18.

~ Idea 2195 ~
If a taxpayer in any country of the world does not pay his due taxes by a certain date he will have to pay a fine within another deadline and if he still doesn't pay there will be a legal action against him. Well, when it comes to the organization that is concerned with the Earth's and the people's vast global problems, namely the United Nations, a government is quite able not to pay for a number of years without any penalties and if it still does not pay, all that government will lose is its right to vote. Why is this rule not applied also to people so that if they do not pay their taxes within a certain deadline all they would lose is their right to vote? A peoples' movement should be created to obtain that.

~ Idea 2196 ~
I recommend that the celebration of the year 2000 should make a big room to the visionaries, philosophers, prophets and leading minds of this planet. The UN Secretary General should solicit their visions and publish them in a major world report to all nations. Rare are indeed the national leaders who have the time to think about the long-term future of the Earth and humanity, absorbed as they are by daily, immediate problems and national interests.

~ Idea 2197 ~
It is such a tragedy to see the US Congress repeat toward the United Nations almost the same error it committed after World War I by not ratifying and joining the League of Nations: it opposes practically all measures and effectiveness of the United Nations. With the non-joining of the United States of the League of Nations we had as a result Hitler and Mussolini who got away with their misdeeds for quite a number of years leading to World War II. What will historians write in fifty years on what happened to the world and humanity because the United States began to disregard the United Nations and took it upon itself to rule the world and intervene anywhere according to its own interests? But this time there will be no Hitlers, Mussolinis and communism to make the culprits. Who will be labeled the new culprit? Probably the United Nations.

~ Idea 2198 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, ecological movements might as well abandon the illusion that they will be able to save me. They can only get some improvements here and there, but globally for each ecologist there are thousands of business people who will continue to seek profit, even at my expense. It might be better for ecologists to give up so that disaster can come sooner for it is only ecological disaster which will move governments to act."

~ Idea 2199 ~
There should be obligatory daily air pollutions information published in all cities of the world. This should become a fundamental human right of all city inhabitants. The world-wide recognition of that right should be raised in the United Nations. Many rich people are quite able to destroy nature with their business, industry, marketing and advertisement but make sure to have a beautiful dwelling somewhere in nature to enjoy fresh air. As a builder of New York skyscrapers once said to me when I asked him why he was building such monstrosities, "I'm not crazy. I do not live in New York. I commute every weekend from my home in the suburbs of Madrid." Not all rich people and businessmen do this of course, but it would be an interesting statistics to know how many of them do. Why not publish statistics on multiple dwellings of people and their locations?

~ Idea 2200 ~
When business and money making are concerned everything is perfectly organized in the western society, especially in the United States. When the Earth and nature are concerned very little is decently organized and this happens at the time in our evolution when the Earth and nature have become priority number one of human concerns.

When outer space beings someday will visit planet Earth they will wonder how the human species became extinct. Their research will reveal that humans invented money as a means of exchange. It did wonders for many centuries, but then it became the objective of life and it was the end of that species.


Rashmi Mayur,
famous Hindu peace activist

Rashmi Mayur and I have met many times and have been involved in many common efforts to bring about more peace, justice, well-being, happiness and spirituality on our miraculous planet Earth.

Thinking about his life and efforts, it occurred to me that he is the perfect example of a new kind of human being as well as of an old one.

A new kind of human being:

He is what I would call a One-person World Organization by himself with the following characteristics:
- he creates his own vision, ideology and objectives of what needs to be done on this planet, constantly revising his views from what he learns;
- he uses every capacity of his to get it done: meditation, thought, speech, writing, preaching, inspiring, passionately elevating everyone he meets or any audience he addresses;
- he uses every opportunity to get others to contribute: proposing and attending conferences, creating thinking groups, new associations and movements, being part of every effort by world institutions like the United Nations and its specialized agencies and world programs, and closely associating himself with many non-governmental organizations;
- he contributes as many articles as he can to books written by others on world subjects and writing his own;
- he is always ready for media interviews, radio and television programs;
- he writes innumerable letters to persons in high positions and answers letters from the poorest and humblest ones;
- he has constantly new ideas, concerns and dreams;
- he leads a simple, frugal life to be in the best physical condition to do his considerable work and live longer;
- he has no staff, no organization of his own, he is a one-man operation;
- he turns always to the heavens and God for help and guidance.

A member of an old invisible nation of world servers:

"For generations an invisible nation of world servers has been slowly forming all over the planet, an invisible web of individuals who share distinctive traits and attitudes, the dominant one being a sense of service toward their neighbor, their community and the world at large. This self-constituting 'nation without any territory' is an expression of the progressive opening up of humanity to a more holistic and unified view of reality."

"One meets these people of goodwill all over the planet. They have existed since time immemorial. Although they have never heard of 'a serving nation' they belong to it by their spirit of disinterested service and by their way of life. They have pledged themselves to a certain quality of beingness and living. They have made a commitment to human rights, not always verbally, but by the integrity of their thoughts, actions and existence. They strive to 'walk their talk'."

These words are textually from a proposal to create a Serving Nation Without Territory, by a wonderful couple of such servers in Geneva, Switzerland, Elly and Pierre Pradervand. The idea was launched at The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in May 1999. It is open to a public dialogue for one year and then meetings to elaborate further developments will be held at the NGO Millennium Forum in New York, end of May 2000, and in Geneva end of June of the same year.

I hope that Rashmi Mayur will join in this effort and be a major force in the recognition and growth of this vast invisible community of world servers.

I would like to conclude by making two proposals to him:

- Write down all your specific ideas and dreams for a better world, derived from your many years of action, observation and dreaming. I am doing it in my Three Thousand Ideas and Dreams for a Better World. It is a great rewarding experience and a potential path-breaking contribution to a better world.
- please place yourself in the shoes of a head of state who wants to become a great world leader and describe in your words the world and humanity you would like to see flourish in the next century and millennium. It could be a great document for the UN General Assembly of heads of states in the fall of 2000 whose task it will be "to focus on means to solve our primary global problems and to reform the means of global governance in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

I wish Rashmi Mayur a very long life in order to bless humanity and the Earth with many more good undertakings and actions on his part. I beg many people in the world to follow his inspiring example and to be like him.

Robert Muller


IDEAS 2201 TO 2300


What One Idea Can Do

In 1996 during an airtrip over the US a stewardess had a chat with me. She said that she had a very strong desire to do something for world peace. During our talk an idea arose, the results of which are reported in the following letter.

 Caring and Sharing for
 Each Other and the Earth
19 March 1999

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for your note of February 2 and the inspiring articles and comments you sent. Do you know you are one of the first individuals to inspire me with a vision of the travel industry playing a more fundamental role in building a better world - and really the "Grandfather of Airline Ambassadors"!

Since 1996 our accomplishments are as follows:

Provided over 400 travel escorts for Third World disadvantaged orphans and children in need of medical life changing medical care.

Coordinated the donation and delivery of over $3.7 million worth of humanitarian aid to disaster areas, orphanages and medical clinics in need.

Assisted regularly at shelters for the homeless, schools for disadvantaged children and homes for battered women in 10 US cities.

Presented or assisted at over 50 events or conferences focused on global issues including 14 United Nations' official meetings.

Involved over 62,000 children in 54 countries in youth education projects and humanitarian outreach programs.

Flight attendants are just ordinary people. Our goal is to focus attention on the worldwide need for humanitarian aid. We want to inspire thousands of others with opportunities to volunteer their own skills in the alleviation of human suffering.

I opened my Executive Council meeting last week with a quote from the article you sent on a Global Peace Service. We also decided we would like to have some day our Executive Council Meeting in Costa Rica at the UN University for Peace! Is there a nearby place to stay and what would be the costs involved? Also, we would love for you and Barbara to be there and share with us the inspiration of your experience and breadth of vision and perspective.

Again Robert thank you so much for your note of encouragement. Congratulations on your new book - 2000 Ideas for Peace. I'm sure it will be an inspiration to thousands.

Love, Light and a Big Hug,
Nancy Rivard
Founder and President
P.O. Box 117321
Burlingame, CA 94011-7321

~ Idea 2201 ~
Businesscism has become the most sophisticated, good looking new empireship in human history. If past emperors would resurrect they would exclaim: "My God, they are doing it without being hated by the people who even love them and they do it world-wide without any resistance. We were children compared to them."

~ Idea 2202 ~

Of late I have observed that animals like dogs and cats and our cows in Costa Rica have a deep sense of love for me which was not the case in the past. I think I have found the explanation: they feel that I have come closer to them as one animal in direct relation with other animals and nature. Their eyes and mine reflect it all. They are eyes smiling at each other. The same must become true of all humanity's relations with each other and with nature. Love for nature will be returned to us by her love. And both humans and nature will be happy. Women have always known that. Love must become the main factor of human civilization.

~ Idea 2203 ~
I will never understand why there was not a single country of NATO which had the courage to leave NATO after the cold war was over and even less that not a single country had the courage to refuse participating in the NATO military actions in Yugoslavia. Did not any of these countries know that this was a vast strategy and occasion for the United States to prevent a European Union cohesion like that of their own states, to prevent the creation of a European army and that now the US is co-ruling Europe militarily? No, I will never understand it. The Pentagon is still strategist number one in the world. Question: Would the US accept an intervention of NATO on American territory?

~ Idea 2204 ~
Philanthropy (love for humankind) and gaiaphily (love for Gaia, the Earth) should start at the very beginning. You do not rob people and destroy nature to get rich and then you give a little or a lot of philanthropy back to look better. Philanthropy and gaiaphily are daily human duties. They both must start right away at the personal level and throughout our life.

~ Idea 2205 ~
At a meeting of the personnel of the UN Earth Council at the UN University for Peace and the visit of the Ambassadors of Ecuador and Peru who deposited a border peace agreement between the two countries it was announced that Costa Rica might propose to the United Nations the creation of Green Helmets to help defend and protect the environment. Bravo! They would be a welcome addition to the UN's Blue Helmets of peacekeeping services and White Helmets helping in the case of natural disasters.

~ Idea 2206 ~
Several years ago already, Mr. Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO, at a conference on water, recommended that there should be a water ethics. How right he was! Humanity should adopt at the United Nations a whole series, a true World Code of Earth Ethics including

water ethics
air ethics
forestry ethics
vegetation ethics
animal species ethics
river ethics
mountain ethics
soil ethics

~ Idea 2207 ~
Note to the Captain of an American Airlines from Chicago to Seattle

Dear Captain,

We greatly enjoyed this flight without television. We could think, be ourselves, dream, make a balance sheet of our lives, write down ideas and plans for our future and for a peaceful, happier, better world.

Airplanes can be the monasteries of modern times. High up in the skies one can better see and judge our Earth and one is closer to God. Thank you for making this possible.

I am glad that years ago, at the United Nations, I was able to obtain an international convention against airplane highjacking.

We wish you and your family a great, happy life.

Robert Muller and Barbara Gaughen Muller

~ Idea 2208 ~
If the US government does not redirect the plutonium-loaded Cassini space vehicle into the sun and if an accident should occur during its orbiting around the Earth at a speed of 46,000 miles an hour, all nations afflicted by millions of cases of cancer and destructions up to billions of dollars, should indict the United States before the International Court of Justice and request for reparations far beyond the total reparations of 100 million dollars foreseen in the Price-Anderson Act. Many nations should consider severing their diplomatic relations with the United States, which should be declared an irresponsible country by the United Nations.

~ Idea 2209 ~
In November 1863 Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States delivered the now famous Gettysburg Address. One newspaper called it at the time, "silly, flat and dishwatery utterances".

I hope and pray that in September 2000 at the opening of the UN General Assembly of heads of state Mr. Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations will deliver an address which will be remembered by the whole world with the same fame and fondness as is the Gettysburg Address by the American people.

As we enter a new century and millennium we need a new world order and thinking. As Einstein said, "we shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. We cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that gave rise to the problem." And as the famous French revolutionary Mirabeau proclaimed at the time: "De l'audace, de l'audace et encore de l'audace." "Audacity, audacity, and still more audacity."

~ Idea 2210 ~
Competition as a main rule of life must be replaced by cooperation to preserve the precious air, waters, vegetation and other natural resources which are the fundamental elements of our life. Those are the supreme values, not the commercial values advertised by an obsolete, condemned, non-natural capitalism.

~ Idea 2211 ~
The capitals and offices of the heads of states of all countries should be moved to mountains, sea shores or other places of beautiful, pure nature so that our leaders can remain sane and be inspired by the laws of nature and the common sense of the inhabitants of these regions. A popular wisdom states it: in nature one is closest to God.

The same transfer should be considered for the United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies and world programs, all located in capitals or big cities.

Thank God the UN University for Peace and the Earth Council are located in a paradise of nature in a peaceful, demilitarized country.

~ Idea 2212 ~
As a result of the globalization, gigantism, immense money power of business corporations, marketing and advertisement firms uncontrolled by national governments, I recommend the multiplication, spread and mushrooming of World Peoples' Movements, associations and non-governmental organizations.

A first WPM which comes to my mind is a World Peoples' Movement Against Soft Drinks which increasingly monopolize drinking water, produce unhealthy drinks, create incredible wastes of plastic bottles and metal cans, displace local natural fruit juices and fruit production both in poor and in rich countries, charge outrageous prices and become more powerful than many governments. Visitors from outer space would consider this totally incomprehensible.

The second is a WPM Against Improper Advertisements of cigarettes, smoking and alcoholic beverages. The WPMs and non-governmental organizations should request the creation, in all governments, of a Ministries of Proper Ethical Marketing and Customer Information.

~ Idea 2213 ~
It is not only with wars that people are disgusted. It is also with the crass business injustices and doings permitted by governments which no longer govern to help the poor and helpless but have become the servants of big business. It is this that creates violence in so many forms. They are also disgusted with the destruction of nature, of the Earth by big business. This is why in big countries, the militaries and the media are so happy with the Kosovo affair because any ethnic, or religious troubles in the world divert the attention of the people from their own miseries and injustices. This is also why there is such intensive reporting in the western world media of any ethnic and religious troubles in the world.

The alliance between giant business, governments and the militaries has become a big curse for the Earth and might lead to her demise. That is the biggest, most preoccupying, worst globalization we witness these days on this planet.

~ Idea 2214 ~
The words non-governmental organizations should be abandoned. They reflect a subordinate, lower level of institutions, governments being higher to them.

I would propose the words Peoples' Associations and World Peoples' Movements (WPMs). They should create a United Peoples' Organization parallel to the United Nations, have a world Secretariat and a Secretary General. It is only with the menace of such a creation that governments will give in and allow a peoples' representation, or a peoples' assembly in the United Nations.

~ Idea 2215 ~
What a planet are we on which not a single government has a Ministry for Peace, Ministry of Happiness and a Ministry of the Future! What is government for if it is not for peace, happiness and a better future of the people and the Earth?

~ Idea 2216 ~
Soon the most profitable and busiest business on Earth will be the building of new airports. This new 'need' is coming up everywhere. Soon there will be as many airplanes in the air as there are cars and trucks on the roads of the Earth. Today already they are a main contributor to the production of carbon dioxide which amounts to twelve thousand tons every minute that passes!

That thought came to me at Newark Airport, one of the biggest and newest in the world; at 7pm we were informed that there were still seventeen airplanes to take off before ours to Costa Rica.

I took the decision no longer to accept speeches around the world and attend conferences abroad. I will limit my air travels to visits to my family.

~ Idea 2217 ~
Humanity has rightly created years ago in the United Nations at my suggestion an office to deal with natural disasters in the world.

But this is not enough. That office's functions should be extended to disasters caused by humans to nature and to human-produced social disasters.

~ Idea 2218 ~
Darwin's theory of competition and survival of the fittest was right in the 19th century when the human population was small and the resources of the planet barely exploited but it has become obsolete in the 20th.

Today it is the survival of the Earth and of the human species which are the primary challenges. The new requisites of evolution are henceforth cooperation and service to the Earth and humanity.

~ Idea 2219 ~
We have too many individuals in the world, especially males, who think and act primarily to become famous, 'recognized', rich, remembered and even immortalized. Why?

