IDEAS 2501 TO 2600



Decide to be peaceful
Render others peaceful
Be a model of peace
Irradiate your peace
Love passionately the peace
of our beautiful planet
Do not listen to the warmongers,
hateseeders and powerseekers
Dream always of a peaceful,
warless, disarmed world
Think always of a peaceful world
Work always for a peaceful world
Switch on and keep on, in yourself,
the peaceful buttons,
those marked love,
serenity, happiness, truth,
kindness, friendliness,
understanding and tolerance
Pray and thank God ever day for peace
Pray for the United Nations
and all peacemakers
Pray for the leaders of nations
who hold the peace of the world
in their hands
Pray God to let our planet at long last
become the Planet of Peace
And sing in unison with all humanity:
"Let there be peace on Earth
And let it begin with me."

~ Idea 2501 ~
"A people without a vision perishes" (The Bible)

Unfortunately this is what is happening to the United States government these days.  It has no vision of the world of tomorrow, except in terms of its power, military supremacy and the obsolete 19th century dream that capitalism is the recipe for a perfect world.  But see what it is doing to the Earth!

Why doesn't the President of the United States bring together the best brains and visionaries of his country somewhere far away in nature, isolated from all world noise and daily affairs, the same way as the British government did during World War II with scientists to devise the best ways to win the war.  He would ask them to come up with a vision of the world of tomorrow, a well-preserved Earth, administered with peace, justice and well-being for all.

~ Idea 2502 ~
Why can't humans live happily in peace on this beautiful, miraculous planet?  Why do we need wars, armaments, militaries, competition, wealth, glory, ever more business, money, goods and hectic activities?

I will never understand it.

It is high time for all people of the world to declare: we don't understand it, we are sick and tired of the mismanagement of this planet which has gone on for so long.

This is why it is an important historical event that a World Peoples' Assembly will meet for the first time in the year 2000 at the suggestion of the UN Secretary General.

A permanent Peoples' Assembly must absolutely be created as a principal organ of the United Nations.

~ Idea 2503 ~
Message to a meeting of non-governmental organizations in New York City to launch the Jubillennium Initiative:

Dear visionaries:

We humans should be very exalted and jubilate (overflow with joy) for all the knowledge and capacities we have acquired after millions of years of evolution.  An even greater, as yet unfulfilled task awaits us:

to avoid wrong avenues, destructions, wars, mistakes, prejudices, wrong values, and fashion a new, next more accomplished era of evolution of our Earth and human family.

Our entry into a new century and millennium uplifts us to that task.  Each of us and all of us in groups can be miracle workers for our cosmic evolution.

Please, dear friends, fulfill your individual and group vocations to help the Earth attain the stage we dream for the next century and millennium.  Do it with all your being, mind, heart and soul.  With your means and capabilities give reality to your dreams and ideas, embodying them in writing, speaking, daily actions and ceaseless networking.  Be jubilating cosmic entities radiating and networking all around you in all directions your dreams of a better world.

Try to visualize how humankind will remember you and thank you in the year 3000 as those who made the next thousand years a great evolutionary success, the true Jubillennium under whose auspices you meet on the eve of a new century and millennium.

Please receive all our love and gratitude and
enthusiastic wishes and prayers

Barbara and Robert Muller

~ Idea 2504 ~
The Earth, through the human species, is acquiring a brain, a heart, a nervous system and a soul.  This is why the Earth must be present at every level of the human society.  We must now conceive a wonderful, perfectly functioning Earth with humanity as her main artisan.  Perhaps the Natural Law Party, created already in 100 countries, will perform this task.

~ Idea 2505 ~
Outer space beings visiting someday planet Earth might find that the human species became extinct.  Their research would reveal that humans invented money as a means of exchange.  It did wonders for many centuries, but then it became the purpose of life and it was the end of that species.

~ Idea 2506 ~
The builders of large airplanes and world airlines will someday be accused to be among the main destroyers of the Earth.  The damages they cause to the atmosphere by far outstrip their benefits.  But they will answer: We cannot help it.  The market demands it.

~ Idea 2507 ~
There is so much advertisement in New York City, in the streets, in the buses, in the subways, in the suburban railroads, in the newspapers, in magazines that one gets immune to them.  This is a hopeful sign of natural human immunity, resistance and healthy evolution.  The only trouble is that consumers and nature have to pay the price for all that waste.

~ Idea 2508 ~
There was once in the 1930's a great economic depression.  In the next century the world is likely to suffer both a great ecological and economic depression.

~ Idea 2509 ~
Every law, every decision on this planet as distinct from the earlier eras of evolution must henceforth be preceded by the fundamental question: What effect will it have on the Earth?  This new era of evolution must be called the Era of the Earth, of God's Creation.

~ Idea 2510 ~
The United States is unable to produce great world leaders and heads of state these days.  Why?  Because the United States does not have universities duty-bound to the rest of the world.  It has only universities catering to United States interests.  This is true of all other countries too.  The result is a deplorable absence of visionary political leaders for the Earth and humanity.

A solution would be to create a World University for Heads of States.  It could be established at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

There was only one time in history when the same proposal was made.  It was in China which was in such a political mess that Confucius proposed the creation of a school for heads of states to heal it.  The same is true today of the world.

~ Idea 2511 ~
I sometimes think that there must be a kind of permanent craziness or percentage of misguided leaders in the human species.  When it is not war, they do something else.  Now it seems to be business, industry and the destruction of the Earth.  The role of philosophers should be to identify them.

~ Idea 2512 ~
I prefer to write beautiful books and stories in heavenly Costa Rica likely never to be published than to write texts of best sellers in overpopulated, overpolluted New York City.  More authors should do the same.  The Earth needs them.

~ Idea 2513 ~
A totally new era in the evolution of this planet has begun recently: the Earth first, the fundamental era of the Earth with priority over all plans, wishes, dreams and priorities of humans, harbored and developed over thousands of years.  Yes, this is the first time but we have not yet realized it fully.  Human power and interests are still first in the political, economic and social systems grown and refined over the past without need of any consideration for the Earth and her biosphere.

I recommend the urgent creation of a group of eminent thinkers and scientists on the future of the Earth and that the United Nations should be renamed and reformed into the United Earth or Earth Evolutionary Organization.

~ Idea 2514 ~
A world movement and policy for the abandonment of over-crowded cities should be created.  Tax incentives and subsidies should be given to people doing it.

~ Idea 2515 ~
By the time new airports are built the architects have already plans for new, bigger ones.  At one point in the future more than half of humanity will be in cars, trains, subways, buses and airplanes rushing where?  To do what?  To plan and promote more means of transportation for more activities and dreams for travel and transportation?  What will be the end result of it all?

~ Idea 2516 ~
The more I live, the more I observe, the more I come to the conclusion that capitalism and the freedom of enterprise system which were right in the nineteenth century have become a disaster in the present century and will soon collapse.  Their ways are so contrary to the requirements of our further evolution and to the conservation of the Earth.

~ Idea 2517 ~
How wonderful, what a happier, deeper, more elevated world it would be if the media, news, films, television, press, radio, etc. - would adopt the World Core Curriculum for the Media published in Volume I.  Then they would help humanity to progress and the Earth to be saved.  We need elevating media not diminishing, debasing ones.  They need to show a great, hopeful, incredible, beautiful future for the Earth and humanity.  Please leaders of the media, stop your decadence and profit priorities.  Make a better, peaceful, happier, well-preserved planet your ideal.  You cannot imagine the happiness it will give you.

~ Idea 2518 ~
At a graduation ceremony at the University for Peace I was introduced as the visionary of the university.  I liked that title better than that of Chancellor which originally meant the man who put his stamp on documents to certify them.

When I reported it to Barbara she was thrilled and said, "Report it in your 2000 ideas and recommend that each university on Earth should have a visionary."

Yes, this is indeed a new function which should be established for many, if not all Earthly institutions whose presidents or managers do not have the time or the preoccupation for visions, absorbed as they are by innumerable immediate tasks and demands.

A visionary on the contrary would have no administration and managerial tasks.

I could well see a visionary as a direct collaborator of every head of state and head of world institution.  I played this role with three UN Secretaries General.

~ Idea 2519 ~
I said to Barbara, "I dream that you will do two important things in your life ahead:

1. To offer the world your plans, concepts and ideas of the right government which this planet urgently needs, namely the United Nature of which you speak so often.

2. That you become the pioneer of new public relations, advertisement and media devoted to good causes and public services needed for our salvation and further evolution on this planet in the universe.

Together we should become an exemplary couple at the entrance of a new century and millennium.

~ Idea 2520 ~
Gerardo Budowski, the famous ecologist who presided over some of the most prestigious US ecological societies, now a volunteer professor like me at the UN University for Peace, holds the view that only ecological catastrophes will force governments to act and people to fully understand.  The only measures he can see is to forecast emergency situations and to provide measures and resources to cope with them.

He might be right.  Twenty years ago in 1979 I convened the first UN World Conference on Climatic Changes, followed by a second one in 1987, and it is only in the late 1990's that the problem began to be recognized and seriously discussed in governments and in the media.

For my part I believe that we need long-term forecasting, future scenarios, positive and negative visions as well as proper planning for emergency situations and catastrophes.

~ Idea 2521 ~
Often the thought arises in me that at some time in the future humanity will regret the invention of automobiles and of airplanes.

Poor countries of the third world, I beg you to stop following blindly the so called advances of the western world.  On the eve of the 21st century and 3rd millennium you should create your own United Poor Nations Organization which, side by side with the United Nations, would appraise the past and develop a vision of their own for the future.

~ Idea 2522 ~
The world does not need as much heads of states as it needs Earth-carers and humanity servants.  Perhaps these should be recognized as a new profession trained in a World School of Earth Careers and Humanity Servants.

~ Idea 2523 ~
It is not wars which are the main problem of humanity at this end of a century and millennium; it is not even the poverty and misery of two-thirds of humanity; it is the destruction of nature, of the elements of the Earth from which we are born and on which we live.

If humanity survives, future historians will not consider the 20th century as the most brilliant one due to its inventions, industry and commerce but as the dismallest due to its blind destruction of the Earth.

~ Idea 2524 ~
The automobile and airplane industries and users alone are sufficient to put an end to life on this planet.  The consumption of resources, the competition, the wastes of the construction of automobiles are colossal and constantly increasing.  Most wastes are not recycled but dumped into the oceans.  There should be this obligatory inscription at the front seat of each car:

"Beware: every minute twelve thousand tons of carbon dioxide are emitted into the air of this planet.  Automobiles are one of the main sources.  Please use this car only if really necessary.  Think of the future generations"

~ Idea 2525 ~
Hitler has still left a small impact on the Earth: the Volkswagen, his people's car which is built to use the minimum of steel and gasoline is still very popular.  It should be a dominant car in big cities and poor countries.

~ Idea 2526 ~
Someone told me that President Jose Figueres of Costa Rica was once asked by a US journalist why he had demilitarized Costa Rica. He answered, "And why not?"

~ Idea 2527 ~
The most important mobilization on this planet should be that of governments to put order in their political mess and to save the Earth from ecological disasters and a possible end of evolution.

~ Idea 2528 ~
Democracy, the word makes me laugh.  How can there be democracy when all humans are pressed into and kept reduced to 189 national, sovereign and political enclaves, at a time when global ecological and economic problems and disasters are building up at a frightening pace all over the world, and the people have no say.

~ Idea 2529 ~
The Earth:
"Why do so many humans destroy me to such an incredible degree?  Why, why, why?  I am asking you, is it so necessary?"

Well, we must take care of 6 billion people on your surface and the number is still growing by almost eighty million a year.

The Earth:
"You make me laugh.  Taking care of humanity when in your century you had two world wars, hundreds of regional and local wars and killed close to a billion of your brothers and sisters.  You must be kidding.  I'm almost rejoicing that these at least do not draw on my resources anymore.  I wonder if I should not pray for more wars, even a world holocaust which would put an end to all of you and allow a new evolution to proceed according to the laws of nature, of the sun and of the cosmos."

Well, we simply do not have the necessary financial resources to take care of you in addition to the needs of the people for education, health, food, lodging, communications, etc.

The Earth:
"You must be kidding.  One half of all your national budgets are for armaments and militaries to kill each other.  You do not even have a world budget as I'm keeping one of my resources.  It is a budget of a species become insane."

Well, what do you suggest?

The Earth:
"The first step would be to combine your forces and resources.  The same way as most ethnic groups have become nations, transform nations into one united human family, create a proper Earth government with a world parliament, with a central world security system, with an intelligent world budget.  Submit your ideas for a peaceful, better world to the Year 2000 UN General Assembly.  A new world thinking and order should occupy the first place of your deliberations."

That is a wild dream which many humans had before and it was never implemented.

The Earth:
"But this time the situation is totally different: I am now at stake.  My death would mean the death of all of you.  You have no choice.  Ask your heads of state who will meet in the Year 2000 to stay in session until they have hammered out a system of proper Earth and human government.

And remember, intelligence is not enough.  It must be lifted by the heart, by love for me and by prayers to the God of the universe of which you and I are living servants."

~ Idea 2530 ~
The US dream of the 19th century is now becoming a catastrophe.  Free enterprise, yes freedom to destroy the Earth for the sole purpose of making money as if the billions of years of evolution on this planet creating many diverse species, transforming humans from animals into intelligent beings had as sole purpose to make money.  God does not understand it.  Jesus gave the warning when he chased the merchants from the temple.  They have to be chased from the temple Earth, of this paradise of nature.  They cannot be left to destroy it.

~ Idea 2531 ~
Which countries on Earth will have the courage to declare themselves no longer developing and say, "We have developed enough, we have sufficient goods and services to enjoy happy lives, from now on we will give preference to the Earth, restore as much as possible what we have destroyed of its beautiful nature, return to the land and live in harmony with it."?

~ Idea 2532 ~
Two new parties should spring up in the world, one in the rich countries, the other in the poor countries: an Earth conservation party in the first and a stable population party in the second.

~ Idea 2533 ~
The peoples around the world should begin to boycott the products of countries which behave contrary to their ideals, for example products from countries which continue to produce, stock and sell nuclear armaments.  This would be the best action to stop the further risks of atomizing and destroying this planet.  The people should buy instead products from countries which do not have nuclear armaments.  The list of nuclear countries is as follows (1998):

Russia              21,000 atomic missiles
The United States 11,500
France                   450
China        400
United Kingdom      260
Israel            100-200
India     60-80
Pakistan    15-25

~ Idea 2534 ~
All young people of this planet should refuse to become militaries and claim the fundamental human right not to kill other human beings, not in the name of a nation, nor a religion nor an ethnic group nor anyone else.  They should refuse to be trained as murderers and submit their right and protest to the International Court of Justice, to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights who happens to be a woman, Mrs. Mary Robinson.  She will have a greater understanding for their claim.  It is high time to claim this universal human right in the new millennium.

~ Idea 2535 ~
Names I would like to see given to planet Earth:

Planet of God
Planet of Peace
Planet of Justice
Planet of Unity
Planet of Diversity
Planet of Happiness
Planet of Human Fulfillment
Planet of Beauty
Planet of Kindness
Planet of Forgiveness
Planet of Love
Planet Paradise

~ Idea 2536 ~
Einstein said, "The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation."

I would say, "The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking, values and institutions that created the situation."

The values to be changed would be, in my view: economics, wealth, business, militarism, national sovereignty and religious fundamentalism.  The institutions to be changed would be nations.

~ Idea 2537 ~
To be a human being among 6 billions of them may mean nothing.

And yet, that human being can aggrandize himself to the whole planet, to the universe, to the entire knowledge acquired by humanity from the infinitely large to the infinitely small.

Therefore a human has become an extraordinary being.

This is what is taught to children right from the beginning in the Robert Muller Schools and in schools using the World Core Curriculum I derived from the United Nations and reproduced in Volume I.  They are told that they are miracles.  Pregnant mothers tell this already to them in their wombs.

~ Idea 2538 ~
All people living in warring or conflictual countries of the world should remind their governments of their sacred right to peace proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in a Declaration of the Right of Peace of 12 November 1984 (see Idea 2223).

I recommend that this declaration be reproduced as a letterhead in the correspondence of all peoples of the world, that it be widely reproduced by the world's media and religions and that each year the International Day of Peace on the third Tuesday of September, when the United Nations General Assembly opens its session, should be solemnly celebrated everywhere in the world.

~ Idea 2539 ~
The elements and goods provided to us naturally by the Earth outweigh all human goods and inventions, whatever we may think and believe.  We will have to pay dearly for our destruction of nature.

~ Idea 2540 ~
Since the Earth is becoming the main preoccupation of humanity there should be a law that all newspapers on Earth must devote at least half of their content to news about the Earth, her nature, preservation, beauty, conditions, care, losses, gains and destructions.

~ Idea 2541 ~
Several western products' advertisements should be prohibited in the poor countries because they increase the exploitation and misery of these countries.  Thus, there are villages in Guatemala where they have no electricity but Coca Cola is advertised and sold there to the people.  This is not right.  Where is business ethics?

~ Idea 2542 ~
Henceforth we should no longer speak of a western culture or civilization because what the West is really doing it to destroy the vital, miraculous, precious nature of this Earth; it is a deculture, a denaturing, a decivilization.

~ Idea 2543 ~
On 19 August 1999, the news appeared on the front page of Costa Rican newspapers that the government had approved the operation of US war vessels along the Costa Rican coasts to prevent the traffic of narcotics.  My peasant caretaker had this comment, "How stupid they are to give this news to the narcotics traffickers.  If they know that, they will find other ways to get the narcotics into Costa Rica."  I told him that it had little to do with narcotics traffic.  It had to do with building more US war boats and having more US militaries controlling more countries and being everywhere in the world.  It is a US victory against the total demilitarization of Costa Rica.  They have tried everything else, even the request to build a military airport in Costa Rica for the same purpose.  That is the world in which we live!

~ Idea 2544 ~
My large number of ideas for UN actions in this collection should make heads of states ashamed.  Don't they want a better world?  Don't they want happier people?  Don't they want to be remembered in history as the architects of a peaceful, better world?  Don't they want to be admired and loved by all their human brothers and sisters on this planet?  Why don't they come up with great ideas, much bolder than mine?  We shall see what happens at the historic, much heralded Heads of States UN General Assembly 2000, how they will cope with the global problems and menaces affecting the world and how the means of government must be reformed.

~ Idea 2545 ~
The more I advance in life, the more I agree with Gandhi, U Thant and several other great minds that a new education is essential to achieve peace on this planet.  And this includes henceforth peace with nature, peace with the Earth.

Proper Earth government and a right global, universal education are humanity's two pillars of survival and continued progress.

~ Idea 2546 ~
The Earth:

You westerners criticize and often condemn tribes and call them primitive people.  I, for my part, consider nations to be the worst tribes on my surface.  What you do to me and to each other is appalling. Yes, your nations are tribes and the heads of states are tribal chiefs.  They do a lot of harm to me and to the future of humanity and their own people!

~ Idea 2547 ~
What do we need most on planet Earth?

We need a world order for peace

We need a world order for justice

We need a world order for proper Earth government

We need a world order for spirituality

We need a world order for the well-being of all

~ Idea 2548 ~
In the 21st century humanity will need a change of mind, a change of heart, a change of soul and a change of direction.  It is absolutely essential.

~ Idea 2549 ~
A Costa Rican university professor visiting the UN University for Peace commented to me, "What a beautiful, magnificent nature you are situated in."  I answered, "Well, a University for Peace must be located in nature because nature gives peace."  He commented, "How right you are.  Among my students I have a girl who is very unhappy, deeply depressed.  I tried everything but did not succeed.  Recently I took the students out into nature and asked them to sit down and just be still and silent.  After a while I saw the tears run down the face of the unhappy girl.  I asked her why she cried.  She answered: 'I have at long last found myself.'"

Yes, by segregating humans in big, monstrous cities far away from nature we have created a lot of unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life and even causes of violence and death.

I told him that in my 2000 ideas I recommend that all heads of states should have their offices in nature where they will find peace, take the right decisions and receive the messages of God and the universe who speak to us through nature, their creation.

He was surprised that a new Natural Law Party created by British scientists existed already in 100 countries and was the third main party in the United States.

May it become the first and visionary party in the whole world.

~ Idea 2550 ~
My volumes of 2000 ideas and more are not best sellers now, but in the coming centuries they might become a major curiosity. It will be fascinating for the people to have these volumes of perceptions, concerns, dreams, ideas and state of the world conditions, dating from the year 2000.

~ Idea 2551 ~
I learned with relief that consumer's movements are now beginning to introduce lawsuits against unethical, untruthful solicitations and advertisements by big firms.  The case drawn to my attention is the United States Consumers Against Publishers Clearing House and Campus Subscriptions.  Apparently since 1992 this firm has been sending out thousands and thousands of envelopes on which was written, "You are a winner" and inside they had only advertisement for what the people should subscribe to.  There was no winner ever.  I think it is high time for UNESCO or the United Nations to convene a world conference on advertisement, or a World Commission of Eminent Persons on the Media and Advertisement should be created.

~ Idea 2552 ~
If there were as many doctors, health faculties, research institutes and hospitals for our mother Earth as there are for human beings we would not have to fear the end of her life.  Why doesn't humanity and especially all governments realize that?  How stubbornly wrong, ungrateful and visionless can we be?  At least the same resources devoted to humans should now be devoted also to the Earth.

~ Idea 2553 ~
We have statistics and surveys on almost any conceivable subject on Earth except one which is fundamental: happiness.

There is need for a whole education, science, inquiries and surveys of happiness.

As a first step the UN could inquire what definition of happiness each nation, each culture has, since the pursuit of happiness is or should be the main purpose of government.  And we should ask religions to do the same: What were the messages on happiness of their founders, the messengers from the universe, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, the Great Spirit of the indigenous people?

~ Idea 2554 ~
Political isolationists in human history have been a great obstacle to evolution, causing immense damages: their success in obtaining the non-ratification by the United States of the League of Nations which led to World War II is a famous example.

Today we must add the new isolationists who refuse to recognize our interdependence with the environment, with nature, with the climate and with numerous other globe-wide interdependencies of this planet which is our home.

Isolationists are a very sad, negative species.  One new disturbing fact is that most big business also isolates, distances itself from nature, and big business is ruling the world.

~ Idea 2555 ~
Here is a dream which came true:

When I suggested to former Secretary General U Thant to invite Pope John Paul II to speak at the UN General Assembly since he wanted to hear a voice of spirituality, he put me in charge of the invitation and the visit.  I was told that the Pope wanted to offer me a gift at the end of his visit.  What kind of a gift would please me?  I answered: a modest crucifix which he had used personally.  Well, I had a wonderful surprise.  He gave me a golden cross and chain of his which would be worth being exhibited in a museum, perhaps some day in a Robert Muller Museum!

~ Idea 2556 ~
Governments would better shift their 'military expenditures' to 'nature expenditures', for example reforestation in order not to be vanquished by nature which will simply give up and let humans perish by not renewing her airs, waters and other life giving resources.  This is one further reason why armaments and military expenditures have become so unnatural, not only from a human point of view but also from an evolutionary one, from the Earth point of view, from God's Creation point of view.

The military of course, have found a new reason for their continuance: to protect the natural resources of a country and to conquer the resources of others if need be.  Well, that would be a new facet of the apocalypse.

~ Idea 2557 ~
More women should be candidates and elected to parliaments.  They are more favorable to the environment and to the reduction or elimination of militaries and armaments: they do not want their sons, the flesh of their flesh to be killed.  They could have a determining influence on the fate of the Earth and of our evolution.

A good example to follow:

Since the 1960's the nation of Sweden has worked hard to bring women into govenment positions and now the govenment is made up of a majority of women.  Forty percent of the Swedish Parliament are women.

~ Idea 2558 ~
There is no intelligent employment policy for this world.  Most employment is left to the decision of business: more construction, more production, more services, more sales, more marketing, more advertisement, more profit.  As a result young people are compelled to leave the land to seek employment in the expanding cities.  Governments employ 'militaries' and public servants, but whom do they employ to save and take care of nature, of the Earth, of God's Creation?  Unemployment is also sizable.  There should be yearly States of the World Employment Reports.  They should be widely publicized and contain very concrete ideas and recommendations responding to the crying needs of youth, of the Earth and of evolution.

~ Idea 2559 ~
When teaching world affairs I teach first the Earth and humanity to whose global needs almost no resources are appropriated.

Then the continents where the situation is nearly the same.

Then nations whose governments allocate vast sums to the nation's needs, half of them being military and armaments expenditures, except in a few small countries.

Then I come to provinces and states which have moderate resources, to cities where the situation is the same, to neighborhoods which have nothing and to families which receive an income tax declaration which forms a main basis for this whole system.

Conclusion: We are probably the worst administered and financed planet in the universe.  Given the growth of global problems and the neglect of the Earth we might soon see the end of evolution of the planet.

~ Idea 2560 ~
A World Peoples' Association or Movement should be created on where to invest or not to invest money.  It would publish information on good businesses, on bad ones, on companies which are unethical or produce products which are harmful to consumers and to the Earth.  Since governments do not want to create Ministries of Consumption the people should take this in their own hands.

~ Idea 2561 ~
All governments should adopt a law that advertisements must all be published in a separate section of newspapers which the customers would be free to buy or not to buy.  That would really be a measure in favor of the freedom of the people vis a vis the news companies and media.

~ Idea 2562 ~
Dear Earth, you complain all the time about us.  This cannot be just.  At least give us some hope and advice.

The Earth:
Well, my first advice to you personally is to write 2000 ideas or more on how to love me, hear me, preserve me, not destroy me and regain the loss of a third of my vital nature since 1970. The second is that you ask all humans to do the same individually, in their groups, professions and institutions.

Regarding groups these would be the family, the neighborhood, the city, the province or state, the nation, the continent and the world.

Regarding professions there would be bakers, butchers, carpenters, painters, architects, builders, transport professions, public services, politicians, and so on.

Regarding institutions there would be government at all levels from the city to the United Nations; from labor unions to corporations, to religions, etc.

I gave you just a few examples.  All this would represent billions of action units.  Just think of 6 billion individual actions alone!

This reminds me of your beautiful story, The Cleanest Mile on Earth (see Volume III, Annex to Part V).  If everybody would clean a mile on Earth there would not be enough miles to clean.  This applies to everything else.  One drop of water saved by 6 billion people every day would represent at the end of the year a river.

Start writing such ideas.  Your 2000 and soon 3000 ideas for a better world are fine but they are too dispersed.  Remember and put into action what you repeat so often, namely that I the Earth am now number one priority!  Apply this great principle I beg you to everything you think, everything you dream, everything you write and everything you do.

These are only my first few ideas.  I hope that we will continue this dialog.  I will give you many, many advices looking at things from my point of view while you humans look at them from your point of view.  There is no doubt that you must change your philosophy, values and ways of life now that you are so many billions of people.

~ Idea 2563 ~
Our current return to the love and beauty of nature must be accompanied by a return to beautiful love stories, a beautiful loving literature, a beautiful loving art and above all the miraculous love and beauty between husband and wife and a beautiful loving family and home.  There must be an incredible renaissance of love, beauty and happiness on this planet.  This will lead us to peace.

~ Idea 2564 ~
Why capitalism?

Why not Earthism?

Isn't the Earth our main, incredible, vastest capital?

~ Idea 2565 ~
People around the world should begin to dis-admire, pity, criticize and disapprove the United States whose government now practically wants to rule the world and refuses to ratify, to adhere to the environmental treaties of the United Nations, thus becoming one of the main factors of the destruction of the Earth, God's creation.  Please, dear American people, force, convince your government to dream again and care for the entire humanity and Earth.

~ Idea 2566 ~
The Earth:
Dear Robert, you cannot imagine how I rejoice at the news  from the UN that the population of the western countries will diminish by 40 million between now and the year 2050!  Just multiply the average life-time consumption of an American, 56 million gallons of water, 37,000 gallons of gasoline, 51 tons of meat and 9 tons of milk and cream, by 40 million and you will see what a benediction this population decline of the rich will represent for the conservation of my resources and my future survival.  I almost cannot believe it!  If you could see me from the heavens, you would see me smile!

But why don't you do something more, namely avoid the increase of the poor population of the world from 4.7 billion to 7.7 billion in 2050?  This will far outweigh the benefits from the decline of the rich population.  Moreover, your world corporations are now targeting the poor countries as the biggest potential markets for more sales and consumption, assisted by huge advertisement campaigns which are very cheap in these countries.  And if there comes a world economic crisis, the west will pump a revival with a gigantic Marshall Plan of aid to the poor countries.  I sometimes think that the biggest of the rich countries and their big corporations are happy with the population increase in the poor countries.  They are a future immense market.  This is why the UN does not get substantial funding to stop or reduce the world population increase.  It gets only meager 'voluntary' contributions!  I still feel that my end is inevitable.

The UN is trying to do its best but a small minority of US far right extremists opposes them.  They even obtain that the US refuses to pay its yearly contribution to the minimal budget of the UN called "petty cash" in the US Treasury Department.  In the name of human life they are likely to bury you and with you the entire human race, God's Creation.

There are two more things I can do: I will recommend that the heads of states UN General Assembly 2000 to declare a world population emergency situation and put as a deadline the year 2020 to stabilize the world population.

~ Idea 2567 ~
The karma of the universe:
If you do what the universe or God expects from you, you are helped by invisible forces and recompensed with untold happiness.

The karma of the Earth:
If you do good for the Earth, the Earth will help you with her goods and invisible forces and recompense you with untold happiness.
The karma of the family:
If you do good for your family, the family will help you with her goods and invisible forces and recompense you with untold happiness.

The whole universe and our Earth are filled with these invisible forces of goodness and reciprocity which we call love, the Hindus karma and the physicists the unified field of the universe.  Please enlist them, draw them to you.

~ Idea 2568 ~
St. Francis said: "It is in giving of ourselves that we receive."  Yes, giving ourselves to God, to the universe, to the Earth, to humanity, to our family, to others who will respond to us with happiness and love.

~ Idea 2569 ~
Someone said:

We need optimists to build airplanes and pessimists to build parachutes.

Alas, political and economic leaders tell us that everything will be fine and rare are those who build parachutes for possible political and economic crashes.

~ Idea 2570 ~
Most people of the world take loving good care of their homes and beautify them.

Why don't we do it also for the Earth, for nature, for this miraculous planet which is our home, more precious, vulnerable and perishable every day?

~ Idea 2571 ~
Since generals were among the greatest US Presidents (George Washington who created the United States, General Eisenhower who created the first Ministry of Peace) perhaps the next best President of the United States should again be a general.  They are at least daring, have power and are strategists.  Perhaps General Butler, who fights for the total elimination of all nuclear weapons on Earth should become the President of the United States.

~ Idea 2572 ~
I have recommended that Mrs. Julia Alvarez, for many years a one-dollar-a-year Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the UN and I, the one-dollar-a-year Chancellor of the UN University for Peace should create an Association of One-dollar-a-year Diplomats and World Servants.  The subject could be taken up by the International Labor Organization.  Voluntary, non-remunerated employment and services are a substantial and growing phenomenon in the world.

~ Idea 2573 ~
One of the greatest achievements of the UN would be to convene the Military Staff Committee at the heads of army level as stipulated in the UN Charter in order to design a world security system and after that disarm the planet.  Now that the cold war is over this crucial provision of the United Nations Charter can and must be implemented.  If I were the Secretary General of the UN I would request such a meeting and menace to resign if the five veto powers of the Security Council refuse to convene it.

~ Idea 2574 ~
Why not transform all the world's police forces into national and a world Peace Corps?

~ Idea 2575 ~
The poor countries of the world are robbed of their natural resources and then again exploited by loans!  These loans should be free of interest payments and called reparations or forgiveness for the robberies.  Instead of so called 'aid', forgiveness and reparations should be basic concepts in international relations.  There is so much to be done for forgiveness and reparations of past sins of nations.

~ Idea 2576 ~
Why not transform the debts of the poor countries to rich countries as follows:  the debts would carry no rates of interest and would be reimbursed only when the country will be prosperous.  The year 2000 would be a great occasion to do that.  Please, rich countries, have a conscience or remorse and do it.  Announce it at the year 2000 heads of states UN General Assembly.  Or even better, forgive the debts of all the poor countries, as a compensation for having robbed them of their natural resources.

~ Idea 2577 ~
The same way as we have Franciscans and many followers of ancient saints, we should have followers of modern saints and inspirers.  For example Mother Teresians, Robert Schumanians, Albert Schweitzerians, Gandhians, Martin Luther Kingians, and more.

~ Idea 2578 ~
From the point of view of the evolution of this planet and of humanity atomic weapons are a total, incomprehensible madness.  We do not need guided missiles.  We need a right guided evolution.  The United States and other atomic countries will go down in history as the anti-evolutionary countries of this century.  General Butler and seven other US Generals are right when they request the total destruction of all nuclear arms.

~ Idea 2579 ~
We need as much a cerebration as a celebration of the year 2000, namely a deep, intelligent evaluation of the status and future of our planet and of humanity in space and in time.

~ Idea 2580 ~
There is little doubt that the United States, its absolute, fundamentalist business philosophy and obsolete capitalism have become a major evolutionary aberration to be avoided by other countries for the sake of their own survival and the survival of the Earth.

~ Idea 2581 ~
To make this Earth a paradise all militaries and armaments must disappear.  There are none in God's paradise.  There cannot be any in the paradise we must become.

~ Idea 2582 ~
The scientific, technological civilization of the last two centuries has done marvels.  The trouble is that it has created an overpopulation and overconsumption of Earth resources both of which combined are now putting the whole Earth into jeopardy.  This has never happened before in all human history.  It has to be taken very seriously and faced with daring, courageous countermeasures if we want to save our planetary home and our humanity's future.

~ Idea 2583 ~
If we eliminated the wrongnesses from the greatnesses of our discoveries, we would become the most incredible, successful planet in the universe.

~ Idea 2584 ~
Flows and structures, humanity has become a vast flow on this planet, the vastest ever of any species'.  In our past we have created institutions, structures, laws and education meant for what was right in that past.  These have now become obstacles to the immense, global flow we have become.  They must all be revised, renovated and adapted to the new evolutionary phenomena.  This goes far beyond peace.  It now concerns the fate of the entire Earth and of the whole humanity.  This is an enormous challenge to the leaders of humanity, for which none of them has really been prepared by education.  When will at long last humanity adopt in all schools the World Core Curriculum which I derived from my long, world-wide experience in the United Nations, the first greatest modern global school ever?

~ Idea 2585 ~
The Nobel Prizes are too oriented to the conditions, needs and  philosophy which prevailed at the end of the 19th century.  Since then only one additional prize, for economics, was added.  There should be several new Nobel Prizes responding to the needs of today, namely:


~ Idea 2586 ~
I hope that someday all my human brethren and sisters will say:

Never in my life a drug
Never in my life a cigarette
Never in my life a glass of alcohol
Never in my life a carbonated soft drink
Never in my life excessive meat

What a healthy, wonderful humanity this would produce.

~ Idea 2587 ~
The second overwhelming, most urgent human priority item on the agenda of world affairs after the Earth and her nature must be the total disarmament and demilitarization of the planet.  With that, all the rest will follow and can be resolved thanks to the liberation of immense financial resources.

~ Idea 2588 ~
Only twenty-eight percent of the annual world military expenditures would pay to end hunger, stabilize population growth, prevent soil erosion, provide clean energy, retire the debts of developing nations, stop ozone depletion, prevent acid rain and climatic change, provide safe water for all, eliminate illiteracy, stop deforestation, eliminate nuclear weapons, provide health care and Aids control, remove land mines and provide refugee relief and shelter.

Why don't we do it?  What miracles we could do with a total elimination of the militaries and armaments.  Do we really need 174 national armies on this planet?  They are totally obsolete, needless remnants from the past.

~ Idea 2589 ~
A proper art of living is extremely important because what is the sense of wanting to 'develop' ever more when as an end result the already 'developed' rich people are not much happier than they were before and are often even more miserable, especially in huge, monstrous cities and skyscrapers.  Hence, again my recommendation that Ministries of Happiness should be created in all governments.

~ Idea 2590 ~
Is there any school or university on Earth which teaches happiness?  I don't think so.