And we have too few individuals who place their service to the Earth and to humanity above their personal fate. Why not more?

This is a major problem of humanity today.

~ Idea 2220 ~
We have too many social, racial and ethnic groups in the world which want to be recognized, famous, powerful and rich. Why?

And we have too few social groups who place their service to the Earth and humanity as their foremost duty, pride and priority. Why not more?

That too is a major problem of humanity today.

~ Idea 2221 ~
We have too many institutions in the world, especially national governments, corporations and religions which want to be famous, recognized, rich, bigger, more powerful and remain in existence forever. Why?

And we have too few institutions which have the welfare of the Earth, her nature and of all humanity as their primary objectives, want to be of service to them and are quite ready to be only temporary. Why not more?

That too is a major problem of humanity today.

~ Idea 2222 ~
5:30 in the morning, looking at the incredible beauty of Mt. Rasur and admiring my beautiful wife Barbara, the thought came to me: what a miracle it is to live as a couple in a peaceful, disarmed, nature protecting, demilitarized country like Costa Rica. Why do not more countries do it?

I see the two crosses on top of Mt. Rasur, the crucifixion cross and the cross of hope and resurrection. What an uplifting task Barbara and I still have on this planet! Yesterday, after I spoke to a group of Latin American military officers, one of them came to see me and said: "I pray that you will never lose the passion that possesses you." Several of them asked to be photographed with me. One of them said, "You are expressing the message of Christ." The tears came to my eyes. I thought that I had unjustly challenged these militaries and it was just the contrary. I opened their eyes, not only in my speech but in the rejoinder when one of them asked, "How could you say that you hated borders and that you hated militaries in your youth?" And I told them why. I'm sure they will accept my invitation to come to this university, sit down with us, make it a peaceful world and transform all militaries into agents of peace, protectors of peace and make out of SEATO and NATO a UN World Security System. I told them that I had just given a telephone call to Betty Williams, the Nobel Prize winner for peace and asked her to create a world movement of mothers to claim the fundamental human right that the flesh of the flesh of a mother will never be asked to kill the flesh of the flesh of another mother.

~ Idea 2223 ~
All people living in a warring, conflictual country of the world should remind governments of their sacred human right to peace proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in a declaration of 12 November 1984. It reads: "Aware that the establishment of a lasting peace on Earth represents the primary condition for the preservation of human civilization and the survival of humankind, recognizing that the maintenance of a peaceful life for peoples is a sacred duty of each state, solemnly proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a sacred right to peace."

(UN General Assembly resolution 39/11 of 12 November 1984)

~ Idea 2224 ~
Humanity has become one of the wrongest species on Earth, in full process of destroying instead of loving the Earth, our home. A real revolution is needed to redefine our proper place, role, fulfillment and cooperation with our miraculous planet.

~ Idea 2225 ~
I do not understand why governments have not created a Main Commission on Democracy in the UN General Assembly. This, together with a Main Commission on the Future, is one of the most missing central organs in the world organization. Please let us request both from the Year 2000 Heads of States General Assembly.

~ Idea 2226 ~
Before having even achieved a proper democracy on planet Earth (from the individual through all groups to humanity as a whole) we are faced now with the needs and cries of an Earthcracy or Ecocracy, the rule of the Earth, of all its Ecoregions around the planet, the airs, the oceans, the climate, the species, the vegetation etc. My God, what a turning point this is at the end of our century and millennium!

~ Idea 2227 ~
Minorities often want to pull out of a dominant culture and obtain independence. The individual can do that too. I can pull out of the whole human current society or my wrong doing nation to be purely myself and become a co-creator, an interdependent cosmic unit of a new global species on an Earth understood as a cosmic entity and home. More people could and should do that.

~ Idea 2228 ~
We speak a lot of human justice. But where is Earth justice? Where are the laws which would protect the Earth against excessive, needless destruction by money-makers, business and developers?

~ Idea 2229 ~
There might come a day on this planet when there will be stockpiles of books on butterflies but no living butterflies anymore.

~ Idea 2230 ~
Visiting the Costa Rican hill locality of Escazu, I could not believe my eyes: several skyscrapers are being built at the mercy of the first earthquake, but it enriches the architects, builders, insurance companies and capital holders. I sometimes wish that capitalism had capitulated together with communism. The Earth would have benefited. Visiting the monstrous shopping centers, even now in poor countries, provokes in me the same rage.

~ Idea 2231 ~
Seen in one of the Costa Rican shopping centers, this ultimate corruption by marketing, namely big displays offering a full bottle of rum and a 'free' two liters of Coca Cola. Surely this must be the strike of genius of a US marketing expert who reasoned as follows: the kids will want their mother to get that Coca Cola and their mother will think that her husband will be happy if she brings home a bottle of rum for him as a result of a good deal. And thus, after having added drugs to Coca Cola for many years to make people addicted to it, now alcohol is used as an incentive!

Hence my recommendations that a World Peoples' Movement (WPM) be created against unethical advertisement and marketing, and a Ministry on Marketing and Consumer Information created in each government.

~ Idea 2232 ~
For the first time in my life I feel tempted to read Karl Marx's, Das Kapital.. He might have predicted in the 19th century what we see today and what is still more to come. In East Germany they tell now this joke: What Russia told us about socialism were all lies, but what they told us about capitalism was the truth.

Someone should write a book with the title Kaputalism.

Humanism and Earthism should become the new two-pronged ideologies of our time.

~ Idea 2233 ~
"A person's life purpose is nothing more than the rediscovery, through the detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which that person's heart first opened."          Albert Camus

Yes, he is so right. My own dominating images in early childhood were: the beauty of nature, the miracle of human life, the ugliness of the border with the neighboring country, and the elevation towards God and the heavens at mass.

Please remember what were yours when you were a child. It will make a miracle of your life and bring you the incredible help of the invisible forces of the universe.

~ Idea 2234 ~
In Idea 1611 I said that the proposal of the government of Malta to agree on a Law of the Seas, a commons of the Earth (70 percent of it) which nations had forgotten to 'sovereignize', except for a distance reached by a canon shot, took about 30 years to negotiate. The US Government over the years watered it down to almost irrelevance. And when its demands were met and the Law of the Sea was opened to ratification, the US simply did not ratify it!

The US Government uses this tactic in any effort or world conference which does not suit its interests. It would use it in any effort or conference dealing with a UN Charter reform or strengthening or with the creation of a proper Earth Government or World Union or World Constitution.

I recommend therefore that in any world conference or effort on a new political world order between governments, the US Peoples' Non-governmental Association suggested in Idea 2030 or the new Global Peoples' Assembly should have a seat. The US Association could organize a peoples' poll which might show that US citizens support an idea which their government opposes. It would be progress toward a true democracy.

~ Idea 2235 ~
There can be progress on this planet: in the early 1970's, of all Central American countries only Costa Rica had a democratic government. All others were run by generals or dictators. Today all five republics have democratic governments and the militaries are on the decline or way out.

~ Idea 2236 ~
We must absolutely deciticize and renaturize the places where humans live on this planet. Deciticization and renaturization must become two major movements on planet Earth. Big cities do not know what to invent anymore to continue to grow, to attract more people, activities, institutions, conferences, hotels, entertainments, sports, arts, etc. It has attained a state of folly and contributes significantly to the destruction of the planet. Outer space beings would tell us that immediately.

~ Idea 2237 ~
To stop the advance of NATO due to US pressure and substantial bribes to former Soviet Block satellites, I recommend that the European countries should urgently leave NATO and construct an all European security system based on the European army which Winston Churchill and Robert Schuman planned already in 1951.

The European Union should simultaneously reactivate the creation of a world security system as foreseen in the Charter of the United Nations. Such a system would render NATO and SEATO obsolete or would integrate them into the new system. The UN World Security System could not be created because of the cold war. Now that the cold war is over, the subject should be actively re-opened in the United Nations. If President Eisenhower were alive he would request it immediately. And he was a general!

~ Idea 2238 ~
The same way as the security of the fifty-one states of the United States is ensured by the Federal Government's US Armed Forces, the security of the 189 nations of the world should be insured by the United Nations or a Federal United States of the World and not by the armies of 170 armed, militarized nations. The savings from demilitarization and disarmament derived from a central World Security System would be colossal. They would be sufficient to eradicate all poverty from the Earth. What a pity that the United States, which was one of the great leaders for a world civilization at the times of George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt, has now become the main undertaker of the world. But this has been the case of all great empires as was shown by Arnold Toynbee in his historical survey.

~ Idea 2239 ~
I am sure that God wanted me to retire, to write, to teach and to live in a paradise of nature and get me far away from New York to recover and champion a world common sense from the midst of the magnificence of His miraculous natural creation and in a demilitarized country.

~ Idea 2240 ~
In the year 2000, a World Peoples' Assembly will meet as well as a United Nations General Assembly at the heads of state level. If youth is not well represented in that Peoples' Assembly, I recommend that a separate Youth Assembly be convened. It is essential that youth tell world leaders what kind of a world and future they want. I hope that world youth associations will join their efforts to make sure of it. I did let them know.

~ Idea 2241 ~
The Mothers of the Earth for World Peace Summit proposed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams to be held at the United Nations in 2000 is a most vital and timely event: mothers should be given a world floor to say what future they want for their children in the 21st century and 3rd millennium, and claim the fundamental mothers' right not to see the flesh of their flesh forced by nations or religions or ethnic groups to kill the flesh of the flesh of other mothers. Peaceful means and not murder should be the ways to peace. I hope that the summit will create a World Mothers' Movement for Peace.

~ Idea 2242 ~
During the Summit General Assembly 2000 of the United Nations I hope that the heads of state will do two things for the future citizens of the 21st century: transform the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) into a UN World Children's Organization and create for youth which has no institution in the international system a UN World Youth Organization.

~ Idea 2243 ~
In the 21st century and 3rd millennium competition must be limited to doing good, to good causes and to good results beneficial to the Earth and to all humanity.

~ Idea 2244 ~
Each step forward in evolution begins with an idea, a dream or a vision.

I recommend the creation of a World Association of Visionaries, Dreamers, Idea People and Prophets for a Better World. It would be a blessing for the future of our evolution and of planet Earth.

~ Idea 2245 ~
It is wonderful that in airplanes passengers are given UNICEF envelopes to put in them their coin or other money left over from their trips abroad and donate it for the help of poor children in the world by UNICEF. It is a simple, great, beautiful, idea.

I recommend the further idea that people in the rich countries should send to UNICEF dolls, teddy bears and other toys with which their houses are filled, for children in the poor world. The Association of Airline Ambassadors (see page 65) could arrange for their free transportation by airplanes. There could be a UNICFF World Dolls and Toys Collection Day.

What joy and happiness this would bring to many poor children.

~ Idea 2246 ~
We should reduce our consumption to goods really needed. In order to do that we should no longer invest our money in banks, in speculative shares, in the stock market but instead invest it in local small businesses, in farms which produce our food, and in local public services we need. Local peoples' associations should be created to do that. And governments should no longer be allowed to issue huge quantities of money to stimulate businesses which produce often huge quantities of unnecessary products and services. This is an entire new field of proper management of our planet and of reformed capitalism which must absolutely be studied and opened.

~ Idea 2247 ~
Thirty years ago we needed a new education, a global education.

Twenty years ago we needed a new education for the protection of the environment.

Today we need a new education to save the Earth and our future evolution.

What new educations will we need in the decades ahead? My predictions are:

A new education to reduce unnecessary, excessive consumption and to live more simple and frugal lives.

A new education to reduce substantially the use of cars, of airplanes and tourism.

A new education to live in more modest houses, to abandon big cities and to return to rural, natural areas.

What educations will we need in fifty years, in a hundred, in a thousand years from now?

These are questions which should be raised in UNESCO and in the Foundation for the Future which looks as far as the year 3000.

I have done my duty by having fathered global education and produced the World Core Curriculum for the teaching of our tremendous cosmic, global knowledge in all schools of the world prior to national education (Table in Volume I, page 18).

~ Idea 2248 ~
All realities and phenomena in the universe must be seen from the point of view of the past, the present and the future.

Humanity is doing pretty well regarding the knowledge of the past: history, archeology, anthropology, biology, etc.

Humanity has recently made substantial progress in evaluating every year the state of the world globally and in an increasing number of sectors.

Humanity, except in a few sectors like population, food and the climate has paid very insufficient attention to the future at a time when everything is changing so rapidly that our future evolution and that of the Earth might be in jeopardy.

Please United Nations, please all governments, all institutions, all human groups and all humans do pay henceforth utmost attention to the future. We must have the intelligence and courage to look as far as the year 3000.

~ Idea 2249 ~
Outbursts of youth participants at a conference in Holland on the future evolution of the world:

"What intelligent species is it that sends tomatoes from Holland to China and French water to the United States?"

Other participant: "And Coca Cola to poor countries where a worker has to work a whole day to pay for one bottle of that artificial drink for his children who have been programmed through advertisement to want it?"

~ Idea 2250 ~
A participant coined a good new word, namely that of advertised human beings. Yes, we are not well informed and educated human beings. We are advertised beings, targets, subjects and victims of colossal, ever growing advertisements. The 20th century might not be remembered solely as a great scientific century, but also as the golden age of business, marketing and advertisement.

~ Idea 2251 ~
Gigantic western cigarette, alcohol and Coca Cola advertisements in the poor countries are a flagrant demonstration of the decadent capitalistic system. The business world should establish its own rules of ethics to stop that scandalous situation. But can it? Will it? I doubt it.

~ Idea 2252 ~
The United Nations and its world agencies should be strengthened and expanded a hundred times to be able to deal effectively with the host of global problems increasing in numbers, intensity and gravity facing this Earth and humanity as has never been the case before in all human history.

The accusations of bureaucracy, waste and communist infiltration launched by the US extreme right since the very birth of the United Nations have only one objective: to see the world ruled by the United States.

The US people should vigorously and effectively react against this situation. If not their country will be more and more isolated and depreciated in the world. They should request from their leaders a great new, positive, ethical, inspiring vision of the world.

~ Idea 2253 ~
Humanity should request from the United Nations and its world agencies the following yearly reports:

1) What has become better in the world: economic well-being, health, lower children mortality, longer life expectation, diminishing wars and conflicts, reduction of smoking, etc.?

2) What has become worse but at a slower rate: population increase, illiteracy, certain accidents, etc.?

3) What has become worse at a greater rate: the environment, climatic changes, internal violence, alcoholism, drugs, suicides, homelessness, etc.?

4) What new phenomena must we watch out for: terrorism, corruption, mafias, hopelessness, insurrections, political and actual wars over resources and the environment etc.?

~ Idea 2254 ~
My dreams and ideas are important because they are the result of a very unique adult life of more than fifty years in the first world-wide organization. There I was like a tree nourished by the entire Earth and humanity. But my fruits are not yet the good, perfect ones. They will require innumerable more trees like me all over the Earth. Please, dear educators, be the loving gardeners of such trees. I will watch you and thank you from heaven.

~ Idea 2255 ~
In the 21st century the age of freedom and rights must be accompanied by a new age of duties and responsibilities. If not, freedom and rights of the powerful and rich will lead to their domination over the poor and almost certainly to revolutions.

~ Idea 2256 ~
Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. We need a new social invention."

I would add: "And never doubt that one thoughtful, committed human being can change the world. It starts with an idea whose time has come." We need innumerable new ideas and social inventions. Please, dear reader, write yours down, send them out and act on them.

~ Idea 2257 ~
While I have thousands of ideas for a better, more peaceful, happier and well-preserved world businessmen, marketers and advertisers have millions of them to produce more and sell more irrespective of the environment and of the people's real wants. For example, some gasoline stations, where many people have to stop, have become picnic and playgrounds and places to buy all sorts of goods. The latest inventions are advertisements in large revolving doors at airports, in hotels and shopping centers. Where will it stop? We will some day see an enormous Coca Cola sign in the night on the moon.

~ Idea 2258 ~
By what will the current decultured western so called civilization be replaced?