How strange that the most important purpose, ideal and dream of life is ignored by education and academics.  Perhaps we are not supposed to be happy, so that business and activism can continue to grow forever, at the expense for the first time of the Earth.

~ Idea 2591 ~
During the year of the 5th centennial of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus the Spanish government was dismayed that with the exception of the Dominican Republic no other Latin American country wanted to celebrate that event.  They feared upheavals of their indigenous populations.

The then Prime Minister of Spain, Mr. Gonzalez Videla decided to make the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica a new page in the relations between Spain and Latin America.  The government financed up to seventy scholarships a year.  After a few years Videla's government was accused to spend too much money and as usual 'foreign' aid and projects were the first to be eliminated.  Since then the University has not heard any more from Spain.  Isn't it strange that when something deals with the whole Earth and the whole humanity it is always called "foreign" and given lowest priority unless it represents a national interest?

~ Idea 2592 ~
Readers, when reading some of my pessimistic statements might say: "Well, why don't you give up?"

You are right.  My wife Barbara has the answer to that.  She waits until I had a good night of sleep to see me in full optimism again.  One of my first sights in Costa Rica in the morning are the two crosses erected on sacred Mt. Rasur, the Cross of Pain and the Cross of Resurrection.  And I say to myself what I said to Secretary General Pérez de Cuellar when he sometimes asked me to come to his office and cheer him up from his despair with world affairs, namely "How can you dare to complain when you are not menaced of being crucified?"

~ Idea 2593 ~
Many western people have already less children and begin to consume less (see Volume V, Index and Idea 2566).

Soon for obstinate capitalists their greatest market will be the 7.7 billion people in the poor countries by the year 2050.  Get for them already now a gigantic Marshall Plan from the US and other rich countries.  That will permit you to survive for another ten to twenty years.

~ Idea 2594 ~
National governments do not want to take the conservation of nature seriously because it is not in their current economic interest.

Petroleum companies do not want to take the conservation of nature seriously because it is against their economic interest.

Architects and builders do not want to take the conservation of nature seriously because it is not in their economic interests....

... and there is a very, very long list of others.  Poor Earth, you do not seem to have a chance unless there is a radical change of values, of wisdom from purely economic to ecological, survival and evolutionary interests too.

~ Idea 2595 ~
Let us build ceaselessly new temples, each more beautiful than the last.  This is what I have done relentlessly since World War II.  Several of these 3000 Ideas and Dreams can be foundations for new temples.  Please dear reader, select one or several of them speaking to your heart and build on them.  Do not consider these ideas and dreams to be too lofty, too audacious, too irrealistic.  In reality they are only stepping stones to even higher ideas and dreams as God and the cosmic forces of evolution want it.

~ Idea 2596 ~
What an incredible natural miracle planet Earth is!  Why don't we take good care of this treasure instead of exploiting it recklessly?  It is infinitely more important than any human invention.  What a pity, what an unintelligent, misguided species we have become.  The Earth reality should always be first and humanity a second, well-integrated part of it.  Wasn't that the will of God who created paradise first and continues to speak to us through nature to re-establish it?

~ Idea 2597 ~

Perhaps the time has come to consider a bio-capitalism or eco-capitalism, a system where capital would go to the preservation, improvement and beautification of the Earth and life on it.

Perhaps the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) could devise such a system which could consist among others of Earth stock, Earth shares and Earth stock exchanges.  And why not change its name to the World Earth and Humanity Bank (WEHB)?

A World Commission of Eminent Personalities should be created to look into this foremost priority of our time.  The Commission should include elders and indigenous people.

~ Idea 2598 ~
Ideas are produced by dreams.  They come as creations of our wisdom, knowledge and experience.  They usually come late in the night or at dawn.  This is when I wake up and write them down as part of our evolution of which I am a sensitive agent.  We should not underestimate or ignore our dreams.  They are major factors of our evolution.

~ Idea 2599 ~
To have right dreams and ideas you must be in optimum physical, mental, sentimental, moral and spiritual health.  Non-smoking, non-drinking, right nutrition and a long healthy sleep are primary conditions.  And above all, you must be in passion with the miracle of life, your life and with our divine, miraculous Earth.

~ Idea 2600 ~
What a blessing it is that I worked so many years in the United Nations and can now live a free, wonderful life devoted to the first UN University for Peace created with my help in demilitarized Costa Rica.  The ways of the Lord are indeed mysterious and wonderful.  The last years of my life are a miracle which I could have never expected in my wildest dreams, especially not in the depth of the horrors of World War II.  I repeat the great words of Goethe:

Until one is committed,
there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning acts of initiative and creation
there is one elementary truth
the ignorance of which kills countless ideas
and splendid plans:

That the moment one definitely commits oneself
then Providence moves too.

All sort of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
raising in one's favor all manner
of unforeseen incidents and meetings
and material assistance
which no one could have dreamt
would come their way.

Whatever you can do
or dream, you can begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Begin it now.

Please dear reader, dream your wildest dreams for a better, peaceful, happy, more beautiful, more wonderful, just world.  You will be heard, guided and recompensed by God and by the invisible forces of the universe in the most extraordinary ways.  Look out for the occasions, the 'coincidences' offered to you constantly by the invisible saints floating unemployed around this planet, rushing into and helping all those of us who are opened to them.


My Spiritual Journey
Speech by Dr. Robert Muller in Sao Paolo in October 1998 at a conference
organized by the Coalition for Religious Freedom, Falls Church, Virginia, USA

I was born with a deep spirituality.  When I was a child I looked at the stars, at the moon, at nature and at the whole Creation as miracles.  I also considered human life to be a miracle.  We spoke German in Alsace-Lorraine at the time and I used to say: "Das Leben ist göttlich, life is divine."  I used this word because it was the biggest adjective I could find.

My father could not understand it.  Here was a four years old boy who was going around saying that life was divine and who took his cap off when he met an old person.  He asked me: "Why do you greet old people?"  I answered: "Because they know so much about life."  That was my attitude as a little boy.

I couldn't understand that just across the river there were people called Germans whom we as French people were supposed to hate.  Why were these borders between humans?  We looked alike and they had names like Muller and Schneider which were the names of my father and mother.  Why could the sun, the clouds, the birds, the winds, the moon cross the border freely and I could not?

I would leave the house early in the morning to go to church and attend the mass at dawn, attended mostly by old people.  There I was fascinated by the prayers, the playing of the organ by an old invalid and above all by the "elevation" of the host by the priest.  That represented to me the consciousness and union with the heavens, the endless, mysterious universe and God.

Then came education.  French education prohibited religious education.  This was due to the separation between church and state established by the Revolution against the Church leaders of France coalesced with the King and the aristocrats to exploit the people.  In Alsace-Lorraine we got a separate statute allowing religious education, but it was voluntary, did not count for the grading and it was ridiculized by our professors.  As a result I began to forget my spirituality, replaced by the values of French education.  My deep love for nature however persisted as well as my respect for old people.  I will never forget the death of my 80 years old grandfather at which I saw a Catholic sister hold his hand and help him to die peacefully, praying with him and telling him about heaven.

Then came World War II.  We were refugees twice.  The Nazis occupied us.  I had many adventures because I did not want to serve in the German army.  I experienced German prison.  I was a partisan, a member of de Gaulle's mountain fighters in France.  I saw the most horrible acts between two white, highly civilized countries.  There was no spirituality in all that.  But there was an incident which I have never forgotten: we had captured a group of French people who had collaborated with the Germans.  They were condemned to death.  When they were taken to their place of execution in the woods where they had been forced to dig their graves, I saw the men protest, throwing themselves on the ground, having to be pulled by their legs.  But there was one woman who walked in peace, praying.  When she was shot she was reciting the Hail Mary and her last words before falling into her grave were to forgive us.  I finished her prayer and never forgot her example of deep spirituality.

When the war was over and I returned home, I learned that my father had spent several months in prison because I had escaped from the Germans.  He asked me what I was going to do with my life.  I replied: "I will work for peace.  I do not want my children and grandchildren to see the horrors I have seen in this war."  He said that there were no peacemakers on this planet and that I would lose my time.  But during my doctorate of law studies at the University of Strasbourg I participated in a French essay competition on the subject "How would you govern the world?"  I won the essay which earned me an internship with the United Nations in an abandoned war factory near New York City.  I was hired as an official and stayed with the UN for the rest of my life.
The first surprise I had at the United Nations was that they had a meditation and prayer room and that the meetings of the General Assembly started with a minute of silence for prayer or meditation.  I said to myself:  "This is wonderful.  That is exactly what we should do when we meet among nations and people: we should invoke spirituality to fully understand what we are doing and pray for good results."

Another surprise was our second Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld.  He came to the United Nations as a very rational economist.  But he went every Sunday to a church or meeting place of another religion.  When he died we found on the night table of his bedroom in New York the book of a mystic Thomas Kempis.  When you read his Markings, or Journal, now published in many languages, you will see how from a pure rationalist at the beginning he became himself a mystic, almost in constant communion and dialogue with God.

Another surprise to me was U Thant, the Buddhist Secretary General whose direct aide I was for two years.  He was the most deeply spiritual person I have ever known.  He once said to me: "Robert, I cannot understand you Catholics who limit spirituality to an hour in church on Sunday.  I am a spiritual person from the moment I wake up until I go to rest."  One day I said to him: "When you receive visitors, why don't you tell them to do something for peace and a better world?"  He answered: "How could I do that?  These people come to see me to tell me something.  I must therefore open myself to them, empty myself of my self, so that I can receive them entirely as a human brother or sister."

From my experiences and lessons at the United Nations I decided to write a book on spirituality recommending that all religions should work together, with spirituality as their common values and objective.  I called it New Genesis, the Birth of a Global Spirituality, published in several languages.  Ever since that time I have been working toward the recognition of a global, all-human spirituality, out of which the various religions were born, either with one God, several gods or spirits, or nature and the Earth herself as the manifestation of the Great Spirit, or even a deeply spiritual person doing good for the Earth and humanity without belonging to any religion.

What is this concept of spirituality?  In my view: it is very simple.  It is what I felt as a little boy.  It is to receive from the religions help to understand the mystery of the universe and time.  This is what all religions have in common.  They help us, they elevate us, while the mysteries of the universe and time have never been resolved by the scientists, not even by Einstein.  They will always remain mysteries.  Religions give us hope that there is a spirituality, a soul in us which binds us as sentient beings with the entire universe and time, that we are children of God, active, living cosmic beings, each one the true miracle I felt already to be as a child.

As a consequence I created several spiritual associations in the UN and brought many outside spiritual associations in contact and relation with the UN.  I had contact with the Mayor of Assisi who at my suggestion arranged for the Pope to have yearly meetings in Assisi with the heads of other religions.  I convinced U Thant to invite the Pope to the UN and was put in charge of that visit.  I could write a whole book What the UN Taught Me About Spirituality   as I wrote What War Taught Me About Peace.

The greatest chance given to me was the invitation to be the opening speaker of the second World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1993.  I made a passionate appeal to the religions to create a world organization similar to the United Nations.  Why?  Because it was not sufficient for the religious leaders to meet, there was need also for a permanent organization with an inter-religious Secretariat to study in common all religions of the world and their contributions to a global spirituality as we have done at the UN for peace and other common ideals and needs of humanity.  In my view there was an absolute need for a spiritual Renaissance on planet Earth.  I also made an appeal that the Parliament of Religions should not wait another hundred years to meet again but should meet before the year 2000.  Bishop Edmund Tutu heard me and decided to invite the Parliament to meet in South Africa in December 1999.  Six thousand people from around the world attended it.

My proposal to create a world organization of religions is being implemented.  The Charter of a United Religions Organization, still called Initiative was adopted June 2000, in Pittsbough.  That organization can then help the peaceful resolution of the several religious conflicts we still have on this planet, develop a common modern global science of spirituality, a strategy and a methodology of spirituality (e.g. prayer, forgiveness, sanctity, thanksgiving, confession and so many other helpful practices).  It will create a different, better, spiritual world, with religions united in a wonderful, non-fundamentalist diversity.

There are now many good signs of a spiritual Renaissance in the world: the World Bank is meeting with spiritual leaders to see how poverty in the poor countries can be healed.  Harvard University has conducted a vast survey of the contributions of the religions to the environment and safeguard of the Earth.  Secretary General Kofi Annan will meet in the year 2000 with the leaders of the main religions of the world.  A World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality has been formed.*

This is where we stand.  I will leave with you various extracts of texts I have distributed to the Parliament of Religions at its Chicago session.  One of them describes my vision of a spiritual world in the year 2013, twenty years after that Chicago session.  Another is a chapter on the UN and Spirituality from my Testament to the UN  published after I retired from the UN and became the first one-dollar-a-year Chancellor of the newly created UN University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica.

Let me finally report on this great experience in my life: when you are a deeply spiritual person in the sense of doing good, working for the great ideals of humanity, suppressing injustices, helping the poor, the downtrodden and the helpless, you are recompensed with untold happiness.  The invisible forces of the universe make sure of it.  Extraordinary circumstances and coincidences come your way.  You take good care of your health in order to live longer and do more good.  You feel younger.  You do not fall sick nor become old.  You have no time to think of it.

Let me tell you the anecdote of a beautiful coincidence.  A few years ago I got the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution of the return of stolen works of art to their countries of origin.  Each year a number of such returns are reported.  One day, during a mission to Hungary I heard the people complain that the United States did not return the golden crown of their beloved king Saint Stephen.  They kept it as a war memento in the cellars of Fort Knox.  It was a long difficult story but with my obstinacy  I finally obtained its return to Hungary where it is displayed in all its glory.  Later I met in California a wonderful US lady of Hungarian origin with whom I fell in love.  That was six years after my first wonderful wife from Chile died.  Barbara Gaughen became my wife, although she is 18 years younger than I.  She is the most extraordinary companion I could expect to help me in my efforts for peace and a better world.  On 11 June 1994 she told me that there were 2000 days left to the year 2000 and that since I had so many ideas I should write one down every day to have a total of them by the 1st of January of 2000.  I did and as a result four volumes of 2000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  are available for the year 2000.  From these ideas I was able to extract 56 pages of ideas on religion and spirituality.  Well, I have come to the conclusion that it was St. Stephen in heaven who made us meet and get married because I got his crown returned to his beloved Hungary!  I will ask him if it was the case when I meet him in the other world.

There is still so much to do.  It is not even governments who are responsible for the current disorders in the world.  It is the lack of spirituality, the lack of respect for God, for His miraculous creation which I loved so much already as a child.  Please, dear friends, be the active defenders of these miracles so that we can at long last become the paradise of peace, beauty and happiness God and all religious leaders wanted us to become, a true jewel in the universe.  The progress I have seen achieved since the horrible World War II gives me good hope, even conviction that we will succeed.

To end, let me play to you in memory of my grandfather who taught me to play it, the Ode To Joy of Beethoven on my little ten holes harmonica.  Its words written by Schiller about the brotherhood of all humans are very appropriate to our hearts and souls at the end of this conference.

*  I have the honor of being its co-chairman with Dr. Karan Singh of India.

Ode to Joy

Translation of Schiller's original German 1785 Version

Joy, beautiful spark of Gods,
Daughter of Elysium,
We enter, fire-drunk,
Heavenly, thy sanctuary.
Thy magic powers re-unite
What custom's sword has divided
Beggars become Princes' brothers
Where thy gentle wing abides.

Be embraced, millions!
This kiss to the entire world!
Brothers - above the starry canopy
A loving father must dwell.
Whoever has had the great fortune
To be a friend's friend,
Whoever has won the love of a devoted wife,
Add his to our jubilation!
Indeed, whoever can call even one soul
His own on this earth!
And whoever was never able to must leave
Tearfully away from this circle.

Those who dwell in the great circle,
Pay homage to love!
It leads to the stars,
Where the Unknown reigns.

Joy all creatures drink
At nature's bosoms;
All, Just and Unjust,
Follow her rose-petalled path.
Kisses she gave us, and Wine,
A friend, proven in death,
Pleasure was given even to the worm,
And the Cherub stands before God.

You bow down, millions?
Did you sense the Creator, o world?
Seek him above the starry canopy.
Above the stars He must dwell.
Joy is called the strong motivation
In eternal nature.
Joy, joy moves the wheels
In the universal time machine.
Flowers it calls forth from seeds,
Suns from the Firmament,
Spheres it moves far out into Space,
Where our telescopes cannot reach.

Joyful, as His suns are flying,
Across the Firmament's splendid design,
Run, brothers, run your race,
Joyful, as a hero going to conquest.
As truth's fiery reflection
It smiles at the seeker.
To virtue's steep hill
It leads the sufferer on.
Atop faith's lofty summit
One sees its flags unfurl,
Through the cracks of burst-open coffins,
One sees it stand in the angels' chorus.

Endure courageously, millions!
Endure for the better world!
Above the starry canopy
A great God will reward you.
Gods one cannot ever repay,
It is beautiful, though, to be like them.
Sorrow and Poverty, come forth
And rejoice with the Joyful ones.
Anger and revenge be forgotten,
Our deadly enemy be forgiven,
Not one tear shall he shed anymore,
Nor feeling of remorse shall pain him.

The account of our misdeeds be destroyed!
Reconciled the entire world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
Judge God as we are judged.
Joy is bubbling in the cups,
Through the grapes' golden blood
Cannibals drink gentleness,
The despair of heroic brothers --
Flies away from your seats,
When the full rummer is going around,
Let the foam gush up to heaven:
This glass to the good spirit.

He whom star clusters adore,
He whom the Seraphs' hymn praises,
This glass to him, the good spirit,
Above the starry canopy!
Resolve and courage in great suffering,
Help where innocence weeps,
Eternity to sworn Oaths,
Truth towards friend and enemy,
Men's pride before Kings' thrones--
Brothers, in good and in blood,
Crowns to those of merit,
Defeat to the liars bred!

Close the holy circle tighter,
Swear by this golden wine:
To remain true to the Oath,
Swear it by the judge above the stars!
Delivery from tyrants' chains,
Generosity towards the villain,
Hope on the deathbeds,
Mercy from the final judge!
Also the dead shall live!
Brothers, drink and chime in,
All sinners shall be forgiven,
And hell shall be no more.

A serene hour of farewell!
Sweet rest in the shroud!
Brothers -- a mild sentence
From the mouth of the final judge
of the dead!


IDEAS 2601 TO 2700

26 February 2000

Today for the first time in my life, in Anacortes, USA on a beach with a beautiful view of the calm, magnificent Pacific Ocean and a dark forested island called Beaver Island due to its shape, all this beauty overflown by three noisy helicopters and a little airplane, the toys of beings called humans, I was overpowered by the feeling that I should love only God's nature and forget humans with their crazy pursuit of endless new inventions, accumulation of goods and wealth, and accelerating the destruction of the Earth.

I had the vision of a clear, clean, resplendent, beautiful paradise Earth only with nature, vegetation, animals and birds, totally devoid of humans.  I saw it untouched, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed, floating with all its splendor in the vast universe at the apex of its evolution.

This was the first time in my life that I had this overwhelming feeling.  Henceforth I must be even harder in my judgments of humanity.

Later in the evening the Earth talked to me:

"I'm so glad that this happened to you, that you had this revelation after the long observing journey of your life.  Now you will understand my loss of faith in the human race of which I was so proud as the most evolved, advanced life form of my body.  I could never understand how humans could make so many errors and even get to the point of now recklessly, thoughtlessly destroying me.

But I cannot lose hope and do not want humans, my children all made of me, to disappear.  I want them to change course, to change their values.  I count very much on you to enlighten them.  Please do not give up.  Do not fall into that extreme.  You have always been a man of hope.  I placed you in positions to see the totality of me and of humanity and to try the impossible.  The human species must not disappear.  It still can and must become the highest form of my evolution.  I have not taken all these pains over millions of years to make the human species the most advanced marvel on my surface and let it now destroy me and itself.  Please do not give up your wonderful love for me and for humanity.  Remember that humans are living cells, children of mine, cosmic units as you are."

"Okay, dear Mother, I will listen to you because mothers are always right.  They are pure love and love is the only means that can save and fulfill us."

~ Idea 2601 ~
The stupendous transcontinental planes with all their perfect technical functionings, kindest attentions to the passengers, good food, telephones, entertainment have only one big drawback: the pollution of the atmosphere over their long distances.  How do we, how should we define human achievements and perfection at the end of this century and millennium?

~ Idea 2602 ~
In developing a science and theory of peace at the University for Peace we must include a 'cosmic' peace, the most supreme and intimate of all which we recognize and call 'inner peace'.  Cosmic peace is reached when we find ourselves identified, in total union with the Creation of God, with the Earth and her nature, with the unified energy field of the universe and time.  A big but marvelous challenge, indeed.

~ Idea 2603 ~
The Costa Rican peasants say that when they enter a forest they find no sin, only peace.  This applies to all nature.  We find ourselves in union with her, with the mysterious, wonderful Creation of God, with the cosmic 'becoming' of the universe.  We feel intimately part of all there is in heaven and on Earth.  Nature is the way God talks to us.

This is why it is so appropriate and wonderful that the first University for Peace on this planet is located in the most marvelous nature on Earth.  This is why it gives the world the right messages, inspirations, invisible energies and teachings of peace.  I am so glad that its new President, Maurice Strong, intends to create on its ground or near it a "Center for Inner Peace."

~ Idea 2604 ~
A new medical science and discipline should be defined and taught in all universities: the healing and ways of coping with diseases caused by environmental degradation, air and water pollution, effects of chemicals on nature, on the environment, on the products we consume, psychological diseases from living in overcrowded cities away from nature, and there are more.

It has become urgent, it is absolutely indispensable that all Ministries of Health and governments report yearly on the sicknesses, infirmities and deaths resulting from environmental deteriorations.  There exist already some statistics like those on skin cancers produced by the ultra-violet rays going through the holes in the ozonosphere (see Volume IV, page 143) and a number of others.  But much more is needed.  We need an environmental health warning and medicine.

~ Idea 2605 ~
We have no garbage collection at our little farmhouse in Costa Rica.  We have a fireplace in the back of the house to burn burnable materials, the ashes of which are used as fertilizer.  Other solid materials, e.g. non-reusable cans and containers are buried in a large ditch dug out of the soil, which when it is almost full will be covered with soil again.  All natural refuses are recycled in the garden.  This is still standard in the rural areas of the world.

Of course, when buying we make sure to buy non-packaged or least packaged products.

~ Idea 2606 ~
We also have an "outhouse" at a little distance from the farmhouse.  We use it almost exclusively.  It saves us quantities of water for flushing.  After a few years its location is changed and the Earth can do its natural recycling function.

~ Idea 2607 ~
What are the most efficient living species on this planet?

Vegetations without any doubt.  Why?  Because they combine directly the elements of the Earth - soil and water - with solar energy.  They do not have to walk or run around to live on nature or on other species as we do.  They take little space and all of it is well used.  They serve as food for animal species or die or dry on the spot and are recycled by the Earth.

Animals are less efficient and of all animals humans are the least efficient and have become the most destructive.  Animals have at least one superiority over humans: when they see that there is not enough food for their little ones to survive, they stop reproducing.

~ Idea 2608 ~
Sky Mall (i.e. a shopping mall in the skies) is a magazine of 190 pages, 'courtesy' of United Airlines.  An incredible number of merchandises are offered in it.  Will we ever see a Sky-Earth Saving magazine offering a large number of advices and devices to help save the skies and the Earth?  Probably never because there is no money making, no profit in it, only longer lives.

~ Idea 2609 ~
Please tourists who want to see the whole world, unduly polluting it and consuming it, stay at home and in your own gardens.  Make them a most beautiful cherished place or move to the land, if you have no garden.  The divinest happiness and peace will be your recompense.  Do not fall prey to the multi-trillion tourist and transporting industries which use you and are in large part destroying the Earth.

~ Idea 2610 ~
Thanks be to God that our planet is 71% seas and oceans providing us through their surface's plankton and green diatoms 2/3rds of the Earth's oxygen.  If it were lands, humans and business would already have invaded and ravaged it everywhere, putting an end to the normal functioning of the planet.

~ Idea 2611 ~
When I wrote that some countries and communities should decide no longer to grow and to keep away from all the world commerce, traffic, investments and fashions, I was reminded of this anecdote: having obtained that the doors of the United Nations be opened to the indigenous people to deliver their prophecies, I and my wife were invited to visit Hopi Land, the land of the peaceful.  We were offered to stay either in Shongopavi or in Hautevilla, the latter being a traditional village.  We chose Hautevilla.  Well, here was an example of a community which wanted little to do with the western world.  They had no electricity, no newspapers, no radio, no television because they said, "If you give your hand to the western man, he will grab you all and take everything from you."  I remember James Koots in whose house we stayed, taking me in the early morning to the field, "To sing to the corn."  Yes, to receive their oxygen and to give them the nourishment of the carbon dioxide emitted by our lungs.

Why do not more human communities decide to shut themselves off at least from part of the outside western world ruled by misoriented business?

Individual families can also do it at least partly: no newspapers, no magazines, no radio, no television, no alcohol, no carbonated drinks, only natural drinks and foods.  I and my wife do it.  What additional life, peace, togetherness and happiness it has brought us!  Please try it.

~ Idea 2612 ~
All national armies should be transformed into national peace and environmental services equipped only with peacetruments (peace insuring and making equipment) and naturements (nature improving and saving equipment).  No weapons, no armaments whatsoever.

~ Idea 2613 ~
Who will be the genial, ethical businessman or manufacturer who will announce the production of peacetruments and naturements and no longer armaments and nature destroying products?

~ Idea 2614 ~
Scientists, technologists and inventors should devote henceforth as much effort, creativity and time to the creation of peacetruments and naturements as they have devoted so far to armaments and Earth destroying instruments.

~ Idea 2615 ~
There should no longer be any United Nations peacekeeping troops, militaries or forces.  They should all be transformed and named United Nations Peace and Non-violence services or agents.

~ Idea 2616 ~
It is high time, even urgent to speak of ethical and non-ethical businesses and firms instead of admiring business indiscriminately only on the basis of their size, profits and advertisements.

It is high time to speak of ethical and unethical stockholders instead of admiring people who get rich by investing indiscriminately in any businesses promising the greatest profits, irrespective of the harm they do to people and to the Earth.  They should boycott them, not bring them their money.

~ Idea 2617 ~
Which is the country which will make the pathbreaking, historical announcement that it will suppress all militaries and armaments and transfer the huge savings and personnel to peace and environmental services and to peacetruments and naturements?  In short:

Armies into peace and environmental services
Militaries into peacemakers and environmentalists
Armaments into peacetruments and naturements

It reminds me of the Honduran general controlling a refugee camp of Nicaraguans who said to me that the militaries would be the best reforesters and environmentalists because they have discipline.

~ Idea 2618 ~
A short, powerful, timely idea can be more effective than a big book of several hundred pages without any ideas or with only one or a few at the end.

All big books, including novels, should have at the beginning or at the end a summary and/or a list of ideas to bring about a better world and a happier, more peaceful, more just humanity.  And the author and readers should try to get them implemented.  This would be no longer a literature but would become an ideature and actionture.

~ Idea 2619 ~
Each year the United Nations should publish comparative statistics on national and total world expenditures on militaries and armaments and on national and total world expenditures on the environment and nature.

~ Idea 2620 ~
The fifteen borderless nations of the European Union should now transform their armies into peace and environment services united in an All-European Peace and Environment Service and leave NATO.

The European peace servers and environmentalists could serve as contingents of a United Nations Peace and Environment World Service.

~ Idea 2621 ~
A recommendation to the UN:

1. Ideas and dreams of retired United Nations staff members on UN reform, peace and a better world should be collected and submitted to all UN member countries.

2. Ideas and advice from retired United Nations staff members to new recruits of the UN should be collected and published by the UN Bureau of Personnel.

3. Former UN staff members should be asked to write stories of their successes and life to inspire new staff members.

4. All the above should become publications of a United Nations World Publishing House.

~ Idea 2622 ~
In Idea 1180 I advised on a new science to be called Whyology.  Why this and why not that?  I have a long list of such questions.

In Idea 1181 I spoke of the need to feel blessed, to count our blessings.  It should be called blessology, the science of blessings.  I want to add to that a 'thankology', a science of thanking.

~ Idea 2623 ~
Sometimes I seize a volume of my 2000 ideas to read at bedtime before falling asleep and I exclaim, "It is not possible that I have written that!"  But since these ideas are loaded with an entire life experience in the United Nations, the first world organization on this planet, perhaps it is normal that I felt compelled to write them.

Conclusion: dear reader, open yourself widely to the world, to your environment, to the whole of humanity and to the precious and new global information published by the United Nations and its agencies and let your ideas well up and write them down.  You will later be amazed by the results, the same way as I am by mine.

~ Idea 2624 ~
The world is beset, hampered, wounded by many prejudices: sexual, racial, ethnic, political, religious, ideological, social and others.

It would be of great help to the world's progress if the United Nations would put the subject of prejudices and discriminations as items on its agenda.  It would help the cause of truth.  Two sciences or fields of study could be created: prejudiceology and discriminology.

~ Idea 2625 ~
Dear reader, never forget that one idea leads to another; therefore never cease to have ideas, great ones and little ones, but always good positive ones.  And do not forget to write them down.  Just read my story "The Cleanest Mile on Earth" in Volume III, Annex to Part V.  And remember Leonardo da Vinci and the notebook he always carried on his belt.  We can all become world observers like him, even better ones since much more of the world has become known and observable.

~ Idea 2626 ~
What a deep feeling of love and gratitude it is for me to know that after fifty years of service with the United Nations I can now work more freely and more passionately than ever for peace and a better world.  I thank God for it every day.  Please dear retired people, devote yourself to good causes of humanity and of the Earth.  You will be recompensed with untold happiness and will live longer lives.  Why?  Because you will want to live longer and will keep away from any thoughts of sickness and of getting old.  Why?  Because you have no time to be sick or to get old, not even to think of it.  There remains so much to do!

I also found the following advantage in writing 3000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  and in continuing to write more:

whenever I feel depressed by the state of the world and inclined to give up, all I have to do is seize one of my volumes and read a few pages and I am quickly uplifted, optimistic and hopeful again.  Please write down your ideas and dreams too, send them, network them to friends and authorities, have them published or self-publish them and you will find a tremendous uplifting.  Do not consider yourself retired but refired!

~ Idea 2627 ~
We have entered an age when great new ideas  can be formulated and spread very quickly all around the world.  Why not seize this opportunity and make this Earth the Planet of Dreams and Ideas for our further successful, happy, grand evolution, thus fulfilling the expectations of the universe and God.

~ Idea 2628 ~
Someone might say: Who are you to come up with new words such as peacetruments and naturements?  My answer: Well, business does it every day in thousands of ways.  I just took some eye drops and they are called Visine.  Social workers and sciences should imitate business and come up with many new words.

~ Idea 2629 ~
There must be some fundamental changes in human vocabulary to reflect the changes in values which must take place if we want to save the Earth and survive.

For example, we have only the words economic progress, almost never of economic regress.
Enormous Earth digging machines are called Earth moving equipment, never Earth destroying or wounding machines.

To build a new highway is always called construction, never destruction.

There are innumerable more examples all around us, multiplied millions of times world-wide, endlessly paid by advertisement, marketing and business.

~ Idea 2630 ~
To come up with new ideas and dreams makes you feel young for it is in the nature of youth to have ideas and dreams.  At the age of seventy-seven I feel younger than ever.  It is an entirely new youth which I would exchange for my earlier youth only if I could keep all the information and experience gained during my later life.

~ Idea 2631 ~
When one thinks of the magnitude of basic common services of local communities, of cities, of provinces and of nations all financed through taxation, one is flabbergasted that nothing similar whatsoever exists for the Earth, her fate, her peace, her preservation and beautification.  And this happens at the moment of history and evolution when the fate of the Earth and of the entire human race are in question.  We need a world energy grid, world water grids, a world atmospheric protection, a world natural and humanmade disasters relief organization, common world funds to face emergencies, etc.  But again, for this I will be called an unrealistic dreamer, a fool whose ideas will never come true.  Well, the future will judge.  And let us remember that the first Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to Jan Tinbergen, the Dutch economist who advocated the creation of World Public Services.  Please young economists, study his works.

~ Idea 2632 ~
Why did noone listen to me when I conceived and convened in 1979 the first United Nations World Conference on Climate?  It was ignored or ridiculed by the press and by the powerful businesses which rule the world.  Well twenty years later the subject begins to appear finally in the press.  I was also unable to obtain so far the transformation of the UN Meteorological Organization into a World Climate Organization, but I will not give up.

When I write such statements the words of George Washington come back to my mind: "The primary cause of all disorders lies in the different state governments and in the tenacity of that power that pervades the whole of their systems."  Today he would replace the words state governments by national governments.

~ Idea 2633 ~
Countries which still have militaries should transform and train them for useful civilian tasks.  For example, to be of immediate help in case of natural disasters.  I say 'immediate' the same way as they are trained to respond with lightening speed to military attacks or threats.  For example, in the case of the icing disaster in the Province of Quebec, Canada in 1998 the military appeared with their electric generators only after several days.  The mayor of a town appealed to the militaries to assure the security of deserted households whose occupants had to flee to refuge centers.  They never responded to that appeal.

Yes, why not transform all militaries into emergency forces and even better merge them with police forces into peace forces placed under the authority of a Minister of Peace?

~ Idea 2634 ~
I can deeply love my family, my neighborhood, my city, my province and my nation but why should it stop there?  Why not embrace also the entire great human family and the tremendous Earth, our home?  They should be a deep love of mine too.  This would change the world and lead to the non-killing of human brothers from other nations. Let us make love for the Earth and for the entire humanity a new fundamental human progress, right, ideal and duty in the next century and millennium.

~ Idea 2635 ~
No government on Earth tolerates that conflicts inside the nation should be settled with arms on both sides, one winning the war, being a hero, celebrating the victory every year and teaching the children about it.  There would be cries of horror if governments tolerated that.

And yet, that is the situation which prevails in the world between nations who spend half of all their expenses to keep and train armies and accumulate world-wide endangering armaments, celebrating victories and heroes, teaching them in schools etc.

Where is the logic in all this?  And we call ourselves the most intelligent species on Earth.  I do  not believe that any other species would be so illogical, so self-defeating.

We must put an end to this world-wide nonsense.  If not, we will perish.

~ Idea 2636 ~
The Earth is our capital, the most precious, marvelous and vastness of all.  Take nature and the Earth away and all the capitalists' wealth and money in the banks would not be worth a penny.  Why shouldn't at least some of us say that we are more than ecologists and environmentalists, that we are Earth capitalists?

And since the Earth is our principal most important capital and not financial capital let us launch a world-wide movement and regime of Earth or eco-capitalism (eco: from the Greek word oikos, meaning the home).  It would create surprising results and might save the Earth:

The Earth:
"I congratulate you, dear Robert.  Now you are talking."

~ Idea 2637 ~
I would like to see statistics of how many Masters Degrees of Peace are given by universities in the world and compare them with the number of Masters Degrees in Business, Marketing, Advertisement, Public Relations, and military degrees.  The result would be an eye, mind and action opener on the retardedness of our current generation's education.

~ Idea 2638 ~
Similarly, statistics on university degrees on production, development, economics, marketing and advertisement should be published side by side with degrees on simple, frugal living and consumption in the world (underconsumption in the poor countries, overconsumption in the rich).  It would be a significant eye opener too.

~ Idea 2639 ~
In several of my ideas I have suggested that the experiences and wisdom of elderly, 'retired' people should be sought, studied and implemented when favorable to our future evolution (see for example Ideas 2157 to 2160).

It suddenly occurs to me that not a single university on Earth is studying and teaching the wisdom of the elders.  This should be done from the family and all human groups to the top of world institutions.  What a tremendous contribution it would be to the further wise evolution of this planet.  They could tell us what is good or bad, what is ethical and unethical at all levels of society.  In the United Nations noone asks for the views, the ideas of retired officials.  I had to do it entirely on my own, even self-publishing these volumes out of my pension while working for the UN University for Peace for one dollar a year.

This should become a major new human field of wisdomology, contributing to the need for the universology of our evolution.