We should give a lot of thought to a new, better one to replace it. Let us have a world competition among people to design the next better, peaceful, Earth-preserving, cultured and happy peoples' civilization. The UN or UNESCO should organize that as we enter into a new century and millennium.

~ Idea 2259 ~
Capitalism and communism were both born from the industrial revolution. Communism did not succeed and collapsed. Capitalism did wonders as long as the world's population was small and its natural resources were abundant and unexploited. Now that these conditions have drastically changed capitalism will collapse too. Big businesses and capitalists should be grateful to David Korten for showing them a way to avoid collapse in his new book The Post Corporate World which he wrote after the famous book Corporations Rule the World.

~ Idea 2260 ~
As a joke I said to the passport control officer for citizens of the European Union at Amsterdam airport as I passed it with my American wife, Barbara:

"Why don't you annex the United States to the European Union and you would not need two separate lines."

He and his colleagues in the other line made the most disbelieving, bewildered faces thinking that I was mad.

But then I discovered that my joke was a brilliant idea.

Indeed the US wanted and has obtained that NATO become the European-United States institution for defense. Well, why not go a step further and broaden the European Union by including in it the United States and all other NATO countries? Among the benefits: we would gain a Court of Human Rights, an Environmental Agency and a Commission of the Future for this vaster area of twenty-six countries.

And since the European Union is far superior to the United Nations as an international organization why not open its membership to all democratic countries of the world and progressively make it the true, more effective world union which humanity and the Earth need so urgently?

I therefore recommend the creation of a World Commission of Eminent Persons to transform the European Union into a World Union.

~ Idea 2261 ~
The word education (Latin educare, to lead out...of ignorance) should be suppressed and replaced by 'inducation' i.e. leading children into the broad, knowledge of the universe, the Earth, humanity and time, down to the local community, the family and their miraculous self.

The following should be suppressed:

Unreserved admiration for science and technology
Money-making as the main purpose of life
To ignore other countries, the world and its global agencies
To compete instead of cooperating
To be hyper-intelligent ignoring the heart and the soul
To ignore family history, local history and most of world history and concentrate only on national history
The same with geography, literature, the arts, etc.

~ Idea 2262 ~
The news about accidents, murders, conflicts, violence, bad events with which the front pages and insides of newspapers and images of television are filled must have as one of their main purposes to distract the attention of the people from the monstrous destructions of nature and of the Earth by businesses, big corporations, power and militaries all around the world. On capitalism the news on front pages are that the stock market has jumped etc. In other words, capitalism is good. Let us not forget that the media are to a large extent owned by capitalists. What then can we expect? The way out is to have only a glance at newspapers and not to watch television. That is the way of my wife and I. And we are one of the happiest couples on Earth.

~ Idea 2263 ~
We should immensely cherish our planet Earth which is our home. We should preserve her, beautify her and do every good we can for her. She should be the object of our constant concern and love. Never has this happened before in all human history. It will require from us a totally different attitude toward the Earth. We can become, if we want, the most extraordinary, advanced civilization in the universe, a United Earth and Humanity.

~ Idea 2264 ~
If the Fiscal and Financial Commission of the United Nations is not re-established a World Association of Taxpayers should be created to collect information and study tax evasion, tax injustices and tax havens in the world. The association would become one of the most important non-governmental organizations on Earth.

~ Idea 2265 ~
In 1989, during the bicentennial of the French Revolution, a movement of French youth wanted the UN to draft a new Declaration of Human Rights for the 21st century and to create a World Organization of Human Rights. These were excellent ideas to be considered by the United Nations. The issue of human rights is so central to human ideals and affairs that the United Nations Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights should indeed become a full specialized agency of the UN or a World Organization of Human Rights. I still have a file with the letters received from these young people. I helped them in every way I could but without success.

~ Idea 2266 ~
If I were a philanthropist I would finance radio and TV stations which give no advertisements and concentrate on providing useful, inspiring information, joy and happiness to the people. The International Radio for Peace of the UN University for Peace provides a model.

~ Idea 2267 ~
In the year 2000 a special celebration of all demilitarized and denuclearized countries should take place in the world. The place of the celebration could be the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 2268 ~
According to the famous German economist Schumpeter, economic crises are necessary from time to time to wipe out run away activities and products born in a period of excessive economic growth. This rule might now apply to most of the world economy and create serious havoc.

~ Idea 2269 ~
A halt in the growth of monstrous cities must take place before the people will be forced to leave them for lack of oxygen and in many cases of sufficient water.

~ Idea 2270 ~
My God, how many things will we have to stop growing in the 21st century! It is likely to become the century of voluntary and forced non-growth.

~ Idea 2271 ~
The number of big passenger airplanes will sooner or later have to be limited. They grow in numbers year after year and destroy the atmosphere. Their main passengers are business people and tourists. They should be allowed only for urgencies and important occasions to be defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The time will soon come when this will be unavoidable.

~ Idea 2272 ~
The International Civil Aviation Organization should decree that all passengers of airplanes be informed at the end of their flight of the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by the aircraft during that flight. There should be a little booklet for frequent passengers showing the total carbon dioxide production in which they have been involved during their total mileages flown. 'Carbon dioxide mileage meters' should be installed and lawful in all airplanes and automobiles.

~ Idea 2273 ~
All institutions and firms on Earth which use the adjective 'united' should become members of a world association accredited to the United Nations and support the unitedness of humanity and of humanity with the Earth, nature, the heavens and time.

~ Idea 2274 ~
Einstein was right when he underlined the perfection of means used by humans and the confusion of purposes. Yes, the most perfect airplanes have been created to transport people around the world, two thirds of them being only 'tourists'.

~ Idea 2275 ~
People in the poor countries may not feel at all the need to take airplanes and are even scared of them but their country has to build an airport and create an airline in order not to remain behind the times and in order to enter the international market race for air transportation.

Which country on Earth will have the courage not to have an airline and an airport? It should receive a world Nobel or other prize.

~ Idea 2276 ~
When seventy percent of the US people state that the UN does a useful, important and satisfactory job and an extreme right minority gets the US government to refuse to pay its obligatory contribution to the UN budget then there must be something wrong with US democracy. I therefore recommend that the subject of democracy be placed as one of the top items on the agenda of the United Nations and that a high level commission of eminent US citizens be convened by the United States President to review the entire question of democracy. This is most needed for a new century and millennium. The US must continue to be a guiding light of democracy and human rights in the world.

~ Idea 2277 ~
If I were the governor of the State of New York and Mayor of the city of New York I would not risk losing the seat of the United Nations which makes that state and that city the capital state and the capital city of the world.

I would address a joint appeal to the philanthropists, businesses, institutions and peoples of the state and city of New York to pay the 1.3 billion dollars which the US Congress refuses to pay in arrears to the United Nations.

I would also, if necessary, consider levying a tax of the State and City of New York to help the institution which brings in billions of dollars to the state and the city through its expenses as well as those of the 189 countries who have permanent ambassadorial missions located in New York. I would ask my best brains to come up with very original ideas which would link the peoples directly to the United Nations and not leave the monopoly of that important organization to the central US government. The United Nations Charter starts with "We the peoples," not "We the governments". We must thank the Secretary General of the United Nations for having proposed that the General Assembly 2000 of Heads of States of the United Nations be accompanied by a World Peoples' Assembly.

~ Idea 2278 ~
The same as smoking is a pollution of our lungs, alcohol (Arabic: the devil) is a pollution of our body. If we want to achieve a healthy, happy and more peaceful humanity more and more persons should stop consuming alcohol. What God and nature gave us is pure water. Let us stick to it. This is one of the most important recommendations of these 3,000 ideas and everyone can do it.

~ Idea 2279 ~
For everything on Earth we should establish a list of advantages and disadvantages.

For example:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nations?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of big cities?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of big business?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various means of transportation?

The trouble is that those who own or head these institutions or ways of life speak a lot of the advantages and little, if at all, of the disadvantages.

For example turning around in an aircraft for a long time over a city, waiting for an open channel to land is something that contributes greatly to air pollution. It should therefore be mentioned in the columns 'disadvantages of big cities' and 'disadvantages of air transportation'. This is a proper subject for good Earth and city government.

~ Idea 2280 ~
We speak a lot about the world's overpopulation but should we not also speak of the overpopulation of aircrafts and motor vehicles? Also, there are efforts to stabilize the world population but I've never heard of a stabilization of motor vehicles and aircrafts. Their overpopulation is called progress and development. In the years to come these overpopulations might do more damage to the Earth than the peoples' overpopulation. It does not occur to the leaders of this planet to visualize what the consequences will be in the next few decades, not to speak of centuries.

~ Idea 2281 ~
Governments, museums, galleries and collectors pay fortunes for antiquities and artifacts from the past but it does not occur to many to preserve the living cultures and ways of life of indigenous people. They are a great treasure of the living diversity and evolution of the human species. We should spend fortunes to preserve them. I recommend the creation of a World Indigenous Marshall Plan to preserve ancient living cultures and traditions. Their living natural languages would merit alone at least the same funds as those allocated to studies of the Sanskrit origin of Indo-European languages. Here we have languages which are straight perceptions of nature and life. This would be so precious for a better understanding of the meaning of our planetary reality and of human life.

~ Idea 2282 ~
Further Earth and human evolution will become our absolute, foremost preoccupation in the 21st century.

A new world system of government, administration and education must therefore be conceived as an Evolutionary Earth Government open to constant changes, orientations and adaptations to new evolutionary requirements. All existing human institutions on this planet must become evolutionary or they will perish or make us perish.

~ Idea 2283 ~
I am surprised that there is not more violence in the world, given the extreme poverty of 1.3 billion people and the cultivated unhappiness of the well to do. Cultivated? Yes, by business, by marketing and by advertisement which one should really call propaganda to make people unhappy with what they have and make them want constantly more. The media, advertisement propaganda, television and radio alone will be able to finish this planet. Why is there not a single Ministry of Happiness on this Earth to look into all this?

~ Idea 2284 ~
Every day the Earth dies a little. If we do not change our values and habits she will die a lot and faster. What a sad 'civilization' we have become!

~ Idea 2285 ~
We are living in invisible force fields like speed, thoughts, dreams, ideas, inspiration, love, meditation, prayers, mystical elevation, etc. They are perhaps the forces which will save us and our planet. Let us open ourselves widely to them.

~ Idea 2286 ~
Free market economy has to a large extent become a plunder-destructive economy of the Earth. In order to gain more profit, wealth and power any trick is good enough. To gain further ground government has to be 'deregulated', 'privatized' to become a servant or the property of 'free enterprise'. Democracy must be replaced by businesscracy.

~ Idea 2287 ~
We should cease to admire big cities and rush to them to visit their museums, monuments, festivals, theaters, sports events and conferences. We should consider them as outdated, polluted human concentrations whose air we will not breathe and expensive hotels not subsidize. We should support instead and enjoy healthier smaller communities in nature, replete with oxygen, peace and sanity. Please dear reader, follow this advice. It will help save the world and preserve your health, sanity and happiness.

~ Idea 2288 ~
In Idea 1882 I said that after the industrial and scientific revolution we have entered the age of return to nature. A year later I must say that we are now entering the age of further evolution or non-evolution of the entire Earth and humanity.

~ Idea 2289 ~
Among the world conferences needed in the year 2001 and 2002 I recommend these four:

- a World Conference on Excessive, Unnecessary Consumption

- a World Conference on Unnecessary Destruction of the Earth

- a World Conference on Democracy

- a World Conference on the Long-term Future

~ Idea 2290 ~
The further evolution of planet Earth and of life on it must become the new, overriding supreme sovereignty on this planet, no longer national sovereignties of 189 cut up parts of it. The Earth, her survival and our own have become item number one of the agenda of world affairs.

~ Idea 2291 ~
Earth Day must become one of the most important yearly events of humanity. The UN should publish for it every year a State of the Earth Report.

~ Idea 2292 ~
Peace must be the new patriotism or matriotism for the Earth, no longer killing in the name of a nation.

Pater, from which patriotism, in Latin means father. A father of a family would not ask a son to kill in the name of the family but nations do.

~ Idea 2293 ~
We speak a lot these days of endangered species'. We should also speak of endangered evolution, of the endangered Earth, of the endangered human species and of the future.

After world government we speak now of proper Earth government. We should even go a step further and speak of right Evolutionary government, of government and institutions constantly adapted to the new requirements of evolution.

~ Idea 2294 ~
The main challenge to humanity in the 21st century will be the continuance of evolution and the main ideal will be a peaceful, happy humanity living in harmony with a well-preserved, beautiful, ever-renewed nature.

~ Idea 2295 ~
In the early 1970's humanity got a shock from a famous book The Limits of Growth.. As a result the world now speaks of sustainable development or growth.

As two new progresses in human awareness we need now two further best selling books: "The Limits of Consumption" and "The Limits of Evolution".

~ Idea 2296 ~
'Planet Garbagia', the United Nations should publish yearly world statistics on garbage produced and rank nations according to the total and per capita garbage they produce. The United States would come out as number one, outdistancing by far all other countries. The statistics should be reproduced by the media world-wide. Half of the entire production by the western world is waste which they call economic progress.

The US President in his yearly State of the Union should not forget to report that the US holds the world record of garbage production.

~ Idea 2297 ~
Nature, our wonderful Mother Earth is humans' real friend not the male-run multinational corporations who have become the new warriors destroying her.

~ Idea 2298 ~
Solitude even disappears in planes and in trains: television has invaded planes and in trains most people are absorbed by newspapers, magazines, portable telephones and computers.

The only two refuges left on this planet are unspoiled nature and churches. Alas, both are more and more on the retreat.

Where will all this end? To more happiness? No. To losing our human nature in favor of business, the media, marketing, advertisement, tourism, sensationalism and bad news. The World Party of Natural Law better look into this.

~ Idea 2299 ~
I am determined to live as long as possible in order to denounce the stupidities, injustices, misdoings, insanities and destructions which are persistently committed against this marvelous planet by insatiable wealth and power holders and seekers.

~ Idea 2300 ~
Dear heads of states, if you want to be remembered, honored and loved by future generations you must be for politics what Beethoven was for composers and the French Revolution was for humanity: de l' audace, de l' audace et encore de l' audace; boldness, boldness and still more boldness. Dare to make this beautiful planet and its marvelous humanity a jewel, a ninth symphony, a just republic in the vast universe: start in the year 2000 the process of giving us a proper Earth and Human Government.


A Point in History

A letter to the Ambassador of Sweden to the UN

14 March 1994

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

Please forgive me to write to you out of the blue, unknown to you, about events which are a quarter of a century old, but which still have a great relevance to the fate of humanity today.
In 1969, when I was Secretary of the UN Economic and Social Council, I received the visit of the Ambassador of Sweden during the Council session in Geneva. He told me that Sweden, the most advanced industrial country in the world had discovered that something was going wrong, namely that your lakes were increasingly polluted and that your trees suffered from acid rain. In order to warn the world that one should look into that situation, you obtained the convening of a Biosphere Conference by UNESCO in 1968. Alas, the conference did not have the visibility and the effects on other governments and on public opinion which Sweden expected. "There was no response to our preoccupations and warnings that something was getting wrong," he said. He asked me if the United Nations could do something. I answered him that the main thing we could offer was a big warning instrument, a big drum, namely to hold a world conference, as we did in the case of population. He agreed immediately. I asked him: on what do you want that conference to be held? He said: I do not know. I told him that if it was held on the biosphere, it would have the same non-effect as the conference at UNESCO, because few people, not even heads of states knew what the biosphere was. We agreed that we would both think about it. Thereafter I held a meeting in my office to raise the question. I was personally in favor of a world conference on pollution, because this was already a popular concern. With my colleagues we were all against biosphere. Someone, I do not remember who it was, came up with the word 'environment'. I was against it because in French it means the neighborhood, and in Spanish it does not even exist (the word medio ambiente had to be invented, the milieu around us). Well, environment was agreed to as a compromise. Sweden agreed and made the proposal for such a conference. On the day when the resolution was adopted, I recall that at a diplomatic dinner in the evening, one of the diplomats said: "Do you know the ridiculous thing that happened today in the UN Economic and Social Council?" All guests looked at him, and he said: "The UN has opened its doors to the bird watchers. The Council has decided to convene a world conference on the environment!"
When I heard this, I slammed my fist on the table, spilling a glass of red wine, to the consternation of my Chilean wife who was a real diplomat, and declared to the guests: "From today on the world will never be the same. You better mark my words."
Well, my prophecy was right. The UN Conference on the Environment in Stockholm in 1972 was a turning point in the history of this planet and of humanity.

Later on, when I was a direct Aide to the UN Secretary General I always insisted that we should have repeat conferences at least every ten or twenty years to see what the world situation was. I convinced my good friend Maurice Strong in whose recruitment as Secretary General of the Stockholm Conference I was involved, to hold another world conference twenty years later in 1992. It took place in Rio de Janeiro. I had retired from the UN in 1986, but was invited to it as a kind of elder, as convener of the wisdom keepers of the Earth, the indigenous people. I could see in Rio how the world had changed in twenty years: at the Stockholm Conference there were only two heads of states, Mr. Olof Palme, the convener, and Mrs. Indhira Gandhi who happened to be visiting Sweden. In Rio there were 114 heads of states. In 1972 there did not exist a single Ministry of the Environment on this Earth. In 1992, every government had a Ministry of the Environment! 40,000 people were present at the Rio Conference, mostly from environmental non-governmental organizations.
Well, as with the population explosion, once a global problem has been identified the situation continues to worsen for quite some time, although at a lower rate. Many other actions to accelerate the new 'progress' are needed.
This short history, dear Mr. Ambassador, has one objective: I think that the government of Sweden could render another great historic, evolutionary service to the world if it requested the convening of a second world Biosphere Conference under the auspices of UNESCO, the scientific agency of the UN. The word biosphere (sphere of life) is much better understood today and is more accurate than environment which distinguishes humans on one side and nature and the Earth around us. We are part of the Earth, we are living earth. The biosphere, a small membrane surrounding our planet only a few miles into the atmosphere and into the seas and oceans, contains all the life forms in our solar system. At the time I had in my office at the UN a map of the Earth with a one meter diameter drawn by the UN cartographers. On it they showed the biosphere not thicker than an egg shell and I could say to politicians and businessmen visiting me: that is what you are playing with.
I leave these thoughts with you, dear Mr. Ambassador. Perhaps Sweden can render another great service to humanity with a repeat performance on the biosphere, especially at the onset of a new century and millennium. The report of the conference on this most vital aspect of the fate of our planet and of all living beings on it, including ourselves, could be one of the most important contributions to the thinking needed regarding the further fate and evolution of the Earth and the human species.
Please forgive me this long letter with its historical overview of one of the most important events in recent history of which Sweden can be very proud.

With warmest greetings and very best wishes for great
success and happiness in your important functions.

Robert Muller
Former UN Assistant Secretary General
H.E. Mr. Peter Oswald
Ambassador, Permament
Representative of Sweden to the UN
One Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza
885 Second Avenue, 46th floor
New York, NY 10017-2201


IDEAS 2301 TO 2400


An Appeal for the United Nations Foundation

Dear billionaires, millionaires and very rich people of planet Earth who were blessed with wealth, please devote yourself to the causes of peace, human well-being for all and the preservation of our miraculous planetary home which has become priority number one of our concerns.

There exists now a United Nations Foundation endowed with the billion dollars donated by Ted Turner to the United Nations. Its address is: United Nations Foundation, 1301 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 700, Washington DC 20036. The Foundation administers the Ted Turner donation and can receive more contributions from people all over the world to be channeled to the great, urgent tasks of the United Nations: the fight against poverty and illiteracy, for human rights, peace, children, women, the handicapped, the environment and the salvation of our Earth, etc. Please make your generous contribution, specifying the cause to which it should be allocated: if it is children, UNICEF; if it is poverty, the United Nations Development Program; if it is peace, the United Nations; if it is peace education, the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica; if it is the environment, the UN Environment Program, etc. The list covers practically all the miseries of our planet and of the human family which require your help. This is a new, glorious, hopeful page of philanthropy, pressingly needed by the preservation of our Earth and the further progress of humanity.

Let us make this planet and human evolution a tremendous success in the next century and millennium. We are all human cosmic brothers and sisters endowed with incredible potentials and love in each of us.

May God bless you and recompense your generosity and
good you are doing for world peace and human happiness.

Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus
Former Assistant General Secretary
of the United Nations

PS. Call Washington DC, telephone (202) 887-9040 for information and the publications of the UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION.

~ Idea 2301 ~
I could never understand why the poor third world countries have not coalesced and decided to plan a world government of their own. They have the vast majority of the world's population, the greatest forests left, the vastest natural and mineral resources of the Earth. The mere decision to do so would scare the western world which would counter-propose, were it only for tactical reasons, that all nations should get together and discuss the feasibility of a proper Earth government.

Perhaps it is not too late for the third world to do it. They could announce it at the year 2000 UN General Assembly of heads of states.

~ Idea 2302 ~
When the Reagan administration launched a first assail against communism, raising armaments, especially nuclear missiles to the sky, a commission was created in Washington to look at 'The World After Communism'.

Now that capitalism is under assail by its internal contradictions, for the destruction of the Earth and increasing the gulf between the rich and the poor, someone should create a commission on 'The World After Capitalism'.

~ Idea 2303 ~
Business is endlessly looking for more business and assails governmental public services accusing them of bureaucracy and impeding free enterprise. This all out campaign is called privatization.

Well the public should ask for more publicization in order not to have to pay for the costly competition between private firms when a public service is privatized. The total world cost of the competition, duplication and constant new advertised, often unnecessary services and products of private enterprises must be colossal but no one speaks about it, the media and even some governments having generally become the beneficiaries, the servants of big business.

~ Idea 2304 ~
There is a wonderful association of airline pilots and stewardesses called Airline Ambassadors which has done a lot of good in the world since it was born (See Introduction to Ideas 2201 to 2300).

I recommend that similar ambassadors associations be created by many professions and human groups.


Lawyer's Ambassadors
Doctor's Ambassadors
Engineer's Ambassadors
Teacher's Ambassadors
Children's Ambassadors
Youth Ambassadors
Mother's Ambassadors
Women's Ambassadors
Families' Ambassadors
Elder's Ambassadors, etc.

What a difference it would make in the world. How much happiness it would provide to both the receivers and givers of aid across borders from people to people, from profession to profession, and not only from government to government. It would be a new form of world democracy. Write for advice to Nancy Rivard, President, Founder Airline Ambassadors, World Trade Center, Suite 268, San Francisco, CA 94111.

~ Idea 2305 ~

What a strange planet it is where one country with four percent of the world population, the United States, tells the rest of the world what to like, what to seek, what to value, what to believe and what to do and on top of it all speaks constantly of democracy.

~ Idea 2306 ~
Newspapers should begin to publish an obituary page for planet Earth listing the species which have died, the nature destroyed, the airs and waters of the Earth become unbreatheable and undrinkable and many other Earth and life funeral cases.

~ Idea 2307 ~
Increasing aviation, air travel and air transportation will be enough to finish this planet. The shareholders of airline companies might end up rich but on a dead planet. Just project the current yearly airline traffic increase to the year 3000. It is totally impossible.

~ Idea 2308 ~
We should declare planet Earth in peril, in a state of siege. Economic growth is often Earth destruction. The stock exchanges have become the funeral homes of the Earth. Why cannot intelligent, enlightened leaders change and remedy this course?

~ Idea 2309 ~
The materialistic, commercial, advertising, noisy, irritating, unsatisfied American society is no longer admirable. It is unnatural. It is severed from the Earth and is devastating it. I am catching glimpses of a horrible monster show on a US airplane television program. In it the beauty of nature and of humans is totally replaced by monsters and yet most passengers are watching this.

~ Idea 2310 ~
On 11 July 1994, when there remained two thousand days to the year 2000, a US public opinion survey reported that forty-one percent of Americans believed their nation was in decline. I wonder what the percentage is in the year 2000.

~ Idea 2311 ~
Some day we will see a classification of countries and regions into oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor, deficient countries. This will change the map of human settlements on the planet.

~ Idea 2312 ~
The peoples of the world should menace having no children anymore until governments have put order in world affairs, preserved the future of the Earth, eliminated militaries and armaments, and solved the conflicts and crass human injustices still prevailing on this planet.

~ Idea 2313 ~
At one point of evolution, humans created groups, communities and institutions to cooperate for their survival and the betterment of their lives. Nations and national institutions are the latest manifestations of that evolution, followed by big business. Today evolution demands world cooperation of all humans and institutions. But national governments, institutions and businesses are against it. They want to keep their existing power.

Arnold Toynbee, the British historian, studied all great empires of the past and came to the conclusion that they all collapsed or vanished because they did not adapt to the new requirements of evolution.

The same will happen today, but since the necessary new values and world institutions are not created or strengthened, the evolution of the planet is likely to come to an end. This might happen because of our increasing population, consumption and growing interference with the natural processes of the Earth.

~ Idea 2314 ~
A man of a group of Elderhostels visiting the University for Peace asked me this question: "How come that we still have so many ethnic wars of hatred like the one in Yugoslavia?"

I answered: "It is because they have not been educated in peace but in hatred, hyper-patriotism, pledges of allegiance and readiness to go to war for their ethnic group, religion or nation. This is what national education does in practically all countries of the world. This is why the UN University for Peace is so important and should be well supported by UN member countries and not ignored by them as is the case now. Only 34 countries of the 189 member countries of the UN have ratified its statutes and only three have given it any resources. The United States government was the first to oppose it followed by most western countries."

~ Idea 2315 ~
I was educated by the French under the motto: France above everything else in the world. Then came the Germans who occupied our region, called the French education decadent and re-educated us under the motto: Germany above everything. And each time we were given a rifle to shoot the people on the other side of the border.

Well, I decided later to throw these educations overboard and to take the Earth and humanity as my prime subjects of education and concerns, not a nation, not a religion, not an ideology nor any ethnic group. The United Nations became my school for that.

And I decided to donate my retirement to the first University for Peace on this planet for one dollar a year to propose a new education for all humanity taught already in 34 Robert Muller schools around the world. But these are only drops of water in a sea of national schools.

~ Idea 2316 ~
I must live as long as possible in order to do maximum good for this Earth and humanity. We all must try to live as long as possible to do our best for a peaceful, better, wonderful, beautiful world.

~ Idea 2317 ~
It would be a good idea if at the end of any human meeting there should not be only a conclusion or a summary of the debates but a specific list of ideas formulated during that meeting. I have seldom seen such reports in the United Nations. It is a great pity because if delegates knew that ideas and dreams would be recorded, they would be prone to formulate them. I recommend that in all meetings in the world people should be exhorted to have specific, concrete ideas and that a list of them should be published at the end of the meeting.

~ Idea 2318 ~
The indigenous people, the chiefs, the elders when they speak have in front of them a 'talking stick' to remind them to talk with the heart. I have one which I adopted years ago. It is a wonderful tradition. It might be good also to have a 'dream and idea stick', reminding us to come up with dreams and concrete, good ideas. One never knows, it might help. When I was a direct aide to three Secretary Generals I established a rule that no draft text of a speech for the Secretary General would be accepted if it did not contain ideas. Today I would add that in each of the speeches of the Secretary General there should also be the word love. That would be the message of the indigenous people. Yes, the word love. I must make sure that in all my speeches I never forget love. One of the students at the end of a course that had lasted several weeks at the UN University for Peace said to me after I spoke at the graduation, "I am so grateful that you used the word love because in this entire course on communications and peace I heard it only once and you used it twice in your speech." If only all heads of states would speak from their hearts and even once in a while cry a little.

~ Idea 2319 ~
I noted in Volume I, pages. 140-141 the main periods I have lived since the end of World War II and the creation of the United Nations, have been namely: from 1945 to 1970 an incredible, intensive concern with human issues; from 1970 to 1980 the upcoming concern for the nature around us, the environment; a third period from 1980 to 1990, during which the Earth became priority number one; and then since 1990 it is the whole future evolution of the Earth and humanity which is at stake. Regarding this last period I recommend the following:

1. That a World Commission of Eminent Personalities on the Long-term Future of the Earth and Humanity be created.

2. That for every continent there should be regional consultations or conferences regarding the future of that continent.

3. That all professions on Earth should have a long-term view and concern for the long-term future of each profession.

4. That every human being should have a long-term view and concern for his life on Earth, for his descendants and leave his dreams for a better world.

~ Idea 2320 ~
A dream, an idea has no body, no concrete reality. It is an assemblage of immaterial images but it can be made into a very concrete, powerful reality. Dreams and ideas are the moving forces shaping the future.

~ Idea 2321 ~
My book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness has been published in Italy under the title: Battersi per la felicitá, To Fight for Happiness. Yes, we have to do that for ourselves, for the whole humanity, the whole Earth and all life on it.

~ Idea 2322 ~
On the eve of the 21st century and third millennium the Secretary General of the United Nations should prepare and propose a New Deal for the Earth and Humanity. One of them exists already called Agenda 21 for the environment adopted by the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992.

~ Idea 2323 ~
I have prepared an excerpt from my 2000 ideas of all those which should be implemented or proposed to the world by the UN Secretary General. I will address it to all heads of state who will meet in the UN General Assembly 2000. I pray God that a few will read them.

~ Idea 2324 ~
I wish that someone would conceive, collect and publish 2000 Ideas for a World Spiritual Renaissance. It might have wonderful results. I will recommend that it be undertaken by the United Religions Organization when it is created in the year 2000. I felt that I should start one myself and extract from my 2000 ideas those which deal with religion and spirituality. The result was a 59 pages document! I will send it to all the members of the new World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality created with Dr. Karan Singh of India.

~ Idea 2325 ~
I recommend the creation of the following additional world commissions of eminent personalities:

A World Commission on Business Corporations
A World Commission on Love
A World Commission on Hope
A World Commission on Forgiveness
A World Commission on Compassion
A World Commission on Philanthropy and Gaiaphily
A World Commission on Optimism
A World Commission on Justice
A World Commission on Democracy
A World Commission on Public Service, especially World Public Service
A World Commission on World Institutions and the Future
A World Commission on Universities, especially World Universities
A World Commission on the Media
A World Commission on Advertising
A World Commission on Human Migrations and proper human settlements

~ Idea 2326 ~
There should be a Dreams and Ideas Box for the public visiting the United Nations to deposit their dreams and ideas for a better world. Next to it there should be a Donation or Contribution Box in which they can deposit money or checks to their United Nations (the Peoples') or to a specific project like UNICEF, Refugees, etc.

~ Idea 2327 ~
The United States considers itself to be the great defender of human rights and enemy of genocide which means the killing of entire groups of people.

But what about the potential genocide if there is an accident of the Cassini outer space craft when it returns to turn around the Earth to gain velocity and go further into the universe? Millions of people would die. It was revealed recently that a rocket which was the same as one of the rockets of the Cassini craft had a serious accident and failed.
We should add a new category to genocides, namely potential genocides caused by scientific and technological adventures.

Also to be taken into account are the 2000 tons of solid materials of human origin, resulting from explosions and collisions, which are floating already in outer space. We will end up even spoiling the heavens with our refuse and garbage.

~ Idea 2328 ~
All thinking and planning on Earth must now go far beyond the current yearly states of the world reports and reach as far as the year 3000.

~ Idea 2329 ~
Land belonging to universities, university parks, land endowments to universities should be the object of world statistics. Donations of land to educational establishments can be an important way of saving nature. It is a subject worth submitting to the International Association of University Presidents.

Similarly religious and ecclesiastical lands should be inventorized. Sometimes entire mountains belong to religions, for example, Mt. Abu in India as well as other sacred places and pilgrimages around the world. This again would represent a substantial area of nature preservation.

I also insist again that the UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) should vastly extend its competence and be transformed into the UN World Intellectual and Land Property Organization (WILPO). We need a World Register (Cadastre) of all land properties on this planet.

~ Idea 2330 ~
It is high time that we create a new profession of happiness advisors. They could be of great help to many people who, despite all their material welfare, have not found happiness. Further to my book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness I should open a file of 2000 ideas on happiness. One could coin two new words: happinesscracy, the rule of happiness and beautycracy, the rule of beauty.