~ Idea 2640 ~
Values have a tendency to become wrong as time passes but this is denied by those who benefit from them: slavery, racism, colonialism and apartheid were typical examples.  Today it is excessive business, overpopulation, overconsumption, overadvertisement and overwaste which have become the new evils.

In addition 'systems', 'structures', 'institutions' and 'governments' become more and more outdated but they are so deeply entrenched and holding to their power and benefits that they refuse to change and adapt to the new requirements of evolution.  Fundamentalist, total national sovereignty in our global world is a typical example.  No wonder that national govenments have been overtaken by big global business corporations.

As a result today, at the dawn of the 21st century and 3rd millennium, the whole system of our planet's governance and administration is so wrong, so stiff, so rigid that many believe that only a major collapse or revolution will finally lead to needed reforms.  What a troublesome future is expecting us for this lack of foresight and wisdom!

~ Idea 2641 ~
My God, if someone would add up all the unnecessary products, services, constructions, armaments, waste and junk produced on this planet and deduct the total from the famous gross national product there would not be much left.  And to think that all this is considered a 'product', something 'positive', admirable, not negative.  Economics will someday be remembered as one of the worst, thank God temporary, dismal sciences on Earth.

~ Idea 2642 ~
We must deny the right to any person, group or institution on Earth to claim sovereignty, to be infallible.  But the game goes on: after ending the sovereignty of kings and kingdoms in favor of the people it is now nations which claim sovereignty.  Why stop at nations?  Why not humanity as the sovereign, the Earth the sovereign?  It is the same with infallibility.  Why should the Pope be infallible, never make a mistake and refuse to annul or amend a Papal Bull written hundreds of years ago asking to subdue the American indigenous people ?

Sovereignty and infallibility are the two most disastrous ingredients of today's human society.  They must be subject to very strict scrutiny, watched and eliminated from the entire structure of social and political relations.  Adaptation to the requirements of further evolution should be the rule.

~ Idea 2643 ~
Yes, a main obstacle to further progress on this planet is the heaviness and non-adaptability of institutions to evolution.  You cannot solve new problems with institutions created to solve old problems.  In the new, accelerated circumstances and problems of planet Earth we need the suppression of old institutions (e.g. the military), the adaptation of others to new conditions as well as entirely new institutions.  Corporations can be as bad, if not worse than public institutions because they were conceived in a past time too and often rush into new productions and activities which can be disastrous to the future of the Earth.

The challenges are so big that humanity prefers to close its eyes and ignore them.  This might create much unprecedented troubles, the kind of which we have never seen before.  Please governments, for heaven's, the Earth' and humanity's sake, wake up before it is too late.

~ Idea 2644 ~
There exists no geoplanning (gaiaplanning) for planet Earth.  All goes forward in a haphazard way.  We must absolutely create this new discipline, like local provincial, and national planning.  We need an intelligent, forwardlooking and concerned science and planning for the entire Earth and its future.  An Earth University of Geoplanning should also be created.

~ Idea 2645 ~
I sometimes feel that it would be better to close the United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies and world programs so that  humanity would realize in what deep trouble the world would be and not make the weak, insufficient UN the scapegoat of it.  For example the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Agenda 21 to save the environment has not been implemented by governments.  A special session of the UN General Assembly was convened in 1996 to see why this was so and if it could not be changed.  The results were nil.  I attended it, to see it with my own eyes, trying in vain to convince delegates.

So, rather than hide the real culprits of the world crisis - namely governments, the United States at the head - closing the UN would reveal to humanity what the real situation is and who the real culprits are.  It might be the only way to give humanity an honest, truthful picture of the world situation at the dawn of the 3rd millennium and lead to an urgently, desperately needed new world system of government infinitely better and more effective than the weak United Nations.

If I were the Secretary General of the UN I would propose to the heads of states in the September 2000 General Assembly that the United Nations be closed, if no serious reform is undertaken.  That shock treatment might create a reaction and save the future of the Earth and humanity.

Here is an editorial that summarizes the situation. (Regarding Biosafety Protocol see also my Idea 2015):

from the WorldWatch magazine (May•June 1999) of the WorldWatch Institute
Washington, D.C.
The Failure of US Leadership

As the last remaining superpower, the United States is afforded countless opportunities to take a leadership role in international agreements that affect the health and security of the planet.  Unfortunately, the US government has not only failed time and again to provide leadership, but has actively obstructed forward-thinking protocols - whether because of the ideological fanaticism of its representatives, exaggerated concerns over  national sovereignty, or unwillingness to accept costs to itself.  Consider the following cases:

•The Landmines Treaty: As one of three major landmine producers, the United States continues to withhold its support of an internationally acclaimed treaty to ban the use and production of these weapons.  While it pays lip service to the treaty's goals, the United States insists its continued use of landmines is necessary - though the majority of those killed or maimed by these weapons are women and children.

•The Kyoto Protocol: The United States has yet to ratify the Kyoto accord and commit to reducing CO2 emissions - a step lawmakers are reluctant to take since the US economy might "suffer" in accommodating the reductions.  Senator Jesse Helms, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, is unwilling to acknowledge the support of most Americans for this accord.  He has asked the president to submit it to the Senate so that it can be rejected.

•International Family Planning: US support of family-planning aids and education has been gutted, again in large part because of Senator Helms - in this case due to his ideological opposition to abortion.  By using abortion as an excuse to withhold funds, a misguided minority is actually causing more abortions to occur, and is preventing basic health care and education from reaching countries where infant and maternal mortality remain high along with birth rates.

•The Biosafety Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity: Earlier this year the United States led six nations with significant investments in genetically modified crops in undermining a biosafety protocol meant to protect global biodiversity and human health against potential harm these goods might cause - even with 132 nations in favor of strict controls (see Environmental Intelligence, page 10).  Although not a party to the Convention, and therefore not allowed to participate officially, the US "observers" have thus far succeeded in blocking even minimal constraints on trade.

•The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: The United States is one of only two countries in the world (the other is Somalia) that do not support this effort to secure health, education, and safety for all children.

The United States' foreign policy, predicated on intractable ideology, isolationism, and economic self-interest, threatens global health and security.  It is time for the country to use its influence to promote, rather than obstruct, progressive international agreements.

Anne Smith
Library and Office Assistant
WORLDWATCH  May/June 1999

~ Idea 2646 ~
We are making good progress for the idea of a world-wide energy grid which would equip and use all great, still unused hydro-electrical potentials in the high mountains of the Earth and bring at long last electricity to all peoples of the world.  The grid would use not only hydro-electric power but also all other sources of energy, solar, geothermal, eolian and sea tide energy and would take advantage of the rotation of the Earth and the alternate days and nights (see Index and ideas 250 and 946).  It excludes atomic energy which reatomizes dangerously the planet.  This idea was launched by the United Nations already thirty years ago.  It is actively pursued by GENI (Global Energy Network International) in San Diego, California.

We should think of more world grids like that.  There is a world-wide web.  Let us have many world-wide grids and webs.  For instance, why not have a world-wide natural disasters warning grid, a world-wide climatic changes warning web, world-wide water, world-wide violence, world-wide sea shores grids and a world-wide consultative grid between all heads of states, between the heads of all polices of the world, etc.?  Please dear reader, come up with more such ideas, write them down, promote them and recommend them to your representative in parliament.

~ Idea 2647 ~
The United States government is on the way of becoming the least admirable, ideologically retarded government in the world.  It is likely to be the main if not sole culprit of the destruction of the Earth.  Noone should admire and imitate it indiscriminately anymore.  I am not speaking of the American people but of its so-called democratic government.

~ Idea 2648 ~
The US still refuses to pay its dues to the United Nations budget.  Reason given: there is a group in Congress that opposes it because of the UN's pro-abortion policy.  Comments:

1. There is no pro-abortion UN policy.  There is only a population control and birth prevention policy, recommending that people in the poor countries should be taught how to limit the number of their children.

2. The US should be the first country in the world to actively promote, support and finance a world population control and reduction of the world population.

3. The anti-abortion argument is only a front coverage.  The US people be better aware of this.

Strangely enough the US government doesn't want to end the UN.  It wants to keep it in the weakest possible state and on US soil in order to control it and avoid the birth of a much more powerful world organization which would be created if the UN disappears.

A walk out of the US from the UN would be a solution.  Since the US walked out of UNESCO that organization apparently functions much better.  It would be even more the case of the UN where practically any new proposal, vision or recommendation is defeated by the US government (see Idea 2645).  This should be seriously looked into.  The fate of the world depends on it.

I would be ready to hold the above views before the US Congress and General Assembly of the UN.

~ Idea 2649 ~
In Idea 1490 I recommended a yearly submission to the UN General Assembly of a report on new evils, injustices, corruptions, robberies and exploitations of defenseless people around the world.  Advertisement should be added to it as being to a large degree a new global evil.

~ Idea 2650 ~
Due to humanity's incredible knowledge from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, of the universe, of our solar system, of our planet, of humanity, of all living species, animal and vegetal, etc. we need not only to look into global problems and relations but also into totalities.

This has not yet taken place.  The UN should create a Committee on Totalities or Wholisms.  I could see developed sciences and education of many wholisms or totalities, e.g.

The totality of the universe (universology)
The totality of the Earth (Earthology)
The totality of the art of living (livingology)

and built on their optima:

The optimum management of the Earth
The optimum art of living

~ Idea 2651 ~
Nowadays, our Earth is not a planet of optimum fulfillment.  It is on the road of an optimum waste production and Earth destruction.

~ Idea 2652 ~
In a hundred years people around the world will have accumulated in their households so much furniture, 'goods', souvenirs, books, toys and other products that sales will have to take place no longer in garages but in airports, on football, baseball fields and golf courses.

And when life will have come to an end on this planet outer space visitors will find on it the most incredible accumulated quantities of useless, abandoned objects, materials, buildings and machinery.

~ Idea 2653 ~
Humankind has acquired an enormous knowledge of the universe, of our solar system, of our planetary home, of itself, of the miracle of human life, but there still remain some big gaps to be filled, in particular:

A full knowledge of right relationships and of totalities
A better knowledge of our meaning and role in time, in evolution

These two gaps are the cause of most of our current wrong, chaotic, irrational behaviors.
I recommend therefore a strengthening of all departments and chairs of evolution and the creation of holistic departments or departments of totalities and relationships in all universities.

Regarding the United Nations I have already recommended that it should be transformed into the Earth and Human Evolutionary Organization.

The above reflects the contemporary preoccupation with the absence of 'wholism'.  Yes, wholism in space and in time is absolutely vital.  Without it, humanity and Earth will be in deep trouble and will perish.

Business has been the first to realize and take advantage of wholism in space.  It is called globalization.  Having gained this monopoly, big business is against the globalization of anything else, especially of government which might control it.  This might bring the end of this Earth.

~ Idea 2654 ~
What a miracle it is to be alive!  Parents should repeat it to their children every day, show them how they are a miracle and how they can become an even greater one.  At least this is taught in the Robert Muller Schools and in their early beginnings program in which pregnant mothers tell this daily to the child they have in their womb.  Here is what Pablo Casals says:

"Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again...And what do we teach our children?  We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France.

When will we also teach them what they are?

We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are?  You are a marvel.  You are unique.  In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you.  Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move.

You may become a Shakespeare, a Michaelangelo, a Beethoven.  You have the capacity for anything.  Yes, you are a marvel.  And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel?

You must work - we must all work - to make the world worthy of its children."

~ Idea 2655 ~
The United States as a country is losing its validity as a world model and leader under the curse of its excessive, totalitarian economic ideals and beliefs.  The end of the Roman Empire was little compared with what might be the end of the US Empire in the next fifty years.  The US extreme right will repeat the episode of the League of Nations which led to Hitler, Mussolini and World War II.  We are at the beginning of it: World War III, the war against nature and the Earth, the biggest ever.

~ Idea 2656 ~
The famous French Revolutionary leader Count Mirabeau shouted: "De l' audace, de l' audace et encore de l' audace."  Audacity, audacity and still more audacity.

Today the revolutionaries against our obsolete world political system, our wrong Earth-destructive economics, our world lawlessness and spiritualessness, the increasing distance between the rich and the poor in the world and inside countries will similarly shout:

Audacity, audacity, and still more audacity.  It has started with the people's demonstration in Seattle against the World Trade Organization.

~ Idea 2657 ~
The Earth:
"Robert, as I sit next to you in your car I see sometimes signs on highway saying, "Construction places, double fines".  What does that mean?"

"It means that construction is going on and if any driver does an infraction he has to pay a double penalty."

The Earth:
"But what they do is not construction, but destroying me.  Of the millions of miles of highways in the world they should have at least some with signs, "No Destruction for 100 Miles.  Litter and damages to the Earth will be fined."

~ Idea 2658 ~
I will never understand that big, air polluting, litter polluted American highways are called John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King highways, etc.  These two men must be turning in their tombs at the thought of it.  I'm surprised that builders do not dare to give them names such as Jesus highway, Holy Mary highway, St. Francis highway, etc.  Soon they will.

~ Idea 2659 ~
When you take a highway between big US cities, for example between Los Angeles and San Diego just count the number of banks in highrises and skyscrapers you see from far in those cities.  Is this where they invest the people's savings?

~ Idea 2660 ~
We should abolish the words 'construction' and 'destruction' and replace them by Earthenhancement, meaning manmade changes which are enhancing the Earth and the lives of her children...

As I wrote this the Earth appeared to me and said all excited:

"You're right.  I'm not against humans.  How could I?  You are my children.  You are all earth and water of mine.  You are my most advanced evolved, successful species.  This is why I am so mad when I see teams of you with big bulldozers and trucks appear and destroy me without the slightest thought for me.  Could not the planners sit down with me, listen to me and plan together places of living in which my children would be happy and I would be even more beautiful?  We could thus avoid these monstrous accumulations of mass constructed cities dominated by stupid, meaningless, sky-insulting-scrapers swimming in an almost permanent yellow brown sea of pollution.  Is that the idea of human progress?  You should propose the creation of a new UN World Agency for Happy, Beautiful, Healthy Earthenhancement."

~ Idea 2661 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, I am jumping with joy at thinking that the western population, which is the most destructive, will diminish by forty to fifty million between now and the year 2050.  This is fantastic, a real turning point.  Just multiply by forty million the yearly mountains of refuse created by one American during his lifetime, namely four thousand times his weight: the figure is 160 billion tons!  The western waste disposal industry will have a dark future with this diminishing of the western population."

Yes, but the bad news is that the poor population of the world will increase from 4.7 billion to 7.7 billion by the year 2050 and the western and multinational corporations are now targeting them with marketing and advertisement as the new, biggest consumer markets in the world.

The Earth:
"So I cannot win.  I cannot survive, it seems."

Apparently not.  But I and many others are doing the best to save you.  Continue to smile and to bring us beauty, happiness and common sense.  Please note also that a World Party of Natural Law conceived by scientists exists now in more than one hundred countries.  These parties advocate that we must govern ourselves and you, the Earth according to the laws of nature, your laws.  This is a new, great blessing.  "You must see yourself as the great legislator of the Earth and humanity?  You better prepare yourself.

~ Idea 2662 ~
A lot of damage is caused to the Earth by our mis-admirations:  the young people on their shiny, powerful motorcycles are happy to cause admiration and envy.  They seek it by driving as fast as possible and making the maximum noise, without a glimpse of concern for pollution.

There are lists of many other examples like that around the world.

Well, we should make it a point:

Not to admire rich people;
Not to admire their mansions, their luxury cars, their yachts which all required elements from the Earth to be built;
Not to admire politicians in high position who seek only glory, re-election and the applause of the people.

We should develop a new science, strategy, education and methodology of right admirations for what is really beneficial and admirable to the Earth and humanity.  Perhaps a new science called 'admirology' is needed.

~ Idea 2663 ~
A new distinction of countries should be between

underdeveloped, undestroyed countries
overdeveloped, half-destroyed countries

~ Idea 2664 ~
People should refuse to go to sports events in the middle of big cites adding to traffic jams and air pollution.  All major sports events should be held in the middle of nature were it only because the competitors and their performance would benefit from more oxygen.

~ Idea 2665 ~
The Earth:
"Thanks God, I kept two-thirds of the Earth under water.  If I had uncovered it you humans would have already destroyed most of it."

"Yes, this was probably your greatest way to put a limit to man's greed for possessions and destructive power.  But look what is happening to your waters: the wastes and chemicals dumped into them, killing many marine species.  More and more ocean waters near coasts are dumps devoid of life and have been declared dead zones.

One of my daughters who is an ocean biologist often repeats to me that the earlier the human species disappears the better it will be for the preservation of the seas and oceans and the further evolution of the Earth."

~ Idea 2666 ~
I wish that many more books of thousands of ideas and dreams were written for a better world in many fields.  I could see such volumes of ideas and dreams for a better environment, for preventing violence, for a better education, for ethical business, for truthful media, for happiness, hope, thanksgiving, spirituality, forgiveness etc.

~ Idea 2667 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, I just learned that the General Commander and Chief of the United States Strategic Command cannot be more than three rings away from a telephone to be ready to execute an order from the President to use nuclear weapons!  Is this the ultimate intelligence of the human species?  Do you think your long evolution from the state of apes to this was worthwhile?  Can't you agree with me that the whole human species is becoming an evolutionary misfit and that it should either fundamentally change course or die out as quickly as possible?"

"I am speechless.  Perhaps you are right and I might just be an old, irrational, crazy, retarded, optimistic fool."

~ Idea 2668 ~
The United States of America (USA) should change its name into UBCA, the United Business Crazy America.

~ Idea 2669 ~
Sooner or later nuclear weapons will be used by some country.  This will create havoc and might lead to the end of the human race.  But as long as the US will insist to keep its own nuclear arsenal as the great moral judge and arbiter of the world it should have no illusion that all other countries will get rid of theirs.  Nuclear disarmament and all disarmament of the Earth must be total under a new regime of Earth security translated into practice by a proper Earth government and the global security system called for by the UN Charter.

~ Idea 2670 ~
Non-governmental organizations represent nowadays such large numbers of awakened peace and Earth loving people that they should, in addition to international associations,

1. create national associations of non-governmental organizations with a joint common, substantial secretariat to take positions on issues of concern to them in government, parliaments and world organizations;

2. hold hearings with political candidates and support those whose platforms they approve and combat those with wrong, retrograde, damaging agendas.

~ Idea 2671 ~
Cities should devise a number of incentives to reduce gasoline consumption, i.e. production of carbon dioxide.  For example, annual rewards should be given to cars which use the least gasoline per mileage, e.g. the Volkswagen or the new electric cars.  Or are their Mayors counting on higher revenues from gasoline sales?

~ Idea 2672 ~
It will be quite a different world when as much attention, investigation, imagination and work will be devoted by humans to save, heal, beautify and increase the life of the Earth as they devote today to save, heal, beautify and increase the life of humans.  Why not create an Earth health science, an Earth Health Organization and Earth Health Ministries in all countries?

~ Idea 2673 ~
The hyper-materialistic soulless western type society might get into such a collapse that the religions should prepare themselves to be turned to by billions of helpless people all over the world.

~ Idea 2674 ~
Executive national governments work for their own interests and not for the world and humanity.  To break their monopoly over the United Nations I repeat, repeat and repeat that the UN should be opened to parliamentarians, to people's elected representatives.  A United Nations Consultative Parliamentary Assembly should be created by the heads of state at the year 2000 General Assembly.  It could lead to a substantial strengthening of the United Nations and to the creation of a world union following the precedent of the European Consultative Parliament which forced the reluctant executives of Europe's national governments to accept and to cooperate in the creation of a borderless European Union of fifteen nations.

~ Idea 2675 ~
The non-governmental associations in the world should create in the year 2000 a World Peoples' Organization which would function parallel to the United Nations which has no people's representation, only national government executives.  It would become one of the greatest democratic organizations on Earth.  This would be better than to receive a watered-down insignificant representation in the United Nations.

~ Idea 2676 ~
Most people on Earth are concerned with local affairs and at best national affairs but much less with world global affairs which are the most perilous, vastest, biggest problems humans were ever confronted with and on which the cooperation of all humans is needed.  I recommend therefore that in each city and populated area a House of Global Problems and Concerns should be created.

~ Idea 2677 ~
There is great need for a UN World Transportation Agency covering all transports.  The International Maritime Cooperation Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization should be integrated into it.  For a long time transport was considered a purely national or at best continental affair.  This is no longer the case.  All transports have become international, world-wide.  Humanity must absolutely ensure the proper coordination of all transports.  We need world statistics of mileages covered, of accidents, of carbon dioxides emitted, of transport impediments, etc.  It is almost inconceivable that due to national governments opposition I was unable to obtain the creation of a United Nations World Transport Agency when I was a UN high official.  Perhaps the time is ripe, highly urgent now.

~ Idea 2678 ~
To help save the environment a World Day of Non-driving should be declared.  On such a day driving should be permitted only in special cases of urgency.

~ Idea 2679 ~
De-contraction and relaxation are ways to avoid having resort to stimulants which lead to more toxification.  The answer to alcoholism as Confucius said: "You drink the first cup and the second cup drinks you."

It takes twenty-one days to change a habit.  Concentrate on it, detoxification will follow and the need for toxifying intakes will vanish.  How about correcting wrong values toxification?  Not to watch TV and not to read newspaper for twenty-one days would be one of the ways.  You would find your precious self and happiness again.

~ Idea 2680 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, if you love me, if you want to help me you should recommend the creation of a World Organization of Islands.  It should include small and medium sized islands, not big ones like the United Kingdom.  Its members could be independent or part of another country.

Why this prayer to you?  Because most of these islands are remnants of my beauty and nature, but for how long?  They will be invaded by the rich who made a fortune destroying me elsewhere but want to live on these rightly named 'islands'.  They are already the target of big builders who want to make money and attract people to live there and will become victims of world tourism.  The result will be a further destruction of my nature.  They should therefore associate, organize themselves, see what is going on, learn from each other,  protect their beauty, nature and security and remain 'islands and models of sanity'.  Please dear Robert, do something for that."

"Yes, I will but why do you always turn to me and not to the United States which is your main enemy in all that?  I remember that three decades ago I succeeded against American opposition to make of the Union of Official Tourism Organizations a United Nations Tourism Agency but the US succeeded in giving it a secondary status.  That organization does not even report to the United Nations.  Perhaps, the government of Tonga, a country of several islands, which became the 188th member of the UN, could be the leader of the action you wish to be taken.  Slip it into the dreams of the heads of government of all the island countries."

~ Idea 2681 ~
Since business and building have become the main destroyers of the Earth I see only one effective remedy: western parents should decide no longer to have any children or only one or two.  Thank God it is happening.  For the first time the western population of the world will diminish by forty million people between now and the year 2050.

The Earth:
"You see, I am not inactive.  I do influence the people in their dreams."

~ Idea 2682 ~
The whole work of the United Nations on human rights should be reconceived under six main headings:

1. Human Rights, proper
2. Human Duties and Responsibilities*
3. Non-rights (see Ideas 1741 and 1751)
4. Rights of Future Generations
5. Rights of the Earth, Nature and all living species'
6. Implementation in all sectors

*(See Index under Declarations: Declaration of Human Duties, Responsibilities towards Air, Atmosphere, Earth as a whole, etc.)

~ Idea 2683 ~
We cannot continue to accept that every five hours a species becomes extinct on our planet.

A positive step would be to adopt and proclaim a United Nations Declaration of the Rights to Live of All Living Species.

~ Idea 2684 ~
Personal happiness, health and life fulfillment are a contribution to world happiness, health and life fulfillment.  It makes humans contributing agents of a peaceful, happier, ideal, fulfilled world.

This is why as a world servant I recommend that each government should create a Ministry of Happiness and Life Fulfillment.  The effects would be so beneficial.

~ Idea 2685 ~
Scientists claim that they can now increase a human being's average life to 125 years.  My God, what a new global problem this will represent!  The UN needs to convene soonest a second World Conference on Aging.  Mrs. Julia Alvarez, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic and I were responsible for convening the first one in 1982.  It forecast that as a result of increased longevity and the number of old people, the social security systems of governments would run into deep trouble by the year 2020.  This is becoming more and more evident.

~ Idea 2686 ~
In some big US cities there are now early morning signal alerts regarding transportation and traffic jams.

I suggest that the UN should begin to broadcast every day World Signal Alerts regarding various trouble spots in the world, of human or natural origin.  The International Radio for Peace could broadcast them.

~ Idea 2687 ~

I wonder how much oxygen loss the lawn mowers of this planet are causing, grass being prevented from reaching full growth.  Add to this the carbon dioxide these machines emit into the air.  Again one of those modern technological inventions, widely promoted to allow the producers to become rich.  For what?  To decapitate grass and make us lose large quantities of oxygen.  And the noise they make has been identified as a cause of deafness of elderly people.  Degrassification must be added to deforestation as an environmental concern.

~ Idea 2688 ~
Napoleon was one of the great geniuses of this planet but for the wrong causes, namely conquests and unlimited power.  If he were reborn today he would make himself the genius of world peace, human fulfillment and of the most beautiful, well-preserved planet in the universe.  He would create world law for that as he did at the time national law almost single-handed.

Who will be the transcended, peaceful Napoleon of the 21st century?  Any candidates?  Why doesn't any head of state have that dream?  How narrow, limited and unambitious they are!

~ Idea 2689 ~
The youth of the world should request the adoption by the United Nations of a new fundamental human right:

the right to the abolition of all armies, militaries and armaments on Earth as vast, potential killing elements of humans and of the Earth, the savings being used to heal the Earth and fulfill humanity.

Please young people, unite yourselves in a World Youth Movement requesting it.

~ Idea 2690 ~
I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of bulldozers are busy around the world and around the clock destroying the Earth under the name of construction.

Who possesses this world statistic?  If you have it, please send it to me and to the UN Environment Program.

~ Idea 2691 ~
I'm afraid that the world will see the repetition of the drama after World War I when the US Congress did not ratify and join the League of Nations, thus helping the rise to power of communism, Hitler and Mussolini and finally World War II.

The US government will not agree to a strengthened United Nations or a new world organization.  It refuses to implement most of the decisions of the UN, even those on the environment.  It thinks only of its own power, will and ideology.

The result will be much havoc.  It also closes the great opportunities which offer themselves to conceive and plan for a better new century, millennium and proper Earth government.

~ Idea 2692 ~
Perhaps I have invented a new method of democracy: the creation of a one person democratic way.  How did I do it?

- to accept, after my retirement from the UN, the volunteer position of Chancellor of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica for one-dollar-a-year

- to accept  to deliver innumerable speeches around the world, rarely receiving a fee for them.

- to write endless essays, exhortations*, articles and books, including these 3000 ideas self-published with my pension.

- to lead the most simple and frugal life in order to save on my pension and to add to my years of life.  Thus I had already fifteen years of additional life since my retirement, devoted to daily work for peace.

- to write down my experiences in these 3000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World; to extract excerpts from them on a host of world problems, sending them to many leaders and people and distributing them during my speeches.

- to answer every letter I receive from around the world giving my correspondents ideas to act upon.

- to write to heads of states, to the UN Secretary General, to Nobel Prize winners and people in high positions around the world, giving them ideas and recommending specific actions.

All this was capped by many miraculous coincidences and circumstances arranged by God, by the invisible forces of the universe or by the souls of unemployed saints floating around this planet.

All this was topped by an incredible personal happiness, a deep sense of satisfaction and an excellent health still at the age of seventy-seven.

When I look back I just cannot believe what one single person can do.  It goes beyond my imagination.  There must be definitely other forces involved.

* For example the following one which went around the world in several languages:

Decide to network
Use every letter you write
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you attend
To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams
Affirm to others the vision of the world you want.

Network through thought
Network through action
Network through love
Network through the spirit.

You are the center of a network
You are the center of the world
You are a free, immensely powerful source
of life and goodness.

Affirm it
Spread it
Radiate it
Think day and night about it
And you will see a miracle happen...
the Greatness of your own life.
In a world of big powers, media, and monopolies
But of six billion individuals
Networking is the new freedom, the new democracy
A new form of happiness.
Robert Muller

~ Idea 2693 ~
The Earth:
"The UN Development Program's report for 1998 contains for the first time a chapter on the World Runaway Consumption Explosion.  Thank God that it does.

But it is too short and contains this statement: "Abundance of consumption is no crime."  This is wrong for me, the Earth.  The colossal consumption by humans of unnecessary products and services is a crime against me.

Why do you humans always look at things from your point of view, never from mine, forgetting that you come one hundred percent from me, live one hundred percent on my elements and resources and will return to me at your death?  Why can't you judge things from our common point of view, essentially mine since you are only a small part of me?"

It will come.  A few big ecological crises will teach us.

~ Idea 2694 ~
To be our own we must free ourselves from all the inputs directed, advertised, almost forced upon us by outside power and wealth holders and seekers:

wrong foods
wrong liquids
depressing news
wrong sights and images

There is a colossal invasion of individuals by outside forces until nothing is left of our self, of our true nature, vocation and mission in life.  By freeing ourselves from the destructive market forces targeted at us we also help the Earth from being destroyed by all the wrong products made with her resources, and we thus perform an important global duty of world survival.

~ Idea 2695 ~
Each human being is a miracle created by God or by cosmic forces of energy acting on this planet over millions of years through reproduction and the transmission of knowledge and experience recorded in genes.

That miraculous entity touches, looks, hears, observes, reads, learns from the outside world and thus lives informed by it.  If that outside world is detrimental to the planet and humanity's natural evolution he will not be a normal but a programmed being conditioned by wrong values.  Astrophysicist Chaisson and Nobel Prize biologist Christian De Duve are therefore right with their theory which is the following:

On any planet having life in the universe there is one life form which reaches at some point the stage of possessing a total knowledge of that planet and a knowledge reaching deep and far into the universe from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.  When this stage is reached the entire future evolution of that planet will depend on that species.  If it continues to live and operate on the basis of the past values which led it to that knowledge and does not acquire the necessary new evolutionary values, then the whole evolution of that planet will come to an end.

Well, we have reached that stage on planet Earth.  Nowadays most influences on us are bad or wrong from an evolutionary point of view, dating from 19th century conditions, thinking and ideologies when the human population was small and the resources of the planet unexploited.  Today these conditions are totally different.  As a result new values such as human respect for the environment and the future of the Earth have been born, but they still represent only a minimal part of the values prevailing on our Earth.

The first duty of the individual cosmic units we are is therefore to isolate ourselves as much as possible from these still prevalent, obsolete, external wrong values by not letting them in, neither by seeing, touching, consuming, reading or buying them.

The theories of Chaisson and De Duve are also confirmed by anthropologist Dr. Philip Tobias from South Africa who has come to the conclusion from his long-term studies of the evolution of the human being that the western race is now in a process of de-humanizing itself and that the only remaining true humans will be the indigenous people and the Africans.

~ Idea 2696 ~
Perhaps our salvation can come from the recently born Natural Law Party created by British scientists and existing already in more than a hundred countries.  That party is also the third party, growing rapidly, in the United States where during the 1999 elections it presented 2200 congressional candidates.  This party correctly holds the view that by observing closely nature we will be guided by her laws and through her, made conscious of the cosmic evolution of which we are part.  The leader of the US party, John Hagelin has written a simple, very understandable book entitled Perfect Government through Natural Law.

~ Idea 2697 ~
Someone should seek and publish the estimates of scientists and futurists on how long life will continue on this planet until it becomes extinct as a result of our current wrongdoings and values.  This should be submitted to the summit meeting of heads of states at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2000.  The conference of the world's best long-term evolutionary scientists, futurists and visionaries convened in the summer of 2000 in Seattle by the Foundation for the Future in Bellevue, State of Washington, should provide that summit with such an estimate.

~ Idea 2698 ~
A lady next to me on an airplane has a big volume of materials entitled Navigational Investments in the 21st Century.  It meant investments in world airlines and other navigational activities on planet Earth.  I, for my part was writing 3000 Ideas for a Better World, i.e. for the navigation of the human species on planet Earth.  Which of the two will have the better chance?

~ Idea 2699 ~
I have been an enemy of Coca Cola since I learned many years ago at the United Nations that it contained a drug to make the people addicted to it.  The United States, like all governments was under obligation to tell the UN what the amount of that drug was but it consistently refused to give that information.  Then one day it announced that Coca Cola no longer contained any drug anymore.  This was when sufficient people were addicted to it.

My opposition to soft drinks was also because they contain carbon dioxide which we do not want to have in the air but which we let enter into our body.

In September 1999, when spending a week at an Optimum Health Center in San Diego, California I learned that soft drinks leave health-damaging traces of toxic carbon dioxide on the walls of our intestines.

I go therefore one step further and recommend that all carbonated so-called 'soft' drinks should be prohibited by the UN, World Health Organization and all governments in the world.

The Earth to me:
"That is a wonderful idea.  My innumerable sources of natural, fresh water and my fruit trees would rejoice at such a decision."

~ Idea 2700 ~
This planet is being raped by capitalism, big-powerism, excessive materialism and persistent national sovereignism.

What are the ways out of this situation?  I have indicated many of them in these 3000 ideas.  Will they be implemented?  Who will have the courage, the audacity to do it, or at least to try?

The outcome rests largely on you, dear reader.  Each human being has a stake in it.  Six billion people can achieve a lot.  Tell your political representatives, your local and national leaders which ideas you want to be implemented.  You might get surprising results.  Good leaders too are looking for ways out, for good, hopeful ideas supported by the people.  Please help these 3000 ideas not to become a waste and loss of time.  I beg you and thank you.

Incidents Regarding
the United Nations Flag

There is a French proverb which says: "jamais deux sans trois," never twice without a third time:  Popular belief applies this in particular to mishaps, accidents and failures of good projects.
The following anecdotes show the relevance of that peoples' wisdom to the first world organization of this planet, the United Nations and its flag.
In 1970, year of the twenty-fifty anniversary of the UN, when I was a direct Aide to Secretary General U Thant, he received a telegram from Thor Heyerdahl, the explorer and navigator, who asked him for permission to fly the UN flag on the Ra II, a papyrus boat on which he wanted to attempt a new ocean expedition.  U Thant asked me for my advice.  I said: "Yes, by all means, give him your permission.  For the first time ever a boat will fly the UN flag on the ocean of this planet and typically it is a paper boat, as weak and fragile as the UN.  But I have the foreboding that it will bring bad luck to Heyerdahl whose boat will probably sink.  Evil forces never want new, good ideas to succeed and they usually win three times before they are defeated."
I drafted a warm cable to Thor Heyerdahl and to his small multinational crew for U Thant's signature, authorizing him to fly the UN flag.  A few weeks later the news was broadcast around the world that the boat had sunk!  The crew was saved but the UN flag went down with the paper boat.
Fifteen years later, in 1985, I was in charge of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the UN.  Among the numerous initiatives taken by the people, a group of Australian mountaineers decided to climb Mount Everest and to plant the UN flag on it.  Their leader came to ask for permission to use the UN flag.  I had to leave for a mission on the day of his visit and I asked my Japanese colleague Masatsuno Katsuno to receive him and to give him permission.  But I added: "For heaven's sake give him my own UN flag which is in my office.  By God's favor I am usually blessed with luck in my undertakings.  It is possible that my personal flag will bring them better luck."
When I returned from mission, Katsuno told me that he had given them an ordinary UN flag instead of mine, because he thought that my flag should continue to bring luck to ourselves and to the UN!  I commented to him: "You will see, something wrong is going to happen."
Later during the year the news was broadcast that the Australian team had climbed Mount Everest, but there was no mention of the UN flag.  I sent the teamleader a telegram asking for a picture of the flag floating on Mount Everest and to issue it to the press.  When the picture arrived, what did I see?  The flag had been planted upside down, the supreme discourtesy to flag protocol!  I was dismayed but not surprised.  Something like that had to happen but at least no accident had occurred to the team.  I asked the UN photolab to "doctor" the picture and redress the flag but they refused.  So I went to a private photolab and had it done for the modest sum of sixty dollars which I paid happily.  But a mischievous colleague in the UN leaked the story to the New York  Times which was all too happy to publish the upside-down flag and the story with its usual disparaging comments on the UN!