~ Idea 2331 ~
When we speak of non-violence against nature we could define it as the need to respect this extraordinary result of evolution. We speak of enemies of nations, of ethnic groups, of religions. We should also identify the enemies of nature.

~ Idea 2332 ~

More people in the world should write stories showing how success and results can be achieved if one never gives up. There should be a whole literature on this. It could be called a literature of perseverance. I am telling many of my own stories in my books. See for example how I got the United Nations Development Program created through perseverance (Idea 1924).

~ Idea 2333 ~
I sent this message to Mr. Gustave Speth, the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program who is leaving this position:

"Having been a member of the first group of United Nations interns in 1948 which celebrates this year its 50th anniversary;

Having been a founder of the United Nations Development Program, one of the first staff members of Mr. Paul Hoffman, first Administrator of the United Nations Development Program, and the Secretary of the first governing council of the UNDP

Two of my views today are these:

I rejoice that after many years a long summary of the world report of the UNDP has for the first time been published in the New York Times.

You should become a great thinker and conceiver of audacious, new great ideas for a better Earth and human future, the biggest gap in human leadership and preoccupations today."

~ Idea 2334 ~
Since the United Nations Charter starts with the words "We the peoples", all letterheads and documents of the United Nations should bear the words: "We the peoples of the United Nations". The Secretary General of the UN should take that decision.

~ Idea 2335 ~
Nowadays fifty million people die each year. Suppose the average weight of them, taking into account children, is one hundred pounds. This would mean five billion pounds of human matter which is all Earth matter. This biological mass should be returned to the Earth. We should stop locking the dead in coffins, concrete vaults or burning them. We must return them to Mother Earth. She knows how to give them birth again from her flesh into other life forms, vegetal or animal, grasses, insects or fruits. It is a crime against her to withhold what came from her and belongs to her.

~ Idea 2336 ~
We should examine very carefully the contribution of language to the solution of world problems. Very often we use negative words which make problems worse. Before we use the word violence we should hesitate. Instead of speaking of conflict resolution, we should speak of disagreement solving or lack of agreement resolution.

~ Idea 2337 ~
There is an absolute need for a World Commission of Eminent Personalities to review world democracy. I wish for example that all parliamentary elections in the world should be held on the same day or in the same week or month and for the same duration so that we do not always hear that a problem cannot be solved because there are going to be elections in such and such a country. This was the case when I was political advisor to the United Nations troops in Cyprus. A forthcoming Greek election or Turkish election or American election put everything to a standstill. The report of a World Commission on Democracy would be most revealing.

~ Idea 2338 ~
There are in the United Nations and in its specialized agencies and world programs the following groups of people:

World Servants
Non-governmental Organizations
The Press Corps

These people have a lot to say, to remember, to propose, to contribute to world history, to the future and to a better world. Alas, few are those who can find a publisher among the traditional publishers who give usually the answer, "The United Nations is not a popular item. We cannot publish you." Why not therefore create a United Nations Publishing House? This could be a tremendous step ahead in human progress and history. And most likely be a source of income for the United Nations. The United Nations should become the greatest publisher on Earth.

~ Idea 2339 ~
I urge all heads of states, of world agencies, institutions, and corporations, etc. never to deliver a speech written by someone else. Better say simply and most sincerely what you have on your heart and on your mind. The audience will never forget you.

~ Idea 2340 ~
The best compliment I sometimes receive after speaking is when someone says, "I was moved to tears when you spoke." As a matter of fact, when speaking of the beauty of our planet, of the miracle of human life and the wonderful, peaceful, heavenly world we could be I often come close to crying myself and sometimes cannot hold my tears.

~ Idea 2341 ~
A Swedish educator, after hearing me speak, said to the audience that I was the ideal to which all educators should aim, namely a contributor of knowledge, dreams, ideas, concrete proposals and emotions.

~ Idea 2342 ~
I hope that someday we will have a Nobel Peace Prize Hall of Fame at the UN University for Peace. It would be wonderful. At the United Nations there should be a place where all the Nobel Peace Prizes received by the United Nations and by its officials should be displayed to be seen by the public.

~ Idea 2343 ~
I would like to see a list of fields of human affairs in which there exist already regulations close to world laws. The laws of the seas and oceans, laws on the environment, laws of transportation, laws of human rights and laws against international crimes are those that come to my mind but there might be others. It would be interesting to have a compendium of already existing near-world laws.

~ Idea 2344 ~
I'm afraid that business and the free market are unable to understand the process of evolution on this planet. They are thinking mainly of producing, transforming, selling and making profits. Well, this is the last conceivable purpose of evolution. It is so fundamentally wrong that if humanity sticks to it as the dominant value we will see an end of evolution. A total re-thinking, a new paradigm, new values are absolutely necessary. The human species must get its evolutionary values straight.

~ Idea 2345 ~
Reading on the terrace of our farmlet in Costa Rica the Ode to Joy written by the German poet Schiller for Beethoven, I suddenly felt a gush of fresh soul from the universe expand my breast and nourish my heart. It was the air of Costa Rica, an ocean of peace. And this thought came to my mind: the United Nations should move out of New York City to sacred Mt. Rasur from which the Indian God of the children, Rasur prophecized that a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world.

~ Idea 2346 ~
The Secretary General of the UN should create an Implementation Unit in the United Nations and obtain from each United Nations agency a report on implementation. He would then report to the yearly General Assembly on the degree of implementation of decisions which were taken by humanity's collective bodies and addressed to governments for implementation. These reports would show the great weakness of the United Nations as a proper world organization, a large number of its decisions and recommendations not being fulfilled by governments.

~ Idea 2347 ~
The time has come to seriously envisage a world-wide prohibition of oil exploration and exploitation from the sea bottoms in order to save the environment, and promote vigorously electric cars and the use of other sources of energy like solar, wind, sea and geothermal energy.

~ Idea 2348 ~
The time has come when on the agenda of world affairs one should raise the question of the excessive, constant accumulation of wealth in rich countries, rich institutions and rich people and the need for redistribution. One could use a new word, namely decumulation of wealth.

~ Idea 2349 ~
I will propose to the government of Costa Rica that it should consider seriously the matter of taxation of advertisements, e.g.:

- the taxation of the huge advertisements of American cigarette companies and other products along the highways, damaging the views of the beautiful Costa Rican natural landscapes;

- the taxation of multiple years long free advertisement gained by big firms like Coca Cola when giving shopkeepers free outdoor signs with their advertisement;

- the taxation of advertisements on signs for bus waiting stations given freely by big firms who then have a cheap, free advertisement for many years. And the same is done with poor shopkeepers by giving them implements free of charge but wearing the Coca Cola or other similar advertisements.

~ Idea 2350 ~
The word advertisement should be abolished and replaced by information. The public should be informed that such and such a product or service is available and be given its true characteristics and value. Most of the time advertisement is pure propaganda and non-ethical.

Public institutions and services on the other hand are usually not advertised. The United Nations cannot advertise its activities. It can only inform the public. But more and more public services begin to advertise too. Governments sometimes use sheer propaganda. Cities advertise, etc. Advertisement, together with the media, has become a major world disease, an unethical deformity of the human condition, a farce to true democracy.

And when UNESCO wanted to hold a world conference on advertisement and the media the United States walked out of UNESCO, giving of course other reasons like bureaucracy, overspending, except the real one. Thus, a major government that offers itself as a model of democracy, human rights and ethics uses lies to protect its business interests. That is the world in which we live!

Yes, there exists now a new world-wide business 'unethics' which has never existed before on this planet. Cigarettes and alcohol advertisements are the most flagrant examples.

~ Idea 2351 ~
It is probable that the natural oxygen production of the Earth cannot keep up with the carbon dioxide production by humans. Data on both should therefore be published monthly by all nations and globally by the United Nations.

~ Idea 2352 ~
Together with gross national product (GNP) statistics, all nations should be required to publish also gross nature destruction (GND) statistics.

~ Idea 2353 ~
Ever more frequent grass cutting with machines using gasoline should be thoroughly studied and its effects published and reported in the press. We need the oxygen produced by high grasses and the diversity of their vegetation. The interests of the grass mowing machine producers is such that expansion of this new way of handling nature might become a disaster in the years to come. To deforestation we should add the evil of degrassification.

~ Idea 2354 ~
The United Religions Initiative (Organization) should collect information and publish statistics on abandoned, empty, disaffected churches and places of worship all around the world as well as on new constructions. It might be an interesting, revealing information on the state of spirituality in the world.

~ Idea 2355 ~
Ministries of Labor should be transformed into Ministries of Employment with an emphasis on good, useful employment and happiness in employment. As I have recommended several times, a Ministry of Happiness should be created in all governments to insure that all other ministries will include happiness as one of their concerns and objectives. I cannot see how a Ministry of War can have happy students by teaching them to kill other human youngsters of their age and bomb civilian populations of mothers and children in cities.

~ Idea 2356 ~
If someone like me, who has spent most of his life in world positions to figure out the meaning of human life on this planet and has not succeeded, how can I expect the other six billion people to understand it? One billion are excused because they never had an education. How about the others? Isn't it the role, the duty, the purpose of education to give humans that meaning? Why does it not do so? Why does it not succeed?

I will address that question to the Director General of UNESCO. I got the 1986 World Peace Education Prize of that organization but that is not enough. There should also be a world prize for the education of the meaning of life.

~ Idea 2357 ~
When will we see on this planet a World No Newspapers Day or Week and a World No Television Day or Week? What a relief it would be for people. They would rediscover themselves.

~ Idea 2358 ~
The United Nations should publish information on what effects there are on the future of nature and of the Earth when one new human being is not added to the world population, distinguishing between a rich and a poor country. Similarly the United Nations should study the effects of a decline in consumption on the preservation and future of the Earth.

~ Idea 2359 ~
There should be a World Memorial Day to replace all national Memorial Days. UNESCO should publish a list of all national days and see which ones should become world days. Memorializing should become a subject of study, perhaps even a science.

~ Idea 2360 ~
The same way as there exists already a Peace Corps, there should be a whole series of corps in the following fields:

Art Corps
Health Corps
Environment Corps
Prison Corps
Handicap Corps
Poverty Corps
Earth Corps

All these corps should be organized at the local, national, continental and world levels. A World Corps Association or Organization should be created.

~ Idea 2361 ~
There should be a World Association of Non-activists and Non-doers, of people who do nothing with enthusiasm, who do not seek wealth, business, who have no television, no newspapers, who do not run around, who really love only nature, our Mother Earth and cultivate their gardens and own life.

~ Idea 2362 ~
I wish that someone would collect and publish the views and feelings of all those humans who have seen our entire Earth from the moon or from farther distances in outer space, astronauts of whom there were many. This could be an enlightenment for us humans on Earth as we enter the new millennium. The indigenous people are so right when they consider their two main relationships to be with the Earth and with the heavens. Their views, cosmologies and prophecies should be also collected, publicized and studied.

~ Idea 2363 ~
It is good that Harvard University has recently published several volumes of surveys of the views and contributions of the world's religions to the environment. The same should be done for the views and traditions of the indigenous people.

~ Idea 2364 ~
If I were the UN Secretary General I would create somewhere in the world on a hill a place of encounter of visionaries from around the Earth who would give their prophecies, visions, hopes and warnings to humanity. Sacred Mt. Rasur above the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica would be a good place for a World Group of Visionaries.

~ Idea 2365 ~
One of the great recommendations of the General Assembly 2000 of heads of state would be that a Ministry of the Future should be created in all governments and that commissions or offices of the future should be created from the top of the world in the United Nations and its specialized agencies down to continents, the seas and oceans, nations, provinces, local cities and communities.

~ Idea 2366 ~
Global education should not be merely an addition to national education. It should be the most comprehensive education including continental, national, local and family education. Family education should play an important role, the fathers, mothers and grandparents having had life experience and being the basic cosmic units of evolution, as will be the children.

~ Idea 2367 ~
In all the media of the world, newspapers, radios, television, etc. there should be a daily report on the state of the Earth and of its vital resources like air and water.

~ Idea 2368 ~
I noticed that there are very few benches in the city of Paris. People have to sit outdoors of restaurants and consume beer or other drinks to sit down. In every city of the world there should be a given percentage of benches and sitting opportunities per thousand inhabitants. They could be labeled "Benches of Dreams".

~ Idea 2369 ~
Dear people who love the Earth and nature, do not give your money so easily to the merchants who have the upper hand and will not hesitate to damage the Earth. Do not buy anything which you do not really need. The less you are surrounded by so called goods (let us call them things and some of them 'bads') the more you will be yourself and find increasing happiness in the depth, width, mystery, reason and miracle of your own life. Also go out into nature and you will find paradise, the real one, not the artificial one ceaselessly modified and invented by economists, the media, businesses and capital holders.

~ Idea 2370 ~
We need to cultivate as much individual, social, environmental, cultural and evolutionary diversity as one finds in nature. This should be one of the principles of the upcoming United Nature as the proper government of the Earth.

~ Idea 2371 ~
Why is there today such an incredible inventiveness in science, technology, industry, production, merchandising, selling and advertising and so little in the social sciences, in philosophy, in the science and art of living? This is an upside down period of human history which might cost us dearly. Future generations will wonder why we stuck so long to it.

~ Idea 2372 ~
The United Nations must urgently convene a World Conference on Consumption to deal with the pathetic underconsumption of 1.3 billion poor people and the staggering, monumental, often wasteful overconsumption of most western people.

~ Idea 2373 ~
The western world is afflicted not only with sexual exhibitionism but also with a much more Earth damaging commercial and selling exhibitionism. It is called more elegantly marketing, advertisement, products display, etc. and is being taught extensively in academic institutions. We should scoff at these new so called sciences or disciplines. We live in a distorted world totally ruled by business. How right is the title of David Korten's book Corporations Rule the World!

~ Idea 2374 ~
We must absolutely make the peace, beauty and preservation of our heavenly Earth and the peace, happiness and well-being of the entire human family our two topmost priorities in the third millennium. Most of our past goals, cravings and ideals have become obsolete, outdated. All human groups, be it races, sexes, nations, religions, institutions, ethnic groups, cities, villages, families and last but not least all individuals must contribute and give priority to these two over-riding challenges of evolution.

~ Idea 2375 ~
If every human being would clean a mile on Earth, since we are six billion people there would not be enough miles to clean! Think even beyond that: if every human being would beautify a mile on Earth...

~ Idea 2376 ~
Of the population explosion and the overconsumption explosion which one is the easiest to cope with? Not the population explosion because you cannot kill people, only slow down reproduction. As for overconsumption you can stop immediately buying unnecessary things. Let us work on both of them with more immediate, concrete results from the second.

~ Idea 2377 ~
I will have the lay out the strategy, plans and ideas for all twenty-one segments of major human concerns outlined in Ideas 527 to 547. Why? Because few if any people are doing it, most people being concerned with immediate, daily affairs..

~ Idea 2378 ~
The US tries to obtain a lot of clout from its NATO military intervention in Yugoslavia for the defense of human minority rights.

But the same virtuous country refuses to remove the land mines it left in the soil of Vietnam and which continue to kill many innocent people, especially children. It would be interesting to see comparative statistics of the people killed by the Milosevich regime and those killed by US land mines. The United States too should be indicted by the new International Criminal Court. I hope with all my heart that a peoples' movement will introduce such a lawsuit against the US Government.

~ Idea 2379 ~
We speak a lot about privatization but why not about worldilization and humanization?

To make war is dehumanizing not humanizing.

To radically change nature is not development, it is denaturing, often outright nature destruction.

The human species might have become, to a large extent, a destructive species of nature. The greatest cause of destruction and violence on this planet might become obsolete capitalism.

~ Idea 2380 ~
The United Nations or a World Democracy Agency should publish yearly statistics on parliamentarism, democracy and political elections in all countries.

It would be interesting to learn:

- in how many and in which countries there are no elections at all

- the sex and age composition of parliaments, how many women, youth, elderly

- which countries allow the financing of political campaigns and contributions by business?