A third occasion offered itself in 1990, during the forty-fifth anniversary of the UN and tenth anniversary of the UN University for Peace.  After ten years, only 31 governments out of 160 had ratified the University and even less had given it any money.  At my retirement from the UN in 1986, I had gladly accepted to become its one-dollar-a-year Chancellor hoping to bring them 'chance'!  Unfortunately, since people usually pay for war and pray for peace, I was unable to obtain for it more than a million dollars from a Japanese philanthropist, Mr. Sasakawa.  During a stay in New York, I was asked to send to the University a set of all the flags of nations which had ratified the University, and also a new UN flag, their old one having weathered away. This time I decided to wrap my own flag and to send it to them.  In order to avoid a third mishap, I placed it on the altar of the UN Meditation Room asking for God's blessings.  Were the evil forces defeated this time?  Not quite. When the flags arrived, the University was hit by an earthquake which destroyed a good part of it.  Even its water supply was disrupted.  But an ample underground source was found and the buildings were rapidly rebuilt.  With this the bad luck of the UN flag had come to an end.
Regarding the sparing use of the UN flag on this planet it is a consolation to know that its story is the same as that of the US flag which could seldom be seen in the United States in the 19th century.  The state flags were the rule.  It was not until World War I and especially World War II that the US flag became widely used, replacing progressively the state flags.  The same will happen with the UN flag: it merely will require time until the people will finally recognize the oneness of our planet and of the human family.
You, dear reader, can help this process accelerate.  Order the UN flag from the UN gift shop (Tel: 212-963-7700) and display it, especially on international days proclaimed by the UN, including the 24th of October, anniversary of the birth of the UN. Display it at all gatherings, conferences or graduations where human brothers and sisters from other nations are present.  Follow the example of the Europeans who display side by side the national flag, the flag of Europe and the UN flag.  US citizens could similarly display the US flag, the flag of the Americas and the UN flag.  Governments could even innovate and adopt flags which would have on one side the national flag and on the other side the UN flag.  It is high time that this planet and humanity be recognized as the supreme concerns of all people.

February 2000

We are now in the momentous year 2000 when a first World's Peoples' Assembly will be held in Samoa and a UN General Assembly at the heads of states level will look at the global problems which are besetting the Earth and see how they could be solved.
In view of the "never twice without a third time" rule, I add the following:
The first attempt to create an international or world government was the League of Nations.  Several governments, especially the US which had authored the project, did not join it.  This allowed Hitler and Mussolini to get into power and led to World War II and to the end of the League of Nations.
The United Nations, conceived again by the US in 1945 and located on its soil, had many successes which I describe in several of my books, and includes today practically all countries on Earth (189 of them).  But since the end of the cold war, the US wants to dominate and rule the world alone.  It sees the UN as an obstacle, no longer ratifies its decisions, neglects, ignores and opposes it more and more.  My dream is therefore that the story of the UN flag be repeated: that a Charter of a new UN be written and adopted, putting an end to the present UN thus conceding a second victory to the evil forces.  A UN Charter revision would also give a voice to the 137 governments of the present 189 members, which did not participate in the drafting of the 1945 Charter and of the UN's creation 55 years ago.

Soon thereafter, under the pressure of the colossal globalization forces besetting this planet, there will be major catastrophes which will put an end to capitalism and to the second UN.  Then, at long last will we see a repetition of what happened to the Confederate States of America when they were transformed into the Federal United States, namely the birth of a proper Earth government in the form of a Federal United World or an Earth Government or a United Nature.  Then the evil forces against the progress of humanity will give up, having had their three victories.  The quicker this will happen, the more will be salvaged of our beautiful Earth.  These views of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin apply fully and prophetically today:

The primary cause of all disorders lies in the different states governments and in the tenacity of that power which pervades the whole of their systems.
George Washington

Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind.  As that becomes more enlightened, as new discoveries are made and manners and opinions change, with the change in circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.  One might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain forever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.
Thomas Jefferson

It is also timely to remember in the middle of the United Nations Decade of the Indigenous People (1995-2006) that the Great Indian Confederacy of the Iroquois provided a model for the transformation of the thirteen colonies into the United States of America.

"It would be a strange thing," wrote Benjamin Franklin, "if six nations of ignorant savages should be capable of forming a scheme for such a union and be able to execute it in such a manner that it has subsisted ages and appears indissoluble; and yet that a like union should be impracticable for ten or a dozen English colonies to whom it is more necessary and must be more advantageous and who cannot be supposed to lack an equal understanding of their interests."

Who is today the head of state of the stature of Benjamin Franklin, who will make this text his own, replacing in it the words "ten or a dozen English colonies" by "189 nations"?


IDEAS 2701 TO 2800



To Stop War and Individual Acts of Violence and Destruction

received by Robert Muller anonymously:

The sender has not given his name and address, because he is a man of 96 with body troubles, and a poor memory: so under the circumstances he would not like to get involved in correspondence about the matter.

We can think of the world as one without war as something new, an invention.  Every invention starts with just an idea, a concept, a vision.  It seems that many people have a vision of a far happier way of living than that which we experience, and would like this vision developed into a living reality:  The reality of our global human family living comfortably, enjoyably, fearlessly, caringly, lovingly and happily in friendly world-wide harmony, and cooperation.

There is no scientific law of external nature nor instinct (natural urge) of internal human nature, which makes this aspiration impossible.  Clearly those who profit by war will be opposed to an ethical and happy way of life run by altruists.

The market forces' money way,
Creating ruination,
Loving money from a war,
Loving it much more than folk
The system force to fight,
Is bound to pass away one day,
When the Human Family can
With righteous indignation
Reject its harmful practices
And quit its bad employment
For there we folk cannot enjoy
The happiness all seek

A bad system has its day,
Such as Dictator Communism;
And the greedy money way
Which pollutes the air we breathe:
And brings the miseries of war
But such a system will not stay
Good folk reject its misery
Unhappy people don't work well
Economies like slavery.

When people seeking happiness,
Discover it can only come
Through goodness in its many forms
Not through the vice of greed
They cease to go to war and kill
Folk who might have been good friends.
So then with better motivation
Willingly and well they work
The system which is fair to all
The Ethical Economy.

We shall be holding hands all round the world when we forget capitalism and start working in the ethical economy of the first Humanitarian World Government.

Massive Righteous Indignation and Suitable Action to Stop Future War


I shall live and let others live.
I shall be non-violent if not attacked.
I seek life without fear or hatred.
I wish to live in a state of no-war:

That is permanent peace; without the sorrowful effects of war on peace-loving families; without the lunacy and futility of war, because it cannot cure the many ills from which we suffer; without war's cutting short the lives of human beings'; without the dislocation of careers of survivors; without the loss to families of their male parent; without war's subjection of women to rape; without the pain and agony of war and lifelong incurable injury to the bodies of many veterans; without war's colossal wastage of materials, and its harmful effects on the environment; without the destruction of the works of man, and the possible nuclear destruction of all life.

I know we can eliminate war if my fellows of our global human family will have the enterprise, courage and vision to do what I am going to do - sign the Peace Seekers' Declaration.

For "without vision the people perish."

Preamble to the Peace Seekers Declaration

We peace seekers of our global human family differ in many ways; but we all share at least one thing - the instinct or natural urge of self-preservation.  We all want to go on living, so why be so foolish as to kill one another?

In the past we have been forced to do so by a powerful nation ruler, government, or military dictator.  Since nuclear weapons have come into existence it is high time for us billions of our human family to refuse any longer to be military slaves and kill one another.

When a man kills others legally in war, or illegally in peacetime, he disobeys the best moral law for human happiness, the Reciprocity Law; namely, 'Do not do to others what you would not like done to yourself.'  Bad rulers have forced good men to disobey that law and be bad and kill in war other members of our human family.

May all of us human beings, in seeking happiness, at long last obey that Reciprocity Law, and now in our billions refuse to fight in war outside our own country.  If most people refuse to fight aggressively, i.e. outside their countries, frontiers, there could be no war, not even one in self-defense.

The Peace Seekers Declaration

The aim of this Peace Plan, which I surely share with many others, is to make a marvelous change for the better in the history of man namely, to stop forever the bad practice of war.

In each nation there would be volunteer Peace Planners in every city, town, village.  The Chief Peace Planner at any place would invite peace-seekers to come, in some order, to a central room or office to sign 'The Peace Seekers Declaration'.  Namely, that the peace seeker agrees to sign two statements, firstly, that he or she refuses to support in any way an external war, i.e. one to be fought outside one's own nation, (except in the case of an attacked friendly neighbor nation calling for help.)  But willingly support, in a suitable way, a war fought to defend the national homeland from an attacking enemy.

Secondly, 'Except in self-defense I shall not do at any time any act of violence which injures or may injure a person or persons of our global family, however, different from myself, even if offered a bribe in money, a gain of some sort, a gift, anything of benefit, privilege, honor or the like.'

Each peace-seeker would put his or her signature, whether legible or not, on a large lined sheet of strong paper.  Peace Planners would also go from house to house to collect more signatures.

Each nation would need a volunteer Humanitarian Peace Plan Coordinator to whom the wide-spread Peace Planners would send their lists of signatures.

At a certain time this national coordinator would make public the number of peace-seeker signatures, and call for more, especially from those who had hesitated.

If a nation had a large number of peace-seekers, its government would be unable to go to war externally, and fight away from its homeland.

The following is an extract from Bertrand Russell's excellent book Political Ideals.

"Few men seem to realize how many of the evils from which we suffer are wholly unnecessary, and that they could be abolished by a united effort within a few years.  If a majority in every civilized country so desired, we could, within twenty years, abolish all abject poverty, quite half the illness in the world, the whole economic slavery which binds down nine tenths of our population; we could fill the world with beauty and joy and secure the reign of universal peace.  It is only because men are apathetic that this is not achieved, only because imagination is sluggish, and what always have been is regarded as what always must be.  With good-will, generosity, intelligence, these things could be brought about."

Lord Russell (Bertrand Russell) goes on to say that the world is full of preventable evils which most people would like to see prevented.

Among other things, this could be done by a World Humanitarian Government possibly elected through a plebiscite conducted by a union of all the world's humanitarian organizations.
* *

~ Idea 2701 ~
We have come to the end of a millennium of political turmoils and horrendous wars.  Let us now at long last build a millennium of peace, justice, well-being and loving care for our beautiful, so generous planet Earth on which we have the privilege and luck to live.

May the heads of states UN General Assembly 2000 bless humanity with a great, visionary, audacious plan 3000 to do that.

~ Idea 2702 ~
When one sees from the sky the many fields, deforestations, human settlements and big cities down there on Earth and thinks that twelve thousand tons of carbon dioxide are released by humans every minute into the air (more than 6 billion tons in 1997), there can be little doubt that this planet is already on an atmospheric regression course which in a few decades might mean our demise.  As the national and world 'economic product' goes up the national and world oxygen product goes down.

The 1997 Kyoto Protocol signed by eighty-four nations to limit developed countries' carbon emissions from cars, power plants and other major users of fossil fuels has not yet been ratified by the United States Senate.  What are they waiting for?

~ Idea 2703 ~

Not to buy unnecessary products, not to undertake unnecessary trips has become a fundamental human duty towards the Earth.

~ Idea 2704 ~
All golf courses on this planet should be reforested.  It would represent a good surface of the Earth.

~ Idea 2705 ~
We begin to have several Peace Universities and many Peace Institutes around the world.  We now also need a whole series of Earth Universities and Earth Institutes.  I am so glad that the Earth Council created by the 1992 Rio de Janeiro UN conference on the environment has been transferred to the site of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 2706 ~
We must absolutely prevent business from destroying this Earth.  We must make this an unceasing daily objective of our life, you and I and all of us.

~ Idea 2707 ~
Moneycracy over democracy, that is the high riding, predominant rule of the world today.  We must absolutely correct that.

~ Idea 2708 ~
Flying over West Africa I see that there are vast surfaces of land with trees but not very densely together.  I wonder if there is a World Reforestation Plan for our entire planet?  Africa, except for the deserts could also become one of the continents on Earth to be considered.  It is the least populated continent with only eight percent of the world population.  People from Europe may have to flee to it some day to continue to have oxygen.  Yes, as the plane continues there are vast stretches of forests.  The western countries should pay good money to these countries for preserving and not exploiting them.  There is no reason why they too should enter the world rat race of industrialization and business.  Why not consider Eurafrica a special area of the world deserving the care of Europe.  My genial compatriot Robert Schuman, the father of the European Union was dreaming of a Eurafrican Union between Europe and the African countries.  Why not?  It would make a lot of good sense.

The problem is vital enough to warrant the creation of a World Reforestation Agency.

~ Idea 2709 ~
In all new automobiles there should be a CO2 (carbon dioxide) meter.  It would show the total carbon dioxide emitted during each trip and the total emission since the beginning of the use of the car.  Perhaps drivers would be influenced by what they read and use the car only when really necessary.  At present the CO2 emission is not known and therefore not of much concern to them.  We should remember that we emit through various ways of life, especially cars and airplanes, a total of twelve thousand tons of carbon dioxide every minute!

As I wrote this the Earth intervened and said to me: "Robert you should also mention the differences between countries.  For example, per person carbon dioxide emissions are twenty-one metric tons a year in the United States and three metric tons in China.  Suppose that the entire world population, which is augmenting to 8.9 billion in the year 2050, will reach the present ideal of the American way of life.  Can you imagine?  The result would be a total of 186.9 billion tons, a real disaster for me.  I could not take it.  Neither would humanity survive."

~ Idea 2710 ~
The preceding should also apply to airplanes.  The total of carbon dioxide emitted should be communicated to passengers after each trip and the pilot should know the total emitted by the aircraft since it was put into service.  As a result the International Civil Aviation Organization could publish total figures every year and see the evolution of the quantities of carbon dioxide emitted by airplanes world-wide, airline by airline and country by country.

Airline pilots might also be given a figure at the end of their career, when they retire, of how much carbon dioxide their planes emitted during their lives of service.

~ Idea 2711 ~
When in the future our dead planet will be discovered by outer space beings, their first impression will be that it was a planet called Coca Cola or run by a President of that name with a Vice President called Marlboro.  Why?  Because these are the two words they will find most frequently spread on advertisement boards, shop entrances, bus stations, trucks and millions of thrown away empty bottles, cans and cigarette packages on roads and in the nature of this planet.  It would take them quite some time until they met the words United States and the name of its President.  And they could not find the name of a President of the world.

~ Idea 2712 ~
For years I predicted that some day there will be a Coca Cola sign illuminated on the moon visible from the Earth.  Well, here is an example of the mega-follies of business and advertisement.  An article by Jay Jorden in the Associated Press of 1 October 1999:

Pizza Hut company offers to pay for a logo on a Russian rocket
after a lunar advertisement fell through.

"Pizza Hut wanted a billboard on the moon.  It settled for a Russian rocket bound for space.
The company announced Thursday it would pay the cash-starved Russian space agency about half the price of a 30-second TV ad during the Super Bowl - currently up to $2.5 million - for the right to paint its logo on a Russian Proton rocket.
The rocket is scheduled to blast off in mid-November with the living quarters for the International Space Station.
The segment carrying the Pizza Hut logo will be cast off and burn up in the atmosphere before it reaches orbit.  But Pizza Hut marketers are counting on the minutes leading up to liftoff and the sight of the engines firing under the company's red-roof logo to give them enough film footage to fuel years of future advertising campaigns.
While US law doesn't preclude placing corporate logos on American spacecraft, NASA would not consider it on taxpayer property, agency spokesman Brian Welch said Thursday.
Still, Daniel Tam, NASA's assistant to the administrator for commercialization, said space agencies need to think about the marketing potential they can offer in an era of shrinking budgets for space exploration.
The Russians, meanwhile, have used corporate advertising to their advantage.  PepsiCo Inc. paid $5 million three years ago to have cosmonauts float a replica of a soda can outside the Mir space station.
Pizza Hut marketers first considered burning a billboard into the moon with lasers, Chief Executive Officer Mike Rawlings said.  But astronomers and physicists advised that the image would have to be the size of Texas to be seen by earthlings more then 238,000 miles away."

This is probably why there is no Coca Cola sign on the moon.  Planet Earth is no longer a democracy but a businesscracy.  As the title of David Korten's book says: Corporations Rule the World.

~ Idea 2713 ~
Since the United Nations can no longer play fully its vital role as a warner of new global problems, trends and needed action (see Idea 1617) I recommend that the European Union should take over that role and create a European World Forum of thinkers, scientists and futurists to follow major world trends, new global problems and dangers and propose proper, urgent means for the survival of the Earth and of the human species.  The European Union merits to overpass the weak United Nations and become progressively the World Union, so urgently need.

~ Idea 2714 ~
There is only one thing wrong with the word United Nations:

The 's' at the end of it.  Let us work on transforming the 189 not so united nations into one United Nation.

~ Idea 2715 ~
Let us not stop with the world-wide celebration of the year 2000.  Let us make each year of the 3rd millennium a year of global common thinking, new ideas, commitments and actions.  Each of these years should see a meeting of all heads of states and become better than the preceding one.

~ Idea 2716 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, you are so right when you say that I, the Earth should be the major concern of humanity.

But even you, one of the best world observers, are still far below reality, namely humanity has become a cancer which will destroy all forms of life on my surface.  Let this sink into your head and heart and we will return to it.  It is the biggest danger menacing.  The whole world situation is ununderstandable if you do not recognize this gigantic war or cancer which is eating me up, destroying me."

~ Idea 2717 ~
Humanity becoming the cancer of the Earth?  Perhaps indeed.  It spreads, increases, multiplies and devours the natural resources of the Earth.  When the Earth will die the nourishment of the cancer will cease and the cancer, i.e. humanity will disappear.

~ Idea 2718 ~
Economic growth?  No, the growth of the human cancer of the Earth.

And yet the news, the media only speak of the growth of the stock markets, growing constructions, growing profits, growing human activities and business which spreads to the entire world.  We are indeed a self-feeding cancer.  This is how all cancers grow.  It is in their nature.

~ Idea 2719 ~
If as much effort, attention, investigation, resources and creativity are devoted henceforth to proper human and Earth government, i.e. to the social, political and environmental sciences, as are given to pure science, technology, industries and business, then there might be hope for the 21st century.

~ Idea 2720 ~
Freedom of aviation should be prohibited since it ceaselessly grows and destroys the atmosphere, our vital air.  It should be allowed only for special cases, needs and emergencies.

Such a decision will be taken sooner or later when humanity will be forced to in order to survive.

~ Idea 2721 ~
Money, not the fate and future of the Earth and humanity is the objective of the millionaires, billionaires and giant corporations of this world.  How is that possible?  When and where did it all start?  Why does it continue and grow?

~ Idea 2722 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, you are a good world strategist.  You know how international politics functions.  You should therefore have only one objective, how to stop the war humanity is waging on me.  Here are a few suggestions:

- write a message to the UN summit meeting of heads of states in September 2000.  Ask one of them to stand up as you suggest in Idea 1998 and have the courage to tell the truth, namely that my cancer is the greatest sickness of humanity and must be healed to allow my survival and further evolution.

- draft an optimistic, realistic action plan to save me.  There are many good signs of hope, the best being the growing, enlightened consciousness of the people.

- outline a whole series of proposals for action in crucial sectors such as

a) education: educate children to be good cells of mine
b) a proper Earth government
c) to have people live simple and frugal lives, less running around, less wanting more and overconsuming my resources, creating less waste

- the holding of more world conferences on urgent problems:
the air and atmosphere
the world waters
climatic changes
the dead zones of the seas and oceans
the plights of big cities
continuing overpopulation
colossal overwaste

- work on all the twenty-one segments which you have outlined in Ideas 527 to 547.

- tell the people that I count on them to save me, the future of their children and grandchildren, nature and all future evolution, that God is counting on them since we are all His children.
- tell them also that the United States is no longer a right leader of the world, that it gives a bad example, does not ratify any of the great agreements reached by the United Nations Earth Conferences and that other countries should no longer imitate it and consider it as the ideal for this planet."

- beg the United States to become again an enlightened, leading, visionary country of the world.

~ Idea 2723 ~
The Earth:
"I love the poor more than the rich.  They have no cars, they do not travel by airplane, they consume thirty times less of my resources than the rich.

Today there are 4.7 billion people in the poor countries and 1.2 billion in the rich ones.  I must multiply the last number by thirty when I think of my resources.  That means 1.2 X 30 = 36 billion people in the rich countries.

In 2050 there will be 7.7 billion people in the poor countries and 1.16 in the rich countries (a welcome decline of 40 million).  Well, 1.16 X 30 give me 34.8 billion people in the rich countries.  This supposes that the consumption in rich countries and all regions will remain the same.  But it is very likely that consumption of my resources will increase in both the rich and poor countries.  You can then imagine what kind of global disaster this will be!"

~ Idea 2724 ~
Suppose that we had full peace on Earth, not even a single conflict.  We would then realize that we have the biggest war ever on this planet: the war against the Earth.  Why wait until then?  Let us deal with it immediately and with urgency because it might bury us all.

This is why the Earth Council in Costa Rica created by the UN Second World Conference on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most important institutions on Earth.  The Earth Charter it has produced is one of the most important documents for the 21st century (see Annex to Part IV of this Volume).

~ Idea 2725 ~
A day will soon come when countries will no longer be classified into developed, rich and underdeveloped, poor countries but into oxygen rich and oxygen poor countries.

~ Idea 2726 ~
The Earth:
"One fact which worries me immensely is that more and more people live in big cities completely severed from me, without any communion anymore with my nature of which they are part.  They live in an artificial world fashioned by the builders, the politicians, business and the media.  When they look out of their windows they only see more high-rise buildings.  They live in a completely artificial world and will not have the slightest notion of caring for me.  Visiting once in a while a city park or a zoo is a mere curiosity or pastime for them.
You are lucky that your peace university is located in an oxygen rich paradise of nature far away from any city.  You are in intense communion with me.  You can therefore give the world the right messages.  You will be my common sense university, the University of Nature and of the Earth.  With peace and the Earth as your main concerns and objectives you will become the new Athens of the world.  I count on you to cure the cancer which is eating me up from the high ozonosphere and atmosphere to the bottoms of my seas and oceans.

I'm so glad that the Earth Council is being transferred to your grounds.  The UN University for Peace, the Earth Council, the International Radio for Peace and the Robert Muller Farm of Dreams on sacred Mt. Rasur will become the great new lighthouse of the world."

~ Idea 2727 ~
I am sometimes called the Father of Global Education.

That is still insufficient.  Next I must merit to be called the Father of Planetary Education.

And this is insufficient too.  I must merit someday to be called the Father of Cosmic Education.

~ Idea 2728 ~
It is strange that when it comes to the world, to the Earth and humanity, the word government is often replaced by 'governance'.  Why is everything weakened, reduced, watered down when it comes to the total Earth, our home, and total humanity, our family?

How would nations react if suddenly their governments were replaced by governances without any authority, public institutions, force of law, tax revenue and borrowing capacity?  It would be quite an outcry!

~ Idea 2729 ~
Gandhi and Secretary General U Thant often said that there will be no peace if there is not a new education.

I would say: There will be no peace and no nature will be left if there is not a new education.

~ Idea 2730 ~
I do not think that there has ever been anyone as worried day and night, so concerned about the fate of the Earth and humanity as I have been.  This is due to the horrors I saw in World War II and my fifty years of world service in the United Nations.  Thank God there are millions of more people waking up these days requesting governments to change course.

~ Idea 2731 ~
Regarding outward symbols of one's faith I remember that many Hindu women wear a red dot on their forehead to manifest their belief and devotion to the Hindu faith.  Perhaps the people who want to save the Earth and its nature could wear a green dot on their forehead!

And since there is a Legion of Honor in France whose beneficiaries wear a red button at their lapel, the World Party of Nature and the Green Parties should wear a green button.

~ Idea 2732 ~
When I supported the proposal that Mr. Don Toppin (Ideas 1109 and 1270) be honored with the Order of Canada I expressed the wish to Mr. Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada, that he propose the creation of an Order of the World by the United Nations.

~ Idea 2733 ~
If I were wealthy I would get the services of a young composer who would spend time with me and compose the symphonies I have in me on the miracle and greatness of life, the wonders of our planet, the beauties of nature, love, joy, hope, forgiveness and so many other wonderful and important values.  I am so jealous of Beethoven!

~ Idea 2734 ~
Never give up your dreams.  Believe in them, give them a chance, an occasion to be fulfilled, be ready for them.  Thus, I always carry in my briefcase my little ten hole harmonica because I dreamt that some day I would play the Ode to Joy of Beethoven in the vast General Assembly Hall of the United Nations and in a cathedral.  Both happened when at a children's gathering in the UN hall I received their Golden Balloon Award and when in 1999 at the Centennial World Peace Conference in The Hague I was asked to speak from the pulpit of a cathedral to an audience of youth from around the world.

~ Idea 2735 ~
Lamentation of the Earth:

"Why did humans have to give birth to those monsters called automobiles and airplanes?  They will put an end to me and to the human race."

~ Idea 2736 ~
I said to my wife Barbara: "Yesterday I had a great, important idea on how to put two fundamental human preoccupations together.  But I forgot to write it down and today I can't remember it."

She answered: "You have so many ideas, more than 2000 of them.  Forget about it."

Well, there is the lesson that one should never postpone writing down immediately a good idea.

~ Idea 2737 ~
Darwin's theory of competition and survival of the fittest and the theory of endless economic growth are two dying theories from the last century when they were correct:

The first is almost dead;

The second is beginning to die in overgrown countries, cities and areas.

~ Idea 2738 ~
In line with Idea 2195, seventy percent of the US taxpayers who support the United Nations could not pay their taxes and write this to the US Tax Authorities: "Since the US government does not pay its obligatory dues to the United Nations and by doing so all that will happen is that it will lose its right to vote, I feel that the same should be extended to US citizens.  They should therefore not pay their taxes and not mind losing their right to vote until the US government gives the good example."

~ Idea 2739 ~
We must absolutely declare a world emergency situation of Earth-destroying overconsumption and overwaste in the rich countries and the continuing alarming population explosion in the poor countries.

~ Idea 2740 ~
Sacramento, the capital of California is such a beautiful city, totally built in the midst of intertwined innumerable ancient giant trees that I recommend that it be declared a City of Dreams.  On many of its benches it should affix the golden Bench of Dreams stick-ons which we use in Costa Rica.  I left several of them with Mrs. Ester Franklin, the head of the United Nations Association of Sacramento who had invited me to speak at the United Nations Day of Peace Celebration on 24 October 1999.

~ Idea 2741 ~
On that United Nations Day, fifty-fourth anniversary of the creation of the UN I had a wonderful surprise in Sacramento: my wife Barbara and I received a beautiful bouquet of UN blue carnations I had never seen before.  The head of the United Nations Association of Sacramento, Mrs. Ester Franklin, gave us proudly this bouquet saying:

"In your novel, First Lady of the World  the Hindu lady Secretary General of the UN ordered UN blue carnations for the celebration of the UN's anniversaries.  I decided to implement your idea on the occasion of your visit."

How moving and considerate that was!

I sent one of the carnations to the wife of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan suggesting that she should do the same on 24 October 2000, the fifty-fifth anniversary of the UN.

~ Idea 2742 ~
The red road signs with a white bar across it meaning do not enter, which one can see on most roads of the world remind me that I should never stop having ideas.

Why?  Well, when I was working years ago in the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe in Geneva, one day in a staff meeting it was announced that a general system of road signs had been prepared for adoption by all European countries.  I took the floor saying:

"In a few years you will have travelers from all the world renting cars and driving in foreign countries.  Accidents will happen if the world has different road signs often with inscriptions in a foreign language.  I propose therefore that this UN European Road Traffic Signals Convention be recommended to all countries of the world."

My proposal was adopted.  Therefore whenever I see these signs they remind me that I should continue to have ideas, especially global, worldwide ones.

~ Idea 2743 ~
Flying over Los Angeles and seeing its seas of dwellings and skyscrapers covered by a yellow-brown cap of pollution I was thinking of so many similar cities in the US and in the world and what they are doing to the people and to our beautiful Earth.

At that moment I heard the angels in heaven say to God, "We do not want to have our name used any longer by the city of Los Angeles which has become a blemish to your beautiful Creation, planet Earth."

Whereupon St. Francis appeared before God and said, "I too want my name removed from San Francisco."

After him a whole series of saints appeared before God asking the same to be done by cities bearing their names.

~ Idea 2744 ~
I would like to see a list of all the professions, trades and activities represented on the floors of the skyscrapers of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.  It would be a fascinating image of today's values and pursuits of the most 'modern' society on Earth.

The United Nations Habitat Organization should publish each year a report on skyscrapers in the world, their growing numbers, their owners, their spread and their effects on human life in those cities.

~ Idea 2745 ~
All cities in the world should be required to publish statistics on the tonnage of human excrements and urine produced by their inhabitants and information on the ways in which they are disposed of and where they go.  The total world figures and information must be staggering!

~ Idea 2746 ~
I pray God that the United States will become again a great country of vision for the future of the world and no longer offer itself as a model to imitate because most of the poor countries of the world do not have the wherewithals for a successful imitation and the model itself has become very faulty and damaging to the future of the Earth.  Nothing would be more catastrophic than to see all countries of the world resemble the United States.

~ Idea 2747 ~
Should nations be the principal, if not the only group to possess the right to tax their members to ensure common services?  Municipalities and states have, in certain countries, that right too but to a much lesser extent.  Why the nations?  Were they created by God?  Not at all.  They are the result of wars, conquests, marriages, invasions, occupations, murders, and are not even in conformity with the geographical, natural, ecological regions of our planet.  They are so insecure that they need arms, including the most devastating ones, to remain intact and in power.  Who are the great losers in this situation?  They are the Earth and humanity.  The United Nations does not have the authority to tax anything or anyone for urgent, badly needed global common services which could save the costs of the colossal duplications between 189 nations.

It is high time for the best minds of this Earth to look into this situation and offer a new vision and system of proper administration, budgeting and taxation for this planet in the new millennium.

As an example I repeat my suggestion that the United Nations should imitate the United States which requires each state to provide two fellowships each for young people to be trained as militaries in the three military academies of West Point (ground warfare), Annapolis (sea warfare), and Colorado Springs (air warfare).  The UN, i.e. humanity has only the University for Peace in Costa Rica without any allotted resources for peace training.  The University is supposed to find its own resources.  The United Nations should decide that each of its 189 member countries must provide two fellowships for the University for Peace.  As a result we would have at least 376 students, a decent but poor beginning, compared with thousands of young people trained in military, so called 'academies'.  What kind of a world is ours!  One could cry.

~ Idea 2748 ~
Yes, what planet is it on which governments spend on armaments and militaries as much as they do for all other public services combined, a humanity which by suppressing armaments and military expenditures could resolve all its major problems of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, pollution, etc.?

If we found another planet in the universe run like ours we would exclaim, "They must get their heads examined!"  How about examining our own?

~ Idea 2749 ~
When speaking of a proper Earth government and the need to create a United States of the World or a World Union on the model of the European Union we should never forget these words of Jean Monnet, one of the founders of the European Parliament and Union:

"We are not forming new relations between states, but a union among people."

This should apply to the entire world.  How beautiful it will be when it is done.

~ Idea 2750 ~
Even if it seems inconceivable today, humanity in its progress must conceive that someday it will have no armaments and will no longer use violence and killing to solve its problems.  This is the great objective of the Culture for Peace Program proclaimed by the United Nations and UNESCO, inaugurating the first of January 2000 as World Day of Peace followed by a Decade of Peace.

We should have the courage to proclaim a new fundamental human right:

All human beings have the fundamental human right not to see any group to which they belong, from the local community to the nation and world community to possess any armaments to kill and use violence to solve their problems.

All armaments and armies must be suppressed to fulfill and implement this human right.  Armaments and the militaries belong to a past obsolete period as did slavery, colonialism, conquests, invasions, apartheid, racism, etc. which were defended at that time by many arguments but were suppressed because they were contrary to the true ideals and goals of humanity.  A non-armed, non-violent, peaceful, just and educated humanity is our new ideal, an ideal for our children and all our descendants.  The result will be an infinitely better world.  Let us all loudly request it - let us all work hard for it.

~ Idea 2751 ~
We are human beings before and far above being Americans, Russians, French, Germans or of any other of the 189 nationalities of this planet.  None of these nations therefore has the right to ask its members to kill, to be murderers of other human beings.  This becomes a criminal act.  Nations having militaries are like gangs which have their killers.  They should be brought before the International Court of Justice.  This national, inhuman, anti-human game has lasted much too long.  It is the costliest game on Earth.  It must be brought to an end in the 21st century for all times to come.  After slavery, colonialism, apartheid, racial discrimination and other such evils which were eradicated, militarism is next to go.

~ Idea 2752 ~
How can any head of a nation have the courage to order his young people to kill other young people on this planet for reasons of power or any other reason?  How can he have the courage to order that cities with mothers and children will be bombed by his people?  I would prefer to resign or die.

And how can any human accept to be a general or an officer in an army giving orders to kill other human beings?

I cannot understand it.  Soon noone else will understand it either anymore.

~ Idea 2753 ~
Airlines should no longer welcome passengers to the "friendly skies" but to the polluted skies.

~ Idea 2754 ~
When I see the incredible, constantly increasing traffic of cars around San Jose on the way to the airport I can only thank God and the invisible forces which have brought my life to the wonderful nature of Mt. Rasur.  From there my duty will be to help save the Earth from the crazy destructions by armies, power and business around the world, to obtain the creation of a proper Earth government and a happy, just, fulfilled global human family.

~ Idea 2755 ~
Countries with immense forest coverage like Guatemala or regions like the Amazons should be heralded as the saviors, the oxygen producers of this planet and be rewarded for it.  Substantial payments should be made to their populations helping them to live simple, frugal lives and no longer to cut trees, perhaps no longer even to work.  More and more US citizens and people of the rich countries do not work anymore.  Why not extend benefits to the world of non-working people who tend to their gardens, cultivate the lands, preserve forests, refrain from unnecessary overconsumption and do not create unnecessary harmful activities to the world?

I foresee the day when the UN and the International Labour Organization will publish statistics of voluntarily non-working populations and recommend systems of premium allocations to them.

~ Idea 2756 ~
Do you think that in any headquarters of any commercial airline in the world there is one university graduate official who would look into a reduction of air traffic in order not to pollute the world's atmosphere?  Of course not.  All their personnel aim at more air traffic, more profits and the suppression of services only when they do not bring in a profit and have no future.  That is the fate of the world.

~ Idea 2757 ~
There are national airlines in almost all countries of Earth.  I am glad that there is at least not a United Nations Airline.  If the UN were a business company it would have the biggest airline on Earth.  Thank God it is not the case.

~ Idea 2758 ~
All the smart, genial West is able to do in capitals of the poor countries is to build high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and huge, boring, monstrous identical housing developments leaving the rest of the country in utter poverty and attracting more and more youth away from the countryside to the 'admirable' capitals.  This is called 'economic progress'.  There is also this interesting question: to whom do the skyscrapers and developments belong?

~ Idea 2759 ~
Seeing the huge Esso and other gasoline trucks on a moderate airport like that of Guatemala City I wonder how many thousands of gallons of gasoline are sent from here in airplanes into the Earth's atmosphere.  I have never seen statistics of the total gasoline used by the world's airlines and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.  The figures must be staggering and increasing at an alarming rate.  Aviation alone is capable of destroying the world's atmosphere in a few decades.  But who is raising this question which is vital to the lungs of so many current and future humans on Earth?  Oh!  I forgot it would be against the sacred laws of 'free enterprise' including the freedom to destroy the planet.

~ Idea 2760 ~
The world's population should be classified into high-rise and skyscraper dwellers and lowland, nature dwellers.  The first is increasing alarmingly and the second is progressively vanishing.  The UN Habitat Organization should look into this.

~ Idea 2761 ~
Who is happier of the two: the businessman in first class of the plane from Guatemala City to Los Angeles reading the stock market or the elderly Guatemalan lady who reads next to me a booklet, "Fifteen Minutes in the Company of Jesus"?  We both signed ourselves with the cross when the plane took off.  I wonder if the businessman did.

~ Idea 2762 ~
Persons who have a substantial income should receive tax exemptions if they pledge to cease all activities and efforts to make more money.  It must be considered.  Why not?  The western world has already decided to reduce the number of its children, thus losing forty million people from now to the year 2050.  More innovative measures benefiting the Earth should be envisaged seriously and not be considered crazy.  The Earth would be happy to see young people and adults in rich countries declare proudly: "I don't work.  I am free of employment.  I do not need it and do not want it.  I have sufficient income to enjoy my life."

~ Idea 2763 ~
Thomas Mann has written a famous novel, The Magic Mountain.

I would like to see the collection of my works called A Magic Life.

My wife wants to call them the World Classics of Robert Muller.

~ Idea 2764 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, some day you will see enormous suction hoses above big cities to suck in the polluted air over them and blow it out over my seas and oceans.  Humans will invent them rather than change course.  Their inventiveness will for a long time override their true interests.  It might take a century until they will seriously think of me and give me priority.  And by that time it might be too late."

~ Idea 2765 ~
If the only liquids in nature on Earth were alcohols, business would invent de-alcoholized liquids and water to sell them at higher prices and make a profit.

~ Idea 2766 ~
Global education, global media, global concerns, global consciousness, global preoccupations, global outlooks into the future, where does all this really stand?  For example, how many humans do not applaud aviation, its further growth and think that together with cars aviation will put an end to planet Earth?  To calm them down, to reassure them the term 'sustainable development' has been invented.

~ Idea 2767 ~
It would be an eye-opening experience if each car owner or user and each airplane pilot would keep a record of the mileage covered during their lifetime and a record of the total carbon dioxide they added to the Earth's atmosphere.  This is why I recommend that meters for carbon dioxide exhaust should be installed in all cars and airplanes.

~ Idea 2768 ~
In all national, continental meetings, parliaments, UN meetings, multinational corporations, professional executive meetings, etc. there should be a person speaking in the name of the Earth and for the seventh generation and another speaking as an outer space being from a planet where all life disappeared.  They could be named 'survival futurologists'.

~ Idea 2769 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, even if some or all of your adverse prognostications concerning the world's future will not come true because humanity will have the ingeniosity and inventiveness to avoid them, at least they will have stimulated advanced thinking of the remedies and thus reduced the damages done to me.  I thank you with all my heart."

~ Idea 2770 ~
I wish that the greatest visionaries of the world's future would meet during 2001 and give humanity their views of our likely future.

~ Idea 2771 ~
It would be good to have world statistics of the number of churches, cathedrals, temples and other houses and places of worship on planet Earth.  These statistics should be kept and published yearly.  The institution to do that could be the new United Religions Initiative.

~ Idea 2772 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, why don't you launch the idea of 'non-buyers', i.e. people who would decide not to buy if not really necessary and thus help me survive.  You give a good example by not buying any gifts for your children and grandchildren.  You give them money with which they can buy what they need or wish, but most of the time they put it in their savings accounts."

"You are right.  It would be good to have a category of humans who call themselves non-buyers.  One could create local and national associations of non-buyers or minimum buyers, even an international one.  Non-buying could become a new exciting field of interest and study.  It would reveal the reasons, ways, advantages of non-buying.  So far we have only an enormous science, strategy, glorification and methodology by business and advertisement to make people and institutions buy endlessly anything more.  It would be the beginning of a new era."

The Earth:
"Thank you dear Robert.  Remember that half of the production of the western countries is already waste."

~ Idea 2773 ~
Some day it will be said that the inventors of cars and airplanes were unknowingly, unwillingly the destroyers of the Earth.  They could not conceive that, because they made their inventions at a time when the needs of humanity were the primary overriding preoccupations and concern.  There was no need whatsoever of concern for the Earth.  They had no idea that this situation could radically change and that within a few decades the Earth would become our preoccupation number one.  How many inventions of today will have similar adverse, detrimental effects in the future?  We seldom practice the Iroquois rule, not to take a decision without thinking of the effects on the seventh generation.

~ Idea 2774 ~
The United States has become the wrongest country on Earth.  It devotes incredible, utmost intelligence, science, imagination, resources and efforts to produce better cars, more perfect airplanes, greater airports, bigger roads, more perfect atomic bombs, better car rental services, infinitely more consumer products, tourism and services for higher capital rewards.

Its concern for the Earth is little, practically nil.  The air, the environment, the climate, the ozonosphere, the population explosion, humanity's remaining appalling poverty, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, between nations and inside nations, the Earth's destruction, etc. receive little of its attention.  International agreements on these vital questions remain non-ratified by the US Congress.  Business is the king, almost the dictator.

Well, dear rest of the world it is high time that you no longer admire and imitate the United States because it would lead you into deep trouble and possibly your end.

~ Idea 2775 ~
The UN Habitat Organization should publish every year a list of the most beautiful, well-kept, healthiest cities in the world.  Prizes should be awarded to them.  There could even be Nobel Prizes for cities.

~ Idea 2776 ~
Walking in a wonderful pine tree park along the Pacific Ocean, donated by a forester to the city of Anacortes to become a municipal park I return to my idea that many owners of beautiful lands around the world should donate them to municipalities, states, nations or even to the United Nations to make them protected parks for all times.  The land of the University for Peace donated to the UN is such a land.  The United Nations should publish yearly statistics on these donations, their number and acreage and give prizes to the biggest donors.

~ Idea 2777 ~
In the US one has the impression that big cities, businesses and skyscrapers are not here for the people but that the people are here for the cities, businesses and skyscrapers.

~ Idea 2778 ~
Some countries, individually or in groups, should design a non-US future which would not copy that of the United States and of other western countries.  Well-preserved Costa Rica should be the first one to do it and to become a shining example to the world, an island of sanity, as many people call it.

~ Idea 2779 ~
The rest of humanity, if it doesn't want to see the total destruction of the Earth caused by last century's values still cultivated by western countries must take a distance and come up with new, different visions of the world of tomorrow.

"The need for new, different visions of the world of tomorrow," should be an item on the agenda of the UN General Assembly.

~ Idea 2780 ~
Many children, especially in the rich countries, have no grandparents anymore.  Television has become the grandparent.  What a progress indeed in evolution!

~ Idea 2781 ~
To all teachers of the world:

First teach the children about the universe, then our galaxy, then our sun, then our Earth, then their continent, then only their nation, then their province, then their city or village.

Do not accept anymore that the ministry for which you work be called Ministry of National Education.  It should be the Ministry of Education without any political, geographical restriction.  This is no longer admissible in the total known world in which we live.

~ Idea 2782 ~
When a product or a service on planet Earth no longer covers at least fifty percent of it advertised, labeled objective the producers should no longer be allowed to use that label.  Governments must protect the public.

A typical case is that of newspapers.  I wonder how many papers on planet Earth contain at least fifty percent of news.  Not a single one I am sure.  In the western countries advertisement and obituaries alone get more space than news.  As a result they should no longer be allowed to carry the title newspaper.

~ Idea 2783 ~
Among the books of one of my grandsons this title of a big volume caught my eyes.

Man In Power, subtitle, A Story of Power Since the Pyramids to the Atomic Age.
I would like to see a book with the same title but with the subtitle, The Earth in Distress.

~ Idea 2784 ~
Lamentations of the Earth:

"What you, my creatures, call progress I often must call regress."

"What you call construction often means to me unnecessary destruction."

~ Idea 2785 ~
Destroyers of the Earth are on a phenomenal increase: more and more inventions, endless increasing production of more and more sophisticated and diversified products often with inbuilt obsolescence, new products and machinery making older ones worthless, endless more and more widespread advertisements to sell more and more merchandises and services, endless increasing buying and accumulation of things by the people, more and more finance, more and more roads, cars and airplanes, more and more packaging, the result being that one-half of the total world production is now wastes.  And all this is being spread to the poor countries of the world which are now 4.7 billion people and by the year 2050 will be more than 7.7 billion people.

Can this be reversed?  That is the great fundamental question at the dawn of a new century and millennium.  The only sign of hope is the declining population of the overintelligent, misguided western world which is at the source of all the above.

~ Idea 2786 ~
I would not exchange my little farmhouse on Mt. Rasur in Costa Rica for the most expensive, luxurious skyscraper apartment in New York City.

And the owners and inhabitants of these apartments would not exchange their apartments either because they have already a home on a mountain and/or another home on a seashore.  They would smile at my ingenuity.

~ Idea 2787 ~
I can look endlessly with fascination and love at the sea, at an island, at a mountain, at a forest, at the sky.  I could never look for the same length of time and with the same love at a block of buildings, a high-rise building, an airport, a parking lot of cars or a marina of yachts.

Why is that?

And why is it that people want and will pay more for a house with a view of nature on a seashore or on a mountain?  I once saw on a road an advertisement sign with these words: view lot for sale.  Why?  Because people are ready to pay more for a nice view of nature from their home.

~ Idea 2788 ~
The United Nations Habitat Organization should make a survey of all places on Earth where there is more elevation of the spirit, of the heart, of enlightenment, of union with the universe.  These are the places of prophecies, usually on hills where there is a rich supply of oxygen (due to this fact, at the beginning of this century tuberculosis was healed in sanatoria at a height located between six hundred and eight hundred meters in the mountains.)  This is where heads of states should live, think, plan, dream for the future of their country and of the world and meet with other heads of states.  The same should apply to heads of major religions, of world institutions, of corporations, of world radio, television and media.

The vast area of primeval nature of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, situated at an elevation of six hundred to seven hundred meters, protected by national legislation and where also the first International Radio for Peace and the Earth Council are located could be such a place for meetings of the leaders of the world.

~ Idea 2789 ~
Why don't a first few countries decide to transfer all their expenditures for armaments and militaries to the good care of their environment and protection of remaining nature?  What a welcome, blessed initiative this would be!  The whole humanity would applaud.  Dear heads of state, think about it, give a good example of your country, announce it at the United Nations.

~ Idea 2790 ~
In order to preserve and take advantage of the dreams, visions and common sense of youth so vital for our future, I recommend that most universities of the world should move out of capitals and big cities and relocate themselves in nature following the marvelous example of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

~ Idea 2791 ~
Obesity begins to be considered as an epidemic in the United States but the word epidemic is wrong.  It should rather be called the result of the excessive, sophisticated overconsumption in the United States promoted as an ideal in innumerable ways by big business, marketing and advertisement in the materialistic civilization of that country.

~ Idea 2792 ~
An example of the fragmentation of the sciences:

I asked my daughter Gisele, professor of ocean science at the Western University at Anacortes, what her main research was.  She said that it was sea corals and their progressive dying around the world.  Her other field was the relations of climatology with the seas and oceans and the effects of climate changes on the surface of the Earth.

I asked her, "Do you have professors who teach the seas and oceans in their totality and have a deep knowledge of all the special segments of ocean science?  I would like to ask them for a list of major problems to be placed on the agenda of a second world conference on the seas and oceans necessary at the beginning of the 21st century and 3rd millennium."

She answered that there was no such a professor at her university but that there might be a few scattered in other universities of the United States.

~ Idea 2793 ~
The preceding is true for the world as a whole.  There are very few 'generalists', 'universalists', 'wholistic minds' who know the essentials of all human and Earth aspects, problems and their likely trends in the future.

Perhaps I am one of them at the UN due to my passion for the whole world and humanity and also to the fact that I had the role of coordinating all departments, specialized agencies and world programs of the United Nations for several years.  My 3000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  are an outcome of that.

~ Idea 2794 ~
In a US public library I saw a large number of books on the history of America.  I asked the librarian if they had any books on the future of America and of the world.  She confessed that they didn't have any.  I expressed surprise and the hope that she will order some of those being published on the eve of the 21st century and 3rd millennium.

~ Idea 2795 ~
The Earth:

"Dear Robert, I'm so glad that your wife Barbara recommends that each family should observe a year of non-buying unnecessary goods.  She recommends it to all her friends and says, 'You will be astonished by the result.'  Indeed, many families tell her that now before buying anything they ask themselves three times whether they really need it.  As a result they have been saving considerable money, have less accumulated things in their home and have more time for themselves."

~ Idea 2796 ~
My insistence to see a UN Consultative Parliamentary Assembly created is founded on three reasons:

1. Parliamentarians are insufficiently if not poorly briefed on world problems and institutions.  The national governments and executives have their hands full of local, provincial and national affairs and as a result do not have the time to brief and inform properly their parliamentarians about global world affairs.  This was the case of European affairs too.  But European Parliamentarians, once the European Consultative Parliament was created, briefed each other reciprocally and developed common European concerns and interests.

2. National governments and executives want to keep their own power and get the maximum resources.  They have no interest to strengthen and empower regional, continental, international and supranational institutions.  They even often criticize and discredit them unduly.

3. The European Union would have never been created without the European Consultative Parliamentary Assembly.

Hence my support of the European Parliament's recommendation that a United Nations Consultative Parliamentary Assembly should be created.

~ Idea 2797 ~
If God is just He will arrange that the poor of the world will live in heaven like the rich live on Earth and that the rich will live in heaven like the poor live on Earth.

~ Idea 2798 ~
In addition to and often instead of national, business, marketing, media, advertisement and public relations we need henceforth Earth public relations, the Earth having become our major concern.

~ Idea 2799 ~
The mayors of the biggest cities on Earth should have their office on top of a tower reaching far into the sky so that they can constantly see the blanket of brown pollution covering their cities.  These towers would be raised once in a while so that the office will always be above the rising blanket.  The mayors would breathe more oxygen up there and as a result take more intelligent, natural, common sense decisions, e.g. to put an end to the growth of the city.

~ Idea 2800 ~
Reading over the shoulder of an airplane passenger I saw this big title in a financial magazine:

As the Economy Booms...

I can imagine how the article rejoices about it and forecasts the next boom.  But in my mind the following title came up:

As the Economy Booms
The Earth Cries
And perishes a little more

Three Samples of Ideas

Nuclear Age
Peace Foundation
100 Ideas for Creating a More Peaceful World
by David Krieger

Creating world peace takes many forms, but surely it begins with individuals.  Here are 100 ideas for creating a more peaceful world.  I encourage you to play your part in creating peace.  It continues to be the most significant challenge of humankind, and requires the efforts of each of us.

1. Be generous with your smiles.
2. Commit daily acts of kindness.
3. Respect the Earth.
4. Walk in the forest.
5. Plant a tree.
6. Contemplate a mountain.
7. Don't pollute.
8. Live simply.
9. Skip a meal each week, and send $5.00 to an organization helping the hungry.
10. Erase a border in your mind.
11. Teach peace to children.
12. Read Chief Seattle's Letter to the US President.*
13. Be honest.
14. Demand honesty from your government.
15. Think about consequences.
16. Commit yourself to non-violence.
17. Support non-violent solutions to global problems.
18. Speak up for a healthy planet.
19. Demand reductions in military expenditures.
20. Be fair.
21. Pledge allegiance to the Earth and to its varied life forms.
22. Think for yourself.
23. Ask questions.
24. Recognize your unique potential.
25. Join an organization working for peace.
26. Be less materialistic.
27. Be more loving.
28. Support an Arms Trade Code of Conduct.
29. Oppose all weapons of mass destruction.
30. Sign the Abolition 2000 International Petition.
31. Work for an international ban on land mines.
32. Use your special talents for a more harmonious world.
33. Listen to your heart.
34. Help the poor.
35. Fight against militarism.
36. Study the lives of peace heroes.
37. Help create a community peace park or garden.

* See Annex II to ideas 2001 to 2500.
38. Commemorate the International Day of Peace in your community (the third Tuesday in September).
39. Help strengthen the United Nations.
40. Support the creation of an International Criminal Court to hold individual leaders accountable for crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.
41. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and demand that your government live by it.
42. Be aware of the rights of future generations.  Sign the Cousteau Society Bill of Rights for Future Generations.
43. Make decisions as though all life truly matters.  It does!
44. Join an action alert network.
45. Make your voice heard by speaking out for peace.
46. Laugh more.
47. Play with a child.
48. Support health, education and the arts over more weapons.
49. Help educate the next generation to be compassionate and responsible.
50. Accept personal responsibility for creating a better world.
51. Sing.
52. Write a poem.
53. Organize a church service on the theme of peace.
54. Learn about another culture.
55. Help someone.
56. Support the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)
57. Climb a mountain.
58. Clear your mind.
59. Breathe deeply.
60. Sip tea.
61. Express your views to government officials.
62. Fight for the environment.
63. Celebrate Earth Day.
64. Think like an astronaut, recognizing that we have only one Earth.
65. Be constructive.
66. Ring a bell for peace.
67. Plant seeds of peace.
68. Work in a garden.
69. Change a potential enemy into a friend.
70. Watch the movie Amazing Grace and Chuck.
71. Share.
72. Be more peaceful.
73. Send a note of appreciation.
74. Tell your friends how much they matter.
75. Say "I love you" more.
76. Don't tolerate prejudice.
77. Demand more from your elected officials.
78. Walk by the ocean, a river, or a lake.
79. Recognize that all humans have the right to life.
80. Respect the dignity of each person.
81. Be a leader in the struggle for human decency.
82. Watch the movie The King of Hearts.
83. Send sunflowers to world leaders, and call for a world free of nuclear weapons.
84. Oppose technologies that harm the environment.
85. Loose an argument to a loved one.
86. Read Hiroshima  by John Hersey.
87. Walk softly on the Earth.
88. Appreciate the power of the sun.
89. Speak out for global disarmament.
90. Support a stronger world order.
91. Teach non-violence by example.
92. Remember that "No man is an island."
93. Spend time in nature.
94. Boycott war toys.
95. Be thankful for the miracle of life.
96. Read All Quiet on the Western Front  or A Time to Love and a Time to Die  by Erich Maria Remarque.
97. Remind your leaders that peace matters.
98. Oppose violence in television programming for children.
99. Listen to Beethoven's Ode to Joy.
100. Celebrate peace.

For additional ideas on creating peace visit the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's Web Site at  We would also welcome your ideas.  All of us can make important contributions for peace by our ideas and actions.  Send your ideas to us at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1187 Coast Village Road, Suite 123, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, (805) 965-3443, Fax (805) 568-0466, E-mail: wagingpeace@napf. org.

Some Ideas for Robert Muller from Don Tilley:
Director, Prairie Peace Park Lincoln, Nebraska
"Where children's vision come to life"

1. Place three courses on 'Peacemaking' on website for the UN University for Peace, for people to take and respond by e-mail: Course #1 - How we can develop a peaceful world; Course #2 - How you can develop inner peace; and Course #3 -  How you can deepen your friendship with others.  Each course would offer a different version for children, youth, adults and be in several languages.  These courses on Peacemaking would be funded by a philanthropic organization.  Upon completion, each participant would receive an award of achievement that s/he has obtained the knowledge and skills suggested in the respective course.

2. A representative from the University for Peace or the United Nations offers to meet with each state legislature in the United States each year for three days to make linkages between local/state issues to their global counterparts.  For example, if the city or state has garbage and waste problems, these problems (and solutions) would be viewed from a global perspective -- so the state can relate to the whole world.

3. Parents of every baby when born be given a Peace Packet with suggestions about how to raise the child as a Peacemaker.  Establish a website/e-mail for parents to call up to receive counsel on how to cope with raising the child as a Peacemaker and to see how parents in all parts of the world are sharing examples about the rearing of their children as Peacemakers.

4. The University for Peace or the United Nations offers a behavior inventory in each school for each child as a rite of passage.  When child reaches 12 years of age, s/he demonstrates traits expected of a Peacemaker: 1) able to resolve conflicts peacefully with others, 2) able to deal with own upsetness/violent thoughts, and 3) able to show how the United Nations helps develop a peaceful world.

5. Set up a model UN with youth from every nation in the world on world-wide web and e-mail.  Each month, one issue would be presented by UN Secretariat for one hour on world television (Ted Turner?) and radio.  These youth would respond to this issue for a week by e-mail.  Secretariat would attempt to shape the responses of youth toward solution.  The recommendations of the youth would be submitted to the Secretary General of the UN and to all media in the world.

6. Each state legislature mandates that each high school student study several world problems each year and search for solutions to these problems, while reviewing the efforts of the UN.

7. The leaders of Habitat of Humanity receive a billion dollars each year by governments to extend their program to great numbers.  Control would be kept by leaders of Habitat of Humanity, with no conditions imposed beyond their current guidelines.

8. Once every two years the world holds a world-wide celebration day on world television to honor being alive, enjoying the wonder of life.  During this time, 'oracles' (those with special gifts as the women from Delphi) would give prophecies -- issuing warnings, hope and world perspective about different problems and vision on world television.
9. A parallel youth UN would be set up in New York to deal with the same problems at the same time which the UN is facing.  These youth would serve for staggered terms of two years.  They would announce their recommendations on a regular basis.  The regular UN would consider each recommendation by the youth.

10. A course would be set up in each high school about how to feel loved, regardless of circumstances.

11. Religious leaders take groups on pilgrimages to humane, successful economic models such as the Mondragon cooperatives in Spain.

12. Develop a world mission statement to guide the development of the world.  The mission statement would emphasize good, participatory management of development of the world, humane practices, and purpose for the world.  Each multinational corporation would be expected to be guided by this mission statement and relate it to their own mission statement.

13. Set up weekly participatory spiritual exercises on world television to enable people to free themselves from obsolete myths, old roots of violence, and enter into powerful feelings of empathy for persons throughout the whole world.

14. Hold a year of jubilee every ten years when wealth/income would be moved toward equity and economic democracy, in both individuals and nations.

15. The University for Peace/the United Nations encourage technology to move from conquering nature to nurturing humans by providing a number of 'devices' that enable individuals to deal with their defensive behavior and inner problems, relationships, and experience the world as it could become.  These experiences could replace the need to achieve and prove selves to others.

Don Tilley, Director
Prairie Peace Park
P.O. Box 95062
Lincoln, NE 68509

402 466-6622(office)
402 795-2144 (park) (summer)
Fax: 402 466-6741

Continuing the Momentum of the UN Decade of Disabled Persons
by Alan Reich
President of the World Committee on Disability

March 18, 1999

Dear Robert:

I am happy to try to be responsive to your request for ideas for action upon the celebration of the Bimillennium.  I recall well our meeting in 1983 with Secretary General Pérez de Cuellar when we established the Bimillennium Foundation.

You will note that some of my ideas relate to the world of disability; others are of more general concern.  Here it goes:

1. Establish a United Nations agency of disability (your idea)

2. Multiply the resources of the United Nations by 10 or 20 by conducting a serious fundraising campaign worldwide - including schoolchildren, corporations, wealthy individuals - for all United Nations non-political activities

3. Establish an F. D. Roosevelt disability training center to train volunteers to send them worldwide to exchange ideas and assist disabled persons - a special Peace Corps

4. Convene a United Nations disability "brainstorming" conference lead by you to generate ideas on world action on disability

5. Link disabled children in developing countries with disabled children in advanced countries through school-to-school and sister-city programs

6. Place a statue of UN founder Franklin D. Roosevelt in a wheelchair at the United Nations to inspire visitors (disabled and non-disabled alike) and show what is possible for a disabled person

7. Vastly strengthen and expand promotion of the F. D. Roosevelt International Disability Award to motivate governments to pursue full participation as called for in the United Nations World Program of Action Concerning Disabled Persons.

8. Establish a comparable award to recognize the United Nations agency making noteworthy progress toward the full participation goal of the World Program.

9. Similarly recognize an outstanding non-governmental organization (NGO)

10. Have all UN agencies and recognized NGO's include disabled persons in their leadership bodies.

11. Establish a disability lectureship series sponsored by United Nations information offices worldwide.
12. Have the United Nations conduct an enlightened public relations program focusing on disability to give the UN itself a more "human face" and thus expand the awareness of how important and effective the UN can be improving the human condition.

13. Mount a massive program for technology for the disabled - focusing on prostheses, electronic devices, wheelchairs, etc. - using moneys saved from arms reduction

14. Have UNESCO establish special prize to recognize nations for progress in closing the education gap between disabled and non-disabled

15. Have the Secretary General ensure disability is prominently included in every Administrative Coordinating Committee meeting.

16. Have the University for Peace in Costa Rica invite Henry Betts (Special Emissary of the World Committee on Disability) as a guest lecturer on the theme "It is ability not disability that counts"

17. Recognize through a prestigious award (perhaps through the World Health Organization) medical scientists for great discoveries and progress in conquering disabling conditions

18. Have the Pope issue an encyclical on humankind and disability.  (I personally spoke with him twice about this, but he hasn't done it yet.  I'm sure he would do it for you, Robert.)  On the other hand, he did host the first-ever World Vatican Conference on Disability - attended by 9,000 people from throughout the world - at our request in 1991.

I'll be interested to know of your reaction to these thoughts.  I'm sure most if not all of these ideas already have occurred to you.

With all good wishes,


Alan A. Reich

Please dear readers, write down your own personal and professional ideas for a better world.  Innumerable ideas by many people will change humanity for the better and save our beautiful Earth.  To ideaize, to create a world movement of ideas might be the next phase of our evolution.

Robert Muller

World Committee on Disability
910 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006 USA
202-293-5960 TDD 202-293-593-5968 Fax 202-293-7999


IDEAS 2801 TO 2900


The following was sent to the Christian Science Monitor by its author, Lou Torok, an inmate at the Chillicothe, Ohio Correctional Institution.  In the note accompanying the prayer, he wrote, "This was written after I viewed the ruins of Attica Prison in New York State on television.  It seems to me that a new defining of basic issues is needed to bring our human problems back into focus.

A New World Prayer

I recognize that I belong to the family of humankind
Made up of all human beings
Of every race, color, creed and ideology
Now living on the Planet Earth.

I understand that there can be no common good
Without an individual good.
I am responsible for myself
And for all human beings who share this
Earth with me.  I know that our enemies
Are those among us who will not
Join in sharing the responsibility
For our common good.
I accept my own personal responsibility
To replace darkness with light
To replace hatred with love
To replace suspicion with trust
To replace lies and hypocrisy with honesty
To replace abuse with fairness
To replace frustration with patience
To replace fear with understanding
To replace bias, prejudice, and discrimination with tolerance
To replace ignorance with knowledge
To replace indifference with concern
And to replace apathy with action.

I believe that all are entitled
To equal opportunities
To live, to grow, and to flourish
As human beings
With dignity and self-respect.
I acknowledge that it is far better
To live and work for peace
Than to die for peace.

As a member of the Family of humankind
Now living on this Planet Earth
I thus commit myself
And challenge my children
And their children to DO AS WELL.

Lou Torok

~ Idea 2801 ~
Retroactively one could wonder what would have happened if communism had not capitulated to capitalism.  Humanity might have advanced much more slowly and the Earth destruction more slowly too.  We might have found the right relations between humans and the Earth.  For capitalism the Earth is here purely to be exploited and transformed, and with the death of communism this is going even faster.  What better ideology should we adopt now for the next century?  I propose Earthism and Humanism under proper Earth government.

~ Idea 2802 ~
National universities which have a whole series of faculties would never be able to provide the knowledge, the talents, education and training which jointly financed world universities on specific subjects could offer.  Just visualize a World University on Handicaps created to bring in worldwide information and experiences in this field.  Its faculties would justifiably be on physical handicaps, visual handicaps, hearing handicaps, mental handicaps etc.  It would be even appropriate to create separate world universities on each of these handicaps.  Continental universities, for example European or all American universities, would already be a step in the right direction.

Think indeed of the enormous duplications of costs of the tens of thousands of national universities in the world!  A proper Earth government would no doubt raise this question in a World Ministry of Education.  The benefits and lower cost would be incredible.

~ Idea 2803 ~
I was not smarter than the rest of humanity.  Until 1970 all my speeches, writings, books, and actions at the UN were devoted exclusively to human concerns, preoccupations, injustices and progress, to start with peace, human rights and economic development.  Only with the Stockholm Conference on the Environment in 1972 did I become concerned also with the environment.  Then from 1980 on the Earth became my preoccupation number one.  And since 1990 it is the whole future evolution of the Earth and of humanity which have taken possession of me.  If I live another decade what will be next?  Will it be first world economic, ecological, climatic disasters and emergencies or a mature, fully evolved, peaceful humanity taking good care of the Earth, our home as the true paradise it is?

~ Idea 2804 ~
Given the fact that the whole fate of the Earth and of humanity are now at stake, the United Nations and its agencies must urgently be reformed.  The present United Nations and system of specialized agencies is geared principally to human problems and economic development and not to the new age of the Earth and of her nature which has emerged so forcefully as challenge and priority number one of our evolution on this planet.

~ Idea 2805 ~
If the heads of states at the General Assembly in September 2000 do not at least agree to reexamine and upgrade the United Nations Charter to the pressing needs of the 21st century, I will recommend that the 137 countries which did not participate in the drafting of the current Charter undertake that task in a separate conference of their own which will give a lesson to the others.

~ Idea 2806 ~
In view of the serious future facing us regarding global problems and major economic and ecological crises, my proposal to create a school for heads of states at the UN University for Peace would be insufficient: a World University for Proper Earth Government should be created, and proper Earth government should be taught in all universities of the world.  The faculties of political science should be renamed and upgraded to faculties of planetics, i.e. proper Earth government and administration.

~ Idea 2807 ~
11 November 1999

Today the US and several western countries celebrated a Veteran's Day in honor of the survivors of World War I and II.  There are many veterans left from World War II, but very few, if any from World War I.  I pray that the time will come soon when there will be no longer any Veteran's Days celebrated on planet Earth because there will no longer be any wars.

~ Idea 2808 ~
All pledges of allegiance to nations should be replaced or subordinated to pledges of allegiance to the Earth, to humanity and to God or the universe.

~ Idea 2809 ~
How much more time will we lose until all governments on Earth will finally create a Ministry of Peace?  (See Volume III, Annex to Part I.)  I just cannot believe it.

~ Idea 2810 ~
The youth of today should not enroll predominantly in faculties of general science, industrialization, business, economic development, finance, marketing and advertisement but should enlist in faculties of natural sciences, atmospheric sciences, ocean sciences, ecology, the environment, social sciences, Earth government, etc.  The fate of the Earth and of the human society are more important than expected job opportunities which will change substantially under the new, pressing emerging priorities.

~ Idea 2811 ~
Given the fact that the whole fate of the Earth and of humanity is now at stake I recommend that all universities of the western world should review their structure and programs to take that fact into account.  The universities of the poor countries are less concerned because for them sciences, industrialization and economic development are still the priority.  But a reconsideration should take place there too so that the appropriate industrialization and economics are taught in those countries.

~ Idea 2812 ~
Within ten years the air traffic jam over several big US cities will be the same as is already the car traffic jam at the entrance of these cities.

Who is at fault?  Governments in both cases:

1. Cars: the immediate culprits are the car manufacturers who want to sell more cars, create obsolescence with new models, are competing with each other and resort to every possible marketing device to sell to the maximum number of people often several cars.  Road constructors are the second culprits: building endlessly new super highways, adding more lanes, inventing traffic tolls to collect more money for the building of more roads.  All these producers can claim that there is a free enterprise system of which they must follow the rules.  So the real culprits are governments who did not look at the long-term future, warn about these coming situations and adopt necessary laws and regulations.

2. Airlines: exactly the same situation: airplane manufacturers, all of them using the most sophisticated marketing techniques for more air traffic and the same attitude of governments which do not pay attention to the long-term effects of such fundamental phenomena.

One hopeful factor is: the fact that the western world population will diminish by 40 million people between now and the year 2050.

~ Idea 2813 ~
After living through the incredible ordeal of an early morning drive to the city of Seattle, I recommend that it should be the first city on Earth to declare that it will no longer grow and 'develop'.

~ Idea 2814 ~
It is easier to preach to deserts than to preach to humans.  Deserts stay the same.  Humans get worse.  Look what they are doing to their precious Earth including the deserts and the entire climate.

~ Idea 2815 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, in some of your ideas you complain about the world's newspapers and magazines which continue to multiply both in numbers and in volume.  They are cause, to a good degree, of my deforestation although 'recycling' has diminished that damage to a good measure.

But in one of my visions of the future I see the human species diminish, even possibly vanish as a result of the destruction of my natural elements.  The maximum of other species will therefore survive.  I am therefore not unhappy."

I was just thinking of that when I received the two huge latest telephone books for the year 1999 in Costa Rica.  The total telephone books of this planet must reach tens of billions of pages and are increasing in volume every year!

~ Idea 2816 ~
Reading Idea 625 in which I recommend that the United Nations should be transferred to the site of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, I should add this reason: the proper place of the United Nations should be in a demilitarized country and not in the United States, the most militarized and heavily armed country on Earth.

~ Idea 2817 ~
I should specify the departmental structures and the programs of studies of the World University for Heads of State which I propose to be created.  The World Core Curriculum used in the Robert Muller Schools could be the basis.  (See insert I in Volume I.)

I even wonder if such a university is not needed for a larger group of leaders including leaders of corporations, of religions, etc.  Its name could then be: World University for Heads of State and Leaders of All Major Institutions on Earth.

~ Idea 2818 ~
What is the most important thing on Earth?  The Earth herself.  I as a human am not because I am all made of Earth, I am born from the Earth and I will return to the Earth.  No individual, no group of humans, no nation can be more important than her.  The Earth must be number one.  And to think that the UN Charter does not even mention her!  She was taken for granted.  The Charter must absolutely be revised and updated.  Even better, a brand new Charter must be drafted, so many things having happened and changed in the last 55 years.

~ Idea 2819 ~
What are the most important documents on Earth?  They are the World Core Curriculum for Education born from the United Nations, reproduced in Volume I and the Earth Charter drafted by the Earth Council at the request of the Rio de Janeiro Conference on the Environment. (see Annex)

I have been told that one of the most successful, unforgettable, beloved ways of teaching the world to children are the United Nations models in which the children take the position and seat of particular nations and learn how to solve world problems and properly govern the Earth.

I recommend that United Nations models should also be introduced in faculties of political science and international relations of all universities.  This would prepare students as future heads of states and of other major institutions on planet Earth.

~ Idea 2820 ~
There should be a new category added to the work of the United Nations on Human Rights, a category of No Rights.  For example:

Humans have no right to destroy other species of this planet except when proven destructive to humanity.

Humans have no right to destroy the rest of trees and vegetation of this planet.

Humans have no right to make the air of our planet unfit for respiration by living beings.

Nations have no right to ask young people to kill other young people.

Nations have no right to call themselves sovereign.

No religion has the right to call itself infallible.

etc., etc.  It would be a long, interesting list.  Dear reader add your own.

~ Idea 2821 ~
The excessively rapid development of the United States might lead to its demise.  Why?  Because all its immense, sophisticated, mass producing industries, construction firms, commercial firms, service firms, transportation firms, marketing and advertisement firms will constantly have to grow and this is impossible given the limits of the Earth's resources.  Moreover its population has ceased to grow and is even diminishing.  New inventions can only retard that fate and make matters worse.  Some anthropologists predict that western humans will end up dehumanizing themselves and that the only last real humans left will be the indigenous and African people.

What can be done to avoid this fate for most of the world?  The one I recommend is an urgent, proper Earth government by the human species as outlined in Volume IV, pages 139 to 155.

~ Idea 2822 ~
Perhaps even more urgent is a redistribution of capital and income all over the planet.  A World Commission of Eminent Personalities on Redistribution of Capital and Income should be created.

~ Idea 2823 ~
Thank God that the seas and oceans and high mountains occupy more than eighty percent of the Earth surface.  If not, the entire Earth would be 'owned', claimed, occupied, 'developed', exploited and soon destroyed by humans at their current rate of so-called ' economic progress' and endless increasing 'wanting more'.

~ Idea 2824 ~
The new human values required so that evolution can continue on our planet are being born right in the midst of us: peace, non-violence, non-destruction of nature, respect for life, a renaissance of spirituality, love for all that is good, humanism, protection of human rights, justice, well-being for all, ethics in all human professions and institutions, etc.

There is still a lot to do for these values and to downgrade and eliminate persistent old ones such as atomization, armaments, militarism, greed, power lust, enrichment, unnecessary consumption, overproduction, over construction, overwaste and other obsolete, persistent, wrong values.