~ Idea 2381 ~
There is a much delayed urgent need for humanity on this planet: the need for feminization and lovenization, the acceptance and use of the virtues of love which are best known and practiced by women since they give life and raise children. All military schools on Earth should be run by women, by mothers. They would soon close them.

~ Idea 2382 ~
I wish that one country in the world would decide that one national election would elect only women into office for a mandate to see what different ways of government would emerge and to draw proper conclusions and reforms from the experience.

~ Idea 2383 ~
Humanity is so lost in its wealth and complexity of knowledge, beliefs, ideals, ideas, institutions, sentiments and actions that it risks to perish as the dominant species of this planet taking along with it many other life forms and most of nature.

I recommend that the UN should convene a World Emergency Conference on the Future of Humanity and of the Earth. This could be one of the decisions of the Year 2000 Heads of States UN General Assembly.

~ Idea 2384 ~
Another idea would be to create a World Commission of Eminent Personalities on that subject.

~ Idea 2385 ~
World thinkers and religious leaders should make an effort to see how the United Nations could become the world implementor of the precepts of the Bible and other sacred religious texts:

- to be the jubillennium of humanity, the place to rejoice at humanity's successes and progress,;

- to be the wall of lamentations where people, nations and institutions can lament their defeats, sins and miseries;

- to be a place of forgiveness;

- to write a new global Bible and sacred texts for the future of humanity and of the Earth.

~ Idea 2386 ~
I hope that at some point on this planet there will be a new category of women called the non-buying women whose concern for the Earth will overrule their innate nature of buying. Since the Earth is a mother, all mothers of Earth should make her their primary concern and object of love.

~ Idea 2387~
Which will be the first big city in the world to declare that it has become unlivable, unmanageable, that no more people should come to live in it and that many inhabitants should leave it?

~ Idea 2388 ~
There is an absolutely constant, up to date, urgent need for global education at all levels of humans on this planet, from individuals, families, neighborhoods, villages, cities, provinces, nations, continents, to the world as a whole. Leaders in all institutions should make such education their foremost preoccupation. All that is needed is to use in all schools, media and institutions the World Core Curriculum I derived from humanity's first global organization, the United Nations. It presents in simple form the incredible knowledge we have acquired of our planetary home in the universe, of the human family in its totality, down to the family and the miracle of human life, all of this in the stream of time from the past into the future. If we give this basic information to all schoolchildren we will save the future of this planet. For adults there is similarly an absolute need for constant, up to date global information from the media and proper actions at all levels of government and by all institutions on this planet. (See the two tables on education and the media published in Volume I.)

~ Idea 2389 ~
I dream of the creation of many communities of simple, frugal living respectful of the miraculous nature of our Earth. 'Eco-villages' exist already in many places of the world. They should spread extensively and be created also in big cities and their suburbs.

~ Idea 2390 ~
Each time the Wall Street Dow Jones Index soars by a number of points the Earth-preservation Index plummets by the equivalent if not greater number of points. But where on Earth is there an Earth-preservation Index?

~ Idea 2391 ~
The notion and ideal of free enterprise was perfect in the 19th and early 20th century when the world population was small and natural resources were plentiful and unexploited. Now in the new circumstances of an exploding population and a beleaguered Earth it has all too often become damaging and destructive to both. It should be replaced by the notion and ideal of human fulfillment and Earth-conservation enterprises. Can we expect at least some businesses to call themselves humanity and Earth loving enterprises and to work for it?

~ Idea 2392 ~
The notions of sustainable development and growth should be replaced by Earth conservation and human fulfillment. All local, national, continental and world economic statistics (oikos nomos, Earth management) and indexes should reflect these two evolutionary imperatives.

~ Idea 2393 ~
The same way as the notion interstate is part and parcel of the larger notion of nation, international should become part and parcel of the larger notions of global, world and planet Earth.

And the time will also come when the notions of global, world and planet Earth will become parts of the larger concept of cosmic, universal.

~ Idea 2394 ~
In a new world terminology we must also insert at its right place the concept of biosphere, the sphere of life, the small layer or membrane around the Earth which reaches only a few miles into the atmosphere, a few miles into the seas and oceans and a few meters into the crust of the Earth and contains all life on our planet and in our solar system.

This is what we are dangerously playing with these days with wars, violence, overpopulation, overconsumption, excessive travel and transportation, etc. The UN must absolutely publish a yearly report on the state of the biosphere showing in particular the losses of pure air, pure water, soils, forest covers and the number of species vanished (the current rate is one every five hours).

~ Idea 2395 ~
We see less and less birds and wild animals on this planet, only more and more cars and airplanes carrying human animals around in all directions, to do what?

~ Idea 2396 ~
The capitalist world is no longer inspiring. It is dispiring, depressing because it needs ever more dissatisfaction and unhappiness of humans in order to sell them endlessly more and more products, services and 'entertainments'.

~ Idea 2397 ~
The time might come when laws will be adopted in some poor countries that no couple should have more than two children while in the western countries allowances will be given for more children.

~ Idea 2398 ~
I propose to former Secretary General Boutros Ghali, who has been asked to prepare a report on world democracy by UNESCO, to include a chapter on demo-ideology or people's ideology which would reflect people's ideas and dreams for a better world. It could produce surprising results.

~ Idea 2399 ~
To the throw-away consumers' society a throw-away producers society has been added recently: if new products do not sell fast and well enough they are simply thrown away if they cannot be recycled. The size and diversity of this new Earth disaster added to the preceding one is relentlessly increasing.

~ Idea 2400 ~
In my life as a dreamer and world improver, I have been endlessly astonished by the notable events, people and incredible coincidences that come constantly my way. It is as if God, the saints and invisible forces of the universe want to help me, guide me and make things happen. There is a text by the famous German writer Goethe which describes this situation well:

Until one is committed
there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative and creation,
there is one elementary truth,

the ignorance of which kills countless ideas
and splendid plans:

That the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
raising in one's favor all manner
of unforeseen incidents and meetings
and material assistance,
which no one could have dreamt
would have come his way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.


Encouragement from a Young Man

The following poem which I received in 1979 from a young admirer Sanford Hinden, living in Long Island, New York has helped me for the rest of my UN career and life to never lose hope. Whenever I am depressed and ready to give up I read it and I am reminded of the expectations and hopes of youth when they look up to adults in positions where they can do something for a better world and happier humanity. Thank you dear Sandy Hinden from the innermost of my heart. (see also Ideas 239, 240 and 1391)

Man of Optimism - Man of Grace - Man of Service

Man of optimism,
 Man of grace
  Man of service,
   Unifier of All-Time and All-Space

He speaks of Love,
 In social and economic terms.
  Glimpsing the not too distant peace dove,
   His vision-heart so yearns...

Seeking and questing,
 He finds his night's peace,
  In dreams and hopes,
   Of Universal release.

This man of optimism,
 This man of grace.
  This man of world service,
   Unifier of the human race.

Blessed is
 The road this server treads,
  And by the food of Love's substance
   His soul's hunger is eternally fed.

Deeply behold, this man of inspiration,
 This man of God's graces,
  This man of natural service,
   This man for all-seasons and all-places.

Learn by his daily truths,
 Made known to him through his day.
  Learn from this teacher of karmic wisdom,
   Through the action of his deeds and whole-souled worldly-way.

Students of Life,
 From all the world around,
  Hear in his secular benedictions,
   A keynote of Godly interrelatedness
    Therein to be found.
With them he leaves
 A resonating new-start.
  An attunement to
   Mankind's new Planetary-Heart.

Therein they all do find,
 His heavenly Story of Life:
  "The Ending, Forever,
   Of Bitterness, and Strife".

Great being of hopefulness,
 Great man of the Lord's grace,
  Great being of our United Nations Organization,
   Great manifestor of this Holy-Planet-Place.

With you our hopes
 Are rekindled each time,
  As we listen to you weave your tale
   Of the Radiant-God message, so fine:

 "God of our fathers and mothers,
  God of Divine,
  God of all nations
  And peoples throughout time...
  God of Wisdom's light,
  And God of Love,
  God in All-Forms,
  And God as the Holy-Aspiration-Dove...
  God by all man-made names,
  And God of all earthly natures,
  God of all eternally infinite
  And infinitesimally small life-producing creatures...
  God beyond all words,
  And God beyond all boundaries and war,
  God of all good(s)
  In the vast Universal Store...
  God of the co-evolving
  Holy realization,
  Of the God inside
  Our mundane-human situation...
  God of our actions,
  And God of all nations,
  God of our complete
  And wholly Integration...
  God of our structures,
  And social organization,
  God of fulfillment
  Through the harmonization of all nations...
  God of Service,
  In the form of Dedication
  To the Holy-Manifestation,
  Of the eternally evolving Plan of God's Creation..."

This is the story,
 His weaving of words thus tells,
  For those who seek to quench their aspiration-thirst,
   To drink from this wise man's well.

He mends their hearts
 With the miracle of creation,
  And works to heal
   The painful cleavages between nations.

This is the man optimistic about global-love,
 He is the man in the State of Godly Grace,
  The holy man uniting nation-hearts,
   The weaver of the new social and economic lace.

He is the builder of hope,
 In the House of Creation,
  Wherein can be found
   The room of infinite, and eternal, emanation.

Man of optimism,
 Man of grace.
  Man of service,
   Unifier of All-Time and All-Space.
Sanford Hinden
October 1979


IDEAS 2401 TO 2500


Never Give Up

In Idea 1924 I told how the United Nations Development Program, one of the biggest if not the biggest world aid program was created in 1959. I reproduce hereafter forty year old documents which I found in a file followed by more recent letters to successive heads of the United Nations Development Program.

Now that as a result of very rapid technological developments enormous quantities of equipment and machinery are being abandoned or discarded in the western world, I recommend that a new UN World Fund be created similar to the World Food Program entitled World Equipment and Machinery Aid Fund (WEMAF). The UNDP which has representative offices in practically all poor countries could take care of such a fund, transferring to these countries abandoned western equipment and machinery which would still be a blessed, highly welcomed gift to them.

24 January 1991

I gave the scribbled diagram attached to the following letter in 1959 to Paul Hoffman, former administrator of the Marshall Plan and Managing Director of the newly established Special Fund of the UN. I asked him why the US had not conceived the Marshall Plan as a revolving fund: the countries receiving the huge sums of money from the US would have to reimburse that money without interest after several years, once they would be recovered, to an international revolving fund, which then would continue to give it to poor countries with the same provision, etc. He answered me that when he was Administrator of the Marshall Plan a crazy Frenchman was running after him trying to sell him the same idea. He regretted that he did not accept it at the time.

I dug out this paper in January 1991 when asked to speak to the 30th anniversary ceremony of the creation of the UNDP and donated a bust of Paul Hoffman.

31 March 1996
Dear Mr. Speth,

I read recently an excellent speech or paper in which you underline that the resources given by the UNDP match those given by the IMF and World Bank. What remembrances this brought back to me as I remembered the several years long battle we had to wage to get finally as a compromise the Special Fund, later the UNDP, created. With Hans Singer I was one of the two first officials of Paul Hoffman. I said good-bye to him after a few weeks, because I never like to stay with something I helped to create, looking always towards new avenues, as I am still today. Going through some old papers I found the enclosed which I gave at the time to Paul Hoffman, regretting that the Marshall Plan had not been conceived as a permanent revolving fund. I see in the lower note that it was not too late to do so at the time, and consider some bilateral aid as reimbursable in time, without any interest payments. Why not revive that idea today? It could be additional to the international and bilateral aid given today. It is never too late to do good.

When you were appointed, I believe I wrote to you about that and told you about two seemingly crazy ideas I had in the early times of the UN. One was that we always spoke of capital aid in terms of finance but in reality capital is savings, i.e. non-consumption of goods. Why not propose to the rich countries to channel the surplus foods they were burning to the poor countries? Well, this led to the creation of the World Food Program, which is even bigger than the UNDP. The only condition of the rich countries was that the food would go to the hungry and to children, in order not to interfere with the holy rules of the market. This was done. On another occasion, when Raymond Scheyven, a Belgian, was appointed on the Committee trying to create a UN Revolving Development Fund (SUNFED), before he paid his first visit to the Bank, I said to him: Tell the Bank that the time will come when they will be in bad need for concessional aid to go along with their normal loans, especially to construct roads and infrastructure projects. Well that was the birth of the International Development Association (IDA). Why not have some novel ideas today? Is it normal to let pass decades without new ideas? For example, if one is capable of transferring surplus foods, why not consider transferring also second hand machinery instead of scrapping it? Also, if one would calculate all the aid, voluntary and private, by religions, goodwill associations from the rich countries, one would probably come to staggering figures. Why not have a new look at the whole field. Even if nothing comes out of it, it would nevertheless be worthwhile. I have decided myself to come out with 2000 ideas as my contribution to the year 2000. Some of them are already being implemented.
With my warmest greetings,

Robert Muller
Mr. James Gustave Speth
Head of United Nations Development Program

~ Idea 2401 ~
There are increasing numbers of people, groups and communities around the world, which practice simple and frugal living for their personal reward and happiness and for the preservation of the Earth. I believe the time has come to create a World Association for Simple and Frugal Living, a non-governmental organization (NGO) to be accredited with the United Nations.

~ Idea 2402 ~
There should also be a World Council on simple and frugal living working with the United Nations Earth Council created in Costa Rica by the 1992 UN Rio de Janeiro Conference on the Environment.

~ Idea 2403 ~
The current 20th century distinction between developed and undeveloped countries must be replaced in the 21st century by Earth destroying and Earth non-destroying countries.

~ Idea 2404 ~
On our current, beleaguered, endangered Earth for anyone to become extremely rich is no longer a successful, admirable, enviable fact, but a rather deplorable one.

The rich people and countries should take an outright decision to give away most of their wealth to the poor in their countries and in the world. We need to achieve a world of satisfactory well-being for all humans on Earth, a world of justice without excessive disparities. Economists and sociologists should work out ideas, plans and a world strategy to that effect.

~ Idea 2405 ~
Capitalism and communism are both two outdated extreme experiments, born from 19th century conditions. We need moderation. As the Romans said, "in medio stat virtus", virtue is a middle course. What word should one use for a new world ideology? Moderationism could be one; moderation in wealth, power and ownership, moderation toward the Earth, of population increase, of consumption, of the size of cities, of buildings, of houses, etc.

The age of competition, of the survival of the fittest, strongest and smartest is over. It would lead to our destruction. It is as simple as that. The new evolutionary phase of this planet must be cooperation.

Let us become a planet of cooperation and moderation, of love, of Earth-preservation, of beautification, of a satisfactory well-being and happiness for all humans blessed with the miracle of life.

~ Idea 2406 ~
One country at least on Earth should have the courage to decree that no skyscrapers will be built anymore. It would set limits to the number of floors allowed in any building.

~ Idea 2407 ~
The human species is terminally ill. Its sickness is capitalism.

We are in World War III, the biggest, most destructive war on this planet, the war against the Earth led by the obsolete, outdated, western capitalist system.

The people must come to the rescue of the Earth.

~ Idea 2408 ~
At a meeting of the advisory board of the Foundation for the Future, in Bellevue, Washington, which reaches with its work as far as the year 3000, I insisted that there was urgent need to transform the United Nations into an Evolutionary Earth Government to prevent the end of evolution on this planet.

~ Idea 2409 ~
Do we always have to buy more, to consume more, to want more, to accumulate more? Can't we be satisfied ever and live in peace and harmony with our inner self, with few goods, with our wonderful nature and Earth for the sake of her and of our descendants?

~ Idea 2410 ~
I pray for the creation of numerous eco-indigenous communities in which indigenous and non-indigenous people would live together, learn from each other, improve the ways of living of the indigenous people and ecologize, dematerialize and demonitize the ways of life of the western people. It would be a middle way, a less destructive way of living in harmony with our perishable nature.

~ Idea 2411 ~
There is need to create a United Nations Agency of Sports. It would render great services to the cooperation of all humans in sports competitions instead of military and war competitions. The World Olympics would be its General Assembly. Periods of armistice are already declared by the UN, renewing the Greek tradition that during the Olympic Games all conflicts and violence were prohibited. A UN Agency of Sports would contribute to the greater unity and diversity of the human species.