~ Idea 2825 ~
There is need to adopt internationally two world declarations of human duties.  One a world declaration of duties not to do something and the second a world declaration of duties to do something.  Here are a few examples:

I. World Declaration of Human Duties Not To

It is my duty not to buy unnecessary products which have required wounding the Earth to be made

It is my duty not to undertake unnecessary trips by car or airplanes which damage the atmosphere and human health with their emissions

It is my duty not to engage in unnecessary activities which are destructive or wounding the Earth


II. World Declaration of Human Duties To

It is my duty to love the Earth and protect her nature

It is my duty to restore what is unnecessarily destroyed of the Earth

It is my duty to clean the Earth wherever I am

It is my duty to thank the Earth for the air, waters, nourishment and beauty she offers to my life.


~ Idea 2826 ~
The fact that there are still human groups which fight and kill other humans in the name of God and religion is shameful: it supposes that God is mean, that He is for the killing of His creatures, His children!

~ Idea 2827 ~
During a celebration of the yearly week of kindness in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Ben Click, Chief of Police of the city said that he remembers the speech of a three stars general to US troops that, "the greatest people in human history had one thing in common: love which contains all other human virtues like care and kindness."  He never forgot it.  How wonderful that a general could deliver such a speech to an audience of soldiers.

~ Idea 2828 ~
Not only the yearly session of the UN General Assembly should open and end with a minute of silence for prayer or meditation, but all United Nations meetings as well as those of its 32 specialized agencies and world programs should open and end that way.  National parliaments and government meetings should too.  And why not corporations meetings?  Perhaps they are the main ones which should pray.

~ Idea 2829 ~
I saw this title of a book, More Books by More People.

I would like to see one, More Ideas by More People.

~ Idea 2830 ~
The Earth:
"There should not be any iron curtains and borders on my surface which was born without any.  Only humans could invent them."

~ Idea 2831 ~
There should be a science, a strategy, a methodology and a world-wide practice of optimism.  We need tons of it.

~ Idea 2832 ~
The airplane industry and most other transportation industries were a great triumph of the first postwar period from 1945 to 1970 signaled in Volume IV, page 140, namely to do more for humanity in every possible way.

Alas, now that we are in the third and fourth periods when the Earth and our future evolution are at stake they have become to a great extent damaging factors.

It was the same with the effects of saving children from early death and epidemics in poor countries immediately after World War II, which led to the world population explosion so detrimental to the Earth.

How incredible that some human efforts can change from right to detrimental and from beneficial to damaging within a few decades!

Question: What do we do or invent today which we think is wonderful and highly beneficial to humans and which will become detrimental in the next few decades?  Could it be computers?  Television in its present state could already be considered for the list.

~ Idea 2833 ~
In the airplane they are serving cans of Coca Cola with the inscription "Siempre Coca Cola", always Coca Cola.  In my view it should be replaced by "Nunca Coca Cola", never Coca Cola.

I asked for tomato juice, the elderly Guatemalan lady next to me for orange juice but her little granddaughter asked for Coca Cola.  What a vital, primary target children must be at the world headquarters of the unnatural, so-called 'soft drink' world invading, water diverting and fruit juices killing imperialist companies!  In the poor countries they call it already coca-colonialism.

~ Idea 2834 ~
If I continue to write several more thousands of ideas, a good number of books on many vital contemporary subjects could be automatically extracted from them by computer as books or pamphlets.  I would become a most prolific writer.

For example, from the first two thousand ideas the except of my dreams and ideas on spirituality and religion counts fifty-six pages, the excerpt on the future, fifty-nine pages!  The excerpt on evolution from the 3000 Ideas counts 95 pages.

A whole automatic publishing house could be built on these ideas and those of other people. I have recommended to Ted Turner to create a Ted Turner World Publishing House and thus repeat his CNN miracle after being briefed by me at the UN on upcoming global world problems many years ago when he was a young man and told me his dream not to let this Earth get destroyed.

~ Idea 2835 ~
We should give endless grace to George Washington and to the great American visionaries who considered that it would be a disaster if the American states remained sovereign, each with an army, a congress and a monetary unit.

Well, if they would resurrect they would exclaim: "But your situation is far worse than was ours, since you have 189 sovereign nations!  How can you ever dream that this might work properly.  It cannot.  It is totally irrational, uneconomic, irreconcilable.  It will create havoc at any moment.  Why do you wait to do for the entire globe what we did for the Confederate States: transform or replace the United Nations by a United States of the World."  Yes, why not?

~ Idea 2836 ~
Governments should beware: they are under close watch of the cosmic forces which hope to see them take the right course for our future evolution and that of the Earth.  If not, they will have to pay it dearly.

~ Idea 2837 ~
The more air pollution there will be in the world's big cities where the capitals of government and headquarters of big businesses are located, the sicker and crazier their leaders will become.  Without the oxygen, inspiration, enlightenments and common sense from Mother Earth's nature and oxygen they will bury humanity and most other life forms.

~ Idea 2838 ~
Early this morning when going to the airport in Costa Rica I saw the poor Nicaraguan families, fathers, mothers and children, sitting on the side of the road, come here to pick coffee beans and make a little money.  They lodge in an abandoned dairy farm and have to walk two miles to the next village to buy food!

Two hours later from the airplane and at the airport of Guatemala City I could see the mushrooming high-rise buildings of the western world, banks and businesses which sell to Guatemalans more western products, soft drinks, cars and nature destroying habits.

What kind of a world is this?  The US is right to be heavily armed because soon there might be revolutions on this planet against US and western global businesses.  The Seattle peoples' manifestation against the World Trade Organization was a first example.

~ Idea 2839 ~
At a conference organized by the Schumacher College in England to consider whether the words 'nature' and 'capitalism' can go together, the first speaker, Morey Lovins, opened the debate with this lapidary statement:

"The trouble with capitalism is that it has never been tried.  We are too busy liquidating our main capital resource: nature."

It reminded me of the following poem which I once wrote for the children of the Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas:

Save your Mother Earth
from her matricidal children
who destroy her
who divide her
who spike her with nuclear arms
who hold their territories to be greater than the globe
and their groups greater than humanity.

~ Idea 2840 ~
We need a World Peoples' Party against financial capitalism and in favor of nature capitalism.  It is the only way to save the Earth and ensure our survival.  The World Natural Law Party might be it.

~ Idea 2841 ~
Seeing what has become of the United States with its monstrous cities, many of them covered by yellow-brown caps of pollution, its endless highways with millions of cars, its sky polluted by excessive air traffic, its oceans, shores, waters becoming increasingly dead waters, its over-marketing, overadvertising, overproduction, overconsumption and overgarbadging, I recommend that less and less young people from other countries should come to study in the United States.  They will be taught the wrong values, economics and technologies which will destroy their own countries and future.  They should request their governments to give them a better education geared to their country's optimum preserved, enhanced nature, culture and well-being and happiness of the people.

~ Idea 2842 ~
Capitalism could be described as the Kaputalism of the Earth (from the German word kaput, destroyed).

~ Idea 2843 ~
We have many yearbooks on this planet.  I suggest that we should also have:

decade books
centennial books
millennium books

It would help us to better judge our human journey and the evolution of our home Earth.

~ Idea 2844 ~
From the latest canonization report on Robert Schuman, the main founder of the European Union I learned that his sainthood will not be proclaimed in 2000 but sometime later.  The reason is this: the inquirers have discovered that he had a concept of peace which went far beyond the stopping of conflicts and reaching compromise or agreement; it should also be an act of love, the birth of friendship and the beginning of unprecedented cooperation.  This is what happened between France and Germany due to the Schuman Plan which led ultimately to the borderless European Union of fifteen nations of that continent.  The inquirers want to study further documents, writings and recorded speeches by him to elaborate on his views.

His is indeed a great, timely, transcended notion of peace which should receive world-wide attention through his canonization as the first modern political saint.

~ Idea 2845 ~
Writing the preceding reminds me of a conversation with Robert Schuman at the United Nations in which he told me that the European Union was possible only because there were three Christian Democratic leaders in Europe at the time: Konrad Adenauer in Germany, he as Foreign Minister of France and Alcide de Gasperi, Foreign Minister of Italy.  At the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica we have already a bust of Konrad Adenauer.  I will make sure that we will also have busts of Robert Schuman and Alcide de Gasperi on our beautiful grounds to serve as models to the students.

~ Idea 2846 ~
The United States government must be very strongly influenced by the armaments manufacturers lobby to judge from the following:

1. The proposal by Senator Matsunaga to create a United States Peace Institute which would train peacemakers the same way as West Point, Annapolis and Colorado Springs train foot soldiers, Marines and airborne forces, took many years of hearings to be finally adopted.  But when President Reagan came into power he opposed it violently and it was created only on the condition that it would produce only studies and reports and not train peacemakers.

2. The proposal in which I was deeply involved to create a United Nations University to fulfill a dream of U Thant was violently opposed by the US and finally accepted only on the condition that it would not have any students and produce only studies and reports.  I later learned from the Rector of the University that even that condition was not acceptable to the US and that the university was created only because Japan wanted it to be established in Tokyo.  As a gesture of friendship the United States government then agreed.

3. The UN University for Peace in Costa Rica was no less violently opposed by the US followed by most western countries and never really got off the ground for several years.  Twenty years later the United States has still to ratified it.

No wonder that we have 556 soldiers, 85 doctors and only one world servant for 100,000 inhabitants on this planet, that we have hundreds of war academies or defense institutes and only one place to train peacemakers.  There is a lot to be remedied in the proper administration of this beautiful planet, run now for all practical purposes by the United States, as imposed to the Europeans in the Kosovo affair.

~ Idea 2847 ~

Which country on Earth will be the first to recommend that the number of pages of daily newspapers should be limited in order to save on paper, on forest destruction and to increase the peace and happiness of the people?

The time will come when countries will be forced to do so.

~ Idea 2848 ~
There are money and financial sections in practically all American newspapers but I have never seen a happiness section.  This says a lot of that country.  I wonder what the founding fathers of the United States would say if they came back to life.

~ Idea 2849 ~
Every child on Earth should be taught what their name and surname mean as well as the name of their city and of their country.  For example, Irene means peace, the Greek goddess of peace.  The Philippines means the country of the horse lovers, from the Greek phil hippos.  Canada means the place of many villages.  Robert is an old German word, the shining light; Muller is the miller; France and Frank come from the old German franken, meaning the free.  It is strange that millions of soldiers have died during centuries without knowing what the name of the country they fought for meant.

~ Idea 2850 ~
Six excellent ideas of my beloved, enlightened wife, Barbara:

Be a prophet in the world
Be a prophet in your country
Be a prophet in your profession
Be a prophet in your family
Be a prophet for yourself
Be a prophet for your grandchildren.

~ Idea 2851 ~
What an incredible privilege it is to be alive on such a wonderful, life-rich, beautiful, endlessly diverse and evolving planet Earth in the vast universe, to know it, to feel it, to be in love with her, to be one of her children and trustees.  Yes, what an incredible miracle it is to be alive.  I was right when I felt it already as a child and continued to believe it during all my life.

~ Idea 2852 ~
Every morning when we wake up we should joyfully exclaim how wonderful it is to be alive, thank God for it and work gratefully for it.

~ Idea 2853 ~
The subject of ethics is coming more and more strongly to the fore everywhere in the world.  I recommend that thought should be given to the creation of a World Court of Ethics.

It is good that at the UN University for Peace an international ombudsman function and office will be created to receive complaints from any person in the world about the violation of justice, rights and ethics.

In view of my writings and concern with ethics, especially global ethics, UNESCO has invited me as a keynote speaker to an international conference on Universal Ethics convened by UNESCO in September 2000 in Paris.  I contributed to it an excerpt of 21 pages on ethics from my Ideas.

~ Idea 2854 ~
Why should some countries be so much richer than others, their wealth coming largely or partly from past colonialism and exploitation of the poor ones?

There should be a world concern for this problem.  Historians should look into the subject of acquisition and distribution of wealth and power on planet Earth over time.  A world redistribution of wealth and income should be considered.  Reparations would even be a better word.

~ Idea 2855 ~
I wish someone would write a book on the efforts, failures and successes of rich countries and rich corporations to create artificial new countries to get hold of or domination over their natural resources.


- the creation of Kuwait ruled by sheiks seceding from Iraq at the behest and with the aid of the United Kingdom and the United States because of its petroleum;

- the attempt by Belgium and its copper mine owners to create a new, artificial state of Katanga to secede from the Congo because of the copper mines.  It cost the life of Dag Hammarskjöld;

- the attempts by the United Kingdom to create a new, artificial Biafra to secede from Nigeria because of its petroleum.

And how many other such attempts were made on this planet, unknown, unpublicized to the people?  Still money, by far not justice, rules the world.

~ Idea 2856 ~
If airline business is given a free hand or is run by governments and big cities, there will come a day when no blue sky will be visible in the world anymore.  Everywhere there will be white or somber streaks emitted by airplanes.  Mark my words.  The city of Los Angeles plans a new giant airport which will accommodate 22 million passengers a year!  The city 'fathers' rejoice at the increased tax revenues this will yield, while Mother Earth and los angeles, the angels in heaven cry.

~ Idea 2857 ~
Private business, especially global corporations will destroy this planet which they do not consider to be their business.  Only governments and laws can prevent that.  Alas, almost all governments have become the servants of business to push their 'economic growth' and add to their wealth, tax revenues and power.  They must react before it is too late or they will be faced with cataclysmic situations.  Governments please wake up to your task of governing well your people, your territory and the Earth we live on.

~ Idea 2858 ~
There is mainly talk of privatization in the world.  Well, since private business is a main cause of the destruction of the Earth, its objectives being to bring in profit, to be competitive, to constantly expand, gain new markets and get higher quotations on stock markets, I recommend that publicization should be given equal right and concern at the local, state, national and world levels.

I would thus recommend that:

1. All stock exchanges in the world should become public service agencies.

2. All banks in the world should become public service agencies.

3. World common public services should be created.

The salvation and protection of the Earth, the restoration of its nature and resources must become priority number one on this planet.  Full consequences must be drawn from that formidable challenge.  Free private business which was fine until recently is not made for that new, overwhelming summons.  It cannot meet it.  It is the duty of democratic government in which all people should have a voice and not the banks and stock exchanges in which only the rich have a voice.  The whole political and economic system of this planet must be reformed from scratch.  Government must be worldialized.

~ Idea 2859 ~
The ultimate meaning of human life has changed substantially for many people: it is no longer the immediate need to survive, to be fed, to have security and to get more prosperous.  Increasing numbers of humans realize that its meaning is to contribute to the further evolution of our endangered planet from which we were born, by whose resources we are nourished and to which we will return at our death.  This is the beginning of a great new global wisdom.

~ Idea 2860 ~
Humans lived for many millennia believing that the sun was turning around the Earth and not the Earth around the sun.  Then we had the Copernican revolution.

Another revolution is now taking place, namely that the Earth and her nature were not created for humans, but that humans were created by the Earth as her most advanced form of evolution.  This is the second Copernican Revolution.

All human groups will have to understand that.  Even business and moneymakers must understand it.  If not, they are condemned to vanish, taking us along with them.

~ Idea 2861 ~
We can say and foresee today what we could not say and foresee fifty years ago.  And it was like that during all our long history and evolution except that it is now accelerating.  The number of years in-between are getting shorter and shorter.  Humanity and governments must become acutely aware of this.  If not we will see untold, unprecedented global crises and disasters on this planet.

~ Idea 2862 ~
If I could address the Millennium UN General Assembly at the heads of states level for five to ten minutes I would say this:

- please decide a basic review of the 55 years old UN Charter;

- please declare the fate of the Earth as one of the highest priorities on the agenda of world affairs;

- please decide the absolute, urgent need for a proper Earth and human government;

- please ensure justice, especially a decent well-being for all humans;

- please abolish all nuclear and other armaments, all militaries and establish a proper world security system;

- please remain in permanent session to decide the transformation of the United Nations into a United Earth on the model of the United States or a World Union on the model of the European Union or on even more audacious models required by our evolution in the cosmos.

- please create as a minimum a United Nations Consultative Parliamentary Assembly, as recommended by the European Parliament.

~ Idea 2863 ~
We must absolutely begin to 'de-advertise' the world.  If not, excessive, immoral, unethical advertisement will destroy all human hope and optimism and lead to the end of human civilization.  We have already lost a lot of it.

A World Public Service Agency on Advertisement must be rapidly created by the United Nations to work out a world system of proper, ethical, non-corrupted, non-lying advertisements.

~ Idea 2864 ~
Beyond and above all other human groups and institutions the United Nations is concerned both with the greatest, loftiest dreams and ideals of humanity and its gravest, most urgent and long-term problems, dangers and threats.  To work for the UN requires to have one's head in heaven and one's feet in hell.  As the first Secretary General, Trygve Lie said: it is the most impossible job on Earth.

And for the United Nations to succeed it needs the passion of its workers and the profound love, understanding and support of the world's people.  Of these three, love is the most important.  The other two will follow.

~ Idea 2865 ~
Our next step in evolution must be to go from United Nations to a United Earth in which we humans will not come first but will cooperate with nature and the Earth from which we all come, on which we all depend and to which we will all return.

Politically this has already taken form in the Green Parties and in the Natural Law Party created by scientists in over one hundred countries as a way to proper Earth government.

Existing parties like Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, etc. will be overtaken and obsoleted by this evolutionary phenomenon.

~ Idea 2866 ~
People can keep a journal to record their life, their thoughts, their happiness, the events of their families, etc.

They can also keep a journal of creative observations, their hopes, their ideas and dreams as Leonardo da Vinci did.  He always had a notebook hanging from his belt to record his observations.  I have one constantly in my pocket and on my night table.  We must be the source of good ideas and dreams for a better world.  We are part of evolution.

~ Idea 2867 ~
There is need to challenge the fundamental beliefs, values and institutions of the world if they no longer correspond to the new imperatives of evolution.  It seems an impossible task and almost nobody dares to do it, but if it is done, the needed changes will occur.

One of my tasks from the global point of view of the United Nations was to do that and to dream and conceive even what seemed impossible.  This is why so many people thank me as the man whose relentless efforts have brought about at least some good changes in the world.

~ Idea 2868 ~
How many people on Earth serve people?  And how many people on Earth serve the Earth?

The difference in the numbers must be enormous.  It would reveal that the Earth is definitely not the primary concern of the human species.  This might be fatal both to the Earth and to humanity.

Please leaders of the Earth and nations, wake up to this potentially fatal disparity.

~ Idea 2869 ~
Governments must do against alcohol (Arabic, al kohol, the devil) what they are doing against smoking: prohibit advertisements, make the producing firms responsible for the public health costs resulting from alcoholism, have alcohol free places, public offices, etc.

~ Idea 2870 ~
The sudden mushrooming in the world of peoples' movements, non-governmental organizations and public protests is a significant evolutionary phenomenon: the wrongnesses in the present world situation are such that more and more people wake up and request correction.  It is a new, very live, growing form of democracy.  All governments, institutions and students of political and social sciences better pay serious attention to it.

~ Idea 2871 ~
The fundamentalism of capitalism and communism at the end of the last century was a very painful, damaging era of human history and evolution.  It happened at a time when many groups were fundamentalists, in particular religions, many of which are still fundamentalist today.  What was needed was a working together of communism and capitalism, a commonism to see what was good in both, namely the need for  public common services for human groups from the local communities to the entire world and the need for freedom and creativity of all humanity from the individual to the global community.  Capitalism survived because it gave more room to freedom than communism, but it is still a fundamentalist ideology.  If it continues to be so it will also be challenged and disappear.  Not only privatization is needed but also commonization, the democratic creation of common public services for all human groups from the local to the global, from the disinherited to the well-to-do.

We need new words in our vocabulary like commonism, commonization, commoncracy, Earthcracy, naturecracy, soulcracy, lovecracy.

~ Idea 2872 ~
One day, early in the morning I walked to the San Jacinto mountains in Palm Springs, one of the great mountain sites on Earth, a whole vertical wall of clay, granite and other rocks.  I let my heart outpour to the beauty of nature and my sadness for the human sights and buildings below them when suddenly I heard the mountain speak to me as the Earth and nature sometimes do.

The mountain said, "I thank you for your love dear brother.  You are someone to whom I can talk.  Can you explain to me some facts which I cannot understand.  Here are two of them:
First, why did this big city arise down there around some wells where a small population of indigenous people lived in peace and harmony with nature for millennia?  Now there are bulldozers everywhere, cars, an airport, aircrafts, hundreds of swimming pools, casinos, thousands of visitors.  Why?  Why these activities, building and endless restlessness?

Second, I see many green surfaces where males are trying to propulse with sticks little white balls into holes over large distances.  Why do they do that?  I was never able to figure it out.  Then at one point they leave, abandoning behind them many of these little balls on the green grounds."

I answered:
Dear brother mountain, humans have become money crazy.  You do not know what money is.  They are pieces of paper with figures and images inscribed on them.  With them you can 'buy' innumerable 'goods', obtain many services, build, travel, have fun.  This has become the main pursuit of humans on this planet.  They came and settled here expecting to get more money and the richer they get the more they want.  There is a whole new profession of humans called business which invent new desires of people, new fashions which many people think they have to follow or will bring them happiness.  One of them is to build new cities and houses on seashores, on mountains and even here in a desert.  Many of these businessmen, in order to know each other better, exchange ideas, join their forces and money, come together to play what they call golf, trying to project with a stick they call a club, those little balls into holes over vast green flat and hilly surfaces.  Dear mountain, this is all I can tell you.  It is crazy.  The human species, one of the Earth' animals is in the process of ruining the entire Earth with bulldozers, monstrous cities, mountains of goods and useless activities.  Even I am part of it.  I come here from far away to participate in something they call a conference on how we could have a better world.  And of all the people in this great hotel with its large conference rooms I'm the only one who came to see you and give you and Mother Earth my love.

The Mountain:
"Thank you dear brother human.  From now on I will close my eyes from what I see."

~ Idea 2873 ~
According to Dr. John Hagelin, quantum physicist and president of the US new political party which recommends government according to the laws of nature, the increasing fragmentation of modern education into ever smaller and technical, sophisticated knowledge leads to a non-use of the wholistic function of the human brain and is therefore one of the principal causes of unhappiness and violence.  He shows on video how this creates holes in the frontal part of the human brain where this wholistic function is located.

After his presentation I talked to him and drew his attention to the Robert Muller Schools where children never fight and do not show any violence for the following reasons:

1. They are taught all the human knowledge of our planetary home and of humanity within the vast framework of the universe, of our solar system, of the entire Earth from the infinitely large to the infinitely small and in total time from the infinite past to the infinite future.  All their further education is given within this wholistic vision including the whole view of their own individual physical, mental, sentimental and spiritual lives.  From that education they gain the view that to be alive is a true miracle and that each individual is expected and can contribute to the fulfillment and further evolution of this total, magic, breathtaking wholistic reality.  (See World Core Curriculum table in Volume I).

2. The children are told from the very beginning that they are true magical, cosmic agents, miracles in this incredible totality of the universe, of our planetary home and of humanity unfolding over time.

3. According to the skills distributed to them by nature they can devote their lives to a particular segment of the planetary and human needs and thus fulfill their lives with happiness by making a contribution to the whole of humanity, the Earth and evolution through the profession they chose.

As a result of the peace achieved in these schools many people recommend that the World Core Curriculum and the education given in the Robert Muller Schools should be extended to the entire world.  The best compliment I ever received was from the courtyard caretaker of the first Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas when he said to me, "Mr. Muller, I do not know what they do to the children in that school, but I've never seen two children fight in the courtyard."  I answered him, "They cannot fight each other because they are told that each of them is a miracle and one miracle does not harm another miracle."

I had no merit to design this World Core Curriculum.  I owe it to the United Nations where I received the right, wholistic education after having been wrongly educated by incomplete 'sovereign' fragments of humanity on this planet called France, Germany and the United States.

~ Idea 2874 ~
Someday I should write another book on my dreams which became true during my life.  For instance, the dream after World War II to work for peace.  The dream to join the United Nations.  The dream to see the border in my hometown disappear. The dream to live in a demilitarized country.  The dream to be an educator for peace.  The dream to live as long as possible to help bring about a better world.  The dream to live some day on a beautiful hill with a magnificent view and to write as an elder of the United Nations the beautiful stories of my life and my further dreams and ideas for a better word.  I have come to believe that the only things that really work on this miraculous, magic Earth are dreams.

~ Idea 2875 ~
Each human being is a miracle created by God or by cosmic energies active on this planet for billions of years, through reproduction and the transmission of experience by genes.

That miracle touches, sees, hears, observes, reads, learns from the outside world and thus lives informed or programmed by it.  If that outside world is contrary to the further natural evolution of the Earth he or she will not be a normal but a programmed being conditioned by wrong values.

Nowadays most outside influences are 'bad' from the evolutionary point of view, being the result of 19th century conditions and theories.  We are thus in a deep evolutionary crisis felt by more and more people.

The first duty of each individual is therefore to isolate himself as much as possible from these wrong outside predominant values.  If not, western humans will de-humanize themselves and only 'primitive' people will remain humans.  Many of the ideas and recommendations in these 3000 Ideas are addressed to that.  We will witness the birth of a global ethical age of human evolution or we will perish.

~ Idea 2876 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, what is basically wrong with the human species is this: you should have at least as many ideas and initiatives to take good care of me, not to destroy me, to preserve me, as you devote to millions of new products, inventions, gadgets, forms of packaging, new 'services', advertising, marketing, making more money, entertainment, travel, tourism, etc.  If this lasts much longer at the present rate we will all be finished, I and you."

I know it, dear Earth and I say it repeatedly in my writings and speeches hoping that you and I will be heard.

~ Idea 2877 ~
Big multinational companies are not even that big if one considers the bigness of the world and of the human population.  They are rather average.  How to evaluate and as necessary regulate their power and interventions in the peoples' and the Earth's lives and interests, that is the basic question.

~ Idea 2878 ~
There are other forms of economic development than to build skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.  Why therefore introduce them in poor countries?  They are monuments to the arrogance and wealthology of the misguided western world.  We should therefore not be surprised that they nurture mounting hatred and acts of violence.

~ Idea 2879 ~
I have been called one of the biggest worriers on Earth.  I agree and recommend that there should be a new profession on this planet: that of global or world worriers.

~ Idea 2880 ~
I would like to see a report on the world strategies of soft drinks, cigarette and alcohol companies to invade the whole human race, country by country to the last corner of the world.  For example, the planned use of water resources of a country to fulfill the strategy of maximum sales of soft drinks instead of the consumption of natural water provided by nature.  It would be frightening.

~ Idea 2881 ~
Since the great new challenge in human history is the further evolution of life on planet Earth we should not only speak of the role of the individual not to have many children and not to overconsume and to adopt new values which will permit this further evolution, but it should also be the duty and the pride of all institutions.  It is important to convey the requirements of future evolution to local communities, cities, provinces, nations and world institutions.  There should be more academic research on this subject.  Thank God most of the global institutions, in particular the United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies and world programs are aware that much of their work must be geared to the future evolution of the Earth and of the biosphere.

There should be faculties or at least courses on evolution and the future of humanity and of the Earth in all universities.

~ Idea 2882 ~
God has given me

the miracle of life
survival in World War II
service in the United Nations
a wonderful spouse, Margarita from Chile
four children and nine grandchildren
retirement, volunteer service with the first UN University for Peace on this planet in demilitarized Costa Rica
the paradise and inspiration of a sacred mountain, Mt. Rasur
a second wonderful life companion, Barbara from Hungary and the US.

He has given me as tasks world peace and the preservation of our miraculous Earth.

He has never given me as objectives to make money or to become famous.

Thank you dear God for all your blessings and safeguards.

~ Idea 2883 ~
How many of the hundreds of thousands of United States citizens who must drive every morning in several miles long traffic lines and jams into big cities would be ready to proclaim to the rest of the world that the United States is the most successful, most admirable, most enviable country on Earth meriting to be imitated by everybody?

Not many, I am sure.

I recommend that a polling agency organize and publish the results of a nation-wide poll of their views.

~ Idea 2884 ~
Ideas and words which are seldom used in political speeches and documents, even at the United Nations.

the heart
the soul
goddess Earth
Mother Earth

Why is that?

~ Ideas 2885 to 2887 ~
Ideas which came to my mind during the inauguration at the UN University for Peace of the bust of Henri Dunant, a famous Swiss businessman who, seeing the horrors of World War I in Solferino, Italy, decided to create the International Red Cross and also the Young Men's Christian Association:

Idea 2885 if only all wealthy people of the world would follow Henri Dunant's example and create or support new institutions devoted to the increase of human well-being, peace, happiness, and the preservation of our beautiful planet Earth.  I'm so glad that we have already on the campus of the UN University for Peace the busts of Gandhi, Tolstoy, Albert Schweitzer, Sasakawa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Konrad Adenauer, Simon Bolivar, Yishak Rabin and now also Henri Dunant.

Idea 2886 Next we must get busts of Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet and Alcide de Gasperi, co-founders of the European Union with Konrad Adenauer.

Idea 2887 Rodrigo Carazo, the former President of Costa Rica who launched in the UN General Assembly the idea of creating the UN University for Peace nineteen years ago, has become the President Emeritus of that university and I am its Chancellor Emeritus.  It would be useful to create a World Association of Emeritus People so that people who had an active life and want to continue to be of service could associate and never really retire from good institutions they helped to create or served.

~ Idea 2888 ~
What must reign on this Earth is the law of peace and not the law of force.  In order to make progress in this direction there are many ways:

innumerable ideas
many actions
democratic, peoples' manifestations
right education
voluntary service

Add your own, dear reader.

~ Idea 2889 ~
We must absolutely and once and for all put an end to the sad past human history of wars, domination and injustices to which must be added now the destruction of the Earth in order to gain profit and power through economic dominance.

It is the most categoric imperative of our time.

All governments of the world should proclaim it and do it.

~ Idea 2890 ~
Capitalism and communism are two obsolete ideologies of the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.  Evolution has dramatically overtaken them.  We must now adopt Humanism and Earthism as the new ideology: the fulfillment and good care of all humans, and the love and good care of our Mother Earth and her miraculous, nourishing natural elements.

~ Idea 2891 ~
There is need for many more than my 3000 Ideas and dreams for a peaceful and better world.  All national governments and their ministries should solicit and collect them from the people.  Please dear reader, write down your ideas and send them to your head of state, Parliament and to the UN.

~ Idea 2892 ~
When the first meeting of the World Trade Organization took place in Seattle, US, there were 40,000 people of American non-governmental organizations and peoples' movements to protest against these meetings where the big multinational corporations were demonstrating and using to the full their power and domination over the world through free trade and free capital movements.  This is something unheard of which shows that the people after all cannot be fooled forever.  In this connection I do not know if they have raised the question which I have raised several times in these 3000 Ideas, namely why should there be free movements of merchandises and capital and no free movement of people?  Don't people count and shouldn't the United States which claims to be the great country of freedom, the country built on the immigration of Europeans to the vast sparsely populated continent of North America, should not that country speak out for the freedom of settlement of people on this planet?  This question must be raised as an important item on the agenda of world affairs.

~ Idea 2893 ~
There is hope even for the United States in the future: look at beautiful, romantic Italy, at her great works of art, at her Michelangelo, her Leonardo da Vinci, all produced since the demise of the Roman Empire.  Perhaps the US after its economic and world power demise, will give the world new Beethovens, Mozarts, Michelangelos and Leonardos da Vincis.  No country remains forever the same.

~ Idea 2894 ~
I'm glad to be the director of two theses by students of the University for Peace.  One on the Natural Law Party created by British scientists and now existing in more than a hundred countries and the second on Costa Rican neutrality and its role in world affairs.  This made me suggest to another student to write a thesis on the ideas and actions of great Costa Ricans at this end of a century namely, Jose Figueres, Rodrigo Carazo and Oscar Arias.

~ Idea 2895 ~
In all the work and reports of the United Nations on war and conflicts there should not be only statistics on the number of militaries killed but also of civilian victims.  For example, in the last decade three-quarters of all deaths in conflicts were civilians.  The extent of damages to the Earth and to human capital should also be reported.

~ Idea 2896 ~
Nature has enough for human needs but not for human greeds.

~ Idea 2897 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, I learned that the population of India has reached one billion in August 1999 and that it will increase by 530 million by the year 2050 according to UN demographers.

This is a glaring proof that the necessary means are not taken to cope with the population explosion and even less regarding the overconsumption explosion.

I begin to think therefore that while you are now at long last dealing seriously with establishing world peace, I should rather rejoice when there are wars, revolutions, major accidents, increasing deaths from air and water pollution because they prevent even more population and destruction of my resources.  I am even sometimes tempted to rejoice when I learn that more than 5 million children in the poor countries die each year from remaining epidemics.

My heart bleeds to have to say this to you.  I do it only because the current situation and the prospects of my own future are so dismal."

"I understand you.  I sometimes have the same thought.  Wars among humans and the war against you should both be ended.  I am glad that this at least is being taken up at the UN University for Peace and the Earth Council established on one of your most beautiful natural sites in a demilitarized country, Costa Rica.  There is also this hope: that more and more humans will follow the example of the western people and have less children.  It is a very important new evolutionary fact, that the population of the western countries will diminish from 1.2 billion to 1.16 billion between now and the year 2050."

~ Idea 2898 ~
We need more Beethovens of world affairs.

We need an elevated, inspiring revolutionary music to clear, purify and elevate the state of the Earth and of humanity.  We need more Odes to Joy to the brotherhood of all humans and our sisterhood with the Earth.  Schiller's text of the Ode to Joy and Beethoven music express these two loves in the most wonderful symphony.

~ Idea 2899 ~
To save evolution on this planet nothing less than a revolution is needed.

That revolution must consist of a whole series of revolutions:

- the total destruction of all nuclear weapons
- the total destruction of all armaments
- the total destruction of all atomic power plants to be replaced by world clean energy grids
- the end of all militaries
- the destruction of all monopolies

And there are others.

Please, add yours.

~ Idea 2900 ~
The human species is the most creative, most imaginative, most evolved species of planet Earth.  If from now on we devote as much creativity, imagination, intelligence and efforts to save, improve and embellish the Earth as we do for our own dispersed purposes, we will be able to create paradise on Earth, a complete harmony and merging between humanity and the Earth, an Earth living to perfection and a human species living in optimum happiness.  Humanism and Earthism must become the two major ideologies of the 21st century so that outer-space beings visiting our Earth would exclaim: "This has at long last become a well-run, rightly evolving planet."


issued by the Earth Council in Costa Rica after years of preparation and world-wide consultation it was communicated on 24 March 2000 to all governments and the media

We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future.  As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise.  To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny.  We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.  Towards this end, it is imperative that we, the peoples of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations.

Earth, Our Home
Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe.  Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life.  The forces of nature make existence a demanding and uncertain adventure, but Earth has provided the conditions essential to life's evolution.  The resilience of the community of life and the well-being of humanity depend upon preserving a healthy biosphere with all its ecological systems, a rich variety of plants and animals, fertile soils, pure waters, and clean air.  The global environment with its finite resources is a common concern of all peoples.  The protection of Earth's vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust.

The Global Situation
The dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species.  Communities are being undermined.  The benefits of development are not shared equitably and the gap between rich and poor is widening.  Injustice, poverty, ignorance, and violent conflict are widespread and the cause of great suffering.  An unprecedented rise in human population has overburdened ecological and social systems.  The foundations of global security are threatened.  These trends are perilous - but not inevitable.

The Challenges Ahead
The choice is ours: form a global partnership to care for Earth and one another or risk the destruction of ourselves and the diversity of life.  Fundamental changes are needed in our values, institutions, and ways of living.  We must realize that when basic needs have not been met, human development is primarily about being more, not having more.  We have the knowledge and technology to provide for all and to reduce our impacts on the environment.  The emergence of a global civil society is creating new opportunities to build a democratic and humane world.  Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions.

Universal Responsibility
To realize these aspirations, we must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole Earth community as well as our local communities.  We are at once citizens of different nations and of one world in which the local and global are linked.  Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human family and the larger living world..  The spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life is strengthened when we live with reverence for the mystery of being, gratitude for the gift of life, and humility regarding the human place in nature.
We urgently need a shared vision of basic values to provide an ethical foundation for the emerging world community.  Therefore, together in hope we affirm the following interdependent principles for a sustainable way of life as a common standard by which the conduct of all individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and transnational institutions is to be guided and assessed.