~ Idea 2412 ~
I recommend that everywhere in the world there should be a renaissance of ancient, local, indigenous names replacing many modern, western names of natural areas, communities, villages and roads. What a great contribution this would be to the ecology and unity in diversity of our planet and human family!

~ Idea 2413 ~
Development of what? Of the stock markets, banks, armaments, militarization, overpopulation, overproduction, overconsumption and deterioration of our air, water, soil and nature?

In the year 3000 the indigenous peoples in their forests, hills and villages might still be alive while the great cities proudly built by arrogant western man will be deserted cemeteries of airports, parking places, concrete, empty, meaningless skyscrapers, warehouses and houses filled with mountains of abandoned 'goods'.

~ Idea 2414 ~
At the end of the second millennium some of the biggest stepping stones to the third millennium were:

1. The creation and work of the United Nations and of its 32 specialized agencies and world programs which provided an indispensable, comprehensive inventory of our planet and of humanity, the first ever in human history. This paved the way to the possibility of a proper planetary management of our Earth and of its further evolution.

2. The end of the cold war, the continuance of which would have meant irremediable disaster for the planet and humanity.

We must build on both.

~ Idea 2415 ~
We have become a very wrong, chaotic, disorderly, destructive human society on one of the richest, most beautiful, stabilized, perhaps unique life endowed planets in the universe.

It would be good if politicians, businessmen, capital holders and militaries would imagine that soon they will live on a planet devoid of all the basic resources needed for life, to begin with oxygen and water, and to imagine a different future, different ideals, values and behaviors.

~ Idea 2416 ~
Immortal can become on this planet only those who have an immeasurable love and concern for the Earth and for the entire human family. All others will be forgotten.

~ Idea 2417 ~
The Earth should be our precious garden, our temple, our paradise. Our passion should be to preserve it, to embellish it and to see peace, love and happiness rein everywhere.

~ Idea 2418 ~
The more I live the more I cherish life, and the more I love it the more life loves me. My relation with life and with the Earth is that of a couple, a very happy couple in love. Romeo and Juliet. Robert and Eartha. Please do the same.

~ Idea 2419 ~
Emigration and immigration are no longer known to the citizens of the fifteen countries of the new European Union. They can settle anywhere in these countries without any restrictions. When will come the day when this will be true for the entire world? Should it not? Goods can now move freely around the world under the World Trade Organization. Why not people under a borderless World Peoples' Organization?

~ Idea 2420 ~
May the thunder of God strike me if I should ever cease to think, to dream, to plan, to speak, to write, to work for a better, peaceful, happy, marvelous world. I want even to do it as a spirit after my death.

~ Idea 2421 ~
I was reading a copy of my novel Sima Mon Amour which I will give to the mayor of Divonne Les Bains in France where this love novel unfolds in part. The tears came to my eyes. What incredible love I have for this planet and for its people, a truly magical life and love affair for which I am so grateful to God. Perhaps love for the Earth and its magnificent nature and love for humanity starting with one's own life, love for our spouse and family are the greatest fountains of happiness on this planet.

~ Idea 2422 ~
All human beings, all institutions, corporations, religions should ask themselves these questions every day, at the end of each year and at the end of their life:

What have I done to help the further evolution of planet Earth, its beauty, its peace, the fulfillment of all its species, especially the most advanced, most knowledgeable, the human one?

What have I done that caused it damage, destruction or regress?

We badly need such examinations of conscience toward the Earth and humanity. The present western beliefs, values, institutions and ways of life are harming, if not killing the regenerative capacity of the Earth, its waters, species, air, soils, vegetation, climate. We must ask ourselves: how long can this last on such a colossal scale?

~ Idea 2423 ~
Extreme liberalism and individualism and extreme communism are both wrong. Humans must cooperate in one humanity, one family the same way as cells and organs cooperate in the human body. Peace on Earth among all humans is still a priority. But peace with the Earth has become an even greater one. We must see the Earth and humanity cooperate as one vast entity with all cells and organs cooperating together.

~ Idea 2424 ~
The International Standardization Organization must become a full specialized agency of the United Nations. World-wide standardization can prevent colossal wastes, duplications, costly expenditures, dis-economies and accidents.

~ Idea 2425 ~
Mother Earth might become less and less proud of us and less loving. The time might come when she will rejoice when humans kill each other in wars, die in accidents or from environmental diseases and evolutionary degradations such as cancer, Aids, etc. The less humans there will be, the less the Earth will be destroyed and can keep other species alive and continue her incredible, marvelous diversified evolution. Just look at a butterfly, at a bird or at a flower to grasp her miracles.

~ Idea 2426 ~
The Earth Council created in Costa Rica by the second United Nations World Conference on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro is as important, if not more, than the UN University for Peace also created in that demilitarized country and paradise of nature. The two together on the same miraculous tropical grounds of sacred Mt. Rasur can do wonders and become the new Athens of the world. Endowed with vast freedom, they can become the brain, the heart and the soul of the United Nations, of humanity and of the Earth.

~ Idea 2427 ~
The more I advance in life as a world servant, the more I feel that the word politics should be eliminated from human language. It meant in Greek the administration of the polis, the city. Today we are far beyond cities and states. We have the major task of governing, administering and fulfilling the entire Earth and humanity.

We should therefore agree on new words for the sciences, skills, institutions and professions dealing with the Earth and humanity. Here are a few suggestions:

Earthology: the science of the Earth; humanology, the science of humanity
Earthologists: the scientists of the Earth; humanologists
Earth Management, Earth Managers; humanity management, managers
Earth Organizations, Earth Organizers; humanity organization, organizers
Earth Institutions, Earth Servants; humanity institutions, servants
Earth Futurology, Earth Futurologists: evolutionary scientists; humanity futurology, futurologists
Earth Bio-regions, Bio-regional scientists; human bio-regions; bio-human scientists

Let us work on new words and come up with a comprehensive Earthology and Humanology much deeper and further reaching than politics.

~ Idea 2428 ~
Most visionaries and prophets were voices in the desert. I am such a voice too but in a paradise of nature on a sacred mountain wherefrom invisible, mysterious forces give birth to my dreams and ideas identical with theirs.

~ Idea 2429 ~
We are all extremely important cosmic units in the evolution of the universe, of the Earth and of humanity. We are living cells of the universe, of the Earth and of humanity. Please never forget it. You have an enormous, extraordinarily important role to play for a better world, in your daily life, in your entire life and even after death.

~ Idea 2430 ~
Only in solitude, silence and nature can we find answers to the mysteries of life, of the heavens, of a better world and of ourselves.

~ Idea 2431 ~
People are sick and tired of wars and violence. Dear heads of states, you better take notice of it if you want to be loved and remembered. Pure nationalism no longer pays. Peace, please.

~ Idea 2432 ~
I dream of the time when beautiful peace and love stories will be more interesting, popular, acclaimed and loved than war, horror and violence stories.

~ Idea 2433 ~
We can be proud of our human intelligence only if we can conceive and properly mold our future on this planet without destroying it. We might be a tremendous evolutionary success or a dismal failure.

~ Idea 2434 ~
A so called primitive species which does not destroy the Earth and itself might be smarter than the western human one fully involved in doing that. Full consciousness of the damages we do to the Earth might be our only salvation. It is a deliberate choice to make. The main difference between animals and humans is that animals live in harmony with nature and do not destroy her while we are now doing that on a world-wide scale. We scratch, dig, wound, misconstruct progressively the Earth to her death and call it economic development.

~ Idea 2435 ~
The Earth and humanity are being boycotted by national governments:

- there is not supposed to be a proper Earth government

- there are not supposed to be any world laws, only national laws

- there is not supposed to be a world democracy and voices

- there are not supposed to be a World Court of Justice and court system

- there is not supposed to be any world taxation and world lending to provide resources for crucial common, global human and Earth public services.

As a result we continue to have wars, mind-boggling duplications of expenditures between 189 carved out nations and the whole Earth and some nations are going to pieces.

How long will this disastrous situation and blindness last? Perhaps a first few catastrophies will wake us up.

~ Idea 2436 ~
The US government does not want any more UN world conferences considered to be obstacles to US political and economic dreams for the world.

There is need for many more world-wide conferences on how to save the Earth which has become the life and death priority of humans on this planet. The UN should move out of the United States if the current adverse US policies towards it go on.

~ Idea 2437 ~
I would like to see statistics on meetings and conferences held around the world. I am sure that for each thousand conferences on production, business, marketing, advertisement and scientific and technological advances there is barely one on how to save the Earth, her nature and the future of humanity. What kind of an 'advanced' species and society are we?

~ Idea 2438 ~
The Chief Executive Officers of business corporations have to work for the stock market and the shareholders, not for a better world. They cannot help it.

Similarly heads of state have to work for the nation, for their government, their people, their voters, not for the Earth, humanity and the future. They cannot help it.
The drama of our time is that with the exception of a weak, powerless, almost resourcesless United Nations no institutions, no leadership and no resources exist providing for the care of the entire Earth and human family and their future.

This is so serious that it will most likely mean the end of the further evolution of this planet. Corporate business chiefs and heads of state will make strange, sorry faces when this will happen.

~ Idea 2439 ~
World waste has reached such colossal proportions that I recommend the urgent creation of a World Organization on Waste Avoidance and Disposal with continental, regional and national branches. Among its first subjects would be wasteful technological processes, inventions, marketing, packaging devices in all professions and walks of life, to begin with architecture and construction. It is estimated that the United States collects 210 billion tons of wastes each year. This represents a 32 billion dollars waste disposal industry. And all these 32 billion dollars are included in the national product! I recommend that the United Nations request statistics on waste production and waste disposals in all countries on Earth, to furnish global statistics and a yearly world report and to exclude them from the world product.

~ Idea 2440 ~
Humanity has learned to work with its hands, to construct, to produce;

Humanity has learned to think, to invent, to create;

Humanity has not yet learned to really cooperate;

Humanity has not yet learned to love;

Humanity has dislearned to pray, to dream, to believe in its miraculous destiny and to care for this marvelous planet in the incredible, breathtaking universe.

All this must be corrected with a global Earth and human philosophy.

~ Idea 2441 ~
Since elderly French people have less and less grandchildren, the pets population of dogs and cats has substantially increased in France, to the delight of the producers of dog and cat foods.

Comment of the Earth: this is good because dogs and cats consume less of my resources and do not accumulate 'goods' as do humans; also the elderly people travel less and stay at home in order to take care of their pets. This is also good for me.

~ Idea 2442 ~
Humanity has become a disoriented species on planet Earth. A thinking revolution is needed to re-define our proper place, role and future on our still unique, miraculous, life-endowed planet in the universe. Also new institutions must be created, for example a World Environment Court to deal with major Earth destructions, as recommended by the Parliament of the European Union.

~ Idea 2443 ~
A World Media Tribunal should be created to receive complaints against campaigns of lies, rumors and false informations paid by governments and big business to achieve their purposes. What an unethical world it would reveal! From my United Nations experience I could cite glaring cases.

~ Idea 2444 ~
I hope and pray that the Pope will speak in the name of spirituality and of all religions at the Year 2000 Heads of States General Assembly. He has the right to speak there because he is the head of a small state, the Vatican State.

~ Idea 2445 ~
I do not understand why governments have not created a Main Commission on Democracy as part of the UN General Assembly's Main Commissions. Together with a Main Commission on the Future, it is one of the most glaringly missing central organs of the UN. I hope that the Year 2000 Heads of States General Assembly will correct this situation.

~ Idea 2446 ~
The only great people whose memory was saved and survived on this planet were those who celebrated or contributed to the miracle of human life and to a better world. All other glories, especially national ones, are outdated and will not survive because they were out of step with the new trends, needs and laws of evolution.

~ Idea 2447 ~
Business and the fanatic belief in business have become the funeral home of this planet. Noone should admire rich business people, big corporations and stock markets any more. The American dream is becoming a world nightmare, mark my words.

~ Idea 2448 ~
We need basically four guiding spirits in our lives; personal, family, political and universal:

A spirit of the self

A spirit of all communities from the family, the profession, ethnic, religious community to the whole human family

A spirit of the Earth

A spirit of the universe and eternity, named also the spirit of God

~ Idea 2449 ~
In a KLM plane from Geneva to Amsterdam they distributed, in wasteful plastic bags, wet towelets in other plastic bags with this advertisement:

"Avis is proud to be featured in the new James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies," and under it in big letters, Avis. Well, I wrote this note to the pilot of the plane:

Dear Captain,

Having been the UN Assistant Secretary General who obtained years ago from the UN Security Council the International Treaty Against Highjacking I beg you to obtain from KLM that they should no longer distribute advertisements like the Avis one showing a man aiming a gun. I thank you for your consideration.

Robert Muller
One-dollar-a-year Chancellor of
the University for Peace in Costa Rica

And I will write a letter to Avis that for the rest of my life I will never rent an Avis car. Barbara commented to me, "Avis probably had to pay a million dollars to get Avis cars shown in the James Bond film."

~ Idea 2450 ~
For every idea I formulate for a better world there are at least one thousand ideas for new forms of advertisement, more useless 'goods', more wasteful packaging, more unneeded services, more shows of violence. What a world!

~ Idea 2451 ~
At the Geneva airport I saw an advertisement of a firm offering its services as a 'master of complications'. Well, what the world needs much more today are masters of simplification and common sense.

~ Idea 2452 ~
An idea for advertisers: do what private firms do in Geneva, namely provide free baggage carriers at airports instead of paying ones, each carriage bearing the name of the firm. At least this will be a service to passengers.

~ Idea 2453 ~
If only the 300 million indigenous people of this planet would decide not to drive cars and board airplanes, what a satisfaction for Mother Earth this would be! While the rest of humans are 'enmechanizing' and dehumanizing themselves they would remain the only natural race of humans.

~ Idea 2454 ~
When I see crowds of travelers at the airports of poor countries like San Jose, Costa Rica I have these thoughts:

The faces of most of these people are not happy. Yes, there is the prospect of visiting family members who emigrated to the US or Canada, but it is a very costly trip which requires much sacrifice.

As for US tourists, they are mostly old people who seem to ask themselves why they came here at all. They saw a beautifully preserved nature, but they wonder about the meaning of their life. When they visit the University for Peace they often complain that they have no longer any aim in life, that all this is merely passive tourism.

And then you have the businessmen, the public officials, the diplomats who are all bent on their mission.

My feeling is that all this is a rather contrived, not really happy society. If I saw such scenes on another planet I would say, "Something is not right here."

I recommend that the World Tourism Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization look into this by issuing questionnaires and public opinion surveys to come up with answers and remedies.

~ Idea 2455 ~
Instead of an idea, here is a question: What preoccupying, if not frightening new global problems will beset humanity in the years and century to come for lack of foresight today? We are not dealing with the future and we call ourselves an intelligent species capable to run a planet.

~ Idea 2456 ~
I was brought to a sacred place of the world, Mt. Rasur in Costa Rica to tell my human brothers and sisters that none of us was born for a specific corner or nation of the Earth, but that the whole world and universe are our home, the incredible, breathtaking temple of our life.

We are all transient but very vital cosmic agents in the evolution of the universe. We are all living cells of the total heavens, of the Earth and of humanity. This is what all great prophets and founders of religions have told us. What a great, incredible privilege it is to be alive and human, especially on the eve of a new century and millennium.

~ Idea 2457 ~
Basically I remain optimistic on my own will.

I overcome pessimisms and dark moments by writing down my ideas and dreams in the morning and reading my books in the evening.

I continue to try to do the impossible by remembering my past successes.

In one way or another I enter into action and never give up.

~ Idea 2458 ~
Never forget that you are living Earth made of seventy percent water and thirty percent matter. You are a living cell, a unit of the Earth's body. You receive from the Earth and you contribute to the Earth but become a sick, cancerous cell when destroying it. That is the truth and not the wrong banners of misguided, manipulated political leaders, innumerable 'special interest groups' and insatiable, profit hungry businesses, media and advertisement. It is high time for a world reaction against this situation.