1. Respect Earth and life in all its diversity.
a. Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings.
b. Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual potential of humanity.

2. Care for the community of life with understanding, compassion, and love.
a. accept that with the right to own, manage, and use natural resources comes the duty to prevent environmental harm and to protect the rights of people.
b. Affirm that with increased freedom, knowledge, and power comes increased responsibility to promote the common good.

3. Build democratic societies that are just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful.
a. Ensure that communities at all levels guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms and provide everyone an opportunity to realize his or her full potential.
b. Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and meaningful livelihood that is ecologically responsible.

4. Secure Earth's bounty and beauty for present and future generations.
a. Recognize that the freedom of action of each generation is qualified by the needs of future generations.
b. Transmit to future generations values, traditions, and institutions that support the long-term flourishing of Earth's human and ecological communities.

In order to implement these four broad commitments, it is necessary to:


5. Protect and restore the integrity of Earth's ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life.
a. Adopt at all levels sustainable development plans and regulations that make environmental conservation and rehabilitation integral to all development initiatives.
b. Establish and safeguard viable nature and biosphere reserves, including wild lands and marine areas, to protect Earth's life support systems, maintain biodiversity, and preserve our natural heritage.
c. Promote the recovery of endangered species and ecosystems.
d. Control and eradicate non-native or genetically modified organisms harmful to native species and the environment, and prevent introduction of such harmful organisms.
e. Manage the use of renewable resources such as water, soil, forest products, and marine life in ways that do not exceed rates of regeneration and that protect the health of ecosystems.
f. Manage the extraction and use of non-renewable resources such as minerals and fossil fuels in ways that minimize depletion and cause no serious environmental damage.

6. Prevent harm as the best method of environmental protection and, when knowledge is limited, apply a precautionary approach.
a. Take action to avoid the possibility of serious or irreversible environmental harm even when scientific knowledge is incomplete or inconclusive.
b. Place the burden of proof on those who argue that a proposed activity will not cause significant harm, and make the responsible parties liable for environmental harm.
c. Ensure that decision making addresses the cumulative, long-term, indirect, long distance, and global consequences of human activities.
d. Prevent pollution of any part of the environment and allow no build-up of radioactive, toxic, or other hazardous substances.
e. Avoid military activities damaging to the environment.

7. Adopt patterns of production, consumption, and reproduction that safeguard Earth's regenerative capacities, human rights, and community well-being.
a. Reduce, reuse, and recycle the materials used in production and consumption systems, and ensure that residual waste can be assimilated by ecological systems.
b. Act with restraint and efficiency when using energy, and rely increasingly on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
c. Promote the development, adoption, and equitable transfer of environmentally sound technologies.
d. Internalize the full environmental and social costs of goods and services in the selling price, and enable consumers to identify products that meet the highest social and environmental standards.
e. Ensure universal access to health care that fosters reproductive health and responsible reproduction.
f. Adopt lifestyles that emphasize the quality of life and material sufficiency in a finite world.

8. Advance the study of ecological sustainability and promote the open exchange and wide application of the knowledge acquired.
a. Support international scientific and technical cooperation on sustainability, with special attention to the needs of developing nations.
b. Recognize and preserve the traditional knowledge and spiritual wisdom in all cultures that contribute to environmental protection and human well-being.
c. Ensure that information of vital importance to human health and environmental protection, including genetic information, remains available in the public domain.


9. Eradicate poverty as an ethical, social, and environmental imperative.
a. Guarantee the right to potable water, clean air, food security, uncontaminated soil, shelter, and safe sanitation, allocating the national and international resources required.
b. Empower every human being with the education and resources to secure a sustainable livelihood, and provide social security and safety nets for those who are unable to support themselves.
c. Recognize the ignored, protect the vulnerable, serve those who suffer, and enable them to develop their capacities and to pursue their aspirations.

10. Ensure that economic activities and institutions at all levels promote human development in an equitable and sustainable manner.
a. Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations.
b. Enhance the intellectual, financial, technical, and social resources of developing nations, and relieve them of onerous international debt.

c. Ensure that all trade supports sustainable resource use, environmental protection, and progressive labor standards.
d. Require multinational corporations and international financial organizations to act transparently in the public good, and hold them accountable for the consequences of their activities.

11. Affirm gender equality and equity as prerequisites to sustainable development and ensure universal access to education, health care, and economic opportunity.
a. Secure the human rights of women and girls and end all violence against them.
b. Promote the active participation of women in all aspects of economic, political, civil, social, and cultural life as full and equal partners, decision makers, leaders, and beneficiaries.
c. Strengthen families and ensure the safety and loving nurture of all family members.

12. Uphold the right of all, without discrimination, to a natural and social environment supportive of human dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being, with special attention to the rights of indigenous peoples and minorities.
a. Eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, language, and national, ethnic or social origin.
b. Affirm the right of indigenous peoples to their spirituality, knowledge, lands and resources and to their related practice of sustainable livelihoods.
c. Honor and support the young people of our communities, enabling them to fulfill their essential role in creating sustainable societies.
d. Protect and restore outstanding places of cultural and spiritual significance.


13. Strengthen democratic institutions at all levels, and provide transparency and accountability in governance, inclusive participation in decision making, and access to justice.
a. Uphold the right of everyone to receive clear and timely information on environmental matters and all development plans and activities which are likely to affect them or in which they have an interest.
b. Support local, regional and global civil society, and promote the meaningful participation of all interested individuals and organizations in decision making.
c. Protect the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly, association, and dissent.
d. Institute effective and efficient access to administrative and independent judicial procedures, including remedies and redress for environmental harm and the threat of such harm.
e. Eliminate corruption in all public and private institutions.
f. Strengthen local communities, enabling them to care for their environments, and assign environmental responsibilities to the levels of government where they can be carried out most effectively.

14. Integrate into formal education and life-long learning the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.
a. Provide all, especially children and youth, with educational opportunities that empower them to contribute actively to sustainable development.
b. Promote the contribution of the arts and humanities as well as the sciences in sustainability education.
c. Enhance the role of the mass media in raising awareness of ecological and social challenges.
d. Recognize the importance of moral and spiritual education for sustainable living.

15. Treat all living beings with respect and consideration.
a. Prevent cruelty to animals kept in human societies and protect them from suffering.
b. Protect wild animals from methods of hunting, trapping, and fishing that cause extreme, prolonged, or avoidable suffering.
c. Avoid or eliminate to the full extent possible the taking or destruction of non-targeted species.

16. Promote a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peace.
a. Encourage and support mutual understanding, solidarity, and cooperation among all peoples and within and among nations.
b. Implement comprehensive strategies to prevent violent conflict and use collaborative problem solving to manage and resolve environmental conflicts and other disputes.
c. Demilitarize national security systems to the level of a non-provocative defense posture, and convert military resources to peaceful purposes, including ecological restoration.
d. Eliminate nuclear, biological, and toxic weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
e. Ensure that the use of orbital and outer space supports environmental protection and peace.
f. Recognize that peace is the wholeness created by right relationship with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.

As never before in history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning.  Such renewal is the promise of these Earth Charter principles.  To fulfill this promise, we must commit ourselves to adopt and promote the values and objectives of the Charter.

This requires a change of mind and heart.  It requires a new sense of global interdependence and universal responsibility.  We must imaginatively develop and apply the vision of a sustainable way of life locally, nationally, regionally, and globally.  Our cultural diversity is a precious heritage and different cultures will find their own distinctive ways to realize the vision.  We must deepen and expand the global dialogue that generated the Earth Charter, for we have much to learn from the ongoing collaborative search for truth and wisdom.

Life often involves tensions between important values.  This can mean difficult choices.  However, we must find ways to harmonize diversity with unity, the exercise of freedom with the common good, short-term objectives with long-term goals.  Every individual, family, organization, and community has a vital role to play.  The arts, sciences, religions, educational institutions, media, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and governments are all called to offer creative leadership.  The partnership of government, civil society, and business is essential for effective governance.

In order to build a sustainable global community, the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.

Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.                                 * *
When I read this text aloud on Mt. Rasur, the Earth exclaimed:
"Dear Robert, I cannot believe it: humanity might at long last be on the right way!  May God and the cosmic energies of the universe bless all those who gave birth to that Charter."


IDEAS 2901 TO 3000


How to at Long-last Attain Paradise on Earth

When modern technology was born it was natural that it devoted itself exclusively to the improvement of human conditions.  The Earth was of its concern only for information, investigation and exploitation for the benefits of humans.  A second important motive for its growth was the interest of nations which wanted to industrialize themselves as soon and intensively as possible to increase the well-being of their people, their power and positions in the world.

This has continued until today with one additional factor: giant world corporations were born with the same strong power interests as those of nations, the two often joining forces.  In addition the Darwinian concept of competition and survival of the fittest applied both to these corporations and to nations.

It is only in the 1970's with the sudden phenomenal growth of the world population and its settlements, of world consumption and transport that this situation received a serious warning: the 'environment' - in reality the whole Earth was being affected in its airs, waters, nature and species', i.e. the 'biosphere' or thin layer of life surrounding it.

On the eve of the year 2000, twenty-seven years after the first UN World conference on the Environment in Stockholm in 1972 and seven years after the second such conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the situation is practically unchanged: industries, nations, big business and investors continue on the same course, i.e. increase profits, wealth, power and positions in the world, or were it only because it is so difficult, risky and cumbersome to change.

As a result, for the first time in the entire human history the Earth is in danger of death and with it humanity too.

Who will have the courage to look this situation straight into the face and raise a voice resonating in the entire world, provoking revolutionary wake-ups in the current mis-evolution of the Earth and of humanity?  Our entry into a new century and millennium offers to humanity's leaders a great opportunity and an immense obligation to do so.

When the UN Economic and Social Council adopted in 1970 the proposal of Sweden to hold the first World Conference on the Environment I exclaimed to a group of Ambassadors, "From today on the world will never be the same."  Three decades later many governments, industries and the world of finance still do not recognize the new, fundamental changes which must take place in the evolution of this planet.

All humanity, all its leaders, groups, communities, cultures, religions, enterprises, professions, educators, families and individuals must henceforth take care of the Earth, think of her always, not misuse, not overuse, not destroy, not unnecessarily consume her.  We must love her and care for her as our greatest capital.  Perhaps this might be the turning point in human history and civilization.  We will, for the first time learn so much from the Earth.  We must let her teach us and be able, at long last, to live in peace and harmony with her, with other life forms on Earth, with the heavens and with each other.  Wise and filled with an incredible knowledge and new wisdom we humans must never repeat again the errors made by our forefathers since Adam and Eve.  It will not be paradise lost, but paradise at long last understood and regained.

The preceding requires as stated earlier in these volumes that all basic segments of human life on Earth must be reviewed and rethought fundamentally and with a very long third thousand years future in view as we enter the 21st century and third millennium.  These are:

a new political system for planet Earth

a new economics

a new education

a new media and communications

a new democracy

a new global leadership

a spiritual Renaissance and inter-religious cooperation

a non-violent human society

a well-preserved planet

a decent well-being for all humans

a stabilization of the world population

right human settlements on the planet

the disarmament, demilitarization, denuclearization and global security of the planet

a new science and technology

a new anthropology, sociology and new ways of life

a new human biology

a new philosophy, cosmology and long-term view of evolution

a new world ethics and justice

a new world psychology

a new science and art of planetary management

an art and cultural Renaissance

Such basic future oriented reconsideration is taking place currently in a growing number of institutions, conferences and peoples' associations around the world.  We can therefore be optimistic.

I recommend that in addition to yearly states of the world conferences and reports there should also be yearly long-term thinking and future oriented conferences and reports on all the above basic segments of human life on planet Earth.

I give an example: thanks to the UN's World Conferences on Population and warnings against excessive growth, the world population will be 6.1 billion in 2000 instead of the 7.3 billion estimated in 1970 on the basis of the growth at that time.  1.2 billion people were thus not added to the human population.  The yearly increase is now 78 million against 80 million last year.  The estimate is that we will be 8.91 billion in 2050, of which 1.16 billion (a decline of 40 million from 1.2 billion) in the rich countries and an increase from 4.7 to 7.75 billion (an increase of 3.05 billion) in the poor countries.  This is still much too high and rapid to take care of the human factor in the Earth situation.  Hence my recommendation that the UN should hold soonest a World Population Emergency Conference.  All this represents a case of basic rethinking of one human segment in the fate of the Earth.  And this should be done year after year for all segments.  The current yearly States of the World Report and Conferences must henceforth be accompanied by yearly Future of the World Reports and Conferences.

I hope that not only the United Nations and governments whose main task it will be, but all universities, institutions, entities and associations on Earth will take up this challenge, undertaking the above fundamental reviews, rethinking and futurologism, thus helping this planet to become at long last the true peaceful, evolving paradise and success in our solar system and in the cosmos it is meant to be.


A useful exercise would be to assemble under each of the 21 segments the ideas and building blocks contained in these 3000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World  born from my whole adult life as a world and humanity servant in the first world organization of this planet, the United Nations.  This can be done easily by extracting from Volume V, the Index of the first 2000 Ideas and the two Indexes of the third thousand ideas (Volume VI and VII), those ideas relevant to each segment.  The result would be a significant contribution to the building of the right future, of paradise Earth.  The actual ideas under any segment can be easily printed out of the computer.  Contact Carolyn Hawkins, my co-worker: 255-A Elise Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93109, Tel: (805) 568-0909, Fax: (805) 968-5081.

~ Idea 2901 ~
Territorial colonialism was abolished but a new one has appeared, more subtle, more powerful, namely economic colonialism under the forms of 'free trade' in which the western countries have a tremendous advance and the poor countries no defense or participation.

As de Gaulle said: the United Nations was used by the United States and Russia to abolish the colonialism of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Holland.

The United Nations was then used by the United States and the former colonial powers plus Japan to colonize again the poor countries under the banner of free trade and foreign aid.

~ Idea 2902 ~
We need Napoleons of peace.  Most of the existing peacemakers are doing their best but none of them dares to conceive a total victory of peace, a strong strategic battle for it, a totally new page and era in human history and evolution.  This is where Napoleons of peace and of the Earth are badly needed.

~ Idea 2903 ~
I hear all too often the criticism that the UN and the international organizations are beset with bureaucracy.  This was an accusation and rumor systematically launched and cultivated by the United States and Russia from the very beginning in order to alienate the people from the new world organization.  This accusation was launched as soon as the UN was born, together with the complaint that the resources of the UN were excessive, costing nations too much.  I have heard this during all my years at the United Nations since 1948.

But how come that business escapes from that criticism?  Business, private enterprise is apparently immune from that disease and always perfect.  Well it would be interesting to see a survey conducted by neutral, impartial outsiders of what I would call 'businesscracy'.  The results would be most interesting.

~ Idea 2904 ~
An important statement by Dr. Elisabet Sathouris, an evolution biologist, futurist and UN consultant on indigenous peoples:

"Seen through the lenses of my worldview as a biologist, the capitalist/communist drama that played out for most if not all of our lifetimes reveals a fundamental dramatic flaw.  We played our own roles in it by buying into an odd and ultimately impossible ideological choice: to build society on the basis of individual interest or  on the basis of communal interest. --Or ? -- Whatever labels we give to the human eco-political systems of various times and places, I think we can all agree they are living systems.  If we see them that way, this either/or choice makes no sense.  A living system can only maintain its health while there is a balance of interests between parts and  whole, between individuals and  community.  To sacrifice one for the other would kill the system.  (The Biology of Globalization, 1997)

~ Idea 2905 ~
If I were the United States I would no longer allow foreign aircrafts to overfly the United States.


Because I would not want them to see the blankets of pollution covering the main US big cities, a flagrant denial of the American dream and success of endless 'economic growth'.

~ Idea 2906 ~
To keep its sanity and common sense as a guiding light for humanity and the Earth, the United Nations should be moved out of polluted, overpopulated New York City and transferred to one of the most beautiful, natural grounds on Earth far away from the risk of pollution.  One of the sites to be considered should be the vast, tropical, magnificent grounds of the UN University for Peace and of the Earth Council in demilitarized Costa Rica, far from pollution thanks to the immense Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on both side of that country and practically no heavy industries and one-third of the country environmentally protected.

To keep it in New York City is an insult to nature.  Moreover a transfer would put an end to the US government's claim that the United Nations is too costly: running the UN in a country like Costa Rica would be barely one-half of what it costs in New York City.  Most member governments who have to pay for a permanent mission in New York City would also rejoice.

~ Idea 2907 ~
I pray that President Clinton will leave a great mark on human history and make this brief statement at the Millennium 2000 heads of states UN Assembly:

Dear leaders of the peoples of the world,

From the bottom of my heart I recommend most passionately and urgently the transformation of the United Nations into an Earth Federal Republic in order to solve the increasing environmental conflicts which will arise between nations in the 21st century and third millennium.  I simply add my voice to that of another President of my large, federated country, President Harry S. Truman when he said:

"When Kansas and Colorado have a quarrel over the water in the Arkansas River, they don't call out the National Guard in each state and go to war over it.  They bring suit in the Supreme Court of the United States and abide by the decision.  There isn't a reason in the world why we cannot do that internationally.  It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is to get along in the republic of the United States."

~ Idea 2908 ~
It is wonderful that so many peace parks are being established around the world, many of them by rich people who buy land to preserve it because they have a sense of guilt for having destroyed so much of it during their lives.  I call it gaiaphily, the love of Gaya, name of the Earth in the Greek language.  The notion of peace should be extended to many other fields.  For example, I call my office at the University for Peace a peace office.  The little city of Ciudad Colon wants to be declared a city of peace.  More cities should follow this example around the world.  There should also be peace roads.  The road from Ciudad Colon through a beautiful nature, up the hill to the University for Peace is called a peace road.  Why not give names of peacemakers to streets and avenues and not of warmakers.  There is so much that can be done to establish peace once and for all on this planet.  The more the word peace will be used everywhere the less there will be violence because people and nations will feel ashamed.  It is a question of making certain words the predominant, shining values of society.  This is part of culture.  We need a culture for peace, a civilization of peace, making this planet the foremost planet of peace in the universe.  I am so glad that the UN and UNESCO have inaugurated the birth in the year 2000 of a decade of World Culture of Peace.

~ Idea 2909 ~
The decision of the UN General Assembly to make the 1st of January 2000 a world day of peace and cease-fire, an idea developed by two young Americans Bob Silverstein and Steve Diamond, is making a hit all around the world.  Many ideas are being born everywhere to implement it and to make of that day something extraordinary in human history.  I'm very grateful to my wife Barbara for having done the right public relations work to make this known wide and far.  The same UN decision should be taken for the 1st of January 2001 and the following first of Januarys forever.

~ Idea 2910 ~
I was happy to learn that for the first time in the United States, a land of four hundred acres was earmarked to be preserved as natural land and a specific number of houses allowed to be built around it.  This is a new, promising, good approach to proper human settlements.

~ Idea 2911 ~
A world of powerful technologies, industries and giant worldwide businesses and financiers urgently requires strong regulations, local, national and international.  Alas, this is not the case.  On the contrary most human communities want these giants to bring in money and employment.  Well, there should be at least a middle course between the two.  Mother Earth should also be given a voice and consideration.  Her voice will get louder and louder and perhaps some day weaker and extinct.

~ Idea 2912 ~
I woke up with this sentence in my mind: It is absolutely inconceivable, intolerable, unacceptable that 174 of the 189 governments of this planet still train, disguise, pay, ask and honor young men to kill, to be murderers of other young men, bomb cities with women and children, sink boats, plant land mines and that these governments spend half of their budgets, a total astronomic sum of 800 billion dollars on militaries and armaments.  Tolstoy was right to use the strong words I quote in Idea 1284.  All people of the world should repeat them loud enough for their governments to hear and finally suppress their militaries and armaments.

Can governments not wake up and fight this blemish the same way as we put an end to slavery, colonialism, racial discrimination and apartheid?  Disarmament, especially nuclear disarmament, and demilitarization must be our next most sacred duty towards humanity and the Earth.

~ Idea 2913 ~
At a conference where I spoke in Sacramento a lady told me that she was a member of an association of Grandmothers for Peace International.  She gave me her card: Barbara Wiedener, Founder, Director in Oak Grove, California.  I congratulated her and told her that I had proposed in my 2000 Ideas for a Better World  a new fundamental human right to be requested by mothers all over the world, namely the right not to see the flesh of their flesh kill the flesh of the flesh of other mothers.  I will ask for the same right of grandmothers.  She could become the advocate of that right.  I gave her this text: "The grandmothers of planet Earth request the United Nations and community of governments to adopt, proclaim and implement the fundamental human right of all grandmothers in the world not to see their grandsons enlisted in armies with the 'duty' to kill the grandsons of other grandmothers."

~ Idea 2914 ~
An idea of John McConnell, the founder of Earth Day: "Since God provides equal justice, every individual on our planet has a claim to an equal benefit from the Earth inheritance.  To provide this governments should assess the value of real estate less improvements plus the value of any oil, gold or other minerals produced each year.  Two percent of this sum should be distributed each year to every family of Earth.  The money would come from a two percent tax paid by those who have title to these assets which in a sense belong to the whole human family.  This would provide a fair, honest solution to the problem of poverty.  People could still benefit from their labor, but a child in a wealthy family would not be the only one to inherit unearned money.  Everyone would get a minimum inheritance from our planet's natural bounty.  This would be accompanied by voluntary efforts to be responsible trustees of Mother Earth and help protect and nurture her amazing web of life."

~ Idea 2915 ~
I will have written 3000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World, over two thousand days.  A rapid calculation revealed to me that this was not very productive: it represented only one and a half ideas a day!  I had the impression that I wrote many more and I'm almost ashamed of my low productivity.  On the average during a 24 hour day I have usually about ten ideas.  So why did I write down only one or two?  What did I do with the others, with the rest of the time?  I notice also that there are days when I write easily more than ten ideas.  This is especially the case when I am on a trip, in an airplane, in a hotel, or meditating in nature.  Many ideas are also born in conferences.  Well, a whole science, strategy and methodology of ideas should be created.  It might bring great benefits to the world.  It could be the true meaning of 'ideology' - accompanied by a 'dreamology'.

~ Idea 2916 ~
The golden stick-ons which my wife Barbara invented and got produced for Benches of Dreams, should be sold in greenhouses so that people would be prompted to install a Bench of Dreams in their gardens.  Hallmark Cards could sell these Benches of Dreams stick-ons and others* to be sent to people on their anniversaries or on special occasions such as the first of January, wedding anniversaries, etc.  This would give a great promotion to these philosophical concepts which make for a better life and greater happiness of human beings.

*Here is the list of our benches in our dream park next to the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica: benches of Faith, Forgiveness, Happiness, Hope, Ideas, Love, Peace, Prophecy, Thanksgiving and Visions.  There could be others, for example Commitment, Compassion, Devotion, Fidelity, Kindness, etc.  Dear readers, make your own benches with your most cherished virtues or values.

~ Idea 2917 ~
We received, at the UN University for Peace, the request to create a sub-center in Peru.  The project is admirably formulated.  It underlines that in the last few years Peru suffered 25,000 dead and 25 billion dollars of material losses, that it has great intellectual capacities with its seventy-one universities, 30,000 professors and 400,000 students.  The proposal concludes with these beautiful words: "A lot has been written about wars.  It is time now to write the Great Book of Peace in the World edited by the UN University for Peace with the cooperation of the armed forces of all the countries."

~ Idea 2918 ~
Nations are well taken care of.  They should reduce the differences among themselves and actively cooperate to attain a better well-being world-wide.

And they should create above and beyond themselves the common world public service institutions needed to govern the Earth properly which they cannot possibly do individually.

~ Idea 2919 ~
Nationalism is being played by highly educated virtuosos on one string who insist that no other string can be played, that to play the string of global government would lead to dictatorship.

My God, what a high price humanity has to pay for such a false assertion: possibly the end of the world!

~ Idea 2920 ~
Comment of a foreign student of the University for Peace: "Why should I enlist my life for the security of a country which I no longer respect?"

~ Idea 2921 ~
From the letter of a US citizen who writes to leaders of nations about the urgent necessity to hold a global peace conference:

"Nationalism, which is simply glorified tribalism, is nurtured as something sacred and the blaming of others is a fine art.  'We against them' has become a way of life."

Walter Hardway, President of the Association for a Global Peace Conference, Millington, Tennessee, US. How right he is.

~ Idea 2922 ~
The soul of my father in heaven watching me will certainly remember that after World War II there was no profession of peacemakers on Earth and that I should forget about it.  But he must now rejoice to have seen me devote my entire adult life to peacemaking, to have climbed to the top of a universal United Nations and to live now as an elder on a sacred hill in a demilitarized country writing my unfulfilled ideas and dreams for a better world.

And I see my soul following similar efforts by growing numbers of peacemakers all around the world and making sure that our ideas are implemented.  I will continue to follow and help all peacemakers from heaven.  We will succeed very soon in making this Earth a planet of peace.

~ Idea 2923 ~
At a conference in Palm Springs Dr. John Hagelin, President of the Natural Law Party, the third party in the United States, told me of the plan of the Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa, of which he is the President, to create fifteen universities for peace around the world.  He said that this was principally in response to my inspiration and work at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.  He asked me to be a trustee of these universities which I accepted with joy.  What a great feeling it was that my innumerable, incessant and impassioned speeches, writings and actions are not in vain!

~ Idea 2924 ~
In all human relations, including international ones, the logic of the heart is not the same as that of the mind.  Love yields benefits far greater than logic and reason.

The French philosopher Blaise Pascal said already:

"Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore."

"The heart has its reasons which reason ignores."

~ Idea 2925 ~
When God said to Saint Francis: "I have no other hands but yours," he said it to all humanity. Please dear reader, remember it.  Become the hands, the mind, the heart and soul of God.

~ Idea 2926 ~
All national hymns should be revised in order to eliminate the incitements to war and violence which some still contain, and preach cooperation, peace and love instead.

~ Idea 2927 ~
The new United Religions Organization (Initiative) should inscribe high on its agenda the following subject:

The meaning of life and death in all the world's religions.

Another enlightening project would be to collect all the basic commandments and prayers of the various religions to compare them and highlight their similarities.

~ Idea 2928 ~
I wish that everyone on Earth would do something for peace and the environment instead of merely complaining about wars, violence and garbage in the streets.  See my 'Cleanest Mile on Earth' in Volume III.

~ Idea 2929 ~
It is strange that at a time when we have such an incredible, unprecedented knowledge of the whole universe, of our solar system, of our entire planet and whole humanity, the 189 'national' educations of this Earth continue to spend much more time on what is in their interests and on national allegiance of their students than on the interests of our Earth and of the whole humanity.  As a result the students cannot become the fulfilled, happy, global beings they should be at our stage of evolution.

Recent scientific studies show that the fragmentation of the knowledge taught to children and youth is a major cause of violence.  The frontal lobe of the brain, whose function is to give a synthesis of our knowledge of the outside world, develops 'holes' and cannot give the peace and happiness expected by the human being.  Hence sicknesses, depressions and violence.

I have found happiness and meaning in my life only in the United Nations, the most universal, wholistic university on Earth and have therefore developed from that blessed experience a World Core Curriculum which should be applied in all schools of the world (see table in Volume I).  It would fulfill an extraordinary role in attaining peace and happiness on Earth.

~ Idea 2930 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, why don't you propose the creation of a World Association of Owners of Land which they want to see preserved, not to be built on, and be kept in natural state?  They could obtain that such lands should be tax exempt unless they are sold.  That would do me a lot of good."

You are right.  I will launch the idea.  I believe there was someone in US history who proposed that already, Henry George.  It became a famous school of thought in the United States but today noone speaks about it anymore.  I will look into it.

~ Idea 2931 ~
In every community, city, province, state, nation, continent and at the world level there should be a committee of universalists, ecologists, scientists and futurologists who would judge whether big additional so called 'growth projects' should be permitted or not.

~ Idea 2932 ~
Napoleon said: "Imagination rules the world."

It is a pity that he had the wrong one, namely to conquer and rule the world.

How many right and wrong imaginations do we still have today in the world?  It would be an interesting survey.

~ Idea 2933 ~
The Earth:
"Just think what one good idea, project, value, dream, decision, belief or new way of life can do if accepted, followed and implemented by six billion people.

And just think also what one bad idea, project, value, dream, decision, habit and new way of life can do if accepted, followed and implemented by six billion Earthlings.

This is how I see it from my point of view.  The trouble is that most leaders of the Earth think in terms of their own objectives, point of view, power and growth and not of my fate."

~ Idea 2934 ~
The Secretary General of the United Nations should create an Office of World Conferences and World Commissions of Eminent Personalities.  That office would:

1. Keep a record of all world conferences (United Nations and others) and world commissions.

2. Pinpoint the need for new conferences on neglected or new global problems and repeat conferences on other subjects (for example, on the biosphere, the seas and oceans, the world's climate, water, new sources of energy, etc.).
3. Report on the implementation by government and other institutions of the recommendations made by the conferences and world commissions.

4. Take care of the public relations of these conferences and commissions and ensure their maximum world visibility and attention by the media, education and institutions.

~ Idea 2935 ~
It is high time that the United Nations should create a High Commission on Human Duties and Responsibilities headed by a High Commissioner as is the High Commission for Human Rights.  See Index for the Declarations of Human Duties and Responsibilities I mentioned and published already in these 3000 Ideas.

~ Idea 2936 ~
With the increase of nations from 54 in 1945 to 189 in 1999 the work of Ministers of Foreign Affairs has increased to such an extent that they can no longer deal properly with so many foreign nations, international organizations and new global problems.  In my view it is time to create in each government a Vice-President's Office for Global Affairs as in the US or a Ministry of Global Affairs.  The current Ministries of Foreign Affairs would deal only with relations with other nations.  This proposal would be a minimum because I have suggested more, namely that in reality world affairs should be the direct responsibility of Heads of State who have become the major actors of global and world affairs.

~ Idea 2937 ~
Let me be well understood, I do not 'hate' the military.  I do not hate anyone.  Every human life is a miracle, is sacred but it can be programmed into wrong directions and to kill other living human beings is a very wrong direction.  Alas, the political and religious division of humanity still makes killing in the name of a nation or God a value, an ideal, a duty!  This is how slavery and apartheid were considered in the past.  An end must be put to it.  Youth must proclaim that military killing is inhuman and claim the fundamental human right not to murder any other youth on this planet.  That would be a great, perhaps the biggest first step towards a non-violent world.  Governments and religions should give the good example, resort to peaceful means to settle their differences and not give violence as a model.

~ Idea 2938 ~
I would like to see three world-wide parties created on planet Earth at this stage of its evolution.

1. A World Peace Party

2. A World Party of the Poor

3. The new Party of Nature created by British scientists and existing already in more than 100 countries.  It should be renamed World Party of Nature.

This would respond to the three fundamental global problems with which we are faced today, namely peace, the resolving of poverty and the salvation and preservation of the Earth.

~ Idea 2939 ~
The sudden mushrooming of peace studies and education around the world might be a bonus for the rich countries and the multinational corporations.  Why?  Because the poor and downtrodden of the world will be taught to be peaceful and not to resort to violence and revolt against the existing injustices.  I recommend therefore an expansion of peace studies to include also justice which is now practically non-existent in peace education.  The UN University for Peace must be renamed UN University for Peace and Justice.

~ Idea 2940 ~
I wonder how many tens of thousands of humans are 'employed' in big businesses around the world to invent new products and diversify, obsolesce old ones.  It never ends: when I was a child oil was oil and vinegar was vinegar.  Today there are dozens of oils and vinegars.  I put chocolate powder into my daily morning oatmeal breakfast.  The merchant convinced my wife to buy a new chocolate powder mixed with tiny marshmallows!  And the marshmallows turn into little animal figures.  The taste of the oatmeal is the same but the price is higher.  The purpose is not a better nutrition but to have the children ask their mothers to buy this new type at a higher price.  What a world!

But the main problem is this: the new product must appear in every supermarket on Earth.  Imagine the huge quantities of these new products shipped world-wide and if it is not successful most of it is returned or thrown away.  No wonder that one-half of all the total production of the western countries is waste, at the expense of nature.  I believe that it is even more.  And we consider ourselves highly civilized, intelligent and progressing!!

~ Idea 2941 - 2946 ~
The outcries against capitalism, the multinational corporations and the hyper-rich people who now rule the world should give birth to the following:

Idea 2942 A new world Bretton Woods Conference should be held to review the International Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the International Finance Corporation, the World Trade Organization and all other related financial and economic world institutions which compose a system created at the Bretton Woods Conference immediately after World War II, except the World Trade Organization.  The world conditions have changed so much that a total review of the world financial and economic system must absolutely take place.

Idea 2943 The same applies to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, one of the main organs of the United Nations which should be strengthened as the central economic social organ of the world.

Idea 2944 The early Fiscal and Financial Commission of the UN Economic and Social Council and its Fiscal and Financial Branch in the UN Secretariat should be reestablished to provide a world view on taxation and budgeting policies and recommend required reforms for a more equitable taxation, a world budget and avoid international tax evasion.

Idea 2945 The proposal submitted to the United Nations by the United States during the early years of the UN to create a United Nations World Income Bureau which would record all the incomes of institutions and human persons on this planet should be renewed.
Idea 2946 The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) should be expanded beyond authorships and copyrights and transformed into a World Intellectual and Real Estate Property Organization (WIREPO).

It would be inconceivable that at the beginning of a new century and millennium such new and more steps and indispensable reforms would not be considered by the community of nations.  Do we want to wait for economic and financial disasters to do it?

~ Idea 2947 ~
My greatest hope for the future of humanity and the Earth is the incredible number of peoples' movements, associations, thinkers, visionaries, conferences, literature, radio and television programs which have sprung up on the occasion of the celebration of the year 2000 in order to look at the future of humanity and of the Earth in the 21st century.  Builders of outer space vessels have even created a Foundation for the Future to look at the Earth and humanity in the year 3000.  I am happy to have been selected as an advisor to that Foundation located in Bellevue, State of Washington, US.

All this will and must continue to accelerate in numbers and in intensity.  Once the year 3000 is accepted as a time framework of our thinking everything will change.  It will become dramatically obvious that we cannot continue with the same values, plans and ways of life which we consider normal, essential and growth-worthy today.  If we did it would mean the destruction of the natural elements of our planet and the end of our evolution.

~ Idea 2948 ~
The time must and will come soon when people who have spent their life to make money and became very rich will no longer be admired and envied as successful human beings but be pitied and dis-admired for having contributed to the destruction of the Earth.

~ Idea 2949 ~
I would like to see these new international days observed by the well-to-do western people:

A day without running water

A day without electricity

A day without food

A day without a home

They would never forget it and would think of the millions of human brothers, sisters and children who still have to live for days in those conditions.  Their heart might then revolt and ask them to act against these horrible conditions.  One thing they could do would be to ask for a reduction or suppression of the military and armaments expenditures of their country and have these savings used to heal these miseries.

~ Idea 2950 ~
I wish that all birds of the United States would migrate out of the US as a sign of protest against the tough immigration policy and legislation of the US Congress.  Birds are indeed the standard bearers of freedom of movement and nest building anywhere.

~ Idea 2951 ~
In 1978 I recommended that a United Religions Organization be created to bring together all the religions of the world behind and around a common global spirituality with a World Inter-religions Secretariat to that effect, similar to the United Nations.  It will be created in the year 2000.*

What I recommend today is the urgent need to create also a proper Earth government for our planet.  It will be created too.  The sooner the better, both for the fate of the Earth and of humanity.

*It was created on 26 June 2000, anniversary date of the United Nations under the provisional name United Religions Initiative.

~ Idea 2952 ~
If I were the Secretary General of the United Nations I would ask all the heads of the UN's 32 specialized agencies and world programs to join me and submit our collective resignations to the heads of states meeting at the UN General Assembly in September 2000, with a statement that the present United Nations system is insufficient and incapable of solving the major global problems of the Earth and humanity and that it is the responsibility of the 189 sovereign nations of this planet to strengthen the UN, revise its Charter or devise and create an entire new world organization to save the Earth and future human generations.