~ Idea 2459 ~
When we came back from the second World Peace Conference in the Hague, Holland on the 8th of May 1999, I wrote this text which I affixed on a wall of our wooden, little farmhouse. "We have been brought here, on sacred Mt. Rasur for one reason, to save the Earth and to fulfill the indigenous prophecy that from here a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world." Yes, this must remain our mission.

~ Idea 2460 ~
Please dear reader, build your own little paradise wherever you live on Earth. Do not let others pretend to build it for you. And if we all do it we will make the whole world a paradise.

A clean mile on Earth and a little paradise multiplied by 6 billions, what a wonderful planet it will be!

~ Idea 2461 ~
We should never downgrade and despise the material, the touchable, seeable reality. Remember the incredible love and happiness that arise from the touching, the kissing, the caressing, the union of man and woman.

The Earth's body-reality must also be dearly loved by us, well understood and cared for.

This global material reality is acquiring now also, thanks to humanity, a global brain which is growing very rapidly. We are the advanced species which is giving the Earth that brain and receiving from her messages in return.

There is also the beginning of a global heart: love and respect and care for nature, beauty, cleanliness, love for life which is sacred, for peace, for harmony, for the past, present and the future.

Last but not least, a global, cosmic soul is now in formation: most religions begin to cooperate on spirituality in a United Religions Initiative, in a World Parliament of Religions and in innumerable religious encounters and cooperation on cosmic, global, human and Earth problems.

These are all great signs of hope for the future of the Earth and of the human species. The 3rd millennium might be an unprecedented, unthinkable, miraculous one.

~ Idea 2462 ~
No head of state of this end of century and millennium will be remembered in history if he or she does not take a step for the creation of a proper Earth government. Most prominent so far will be Robert Schuman, the father of the European Union. He will be canonized as the first political saint. I am proud to be a member of his canonization committee. The question is, who will be the next Robert Schumans who will unite the entire world?

~ Idea 2463 ~
I often heard this slogan in my life: Geld regiert die Welt, money rules the world. Today I would say, money, debts, banks, stock exchanges and credit cards rule the world.

~ Idea 2464 ~
Economists will soon be considered as one of the most dismal professions on Earth because nothing stops them from destroying the Earth. Popular wisdom knows this. As they say in Germany, "Wer nichts wird wird Volkswirt: Who does not become anything becomes an economist."

~ Idea 2465 ~
The United Nations should create a Main Commission or organ to report yearly to humanity on the non-ratification, non-implementation and violations of international treaties and agreements. It would be a very sad, revealing document. The only field in which this is being done is human rights which as a result has progressed significantly in the world. Why not therefore follow this good example more generally?

~ Idea 2466 ~
I am so glad to have obtained from the UN General Assembly to proclaim the year 2000 International Year of Thanksgiving. The whole humanity should make a list of what we should be thankful for and a list of further thanks to be aimed at. We need next a yearly world thanksgiving day.

~ Idea 2467 ~
In the year 2000 there should be a universal alliance of saints, spirits and souls of humans killed in all past wars to work with the living and bring about at long last a permanent, unbroken peace on this magnificent planet in the heavens.

~ Idea 2468 ~
How is it that so often in the middle of the night I wake up with this obsessive thought: why are we humans destroying this Earth? What can I do to help prevent it? After my obsession with peace in the world since World War II this has become my new main obsession since the United Nations Stockholm Conference on the Environment in 1972. Humans born from the Earth, all made of Earth, instead of taking good care of their mother, seem to have taken a wrong way. See her complaints, her laments in many of my ideas. We must urgently change course if we don't want to bring to an end the further incredible potential evolution of this planet and of ourselves.

~ Idea 2469 ~
In all schools of the world there should be a new field of education on advertisement and how children and youth can defend themselves against it.

~ Idea 2470 ~
The 3rd millennium must be the millennium of world-wide human cooperation for the conservation of planet Earth and the peace and fulfillment of all humanity.

This should be the objective of the World Conference on the Future Evolution of the Earth and of Humanity which I recommend to be convened in 2001 or 2002 by the United Nations as a result of the heads of states meeting in 2000 and ten years after 1992 Rio de Janeiro second world conference on the environment.

There cannot be any other more urgent, vital task for humanity.

~ Idea 2471 ~
Without the more than 30,000 non-governmental international peoples' associations there would be even less world democracy and cooperation. I am astonished that governments let them be established. They probably thought that they would be irrelevant and not numerous.

Well, I recommend that in the year 2000 they should constitute themselves into a World Peoples' Organization with its own world Secretariat and Secretary General.* The seat could be the 3/4 empty beautiful Andrew Carnegie Peace Palace in The Hague.

*They met in a World Peoples' Assembly in Samoa in April 2000 and appointed me Lifelong President of the Global Peoples' Assembly they created!

~ Idea 2472 ~
There should be a World Criminal Court to judge crimes against the Earth. Atomic tests should be first to be judged as such crimes.

~ Idea 2473 ~
In the year 2000 a new fundamental human right should be adopted by the United Nations:

The right to the further life and evolution of this planet, humanity's home, and its non-destruction by armaments, militaries, business and undue profit by capitalists.

~ Idea 2474 ~
United Nations?

189 cut up territories of this planet who declare themselves 'sovereign' and do not unite their brains, their hearts, their souls, their resources and actions for a better, peaceful humanity and a well-preserved Earth, probably the most illogical, ineffective, costliest, most duplicated system on any planet in the universe. It must absolutely and urgently be replaced by an entirely new, efficient evolutionary Earth government.

There exist many plans for that so let us look into them urgently.

~ Idea 2475 ~
One of the greatest gaps in philanthropy and gaiaphily is a lack of help to publishing and vastly disseminating writings, books, magazines, radio and television programs on ideas and actions to save the Earth and bring peace and justice to humanity. Also missing is an education, a teaching of philanthropy.

~ Idea 2476 ~
The world needs more than a United Nations reform, it needs an outright, proper Earth and human government still non-existent after thousands of years. Our forefathers had at least the excuse that they didn't even know that the Earth was round, but we have no excuses whatsoever anymore.

~ Idea 2477 ~
The United Nations is preparing an Earth Covenant. That is wonderful progress.

But let us not leave the United Nations alone up there. Let each of us have his or her Earth Covenant in our daily relations with our Mother Earth. Let us be Earth-stewards, Earth-trustees. Multiplied by 6 billion we can preserve the Earth and make it the greatest, cleanest, most beautiful heavenly body in the universe.

~ Idea 2478 ~
Innumerable 'centers' for good causes are being created around the world. I am invited to join new ones almost every day.

That is just and good but we must not forget to be our own center, a center of good ideas and actions, of radiation of happiness, optimism and goodness all around us. Over a lifetime this can represent a lot. Let us all be wonderful highways of clean, simple, frugal living and good actions. God and the Earth will recompense us for it.

~ Idea 2479 ~
There are 34 Robert Muller Schools in the world giving a new world education to children based on my many years of experience in the United Nations.

But when will governments ever accept that their national education should not be superior to global education but should be an integrated part of it?

When will that miracle happen? Which will be the first country to do it?

~ Idea 2480 ~
Life would really be wonderful if we agreed to cut out all the nonsenses. Let us do it at all levels:

at the personal level

at the family level

at the local, community level

at the national level

at the world level

How wonderful it would be to have an item at all levels of society at least once a year entitled, What Nonsenses Have We Eliminated? I would like to see such an item at meetings of heads of states with their ministers entitled, What Nonsenses Have We Eliminated? What More Nonsenses Can We Cut Out? How about a yearly World No Nonsense Day?

~ Idea 2481 ~
A dream shared by all humanity becomes a reality. What are the dreams of humanity on the eve of a new century and millennium?

Total peace on this planet

No nuclear armaments, no arms at all

No militaries

No violence in any forms anywhere

A decent well-being for all humans

A respect, love and care for our beautiful Earth

A celebration of gratitude for the miracle of life on our planet

This should be the agenda of the heads of states meeting at the UN General Assembly in September 2000.

~ Idea 2482 ~
Children are born on this planet for living and loving not for killing and hating. We must therefore work toward a total elimination of all armaments, killings and hatred from this Earth. There were none in God's paradise. We therefore cannot visualize a paradise 2100 with any armaments, killing, hating and militaries. This is an absolute must.

~ Idea 2483 ~
The greatest friends of the Earth are the poor, the indigenous people and the monks who consume the least of her flesh.

~ Idea 2484 ~
All humans must be educated as well-informed, highly sensitive, perceptive, cooperating units of the total body of the living Earth. This turn of a century and millennium can be the birth of a totally well-evolved planet. The consequences would be mind boggling and wonderful.

~ Idea 2485 ~
Our incredible Earth is able to recycle everything into new life: the excrements of animals, the dead leaves, plants and bodies of all living beings on her surface and in her waters and oceans.

But now she faces an unprecedented, perhaps mortal challenge: will she be able to recycle the monstrous skyscrapers, dwellings, highways and growing mountains of products and wastes of humans, including atomic wastes?

She might give up. There would then be one more dead celestial body floating in the universe, an object of curiosity where someday beings from other planets might land and study the reasons of its demise.

The Earth Council created in Costa Rica by the UN Second World Conference on the Environment 1992 should study the major sicknesses and alterations of planet Earth, its likely demise or restoration to good health and functioning.

~ Idea 2486 ~
Until recently the human species was counted upon by the Earth to be its most advanced form of life, its greatest success. Alas, by ignoring her we have become a major misfit and factor of destruction. Let us change course quickly and regain her confidence. How? Through loving her and caring for her which will give us all the answers.

~ Idea 2487 ~
We needed and had in the past revolutions against kings, slave owners, Napoleons, dictators, etc. We need today revolutions against the militarized, heavily armed, sovereign nations and their equally, if not more powerful allies: the giant world corporations.

~ Idea 2488 ~
Our natural loves are being completely distorted by the powerful and wealthy of today: national governments, the military and the merchants, the new trilateral power.

Our real, central, never-changing love should be for the Earth and for our children.

~ Idea 2489 ~
We have been able to solve racial apartheid since the end of World War II, but a new, immensely wider and deeper apartheid has grown world-wide between nations and inside nations: the economic apartheid between rich and poor everywhere on this planet. I recommend that economic apartheid be inscribed as a priority item on the agenda of the United Nations.

~ Idea 2490 ~
On the occasion of the visit of President Clinton to Costa Rica I launched the idea that the people who own forests in poor countries should receive from the rich countries a compensation or subsidy for keeping their forests intact which produce oxygen for the world. The idea has made some progress. Costa Rica is levying an additional tax on gasoline to finance such subsidies

More generally I think that the western tax systems should be radically changed in favor of the environment. Thus in the United States the owner of a home with a garden has to pay a property tax. The city or community uses the revenue to build more roads and buildings, thus destroying the Earth. Owners of gardens and forests should not be taxed at all on such property. They should even be given a deduction from their income taxation for preserving a part of the Earth. The whole tax systems of the world must be revised in favor of whatever can be done for our Earth. So far there exists nothing or very little of this sort.

~ Idea 2491 ~
This has become a world in which the supermarkets are full and the churches are empty. What a pity. What would Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha and other great religious leaders say visiting the western world and its supermarkets?

Women have a certain responsibility in this situation. Just look at their happy faces when they push a full shopping cart in a supermarket.

~ Idea 2492 ~
Speaking of human rights, in Idea 1694 I say that, "No human being on this planet should be forced to become a murderer in the name of a nation."

Under the category of Non-rights the people should request it as follows:

"No nation has the right to draft young people into military service or duty in order to kill other young people, thus becoming murderers."

~ Idea 2493 ~
Do not deliver speeches in far away places anymore. They require travel, a lot of time of your life and a lot of carbon dioxide emitted in the air.

Do not write big books which are read less and less by people in leadership and influence who have little time to read.

Write down ideas and concrete proposals and send them to people and institutions which can implement them.

~ Idea 2494 ~
When I watched the sun rise over the Costa Rican volcanoes this morning from our bench of visions on sacred Mt. Rasur I heard the sun say to me:

"If I stopped rising everyday what would happen to you all? I'm watching you. You destroy the Earth so rapidly that indeed someday I will stop rising over you."

I was dismayed, but when I looked at the bust of Teilhard de Chardin on the bench and saw his divine smile I knew that it would not happen, that a few great visionaries will prevent it and save the Earth.

~ Idea 2495 ~
The Earth said to me, "You have all kinds of human rights on my surface, fundamental human rights, rights of the children, rights of women, of the indigenous people, etc. but where are my fundamental rights, the rights of the Earth?"

I answered her, "Well, the UN is now disseminating an Earth Charter. Since I have decided a long time ago that I want to be buried into your soil without a coffin so that I can be resurrected by you into other vegetal and life forms, I will propose the following right to be included in that Charter.

I, the Earth have the right that all humans who are seventy percent of my water and thirty percent of my solid elements be returned to me, to my body without a coffin so that I can resurrect them into other vegetal and life forms for as long as I will live.

~ Idea 2496 ~
One of the main objectives, if not the objective of the Peoples' Assembly 2000 should be to lay the foundations and obtain the creation or the transformation of the United Nations into a United Peoples' and Earth Organization.

~ Idea 2497 ~
I wish that someone would study the patterns, numbers, strengths, objectives and effects of the blanket of institutions covering this planet. We have statistics on anything else but not on institutions. We sorely need a world observatory, information and study center of institutions, an institutional science. It should pay particular attention to institutions for the entire humanity and the entire Earth. These are the latest born, the weakest but most needed for our future evolution.

Yes, we urgently need a major institutional reform, an institutional revolution on this planet. God said to me this morning, "The trouble with the institutions you create on planet Earth for many good social, wonderful causes is that they become more and more self-centered. The institution often becomes more important than the laudable objective for which it was

See what they have done to me. The church created to disseminate my message killed millions of innocent people around the world who loved and revered me under a different name in another religion.

Why don't you recommend that there should be a world-wide review of all institutions on Earth especially the political and religious ones. I and the Earth, which I created for you, would bless you for it."

My answer to God, "Okay, I will propose that the United Nations should publish such a review in 2001 to be reviewed every second or third year thereafter."

~ Idea 2498 ~
The word government derives from the notion of governing a ship. It covers many things:

The self

The family

The local community

The city

The state or province

The nation

The continent

The whole Earth and humanity

Unfortunately the two last categories, namely the continents and the whole Earth and humanity which have become the most important ones are not really governed, nor welcomed nor strengthened as they should be.

We urgently need world institutions which would deal with the Earth commons: outer space, the ozonosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere, the seas and oceans, the waters, the mountains, our climate, the poor, etc.

We need sorely new world-wide evolution-oriented institutions. Nations continue to be opposed to proper institutions for a total Earth and humanity. They are the most retarding, obsolete obstacles to the evolution of this planet. They have become a blemish, a retarding factor by refusing to consider a proper, global, common institutional system to govern, to administer well our planet.

~ Idea 2499 ~
We need an institutional science which could be called institutionology. We need a proper evolutionary institutional strategy for our planet, an institutional methodology and adequate means of action, adaptation, constant reform and implementation.

We should heed these words of Thomas Jefferson when there was need to transform the Confederate American States into the Federal United States:

Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more enlightened, as new discoveries are made and manners and opinions change, with the change in circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. One might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain forever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.
Thomas Jefferson

We would loose immensely, it would be a crime if, at this onset of a new century and millennium, if heads of states would not decide to review the fifty-five years old Charter of the United Nations and offer the world proper new, improved global institutions.

~ Idea 2500 ~
In the newsletter of an international youth organization accredited to the UN, the World Youth and Service Organization, I found this heart-warming text from a participant in a youth assembly on Inner Peace in the cathedral of Rotterdam on the occasion of the second World Peace Conference in 1999 in The Hague:

"Amongst my treasured memories are the sight of Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and now in his late seventies, leading us on his harmonica in a rendering of Beethoven's Ode to Joy and urging us to see the universe from the cosmically huge to the infinitesimally small as a wonder to be enjoyed but not ours to destroy."
Janice Dolley