~ Idea 2953 ~
Human life is an incredible mystery, by far not yet fully understood.  We are all born for a specific purpose by God or by nature or by invisible energies of the universe.  We are given talents to do it.  Alas, all is organized in such a way that we are educated and profoundly influenced by what others want us to do: a nation, a religion, a business, all sorts of groups, institutions and beliefs, and most of us die without having fulfilled our inborn function and received the education and means to fulfill it.  What a gigantic reform of the human society and of education this will require!  I did my best but it was of little avail.  At least my World Core Curriculum for a proper education of all humans is beginning to receive some attention.

I have personally succeeded to perform the function for which I was born.  I began to do it after three wrong national educations (French, German and American) when I received at long last a right, global world-wide, all human education from the United Nations.

Alas, the 34 Robert Muller Schools in the world which give that education are a mere drop of water in the ocean of mis-education still prevailing on this planet promoted by the nations' Ministries of National Education instead of World Education or simply Education.

What was your fate, your education, your life fulfillment, dear reader?

~ Idea 2954 ~
During how many nights do I wake up after consistent dreams and nightmares that this Earth and humanity cannot be saved because the wrong people are in power, pursuing wrong, obsolete values and objectives out of line with what our further evolution requires!

And then I return to my in-born optimism coming up with new ideas, dreams, and strategies.

Dear reader, what are your views, beliefs, dreams and strategies for a better world?  Please.

~ Idea 2955 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, how can I still believe in the human race when you have in France a man called Baron Bic who became very wealthy and famous for having invented and produced the Bic throw-away razors which serve only for one or a few shaves?"

Yes, but thanks to the environmental revolution the throw-away society is no longer considered an ideal.

The Earth:
"This is not my view, when I see the world's garbage.  And why do you call this the environment?  I am not 'around you humans'.  I and you are one.  You are born from me, you live on my resources and you return to me.  I hate this word environment.  Please make an effort to have humanity use it no more and to speak and take care of me, the Earth.  I call you my children.  Please call me your Mother, your source of life."

You are right.  I promise I will.

~ Idea 2956 ~
I will never cease to repeat that all militaries must disappear from this planet.  There has already been great progress when I remember the situation that prevailed in Europe during my youth and looked at the pictures of the hundreds of uniforms which existed in Europe at the time of my grandfather.  Today the children no longer dance in front of the militaries in the cities.  The latter barely dare to show themselves any more.  Well, this must be carried to the ultimate limit: this is a miraculous planet on which no nuclear missiles, no armaments, no militaries should exist.

~ Idea 2957 ~
One of the great philosophers of the 20th century, Alfred North Whitehead stressed the fact that, "There can be no great age without a great idea to inspire it.  What will be the great idea to inspire the 21st century and the 3rd millennium?"  In my view the idea should be that planet Earth must become totally disarmed, free of all militaries and of all violence, a miracle of peace, a paradise of nature and diversity of life in the vast universe.

My wife, Barbara's idea is that a United Nature or United Earth should be created on this planet.  Human intelligence cooperating with the intelligence and wisdom of nature and the Earth might be the miracle expected for our future evolution.

~ Idea 2958 ~
I recommend the creation of a World Association of Third Millennium Visionaries, Thinkers and Makers who would prepare and work for the celebration of the year 3000, uplifting our thinking, planning, dreaming and working for a tremendous success and fulfillment of the human species on a well-preserved planet by the year 3000.  It could be the greatest celebration in all human history and in the universe.

~ Idea 2959 ~
The Earth:
"When I look at my surface, my living skin, covered with western advertisements these sad remarks come to my mind:

- western advertisement is the communism of capitalism;

- Hitler's propaganda was peanuts compared with western advertisement."

~ Idea 2960 ~
Big nations are like big cities, they cannot rest satisfied and stop growing in power and wealth.  And it is the same with big business.

Has anyone ever studied deeply the phenomena of 'moreness', biggness and endless power?  The academic world should.  There is already the good motto, small is beautiful.  There should be another: big is awful.

~ Idea 2961 ~
Child in the year 3000: "Grandpa, how was it when you were young and visited other continents taking airplanes?  Please tell me."

Grandpa: "I will show you a photo album and tell you all about it.  It was wonderful."

Child: "Grandpa, why can we no longer do this anymore today?"

Grandpa: "Well, there were too many airplanes in the world and more and more people traveled.  This led to the near destruction of the atmosphere, the air we breathe.  The Supreme Earth Council had to decide that only in emergency cases would we be allowed to take airplanes.  World tourism by air was first drastically reduced and finally prohibited."

~ Idea 2962 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, one thing consoles me when I am depressed."

What is it?

The Earth:
"It is the fact that the western population will decrease by forty million by the year 2050 and since a western human being consumes thirty times more than a person in a poor country this means a diminishing of the consumption of my resources by 1.2 billion people.  I only hope that this wonderful new trend will continue."

I do not know what to say.  It looks to me, from a human point of view, as a rather sad development, but you might be right.

~ Idea 2963 ~
I love my wife Barbara for many reasons, at least two thousand times, because she recommended to me to write 2000 Ideas for a Better World.  When I read or work on them (now 3000) I feel deepest love and gratitude for her.

~ Idea 2964 ~
Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and other US big cities are not much different from New Dehli and other big Asian cities.  Their inhabitants might be better off but for the Earth they represent even more destruction because their citizens consume and create waste thirty times more than the people in the poor countries.  From her point of view the number of inhabitants of western big cities should be multiplied by thirty to be compared with the inhabitants of the big cities of poor countries.  Do the multiplication.  The results are staggering.

~ Idea 2965 ~
22 December 1999, 2 am, night of the full moon on the winter solstice 1999, the only one in 133 years, ten days before the year 2000

Humanity must absolutely think out the long-term future.  We began to do it only in the early 1950's for population and discovered its explosion.  As a result of that discovery we were able to reduce its further growth to the year 2000 by 1.2 billion people (1952: 2.5 billion world inhabitants; 1970 estimate for the year 2000: 7.3 billion; actual people in the year 2000: 6.1 billion.)  Then came in the early 1970's the discovery of the deterioration of the environment; then in the 1980's the fate of the entire Earth was revealed to us to be in question; then in the 1990's the whole future evolution of the planet, humanity included, and the human overconsumption explosion were discovered.

We must now absolutely think out the future for the entire next millennium and take the year 3000 as our horizonmark.  The global problems facing us are colossal life or death problems.  So much follows from them: the urgent need for a new political system, a new economy, a new education, new values and above all new institutions and laws.

Dear God, at long last we have become a planetary species.  Next we need to become a universal, spiritual, cosmic species.  This is what all your great prophets have told us.  They were right, in particular Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed and so many others.  It is of utmost importance to create in all world institutions Ministries or Departments of the Future.

What was my own, personal dream during that night on indigenous sacred Mt. Rasur?  To become an elder, a Methuselah of peacemakers, world improvers and millennium visionaries and to leave behind me innumerable good ideas, writings and some achievements.  I remembered also my Dream 3000 written for the last summer solstice of the 2nd millennium on 21 June 1999.  I annex it to this volume.

~ Idea 2966 ~
What George Washington said about the state of affairs prior to the United States Constitution applies fully to today's state of world affairs.  "The primary cause of all disorders lies in the different state governments and in the tenacity of that power which pervades the whole of their systems."

I hope that national governments and their leaders will feel ashamed if they read these 3000 ideas.  But most of all I hope and pray that youths studying political and world affairs will read them and change the Earth's political system.  I will rejoice at it in the other world and mobilize all the saints and angels to help them.

~ Idea 2967 ~
To live in a solitary, small dwelling high on a mountain reduces your inclinations towards material objects and occupations and lifts you into your higher, natural heavenly nature.  To be more human, fulfilled and happy we should avoid all unnecessary luxuries and diversions from the miracles of inner life and communion with the Earth and the heavens.

~ Idea 2968 ~
Why can one sit for hours in the midst of nature or on a seashore without being bored, on the contrary being miraculously fulfilled and uplifted?  It is perhaps because we are in the middle of invisible streams of cosmic energy flowing from the sun with great power and speed of penetration, without human-made obstacles into all nature including ourselves.  Being thus in fuller union with the cosmos we cannot desire anything else because we are fulfilled: we feel our fullest inner and outer heavenly, cosmic nature.

~ Idea 2969 ~
I am more and more inclined to consider most of our leaders, especially our political, military and business leaders to be a destructive species on Earth.  They believe they are great but they are in reality destroying the Earth for selfish, illusory human glory, power and greed.  Few of them will leave a mark on their time and be remembered.

What do you think, dear Earth?

The Earth:
"I minded already when they were destroying, diminishing each other in ancient wars.  But now these wars are so destructive of my nature.  World peace would end that but then they will proliferate even more and bring me to an end with their ceaseless inventions, productions, economics, overgrowth, hyper-consumption, wastes, activities, running around not knowing what to do more to exploit and change me.  Why do they need to achieve something and prove their self to others?  Can they not be happy with what they have, with the incredible miracle of life they are, with the miracle I am?"

I cannot answer that.

~ Idea 2970 ~
By producing too many things, by possessing too many things, by ever wanting more things humans are de-humanizing and 'thinginizing' themselves.  They lose their original meaning and nature and never find real happiness.  To alcoholism one could add thinginism as a human illusory tranquilizer.

~ Idea 2971 ~
The Earth:
"Dear Robert, I think I was much better off without the human species.  I often wonder why God or the cosmic energies created you.  You now proliferate in all my regions, you destroy my nature and innumerable species.  You will not stop until I am dead.  What is your opinion?"

I think that we can reverse this trend and make you even more beautiful than you are now.  This movement has started and is gaining ground.  And please dear Earth, inspire Barbara, my beloved wife who has such a great passion for you.  Help her write her proposals for a United Nature or Earth in which we, your children will be totally united with you, with your beautiful, perhaps unique body floating in the heavens.

~ Idea 2972 ~
We have many, many architects and medical doctors on planet Earth, but practically no world architects, no world doctors.

We need infinitely more world professions: world climatologists, world biologists, world administrators, world environmentalists, world futurologists, world philosophers, etc.

We urgently need a World University of Global World Professions.  What an immense progress that would be!

~ Idea 2973 ~
One conclusion we must draw at the beginning of this new century and millennium is that the United States which was a great model until recently has become a wrong model for the world.  We must build a new model and ideal for the right administration and conservation of this planet and the role, fulfillmnet and happiness of the human species.

~ Idea 2974 ~
If you have a mess in your office how can you have good order in your mind?

The same is true for the world: if you have a mess in the world how can you have good order in humanity's mind, in our leaders' minds?

~ Idea 2975 ~
How can a proper world, Earth and human wisdom and order be born in a city as crazy and contrary to nature as New York City?  Some feel that the UN must be moved out of New York, but others think that it is the right place for it.

~ Idea 2976 ~
Rural people around the world like those in Costa Rica should pity the millions of US and western citizens who have to live in high-rise buildings, even skyscrapers, in monstrous cities deprived of the fresh air, beauty, health, inspiration, happiness and divinity of our miraculous Earth and nature.  They should not envy them and above all not copy them.

~ Idea 2977 ~
Are humans really intelligent?  Intelligence means to manage one's self rightly, to manage one's family and home rightly.  But is this done for the whole human family and for our world home?  We have made substantial progress on peace between nations but now there is more violence inside nations.  How shall we proceed?  From the top down, i.e., from the United Nations down or from the bottom up, the home, the city, the province, the state, the continent, to the world?  We must thank God that a UN University for Peace has been created in demilitarized Costa Rica to look into that.

~ Idea 2978 ~
To sit in the waiting room of a doctor in a US city and to go through their piled up magazines one can almost not believe one's eyes at the sensational articles, advertisements and other depressing materials they contain.  The only parts which are admirable and worthy are scientific and technological articles.  This shows well the priorities given in the western world to values.  Science and technology are tops and the happiness and fulfillment of humans are ignored or marketed to them.  Well, this should be reversed or put at least on an equal level.

~ Idea 2979 ~
What we call economic development and progress on this planet must be urgently rethought from scratch.  It leads more and more to the destruction of the Earth especially in the so called 'developed' countries.  These are no longer models for the world's future.  Quite the contrary, they often represent its destruction.  Dear God, give us the intelligence to rethink and redesign all this as we enter a new century and millennium.  We must lift ourselves into a totally new view of conservation, evolution and beautification of this magnificent, miraculous heavenly planet Earth.
This is probably one of my most important  conclusions in these 3000 ideas after an entire life of observation of the world.  Few people will believe me today but within ten to fifteen years the majority will.

~ Idea 2980 ~
The Earth Charter has an important item on education as I have one in the human sectors which need to be rethought and adapted constantly to the new requirements of evolution (Introduction to Ideas 2901 to 3000).

The World Core Curriculum (Table in Volume I) which is the basis of education in 34 Robert Muller Schools should be seriously considered for all schools of the world, even for universities.  I have little merit: the curriculum is the product of the United Nations' universal work.  Being in charge of the coordination of the work of the UN and of its 32 specialized agencies and world programs, I simply wrote down in a comprehensive and simple form the framework of a fundamental, world-wide education eminently satisfactory and exciting to children, to all humanity and beneficial to our future evolution.  This is why UNESCO gave me the 1989 Peace Education Prize.

~ Idea 2981 ~
Eyes were given to us by God, evolution or nature over millions of years to see the surrounding Earth and nature, survive, grow and live in them.

In historic times our eyesight slowly extended to the tools, dwellings and monuments created by humanity.  In recent times the number of objects, buildings, monuments and vehicles has risen enormously and now television has added a whole new world of animation and imagination.

The same has happened to our hearing, extended tremendously by telecommunications and radio.

Question:  What happens to a species which grew and evolved very slowly over millions of years and which is suddenly submitted to such enormous, rapid new changes?  Will it be capable to assimilate them, control them, adapt to them, survive in them and find more fulfillment through them?  That is one of the great questions confronting us on the eve of a new millennium and a much longer evolution.

I recommend that the United Nations hold a world conference on the adaptation of humanity to the recent, sudden, rapid scientific and technological changes.

~ Idea 2982 ~
With a world population of almost 9 billion people in the year 2050 - 3 billion more than today - it will just not be possible to produce, transport, advertise and sell all the products necessary and unnecessary produced today in the year 2000.  It is very unlikely.

We therefore absolutely need a world conference on world consumption, transportation, marketing and advertisement today and in the future.

~ Idea 2983 ~
The United Nations has held several World Population Conferences since 1954.  They were not enough to cope with the situation.  The results are too slow.  I recommend that a new United Nations world population conference be held, called this time World Population Emergency Conference.  That conference should offer an Emergency World Plan to stabilize the human population, setting specific timetables for all countries and regions of the world.

~ Idea 2984 ~
In any government the Ministry of the Environment, renamed Ministry of the Earth should be as important if not more than the Economic and Finance Ministries.  Reason: our home, our lands, our air and water and nature are our most fundamental capital allowing us to survive and to improve our conditions.  In all governments Ministries of Population, of Happiness and of the Future should also be created.

~ Idea 2985 ~
I wish that someday children would say to their parents: "I do not want toys for my birthday and for Christmas.  I want to plant a tree in my name.  I want you to save the money and send me to a nature camp in the summer or to have the whole family go and camp in nature.  Please call my savings my 'nature savings account'."

I also recommend that a year-round International Children Saving Nature Program and Accounts should be created jointly by UNICEF and the UN Environment Program.

I wish that many 'children saving nature stores' be created on this planet.  Such stores would sell beautiful books on nature, bird feeders, grains for birds, etc. instead of all the unnecessary war, violence and meaningless toys which are being sold to them today.

The world should follow the example of Sweden where toy manufacturers have agreed not to produce any war toys anymore.

~ Idea 2986 ~
Being interviewed on the future of the world by a well-known US author and video producer, Steven Hackin, he asked me if the UN had precise timetables and deadlines for the solution of world problems, for example that the world population should be stabilized by such or such a year or that conflicts like Cyprus and the Middle East should not go beyond a certain number of years, etc.  I answered that this was not the case, that the United Nations does not dare to give deadlines and timetables except sometimes by proclaiming decades for women, the handicapped, the poor, etc.

Barbara gave the example of President Kennedy who declared: "We will send a man on the moon before the end of this decade."  And it was done.

Barbara and Steven Hackin are right: the United Nations should set precise deadlines and agree on firm timetables for the attainment of environmental and human objectives.

~ Idea 2987 ~
I was happy to learn that General Butler, former US High Commander of all American nuclear arms and six other US generals have recommended the total elimination of all nuclear armaments on planet Earth.

May I suggest to them a way of getting there: the United Nations Charter provides that the chiefs of armies of the five permanent members of the Security Council should meet in a UN Military Staff Committee which would work out a World Security System whereafter they would disarm the planet.  The cold war alas prevented that course from being pursued.

I recommend that General Butler and his colleagues set up a shadow UN Military Staff Committee, work out a World Security System and world disarmament plan and offer them the whole membership of the United Nations.

~ Idea 2988 ~
I am so glad that Barbara has designed her own stationary for Earth Day and Christmas.  More people should design their own stationary reflecting their loves, dreams, ideals and ideas.

~ Idea 2989 ~
What is beautiful with little children is their sense of marvel: so many things around them are marvelous, extraordinary, true wonders.  They should tell us adults: "Never lose your sense of wonder because all this planet around you is a miracle and do not spoil it with wars, destruction, hatred, ambitions and non-smiling, somber faces."

~ Idea 2990 ~
I think we should write down all the nonsenses which still prevail on this planet.  Here are a few:

- that we have only national governments on this Earth and no world common public services.

- that we have millions of national and local laws and no world laws.

- that we have 189 nations, the last admitted to the United Nations, the Tonga Islands having only 100,000 inhabitants!

- that we have 174 nations having national armies which cost together one-half of all public expenditures of all nations.

Dear reader, please write your own list of nonsenses and send it to your representative in parliament.

~ Idea 2991 ~
I wish that doctors, dentists and other professionals would have in their waiting rooms magazines devoted to good world causes and giving information on major world problems which require the cooperation of people and their families: for example, world health, water and energy consumption, avoiding waste, unnecessary consumption, accumulation of things in households, etc. and not the magazines they have today.

~ Idea 2992 ~
In many capitals, cities and local communities one sees memorial monuments devoted to citizens who have lost their lives in wars for the country.  An increasing number of United Nations servants, civilians and peacekeeping soldiers are losing nowadays their life for humanity.  I recommend that memorials be built for them.

~ Idea 2993 ~
The Earth:
Dear Robert, may many people follow your example when it comes to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year: you produce your own cards - Decide to be Happy, Decide to be Peaceful, Decide to be Thankful, etc. - you write on them your wishes and send a check as a gift.  The recipients use the money to fulfill their own needs or wishes.  As a result you use less of my resources for gifts which the recipients might not like or might be useless to them or which they have already.

One also avoids the incredible amounts of wasted packaging, especially at Christmas.  Our gift cards and contents to our seven children and nine grandchildren weighed less than half a pound this year.  One of them gave half of the money received to UNICEF for poor children.

~ Idea 2994 ~
An Irish taxi driver in New York came up with an idea similar to my Idea 2990, namely that there should be a World Association to Denounce Nonsenses.  He considered that the war in Ireland was nonsense.  Many more people in the world I am sure, share similar common sense statements.  He shared mine that toll stations are a wasteful, air damaging nonsense.  Dear reader, please write down your own.

~ Idea 2995 ~
One of our daughters-in-law in the US told us the story of a young man who was sent by a US business company to study finance in a university, all fees paid, with a yearly stipend of $40,000 during his studies and a promised yearly salary of $140,000 at the age of twenty-four!

No comment needed.  Read David Korten's book Corporations Rule the World .

~ Idea 2996 ~
UNICEF should start a world campaign against war and violence toys and in favor of peace, environment and nature toys.

Children should refuse and send back war toys and join a UNICEF Refuse War and Violence Toys Campaign similar to the Trick and Treat Campaign.  Please dear mothers, send a letter or card to UNICEF supporting the idea.  (UNICEF House, United Nations, New York, NY 10017)

~ Idea 2997 ~
Thinking of the millions of trees which have to die every year for Christmas I recommend that UNICEF and the United Nations Environment Program should launch a Plant Christmas Trees Campaign.  Families should buy for Christ's birthday live, tiny trees rooted in pots with soil, take good care of them and plant them in a garden or near a forest  the following spring or summer.  Nature and birds would be even happier if they were fruit trees rather than pine trees.

~ Idea 2998 ~
The United Nations Organization of Youth (UNOY), a non-governmental organization should launch a vast practical campaign of youth ideas against bad causes and for good ones, e.g. sums of billions for militaries and armaments should be used to remedy poverty and conserve the Earth.  They could use excerpts of my ideas and proposals on such subjects from my 3000 Ideas.  Please look at the Indexes and write to Carolyn Hawkins, my co-worker.  Her address: 255-A Elise Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93109, Tel: 805-568-0909.

May international organizations and many non-governmental organizations and movements do the same for the subjects with which they are concerned.  We need millions of good ideas for a better world, not only ideas for new inventions, weapons, products, marketing, advertisement and needless consumption.

Students should also request that a complete set of Volumes of the 3000 Ideas be available in all University Libraries.

~ Idea 2999 ~
I have learned with immense satisfaction that the Global Peoples' Assembly held in April 2000 in Samoa adopted overwhelmingly a resolution requesting the United Nations to implement the proposal of the European Parliament (see Idea 2796) to set up a UN Parliamentary Consultative Assembly.  May the heads of states meeting in September 2000 implement that idea.  It would be a great benefit to the world and democracy.

The most urgent and absolute need at the beginning of this new century and millennium is to establish a proper Earth and human government.  The United Nations Parliamentary Consultative Assembly could take this as its first, great historic task.

The Global Peoples' Assembly honored me with the title Lifelong President.  What a wonderful honor and duty this is!

~ Idea 3000 ~
A new group and movement called Bright-Ideas has been created in New York City.  They will put my ideas on the website and launch the idea that 9 September each year should be celebrated as World Ideas Day.  Bravo!  That is a great, welcome progress.

I have also decided on 7 December 2000 to create a Robert Muller World Movement of Dreamers headquartered in Costa Rica on our Robert Muller Park of Dreams (Finca de Suenos) overlooking from sacred Mt. Rasur the UN University for Peace.  Address: Finca Robert Muller, El Rodeo, Apartado 138, Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica. E-mail:

An Appeal to All Heads of States Meeting
at the United Nations in September 2000

I sent the following Appeal end of August 2000 to the heads of states of all 189 member countries of the United Nations with the following letter in English, Spanish, French or German as appropriate:

28 August 2000

Dear Mr. Head of State,

I pray Your Excellency with all my heart to visualize how you wish to be remembered by future generations for your proposals and actions in the unique historic meeting of heads of state in September 2000 at the United Nations.  I took the liberty, as a fifty years long servant of the United Nations, to express some of my ideas and dreams in the enclosed Appeal to you.

May God inspire you and reward you
with lasting fame.

Yours in peace,

Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus
Former UN Assistant Secretary General

My Appeal to All Leaders of Nations
for their meeting at the United Nations in September 2000

I joined the United Nations world service in 1948 as a young man who had been in a German Gestapo prison, a French Resistance fighter and had seen the most horrible atrocities of war and destructions.  I came from Alsace-Lorraine, a province of France bordering Germany, where my grandparents knew three wars and changed nationality five times between France and Germany, without leaving their village.  I was a very pessimistic young man.  If this had happened between two highly civilized countries, how could I expect white and black countries, communists and capitalists, rich and poor nations, thousands of religions and ethnic groups to be able to live together and cooperate in peace?  Surely there would be an incident which would trigger off another world war within twenty years.  Well, there was no third world war.
In an emptied war factory in Lake Success where the United Nations was first located, a British delegate asked me what I was doing there.  I answered: "I came here to work for peace, because I do not want my children and grandchildren to know the horrors I saw in the war."  He answered: "I pity you, because you will lose your job.  This organization will not last more than five years."  Well, it celebrates in the year 2000 its fifty-fifth anniversary.
I was also told in Lake Success that decolonization was the priority item on the agenda of world affairs and that it would take the United Nations from one hundred to one hundred fifty years to solve the problem.  Well, the UN did it in forty years.  I was told the same about racism, apartheid, women's rights, human rights, indigenous people, the cold war, and I could cite other examples.
I have been involved in the creation of several new specialized agencies and world programs in the economic and social fields, including the world-wide United Nations Development Program where I was one of the first two UN officials working with Paul Hoffman, the former Administrator of the Marshall Plan.  The UN listened to me when I suggested to channel to the poor countries the surplus foods which the rich countries used to burn, and created the World Food Program.  The World Bank listened to my idea to give low-interest loans to infrastructure projects in the poor countries and created the International Development Agency.  When I look at the list of the 32 UN specialized agencies and world programs, I am astonished that I played a role in the creation of eleven of them!
I have seen the UN system assemble information on practically every aspect of our Earth and of the human family.  Who remembers that until 1952 we did not even know how many people lived on this planet?  Today a world population census takes place world-wide in all countries in the same year.  Future generations will appreciate the statistical work and global information of the UN as a true turning point in human history.
Through the United Nations I have seen the seas and oceans, the moon and outer space be declared the commons of humanity.  I have seen the birth of first concerns for the environment, a word coined in the UN when it convened the first world conference on the environment in Sweden in 1972.  And the UN did the same for the world's waters, deserts, oceans, climate, atomic energy, children, women, the aging, the handicapped, etc.
I entered the UN as an intern and was privileged to rise over the years to Assistant Secretary General working directly with three Secretaries General.  When I look back, I feel that I owe the UN a truly magical life.
And retirement was not the end.  It turned into a 'refirement'!  Three days before I retired from the UN in 1986, after 38 years of service, Rodrigo Carazo, the President of Costa Rica, a man whom I greatly admire, proposed that I should become the one-dollar-a-year chancellor of the recently created UN University for Peace in Costa Rica of which I was his co-founder.  I accepted with delight to continue to work for a UN agency and to spend the rest of my life in a demilitarized country to which I would give the highest mark for its initiatives and successes at the UN: the creation of the post of High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Nobel Peace Prize to President Oscar Arias, the celebration of the International Day of Peace and the world cease-fire obtained by Costa Rica for the World Olympics and the week of the fiftieth anniversary of the UN.
And how could I have ever dreamt that I would be some day appointed member of a world commission of eminent persons on the funding of the UN and co-chairman, with Dr. Karan Singh of India, of a World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality?
And that all borders between fifteen western European countries, including in my hometown in Alsace-Lorraine, would be suppressed and a European Union created?
And that there would be in the world 34 Robert Muller Schools providing the right education I received from the United Nations after the nationalistic mis-educations by France, Germany and the United States?
And that the Global Peoples' Assembly meeting in 2000 in Samoa would declare me its Lifelong President?
Yes, from a very pessimistic young man after World War II, I have been transformed by the UN into an optimistic elder who believes in the success of humanity.  I am infinitely grateful to the UN for having taught me that planet Earth is my home, that humanity is my family and that it was worthwhile to devote my entire life with passion, enthusiasm and faith to the great objectives for which this Organization, a truly unprecedented, ominous meta-biological organism of the Earth and of humanity was created.  In the face of colossal obstacles and the shortsightedness of some nations, the UN has performed many miracles.
And now, as I look to the future and further progress, I am told that proper Earth government is impossible!  I make this prediction: within twenty years we will have a proper government and administration of planet Earth and of humanity.  Why?  Because the current troubles, injustices, wastes and colossal duplications of national expenditures, especially on armaments and the military, of 189 nations will force us to.  It is inevitable.  The salvation of this planet and survival of the human species depend on it.  Noone can for long go against evolution.  Nation-states must adapt or they will disintegrate, even the biggest one, the United States. Unknown forces will force them to.
During my long world service I had this habit: whenever I receive numerous letters from people around the world pointing at a new challenge or necessity whose time has come, I open a file: within a few years these signals of humanity's global brain and heart become a major trend.
Well, since the 50th anniversary of the UN, my mail abounds with letters calling for proper Earth government, a world federation of states, proposals of other systems for a better global management of this planet.  I have therefore decided to return to the dream of my youth, when after World War II I wrote an essay on world government which opened to me the doors of the United Nations.  At the age of 77 I have decided to make proper Earth and human government the last and greatest priority of my life.  The Earth's survival requires an enormously strengthened second generation United Nations, or a UN transformed progressively into a world union on the model of the European Union, or a United States of the Earth on the pattern of the great precedent of the United States.  On the eve of a new century and millennium it is a matter of life or death for the Earth and humanity.
May the heads of states meeting in the UN General Assembly 2000 hear this appeal.  I speak in the name of all my school-mates of the class of 1939-40 of the Lycéc of Sarreguemines in Alsace-Lorraine who were killed in French or German uniforms.  I plead with you, I beg you, I implore you to change the course of the world into permanent peace, justice and well-being.  God, all the saints in heaven, all the souls of tens of millions of people, including mothers and children killed in so many wars will thank you.  Please make the World Assembly 2000 one of the most unique, memorable events in all human history.  Please lay the foundations for a permanently peaceful, wonderful, well administered unique planet Earth circling in the incredible, heavenly universe of billions of stars and galaxies.
*   *
Robert Muller

(Written for the last summer solstice of the second millennium)
21 June 1999

I dream that we humans,
the most advanced miracle
of life in the universe
will lift our sights, hopes and dreams to the year 3000
and make the third millennium
a tremendous, unbelievable cosmic success.

I dream that all governments will join their minds and hearts
to manage this beautiful Earth and its precious humanity
in peace, justice and happiness,

That all religions will join
in a global spirituality,

That all people will become
a caring family,

That all scientists will join
in a united, ethical science,

That all corporations will unite
in a global cooperative
to preserve nature and all humanity.

I believe that once and for ever,
we will eliminate all wars, violence and armaments
from this miraculous planet.

I dream that the incredible and
growing distance between rich and poor,
between and inside nations
will be eliminated as a blemish
to the miracle of life.

I dream that we will stop the destruction
of our miraculous, so richly endowed planetary home.

I dream that we will eliminate all lies, corruption
and immoral advertisements for purely monetary purposes.

I dream that we will all live
simple, frugal lives in order
not to tax unduly the precious
resources of our planet.

I dream that each decade and centennial
will be celebrated as a great
world wide thanksgiving for our successes.

I dream that we will succeed in making our planet
the ultimate success of God,
of the mysterious forces of the
universe of which each of us
is a miraculous, cosmic unit.

I dream that the United Nations will
declare a yearly World Thanksgiving Day

Dear brothers and sisters,
dear children, youth, adults and elderly,
dear spirits of all the departed
let us join forces in fulfilling God's loving destiny intended for all of humanity

Let us prepare the year 3000
as the most extraordinary celebration
of our grandiose, mysterious journey
in the star studded heavens.

Let us make this third millennium
a Jubillennium filled with overflowing peace, happiness and thanksgiving.

Dr. Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus,
UN University for Peace
Former UN Assistant Secretary General


Common Sense from a Famous US President, Dwight D. Eisenhower,
a general who had the humaneness and courage
to create the first Ministry of Peace on planet Earth*

"When I was a boy, we put blinders on horses so they would not shy in fright of a scarecrow, a shadow, a rabbit. But today we human beings deliberately put blinders on ourselves, not to avoid the sight of frightful things, but to ignore a central fact of human existence.

"I mean that mankind too often blinds itself to the common lot, to the common purposes, to the common aspirations of humanity everywhere. I mean that all of us too much live in ignorance of our neighbors; or, when we take off our blinders, view them through the contortionist spectacles of propaganda." (1960)

"We do not seek a world divided into co-existing camps locked in a struggle for supremacy. We hope for and work for a single world community which recognizes and respects a code of international law governing the relations between diverse peoples." (1960)

"Peace is the right of every human being. It is hungered for by all of the peoples of the Earth." (1955)

"Men everywhere want to disarm. They want their wealth and labor to be spent not for war, but for food, for clothing, for shelter, for medicines, for schools." (1960)

"That common desire for peace is something that is a terrific force in this world and to which I believe all political leaders in the world are beginning to respond. They must recognize it." (1955)

"The advent of missiles, with ever shorter reaction times, makes measures to curtail the danger of war by miscalculation increasingly necessary. States must be able quickly to assure each other that they are not preparing aggressive moves - particularly in international crises... In an age of rapidly developing technology, secrecy is not only an anachronism - it is downright dangerous." (1960)

"I propose that the nations producing nuclear weapons immediately convene experts to design a system for terminating, under verification procedures, all production of fissionable materials for weapons purposes." (1960)

"Time and again, the American people have voiced this yearning - to join with men of good will everywhere in building a better world. We always stand ready to consider any feasible proposal to this end. And as I have said so many times, the United States is always ready to negotiate with any country which in integrity and sincerity shows itself ready to talk about any of these problems. We ask only this - that such a program not give military advantage to any nation and that it permit men to inspect the disarmament of other nations." (1960)

"The international control of atomic energy and general and complete disarmament can no more be accomplished by rhetoric than can the economic development of newly independent countries. Both of these immense tasks facing mankind call for serious, painstaking, costly, laborious and non-propaganda approaches." (1960)

"If effective measures of disarmament could be agreed upon, think how the world could be transformed!" (1956)
*The incumbent of the US Department of Peace was Harold Stassen, last living signer of the UN Charter and recently the author of a revised UN Charter which should be read by all heads of states and delegates to the Year 2000 UN General Assembly (copies obtainable from the UN Bookshop, tel. 800-553-3210).

Epithets Given to Robert Muller
in the first half of 1999

A dream leader of the world
The visionary of visionaries
A world treasure
A man fully aware of the uniqueness of his life
A planetary elder
A walking university by himself
The builder of a new world
An ambassador of the impossible
An incorrigible optimist
An man of contagious optimism
A divine miracle
A disciple of Teilhard de Chardin
A Thanksgiving angel
A peacemaker child of God
The Confucius of modern times
An emerald
The dreamer of Mt. Rasur
An evolutionary philosopher
A specialist in impossibilities
The grandfather of Airline Ambassadors
A pioneer of peace
The founder of a world-wide science of peace
The best informed man in the world
The first 21st century man
The millennium man
A man of hope and vision
An emissary of God and advocate of humanity
The most incredible man on Earth
Another Benjamin Franklin
The sage of Mt. Rasur
A world statesman
A mountain mover
A truly noble man
A true gentleman
A man well-planted in the Earth
The quintessence of peacemaker and prophet
A man who belongs to the saints
Listening to him is electrifying
A man with a contagious dynamism
Retired? No, refired
One our greatest global visionaries
An unforgettable speaker
One of the great people of our era
A man whose writings are almost like scripture
A universal apostle
Greatest world worrier (from worrying not warring)
A prophetic voice in today's world
A man of creative, fearless mind and unshakable commitment
A paradiser who tries to make the whole Earth a paradise
A happinizer who tries to make the whole humanity a happy family

The unmatched, most eloquent voice for humanity and the planet
The man who makes vibrate the soul, the heart and the intelligence of life
A man whose presence and influence will go far for the renewal of the world
A man in an organization who both epitomize the new humanity to which we belong
A tireless crusader for world peace through his great efforts, books and speeches
A visionary, a prophet to the world from the United Nations
A man whose insight and wisdom have done much for word peace
There are few men on Earth who have done as much for peace as Robert Muller has done
A man whose words reach down and touch the soul of each reader
A man who is overshadowed by the Christ when he speaks and writes on behalf of the cosmos
A man with a breathtaking output whose importance cannot be overestimated
A planetizer who planetizes everything that comes close to him
The sage of the United Nations and of its University for Peace
One of the persons of the United Nations whom I have admired most. When I was a young delegate of my country to the UN I read all his books
A man who reminds us of a deep truth, namely that human progress requires creative, fearless minds and an unshakable commitment
A man who has been given the powerful gift to inspire us to dream great dreams and hope for great hopes
An inspiration for innumerable persons to work and struggle and make life on this planet what divinity intends it to be
One man through whose life writings, words and deeds, a torrent of goodness has flooded our planet
A man whose presence on this planet means a lot to millions of people. How lucky the world is that he exists
Probably together with Hammarskjöld the only UN official who will survive in the memory of humankind

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